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Session 225

Telepathic message with Lucyna Łobos from 2005. Session 225

Message from ENKI - Spiritual Being from aferlife about “Health And Safety” during contacts with Spirit World.

ENKI: Before we go to the essence of the case, which are messages/ chanellings, I would like to let you know about a few things, which will help me to contact You.

What is “medium”?

Well, every human can be medium, because every human is receptive to spirits influence. Medium abilities are very common, that is why only rarely you can find people deprived of these abilities. You can say that every human is a medium to some degree. Today by name “medium” are called people who unleashed in themselves this force / power and are able to bring forth these phenomena. These abilities do not show in various people in the same way – they show up differently. There are diverse ways to contact, therefore there are many ways to contact. Amount of manifestations is also huge, but we will come back to this and to ways of communicating later on.

Now, very important thing. Namely, what spirits or beings contact with us? This is necessary to understand, because of that depends what informations do we receive. After making connection with the extrasensory world, come to Us may any spirit. Here it would be good to distinguish, what sort of spirits are they? What spirits come? That is why Spiritual World is divided into spirit categories.

And now I will tell how to understand who came. Anyone has a right to come – this is the rule.

Spirits unclean have huge tendency to evil and this is purpose of their activity on the Earth. When they are being asked by people, they give insidious answers, sow discord, distrust. What is the worst – they wear masks of goodness, they claim to be Angels, they prey on people weak and scared, whereas the strong they avoid.

How to recognize them? Betray them the language that they use. They are characterized by rudeness, frivolity, they are supersaturated with tendencies like: sensuality, prevarication, jealousy. Making evil gives them huge pleasure and it’s a nourishment for them, they like drive people into troubles and these spirits come mostly when we make fun out of seances / channelings. Then it happens that, instead playing with spirit, they are making fun but out of us.

Next category are light spirits. Often they are coarse, contrary they have no responsibility for what they do. They can be called pixies. They relish in causing various annoyance for people, but they make no evil. What is good in this, is that they depend on Higher Spirits, to whom they often serve and must listen to them. These are the spirits, who were very attached to the matter while they were alive, they often apply physical manifestation for example hitting, moving objects, reveal as spectre, often they are often being called “tapping” spirits. And here one more explanations, that these phenomena can be caused by all categories of spirits, but dabble in that mostly light spirits. Those higher generally leave these phenomena to lower beings, that is light spirits, who easier move in material realm, than in realm of noble thoughts and during communication with people these spirits give evidence of good manner and wits, but it is always trivial and shallow. And here I can warn – they impersonate / use names of dead people.

We should be interested in spirits from category higher, that is three categories: The Good Spirits, The Kind Spirits and The Wise Spirits, because you should cooperate with those Spirits. They interfere in peoples’ lives doing good.

The Good Spirits have even during their life advantage over the matter and desire to act and with this mission they come to the Earth. The ability to make good by these spirits depends on the level of their development. Some reached kindness, high level of knowledge, others by their mission improve themselves, and for others these characteristics mentioned go hand in hand with high morale. They are not entirely cleansed, because they keep still in memory marks from life on Earth and see what have they done. They understand God and His Infinity and they taste now righteous happiness, they are happy when they can do something good and prevail evil, which is so much present now. By making good they perfect themselves. Their activity is about inspiring good thoughts and bringing back people from bad paths and, what’s most important, they look after those who deserve that. They can be people’s guardians.

Next category are Spirits Kind and Wise. And here I will explain what spirits are Spirits Kind like. Main their attribute is doing good. They find pleasure in serving people and caring. Their consciousness is not yet fully cleaned so by helping people they endeavour to perfection.

Category last are Spirits Wise, Spirits Pure and The Only Purified Spirits that is the first category of Spirits. We will stop at categories Spirits Wise and Pure.

Spirits Wise – their main attribute is very high moral consciousness. They do not possess unlimited knowledge, however their level allows them to faultlessly judge people and facts. When such a Spirit comes it speaks with language full of kindness, always dignified, noble and sublime. They have full of dignity sense of humor, this way they want to lower the barrier of fear, that is present during the seance. They often contact those, who disinterestedly search for the Truth and they come to those who are very close tied with matter. They do however avoid those people who are led by curiosity or what’s worse, those who would like to subordinate such a spirit. Such people in their understanding are not worthy neither to do good nor to contact with Spirits from this category. To be continued…

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