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Session 273

Public session of telepathic channelling No 273
Chicago, 14th January 2018th year

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian ENKI – through medium Mrs Lucyna Łobos-Brown, answers asked questions.

Lucyna’s Łobos-Brown statement about book „Nosso Lar” (pl. “Nasz Dom”).

Lucyna Łobos-Brown: This book „Nosso Lar”, when I read it for the first time, I was in shock. In shock and even [in state] of such revelation, where I thought that in these channellings, all one by one – ENKI spoke on this subject, maybe slightly different, using different words, but he spoke, he spoke about hell, he spoke about purgatory, about such transitional places, but – well – I did not understand this completely, I did not understand, so after reading this book “Nosso Lar”, what André passed and his friend, who was on Earth, he was writing down, he experienced a revelation. So I read the book for the second time, to understand some things. In the meantime I watched also movie with the same title – “Nosso Lar”.
And now what conclusion did I come to (this is my reflection and I came to it), that in reality this movie was saying that so called “hell” is at our fingertips, so “hell” abuts or overlaps on Earth, on Earth’s time, on Earth’s people. I think (I came to this reflection), that this where we live, is such Earthly hell. The second is Spiritual hell, where everyone, absolutely everyone will go. Yes, Klimuszko was telling about this, ENKI repeated many times, but – people usually approach this with indignation: “how so? – I have to go to hell?! Never in my life! I go to church, I go to confession, I go to communion and I am about to land in hell?! Yes, ENKI lies”. Well, he changed tactic and other souls started to come, just so – exactly to start to educate people… that what is on the Earth, that here hell starts, that is this Umbral, this is how it was called by the author – “Umbral”.
Will it reach anyone, will anyone reach for this book, go and buy it, or buy the cassette and watch this movie? I don’t know, this will depend on you, but I know one, that after what André went through and explained step after step, what he survived, what he survived in Umbral, that is this hell, after that he got into this transitional area, which is between Umbral and purgatory, that is a colony. And there are a lot of such colonies between those Spiritual worlds. And everyone, really everyone have to go through such a colony – exactly to cleanse themselves there, especially to h e a l, so that only after that it is possible to move to so called “purgatory”. All this is described in this book “Nosso Lar”. And I think that everyone, absolutely everyone should take in hand and reflect, reflect on this, who am I, why did I came here, on Earth, what task do I have to accomplish – not to cause damage one another, play filthy tricks on each other, but see friend, brother, sister in another person, and this is described in this book “Nosso Lar”.
Ladies and Gentlemen, on this subject I could say a lot and I could recap this whole book, because currently I am going to read this book for the third time. I say it again – I will come back, read until I will understand, understand what truly this spirit André wanted to pass to us, because this is a channelling. It shouldn’t be like that – think like this, that I am here on the Earth and later I go to confess, I go to communion, or that in these last hours priest will come, anoint with oils and I will then go straight, maybe not to heaven, but to purgatory. And even to this purgatory there is a bit of road, because we get out, Ladies and Gentlemen, from this hell here Earthly one, because here is Umbral – the Earth, they lay on, percolate each other. And then, only when we come to this Umbral, or this hell, the revelation comes. And not to everyone, because many souls that are already there in this hell are fine, because there is really well – souls can do whatever they want to do, there are no obligations, that would urge us to subordinate. One can even come to the Earth and do, what one did during the lifetime, so there is really well in Umbral!
But… what next… because in Umbral one can be – like André writes – a few hours, or can be many years. It is possible to come straight from Umbral to the Earth, that is to reincarnate, because there are no prohibitions, injunctions, when to come to the Earth, only the next time. These injunctions, like let’s say permissions are only when you come to that transitional world, that is this colony, because from purgatory itself (André writes this as well) people can come, reincarnate, only who passed many trainings, learnt what does it mean to respect another person or a spirit, right? – because this … because this is Spiritual World. That is why the most, but really the most from this Umbral come beings in purpose of reincarnation. They work really hard in Umbral, that is why said nothing bad about Umbral, our Klimuszko. He says – hard work. Then in this book you can read that even Angels, who have already went through this purgatory and found themselves in this next sphere, became these Angels, they come to this first Umbral sphere and there they still look for and help those Beings to get out of there.
So Ladies and Gentlemen, these are my thoughts after studying two times this book and I encourage you… to do the same. It is not like they say, like religion says, like one repeats to another, that “when I die I will finally have a piece of mind”. Wishful thinking – the work just begins… hard work – helping others and generally work in this transitional world, in this colony. Because how exactly is in this purgatory – I don’t know, because André does not write much about it, he just writes about this, how easy it was once he was in this colony, how easy it was to get lost and fall back to that hell, to this Umbral.
Primarily Ladies and Gentlemen… yes… primarily it… is necessary to think about this, basically everyone should ask oneself question: “who am I?”, because coming back from Umbral, because everyone went through this Umbral, even being here, coming from Umbral to Earth with purpose of this other incarnation, everyone has this resolution: “I have to change, I have to start acting differently, because I don’t want to come back anymore to this Umbral sphere”. But instead – when person is in physical body – instead of working on self, on cleansing self, on improving self, we fall even deeper in that hole, in this swamp – the result is this, when person dies. So again person is in this hell in this Umbral. So, what André writes, many, really whole masses of people wade through this Umbral, and only a few get out, or get out to this colony, where they go though whole stage of training, healing and work, primarily work. It is not that, when person leaves the body – “well… finally I got rid of it”. It all just begins.
So this book is for me, it is such an elementary / ABC book, or a signpost and [tip, hint] to how I should start to behave, how I should see myself, because this is my feeling Ladies and Gentlemen, because everyone has his or her own feeling and right. But until we will not understand, that we have to work on ourselves, then Ladies and Gentlemen – we will keep babbling in this mud, in this slime, and wiping against this Umbral. I think it’s about time – since this year, which has now started – it’s about time to start to respect another men. Primarily respect yourself, because if we do not respect ourselves then we will not respect another man. And start working to become a person that one had chosen to be, when coming to the Earth, because such resolutions have souls, who come to the Earth. Because when these souls are taken from this Umbral to… to this sphere, this colony, then it starts: work, healing and so on. From there, when you want to come to the Earth, you have to have the permission, permission from these Beings, who have already gone through it all, who actually only work in these colonies, but live in Higher Realms.
And now it can be said something like this, because André’s book somewhere in these countries of South America, he was living – these are [not understandable] colony? No, because only during second reading of this book I noticed – there is a lot of all these colonies that help souls. From what I understood, each country has such a colony, so after death spirit will not go straight to this colony – “so… I will rest there, and they will heal me…”. No! Soul has to go through this Umbral first, this hell which connects with the Earth, as if they overlap each other: The Earth – Umbral, that is The Earth – Earthly hell, Umbral – Spiritual hell.
The fact that we have to go there – there is no doubt about it, because we will go there, important is to stay there as short as possible. Not a few years or even – I don’t know how long, but André said that some can for many, many years be there and they are fine, so ask yourself: “Who am I? How do I behave? What should I change in my life?” so that later, when we will get rid of our physical shell, we will stay in this Umbral for short period of time, in total for short, because there are such special Emissaries, who come and take and take, take to this colony. I depending where this colony is located, in which part of the Universe.
Ladies and Gentleman, the work is like that – there is no other, that is hell or Umbral is one, which surrounds whole Earth. That is why all these colonies are located in different places, so I personally, despite that I read twice this book, I plan to read it for the third time. I watched the movie, and movie does not give the same experience as reading book. The books is such a supplement to understanding, but you will not understand after reading the book for the first time. Such a chaos appears within person, even fear – “what is this?”. Only during the second reading you can start to think calmly.
I wish for you Ladies and Gentlemen, after this mine today’s “babbling”, so that you do such a summary of your life. It’s nothing that we are healthy, strong, in spite of all this, do this summary. And primarily, you should buy this book “Nosso Lar”. Because probably many will not want to read, however you need to read this book – once, twice. There is a movie, movie “Nosso Lar”. And then you can, what I told you, you can watch it. André himself Ladies and Gentlemen, what he said – he was in this hell a few years, five, six years, something like that, so very long, considering that he had to understand it and suffer greatly, and he was thinking about: “what wrong have I done in my life?”. Because he was – you can often say – very, very religious person, very responsible, and here suddenly… and you are in this hell… So we can ask ourselves question – “what wrong have I done?”. He was helping people, because he was a doctor, he hurt no one, but something was found, something that they told him later in colony, they shown and told him.
So I wish for you in this year, when you will familiarize yourself with this book “Nosso Lar”, so that you change your attitude, your behaviour and become truly such a person, like God Almighty himself expects, because God Almighty created us as perfect spirits, but with passing years we started – well, losing this perfection. But He gave us something more, gave us mind, free will, something you can think about now, work on, so I invite you to his lecture, to read it – not once, twice, even three – even ten times if necessary and then you will understand. So I wish for you in this such awakening. I also awoke, because it’s hard to tell that I know a lot, because I have a contact with Spiritual World. Actually after reading, familiarising with this “Nosso Lar” I understood how many mistakes I made and what should I change in my life.

To be continued…

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