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Session 292

Public session of telepathic channelling no 292
Chicago, 16th July 2019-go roku

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian ENKI through medium Mrs Lucyna Lobos Brown answer asked questions. Speech of Spiritual Being from Sirius.

ENKI: I, Enki – welcome, welcome in present day, in sixteenth anniversary – today we have. How fast it passed, but not only I am here today, there is also… Sirius. Before – I will answer questions, a few words (not only to those gathered here, but generally) will want to say Sirius. He wanted this and (!) it will go to world.

Sirius: I… being from Sirius, welcome this small handful of gathered here. Unusual anniversary is today. I was also… on the first meeting… in beautiful restaurant and room. There was a crowd, crowd of people, and today I see – small – handful… scandal, THIS IS SCANDAL. After sixteen years and only so few of you stayed… Well… [Said with a sight], there was a crowd, for long there was a crowd, because you were scarred – of the twelfth – year, as it supposed to happen the end of the world, and you, who hid under wings of “Mission Pharaoh”, will survive and you will see this “end of the world”. It did not occur – this – by you – expected – end of the world in twelfth year, but instead something else soon will occur, more important and also it will be world-wide. We observe, closely we observe beings on the whole world, because such – we received PERMISSION to help as well as Earth Jesus as well as Holly Spirit …from whom they made “Hole Spirit”, Enki. Well… I can tell this that after even this twelfth year NOTHING changed. People… on the whole world… are worse, hundredfold worse. As well as politicians as well as Church, every Church, every religion – you burn against each other grater and grated hatred. We see all of that. Now there is a mayor waiting – for third – world – war… that is… human beings… you send order to Cosmos… so SPIRITUAL WORLD: war, THIRD – WORLD – WAR. As you wish: what you ask for, as well as world religions who are divided against themselves, who ENDEAVOUR towards this interpersonal hatred – you will have a war, and soon. People on the world ignore, because they say, that it will come to announcement of peace and safety, but this will be a signal to start this third – world – war. As it was said by Enki: the protection will be. We will also be choosing, but THOSE, who deserved it. Today’s meeting: SIXTINTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Mission Pharaoh, thank you for such… a celebration, appreciation of work, Enki’s spiritual work. For SIXTEEN years he was looking after this city, so that… nothing serious would happen. In today’s day he received answer: of ignorance, disregard, indifference and (!) human’s expectancy for this third world war. You will not wait a few years. It will happen soon. It is all of my word. If it will be necessary I will add [tell] Enki and He will pass it. This I wanted… to tell in this festive anniversary day – sixteen years of Mission Pharaoh. Scandal, it’s all I can say: this is scandal, so that in the room there was ONLY a small group… of people. I give way for Enki, I – Sirius.

ENKI: Well, what can I add. For the beautiful cake, which was made for this sixtieth anniversary I Enki thank you very much. And to Sirius words I will not add… anything. I wanted to avoid those bitter words, horrible words, that truly – the third – world – war is going to happen. To not prolong time, we will start. In this case I, Enki, Barbara, ask for the first question.

Barbara: Welcome sincerely Enki, Welcome Spiritual Guest. Also, with sadness and reflection [reverie] we are here today on this meeting, but glad that we still are with You, because this is the only path, on which one can be during this time. We thank you very much for guidance, for support, for care, for help in many cases, in which sometimes it is just difficult for us. First question, of course I will start from our questions from Chicago. Welcome Enki, thank you for grace of being here on this meeting. I ask for care over my family. My question: Jesus said: “Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life”. What did he mean by that? Ewa

ENKI: Welcome Ewa. Certainly, not what now priests did from this, that is they did communion, receiving this communion. Not this… he had… on mind. Saying those words… he also said: “Do THIS for remembrance of me”, that is… on the anniversary of his death, and already some years have passed. He asked to recall this, what was done by people. He did nooot asked to consume symbolic blood, drink wine. It was about recall and (!) continue [keeping] Jesus teachings, because for that actually he came to the Earth, for that he was sent as a Teacher. I will not expand on this subject now… about what people did, Pharisees, that is this hierarchy of almost today’s Church – with Jesus, with his teachings. Everything was thoroughly – mixed up, changed, but… to – keep – in check [restrain] – people. That is why… I do not ask to go to the temple and eat this food. Spiritually, spiritually once a year change [between each other] thoughts, when he was crucified, so… what else can I add. Religions… of the world, especially this… “Christian” religion so much (!) stir in human minds, that soon payment waits for them soon. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Beloved Enki, I send Kind Regards to You, Enli, Son Marduk and our Guest from Sirius. Today it is a special day so I can thank You, Beloved Enki for all years of care, guidance and spiritual support for me and my family. No, I am not as long as others, but thank you with all my heart for everything. Elżbieta.

ENKI: Welcome Elżbieta. Those others, who you mention – they are gone, because… those others were on the first meeting sixteen years ago. Also were in beautiful room, there was a crowd of people, but… My heart and heart of My Brother that day became very sad. And do you know why, Elżbieta? Because we knew, that from that crowd truly almost no one will stay, what is visible today in this room. It didn’t happen, what they were waiting for: excavations – second subject, and this twelfth year – the most important. This twelfth year supposed to characterize by change of awareness [consciousness], but: “What for think about it, try to understand? Though nothing is happening”. That is why, those who stayed, there are literarily – can be counted on fingers, but important would be thiiiis, Elżbieta, that now, when those war uproars will start, to STAY, stay with Mission Pharaoh, with this Energy, which…should, may – not only may – CERTAINLY will protect you. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Welcome Great Enki and Great Sirius, who’s name we do not know, but we would like to find out. It’s me Robert and my question. First: Will gate of contact, which Great Chief Enli closed, be opened again after uncovering Pharaoh, or only after will be ready after Cleansing? Thank you for answer and coming.

ENKI: Welcome – Robert. Are people ready for this… People were ready for twelfth year. With impatience they were awaiting “the end of the world”, because they wanted to see this “end”. And are they ready today? No, Robert, they are not ready, because people act in such a way: “it is necessary to be here… and here. Here Give God a candle, and last bit of candle [pl: ogarek] to devil [this is Polish saying: “Dać Panu Bogu świeczkę a diabłu ogarek”], because… Enki will not see anyway. I will go to church, will fulfil my duty, and later once a month I can come to the meeting, because Enki sees this…”. Well, a lot He sees, a LOOOOT Enki sees… and patience has also finished. Not for nothing God Father allowed Sirius to act on the Earth. And… [said with sight] to cheat those Being – it can’t be done… nor to move the time of such larger Cleansing, because… They care more so that on the Earth came tidiness and order, so those words of today’s introduction of our Guest from Sirius, who will NOT INTRODUCE self with name, because why do you need his name for? To pray to him? Without sense. They, whole army from Sirius is already on the Earth and sees, sees this human behaviour. Now you wait – not for the end of the world, although for some can end like that, but human beings, you wait for war, yes – war, so that war tidy up. And it will be like that. That is why our goal will be to protect, protect individual people, and turn away from those, who… don’t have any more, or don’t have this Sign of Life. They have the Sign to Leave. Then they will leave and gates of the third Umbral are open. THE THIRD – I highlight. And what is happening on the third level of Umbral – explain I don’t have to, so what will happen not after a few years, that is to those war riots, for which humanity awaits, soon they will start. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Next question. When there will be left much less people on the Earth than seven billion, and the Earth will be disinfected, what will happen with all those empty houses, buildings and so on? Will forests, meadows will replace them as in the past? Thank you, Robert.

ENKI: If you, Robert observe Internet then you see, how ground is collapsing. It absorbs everything on its way. This matter, leave to Sirius, who with households, that is those “beautiful” cars – believe Me – quickly they will… handle and… war, which will start, will not be on sabres, but… such, how people produced it for themselves. Suitable bomb, which will destroy everything on its way. FOR THIS you are waiting! Well, you will have it. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Good day Enki, I thank to God, You Enki, to Your Brother Jesus, Your Son Marduk, my Guardian Angel and Guest from Sirius, and whole Spiritual World for care and all good things, which meet my family and me. Thank you for all channellings, because thank to then I could understand what truly is the sense of my life here on the Earth. Thank you with whole my heart. Jola.

ENKI: Welcome – Jolanta. Those like you… truly can be counted on fingers. Jolanta, like you there is little, but such like you already received Sign, Sign of Life and… this what is going to happen soon on the Earth, something must happen. The Earth – is not – your belonging. Let’s say you are subtenants, you temporarily inhabit this Earth, later you need to leave, later others come, but still it is a subtenant. Jolanta, people DESTROYED, destroyed the Earth. During these sixteen years people… officially were given channellings, it was said, meetings and show today, who is in the room. JUBILEE, important… jubilee: sixteen years, not even saying about those two thousand years, which… Jesus was given and I also. Now it had to come to this, that Gods’ Council gathered and they sent to the Earth Beings from Sirius, and Gods’ Council supposed to gathered at the end of THIS millennium, so look Jolanta – what – has happened with human beings in whole world. That is why this… Cleansing took such pace and also this – this request for… third world war. Like – like an order [request]. Request – to Spiritual – World and Sirius was received: “To fulfil. Carry out”. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome all Spiritual beings. I do have a question. Is it true, that technologies, which we have today, we have them from Spacemen? Regards, Adamosek.

ENKI: True, from the moment when… the first squadron from Nibiru came to the Earth many thousand years ago. On the Earth there were already human beings, primitive, because primitive, but they were, so… it was necessary to roll up sleeves and work on genetics… perfecting of human beings, and this for this to start developing the Earth, so… beings from other Planets, maybe not all, but us from Nibiru and Sirius – was helping – us, because Orion Planet was not inhabited at that time. Only during the evacuation from Nibiru, inhabited was this Planet technologically with human beings. So, this is true that from many, many thousand years Planet Earth IS powered by Beings from Cosmos. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome everyone sincerely and thank you for care and all that happens to me. I would like to ask if Spiritual World would like to pass something to me? I would like to ask about my father, who left two years ago by suicide. Will he receive a second chance? Is it possible to ask Spiritual World for such things, for example to ask for a second chance for someone who already passed away? Adamosek.

ENKI: When it comes to… suicides then… there is a certain rule, because human being, who comes to the Earth has appointed time – to be and this time has to pass in natural way. When dies in accident for example car [accident] or in catastrophe, then it is considered differently, but suicide being has to be on the Earth as long till its Earthly time passes. I Enki told that, it is written. Why so not carefully you read sessions, or you do not read. That is why your father, who consciously shorten his own life, if someone will not help him, from living beings then unfortunately, Law is Cosmic Law – on the Earth he will be as long, till his Earth’s life must pass, that is he can also touch this Umbral, this first one, this Earth one, because… you… happen to live in this Earth Umbral. So, I can’t, I can’t – I, as… Spiritual Being – do nothing for your father. Unless… something like that happen that he will be helped, then he will get the second chance. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And last question from Adamosek. If someone is ill on his head [mentally ill], for example schizophrenia and so on, then the person is settled [accountable] after death as if person was healthy, or somewhat differently? I send my regards and I wish many successes in private and professional life to everyone. Once again thank you very much and I ask for further care and guidance for me.

ENKI: Mental illness is like any other illness however this one is un-healable. It will… when it will finish, his Earthly functioning, then it may be shortened by Spiritual World, shortened. He will be treated as everyone, who dies in natural way. Short stay… in the first Umbral, then moved to the second Umbral, then depending on how he will arrange things for himself, can move to one of the colonies, or reincarnate to the Earth having this awareness of improvement, change of life, that is being different, good human. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Questions from Artur Domowicz. First Enki, Enlil, Marduk and Sirius I bow very deeply. I beg you for reinforcement and grace for Jerzy Zięba and that God’s justice would touch every one of those people who contribute to his harm, so that every single one of those naughty people will feel God’s justice. Thank you very sincerely for enormous help to our Lucyna, for energetic and spiritual support. Helping Lucyna You help every single one of us. How many Swallows would get lost without this contact with You through Lucyna? How many would remember about Your teachings Enki, and about cooperation with You? Maybe let each Swallow think about this. Thank you with all my heart for those grace. Artur.

ENKI: Welcome Artur and also thank you for… those words, which were said here. Well, soon, already SOON Artur those naughty people will receive THIS (!) what they worked for. And… those naughty people, who pulled into their wicked matters, pulled people, then those people will also be treated equally with those naughty people, because everyone, everyone has… mind as well as free will. It is enough – to think – a bit. That is why… Artur in first sequence, when… war riots will start, they will be pulled to responsibility exactly – those – naughty – people. And then MACHINE will spin up, but let those be calm and calmly observe, and think those, who SIGN OF LIFE – have. There is not… too much of this and we keep MOURN over this, that… others don’t come, so that to seal for them Sign of Life, so only when it will start on the Earth to ne hot, to boil, that is those war riots – then what? It will start the search for someone, who will give them Sign of Life? Artur, remain calm: and you, and your family you have protection. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Enki, Sirius, all data indicate that The Great Pyramid has many functions. One of those functions is to generate energy, which is free and which can be used without wires. Tower which Nikola Tesla built during his times worked on similar principle and this energy field lighten up two hundred of lightbulbs in twenty-five miles distance without any wires. Is it one of the main reasons why naughty people, who get rich on oil and war, stop any excavations and researches? It is already being loud about that, Zahi Hawass and his administration lied and how unprofessionally they behave. If they hide the truth, then those people are no scientists, but bribed puppets. Then they sold their souls for miserable pennies. I bow low. Artur.

ENKI: Yes Artur, the Earth – not the Earth, but humanity let themselves to be bribed for miserable pennies. This energy and these energies, which… he did not invent. Bill is being guided from many years, that is sequentially – step after step, what he does is being guided. This time helps him Sirius to make this or that. Main Pyramid is ELECTRO-magnetic, do you [plural] understand? Electro. And in fact, they protect those naughty people, protect, so that it would not reach to human minds what power poses this Pyramid and what power also have those energetic creations, which are created not only by Bill. But in this it is necessary to believe. So that all those energies, those solids, those constructions all over the world, which are now quite in mass produced, they have electro-magnetic energy and magnetic also. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And next question from Artur. Enki / Poseidon, according to Greek mythology, Zeus / Enli was Your younger Brother, but I understand, that those were other times and that today noting will come between You. Going through the real history of mankind, I wanted to ask You about the last battle, war, which is predicted in Sumerian records and also in Bible under the mountain Harmagedon, where sons of light will fight against sons of darkness and where, like in the first war people will stand on the battlefield together with gods. Does it have on mind the return of Nibiru / Orion, that is return of Enlil and the end of army of those naughty people?

ENKI: Yes, [said with a sigh] this, what now Ryszard read, this is the end, that is this Armageddon. Already, long time ago Two Brothers, I and My Brother Enli, we finished our strife, so thiiiis, what now is about to happen… will be soon, that is those uproar of the third world war can be compared to NOT the end of the world, because there will be no end of the world, but – to this – larger – Armageddon, Cleansing, separating the chaff from the grain, this about what… spoke… Jesus. If you would carefully read New Testament and what lessons He gave, when He WAS on the Earth, then our such strife ended. That is why… at ease can be called those… uproars, which are going to start – soon, soon – not in a few years, not in one hundred years or two hundred, as they prophesy, especially Christian religions, but already soon, so this can be called Armageddon. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And last question from Artur Domowicz. Enki, Sirius, this, what those naughty people “spray” with planes are aluminium, barium, mercury and strontium, those chemical poisons. What is the best way to strengthen self-defence of the organism of young child? As much as I can I try to help my sons to fight the effects and symptoms. Thank you very much for the answer, for good advice and for settling a justice, who will touch those responsible, so they will never be born on the Earth again. Thank you, that naughty people will be erased from here, I sign under this by all means. With great respect I bow.

ENKI: Artur, gates to the third Umbral, which was mostly cleansed, are opened. This is already prepared to welcome new guests. Nothing can be done for now, this is also a method to poison… people. Have you notices how vast death rate currently is? What is the most common reason? Cancer, cancer decimates people, but even this is not enough. Those naughty people want a vast purge, so that they could have pleeeeenty of space on the Earth, but they don’t know, or they don’t want to know that… as first they will go to this open gate of the third Umbral.

Change of the recording cassette.

ENKI: That is why not for nothing Sirius Cleansing happened from third level, that is from this – third – Umbral. Care, care about health of your family. Let almost, if not every day, but at least once a week they seat in pyramid. They will be energised, strengthen, because for now there is no way to stop those naughty people from this poisoning of people. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I live in Poland and I can’t participate in Lucyna’s sessions, that is why I allow myself to send questions to session at 16-th June 2019 year. Foremost, please thank Enki and whole Spiritual World for care and help with solving problems. I am very grateful to Them, because I feel this support. I have following question. (This is a question from Alina). First question. Why do I have a trouble to find a common language with my husband [to agree], generally on every subject and why there is no empathy in him or compassion, only pretensions and it has to be how he wants?

ENKI: Well… Alina, I Enki, to this question, because this is public session, I can’t answer you why it is like that. I can say, let’s say cautiously: incompatibility of characters. And here in September already Lucyna will be in Poland, will be possible to call and schedule private session. This I say, so you know with who you are, who he is and how to behave with him. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Next questions are also about family matters, so maybe we will leave these till Lucyna come to Poland. Next question. Beloved Enki, Beloved Enli, I greet You heartfully as well as Being from Sirius and all Beings of Light. Once again, I hugely thank for Your great help. One question. Since we have this blessing that we can count on help of Brothers from Sirius, then I would like to ask if it is possible to find out the name of Being from Sirius, who comes to such meeting like here today? I think, that it would be nice to thank in heart also in more personal way to such a Being. Thank you very much in advance. Olivia from Mexico.

ENKI: Welcome Olivia. Well, I do not know if that would be so… so pleasant. There are many such Beings, they are placed all over the Earth. The fact that… they will not introduce themselves with their name, well Olivia, for what do you need that? They are not oriented so favourably towards you. They do what they have to do protecting the Earth, but they do not glow so much with sympathy to particular people. Of course, they want to live on the Earth and that is why this… decimation of human population suits for them. That is why Olivia, we will leave this the way it is, that Sirius will not introduce himself with name. I was for quite long hiding under disguise name: Samuel. Only till Barbara, who didn’t like it, that something is not right, that someone is hiding behind this name – I agreed to reveal my name. So truly, for a current day, it can be said that it was not a good move to reveal Myself fully. What does it mean Planet Nibiru for you? What does it mean ENKI for you? Who is he? How many there were slanders, insults under this name… Enki? Holly Spirit – this is how Christian Church baptised Me and no one… has thought who is BEHIND this Holly Spirit. Well, so this is how it… looks like… that Sirius still for some time will not reveal His name. It is important that He has attention, He has an eye on those who deserve to stay on this Planet. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now two questions from Rafał from Poland. There is a painting titled: “Miracle of the Snow: Foundation of Santa Maria Maggiore” by Masolino da Panicale. (Here is an image of this painting). Was there a visit of guests from Space during The First Nicaea Council in 325 year? If so, can we know what happened during this visit? Thank you for the answer. Rafał.

Miracle of the Snow: Foundation of Santa Maria Maggiore, Masolino

ENKI: If someone is keep digging, then he will dig up. Of course, that on the first meeting of Vatican Council [unclear] were guests from Orion. Of course, they took human matter and were as cardinals. What did they deliberated about, what – was – said? It was said what we say today, that is times, which are about to come, that is already then it was said that third world war will start, to which world religions will lead, especially Christian religion. And this was said on this first Vatican Council by those “masqueraders – cardinals” from Orion. I’m listening.

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