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Session 284

Public session of telepathic channelling No 284
Chicago, 21st October 2018

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian ENKI – through medium Mrs Lucyna Łobos-Brown, answers asked questions. Preface by Spiritual Being, Sirius B.

ENKI: I – ENKI, still am and will be… Earth Guardian. I welcome – sincerely on this today’s meeting. We have twenty first, already October. Time flies ahead and here… instead of Sirius, who will be talking in a moment, I’m making this known: Gathering… of Gods’ council has finished at last day of September. They went back to Their Planets. They left only guidelines regarding… faith of the Earth and the people. We who had to answer …questions, we did bravely. They did not scold Us too much, because the Earth and the people for these two thousand years – were under observation. On the other hand… Sirius received a lot of work and now he will be implementing it. And We? Well… We have prohibition to interfere, disturb Sirius. I think that he himself, who in a moment will speak, will tell you a lot. So… I ENKI… am giving place. I will sit somewhere on a side and will listen to what he will be telling not only TO YOU who sit here in this room, but this will concern – all the other, who will read – because they read, so… this telepathic session will be very important, even historical. So… I am giving place, and… give voice to one who received the permission or warrant of this work on Cleansing the Earth – and not only. Now… Sirius is ready to say a few words.

SIRIUS B: According – to… what ENKI said a moment ago – jest I am Sirius’s envoy and we received permission to work on the Planet Earth, and not only Earth. As it was said – Council Gathering was finished. It was stormy gathering, because… human beings achieved nothing – nothing. Quite opposite. So… we, who… aim to partially populate the Earth – with our beings from Sirius, it will be like that, but before there has to be THOROUGH Cleansing of the Earth. Maybe we will start from what, fall to us in the first place to do. Cleansing… of Spiritual Spheres, so I will not use word “Umbral”, because… of religion, your minds have been clouded so much, that you don’t know – what this word really means, however religion did a lot in your… minds and HELL – this you know. So… to be able to act more freely on the Earth in Cleansing, it was necessary – and still is – to do Cleansing in hell. There are three levels of hell. The first level in the mildest, that is Earth’s hell, where beings… without a matter still stay on this first level. But here I will not… expand on this subject more deeply, because… it would be a lot of time, so instead from this Earth’s hell are being moved beings to the second level.
If someone… read a book “Nosso Lar”, the one, who talked about his experience, already spiritual on, he was on the second – spiritual – level, but there is also the third level, the hardest one, where… in this moment already not, but where there used to be plenty of spiritual beings without a CHANCE to… get out from this third level, without a chance for …pardon. They simply… existed there, so – we, as Samaritans from Sirius, started work from third level of this hell. So, the thorough Cleansing. Whole crowds of spiritual beings were removed from this third level. It can be compared to… soap bubble. And here explain I don’t have to. That is why… the third level of this hell, Umbral, is in significant degree already CLEANSED, prepared for these beings, who… either as still – on the second level, or – from this Earth hell will be moved to the second level, I will also not expand this subject precisely, because… it would take a lot of time.
The Second level it is already being prepared for spiritual beings from the first level and for those, who will be leaving Earthly body. I speak openly – I don’t, like you, human beings like to beat around the bush. Cleansing hell itself proceeds very strongly, because later we will get on after… the first level, this spiritual one, of this spiritual hell. I speak so – generally, because… the subject is very vast, and it will not reach the most anyway. Religion – will do its own. If anyone will complain to the clergy – no problem: sacred oils, prayers – what hell? Straight to heaven – you will go. It will be… up to you, how you – even – those events will approach. And the will, oh, they will stronger and stronger… where… shivers go through your body. There will be so many, so called “takes” or accidents, or purposed things, where people will die numerously. And this is exactly Apocalypse of John (the Book of Revelation), where surely you read: “… and God will come to judge the ALIVE and the dead”. It started from the dead, where… it was necessary to cleanse the third level… of this hell.
Here I could talk and talk, but I have something very IMPORTANT to pass. And I also want this to… what I will pass to went into daylight, went into the ether. So, medium together with Ryszard have already mentioned a bit about “Mission Pharaoh”. It must have been called like that, because it supposed to be a Spiritual Mission of Rescuing The Earth and The People, so let’s start, or let’s go back – so called foundations had been created: American, Polish, German, Hungarian, where… main goal supposed to be exactly Rescuing The Earth and The People. Was established only… foundation, because… it is hard to say “Spiritual Mission”, so it is still “Foundation Pharaoh”. This… is only a cover. In reality – not Pharaoh, not pyramids, but rescuing the Earth and People. I’m asking now – I, Sirius: those all foundations, what have they achieved? With what they met and what they cared about? About gathering mammon. I could now settle one by one, because everything, but everything – we have noted everything since the beginning, every single person who was in touch with “Mission Pharaoh”. Everything is noted, so now I ask one by one – what… have you achieved., who is left in Foundation Pharaoh? American – small – group of people. And where is the rest? We have seen everything, everything is noted, even those who have left, because Enki hasn’t accomplished their task. We have – noted – those who left, so… further – I say in brief, because here I could talk long about EVERY SINGLE ONE foundation – and about what they have done. I ask: what has accomplished Polish foundation “Mission Pharaoh”? Gathered gold? And what next? Where is… spiritual settlement? The German foundation – the same. Hungarian foundation – also the same. It was about what – not about rescuing the Earth and the People, but about mammon. And well, American limping foundation left, where also there are… mockeries about Enki…
I’m asking now… do those who, being in this foundation – left, because Enki hasn’t fulfilled their expectations – do they think that all was forgotten? No. Everything, but everything we have noted, every single person. Who was in touch with foundation. Settlement will occur, because space… in Umbral, in Hell there will be plentyyy, so German foundation – how much “love” there was, assurance about faithfulness. It was also about mammon. German foundation… will have from what to… settle. Hungarian the same, and now is limping this American foundation. Chicago, Chicago – how many human beings were here, where we were on that oath – here, exactly in this room. Where are those people? Where are they? – I’m asking. Do they think that… – all will go sideways, that Spiritual World forgot? Didn’t notice? Spiritual World maybe hasn’t, but… we on the other hand – from Sirius, we have everything, but everything written: every single person, who got in touch with “Mission Pharaoh”. And here I could talk and talk… one after another, describe, talk about mistakes and what they have done one by one, but I have plenty of time, because I don’t plan to stop coming and meeting with you. Think, think about yourself human beings. We from Sirius, have permission from Gods’ Council for the Cleansing of the Earth. For today, I thank you. I give back the voice to Enki.

ENKI: I… I, Enki, I listened to these words, strong words. So now, I can start. I listen… to the first question, I listen.

Barbara: Allow Enki, that we welcome you first, thank you beautifully for the opportunity for today’s meeting, for words of today’s Guest, for that we can be witnesses of such decisions, deep decisions and that we can have this telepathic channelling. We bow beautifully and once again we thank for everything.

Ryszard: First question. I would like to that God of All Things, Lord Yahweh, Enki, Enli, my Guardians for guidance, help, care which they give me, as well as my family. I thank you with all my heart. At the beginning of this month Melanie Trumpvisited Giza. I saw pictures, where she was standing between Sphinx and Builder’s Tomb. On another picture, she was entering the Great Pyramid. I guess that it was not incidental, without purpose visit in Giza of the First Lady in those places. Can you tell us more, Dear Enki, will that visit be helpful in the future of our Mission? Thank you. Bogdan.

ENKI: Welcome Bogdan. Certainly, with attention… you listened Sirius’s words. The First Lady, as well as president of America haven’t been incidentally chosen and they will not for good of the humanity serve, but opposite. They care more about their own skin and to have any advantage from it. The First Lady… brought nothing to this place, while being in Egypt, because… and they haven’t brought anything. Quite opposite. Now there is such a time, where very sanguinary… things will occur – already in Mexico, so Bogdan, at this moment it is not important, why she was there. It was also the curiosity to see, to be in that place. But she has picked up nothing, nothing brought. So, Bogdan, now look after, and yourself, and your family, because… very hard time is about to come. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I welcome You, Guardian of the Earth, Enki, as well as all Spiritual Beings. My question. In this week, on Wednesday, twenty fourth of October we have a family lawsuit in Poland. I ask you very much for help, for support. Second question. I have on my heart’s left side pain. What is the reason of that? I sincerely thank you for care over my family. Always grateful, Krystyna.

ENKI: When it comes to lawsuit Krystyna, yes, I get involved in similar things, but I also have to have more exactness, so that I can get involved, that is send someone who will take care of that. You [generally: people] have learned very ugly things and you think that… I Enki I am all-powerful, all-knowing and so on, but for Me to be able to receive the message, medium has to get familiarised with such a message, to pass it over to Me. I am using medium’s energy, so if I have to help, then I need more accurate data, when it comes to that lawsuit. Whereas, the pain around the heart is caused nothing else than nervous system, that is… you caused that, in this moment there is nervous system or neurosis, quite strong heart neurosis. And here either you will calm down yourself, calm down a lot, or give yourself into medics’ hands. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Beloved Enki, I’m sorry, that I don’t have any questions, but I wanted to thank you very much, that you taught me how real love, respect and justice should look like. I know that now it is up to me if I will go this road. I know that I have so much more to work on, but I try. Thank you again. Jolanta.

ENKI: Welcome Jolanta. I will say honestly, I have nothing against you. I think that… you are – person – worth following. Yes, following. And also, other beings should take you as an example, so do not look for mistakes in yourself. Be such as you are, be yourself. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome Beloved Enki. I have a question. From which race and from where Arab race comes from? Why in their religion there is so much of hatred to other faiths, to other nations? Thank you, Ewa.

ENKI: Very simple, very simple. Many thousand years ago there was such a Planet between Jupiter and Mars. Planet, on which there was life, Planet very highly developed, but also a barbarian Planet. And… Planet Nibiru caused, that this Planet had to be destroyed, but in the meantime… those beings on this high level of development had already know about it and they evacuated on various Planets. A lot of these beings have evacuated on the Earth, on various lands. And here we have today, you have – we have in fact – what we have today, where Cleansing had started. It supposed to happen two thousand years ago, so… these are these beings, who… left… from that resettlement from that Planet and they settled on those areas. And it repents till present day, till time of such more detailed Cleansing. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I, Robert, thank You Enki, God Yahweh and Spiritual Beings who arrived for the privilege of being here today in Your presence. I thank also to Gods’ Council, that had occurred, for decision that were made regarding people and our Mother Earth. Decisions, which were necessary for our Earth and finally will slowly lead to the end of poisoning, destroying and hatred today so present here. I also welcome You, Spiritual Being from Sirius B and all habitants of Your Planet, and I am happy from my heart that in the future we will love together on this Earth, which with respect and love to everything what God Yahweh created. Thank you, Robert.

ENKI: Welcome Robert. How nice it is to hear such words, kind words addressed to Sirius. Of course, that they will live here. After this selection, which unfortunately they will be doing, on the Earth there will be plenty of space, so there will be no problem with habitation, for those from Sirius, who will be saving themselves. And thinking of those, who will stay on the Earth – people, will also change and they will agree to have visitors from that Planet. Moreover Robert, they will already be quite numerously born here on the Earth. As if a normal child will be born, human child, but the spirit will be from Sirius, so… good, that you think like that. May the most people start to CHANGE their way of thinking, because this is inevitable, that they will be companions in this Earthly home. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I welcome You sincerely, Enki, Enli, Marduk – Your Son. I thank you for everything that I receive from You. I can’t find words to express my gratitude. 18th of September in the morning I went outside and a beautiful bird flown, the eagle and he say on the grass. I was looking at him – and hi was looking at me. There was a silence and I was really calm. After a while he chirped and fly away. Enki, what did eagle told me? The bird was beautiful. Thank you. Zofia.

ENKI: Welcome Zofia. I do not know everything, and especially this, that… either animals, birds that are already used simply used by Sirius and (!) these are those beings, who want to pass you something. In my opinion those were… two words: “Remain calm”, because this is not a coincidence that such a bird has shown on your backyard. Remain calm, because… what will start happening, and it will start, it can be said: it will be hard to remain calm, but when even a small amount of MIND you have, then – this calm – can be worked on and be created. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now sent questions. This is not anonymous question, it is just that the signature was not copied. Welcome Spiritual Beings from Sirius, welcome Enki and all beings, who are on the meeting. Thank you with all my heart for your care and guidance. In the past I was lost, I was looking for other religions and always something was happening, which brought me to the one. For example, I went once for a job interview and the employer started to talk about Jesus. Or I saw the man, who had revelation (maybe). Kneeling he had hands raised up and was looking without blinking at one spot. And I wanted to ask, if in this state (such revelation) person remembers everything, or forgets after some time? And if someone can impersonate?

Ryszard: This is Adam from Poland.

Barbara: O.

ENKI: Adam, well – generally, what was sent to you qualifies for personal session, but since it was sent from Poland, then… I have to do something with it. So… it looks like that, currently plenty human beings pretend, that they have revelations. The most common these are revelations from Jesus, that is My Brother, which is nonsense. What it is… about? The point is to shine, the point is to show the world: “I also have revelations”, “I also have channellings”. And for channellings unfortunately, but… through LONG TRIALS we choose. Person has to be taught for a long time to be called – and received – such – channellings, revelations, so… it is necessary to look at who and what channels and what sort of messages are those, because… not all are and qualify [to be considered], to be true. I’m listening.

Barbara: Second question. Apparently, this is from Adam – Ryszard recognised these questions.

Ryszard: Yes.

Barbara: I would like to ask, if I give myself completely to God’s Will, if it will be necessary – will I know what I have to do?

ENKI: If your surrender to God’s Will is true, then calmly, be calm, because… there will be such a time, when you will know what you need to do and how. Spiritual World will not leave you alone, giving you before channellings, be patient, a bit more patience. I’m listening.

Barbara: The third question. Is there such a possibility that, the next human experiment will not succeed? I’m asking from pure curiosity.

Ryszard: It has already not succeeded.

ENKI: Well, those experiments… there were more. Not only this, in which you happened to live. From curiosity, riiiight? – you say – you want to know. It is like one person called Lucyna, medium with question: “and what, and what decided Gods’ Council? I have to know how should I behave now, so I have to know what they have decided” – so Adam, if… during this Cleansing, and after mixing of civilisations, within thousand years improvement will not occur, then… there will be no another civilisation, simply human civilisation will not be. This is what people made happened, and the Earth, the Earth Sirius will take. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now question from Marcel. Welcome ENKI, Dear Guardian of the Earth. Recently in channellings there is a lot being told about that the souls who have the last chance to improve, will have that chance on the new Planet. Is this Planet in our Galaxy, is this Planet in distance from us in other dimensions? Is life being created there from such basics, something like the life on Earth millions of years ago? Thank you, Marcel.

ENKI: And maybe Marcel you will come to Łódź, and then we will talk? On the last level of Umbral – I will use word “Umbral” – there, spiritual beings do not have… chance. They are being liquidated. But from the second level they have this possibility to reincarnate again on the Earth, or if Workers will come to conclusion, that such souls give hope for improvement, then indeed, they can be sent to this second Earth. Yes, it is in this Galaxy – second Earth – and it is being prepared, it is already being populated. But if you are curious, then Marcel, come-backs await you – here, to this Earth, on which you happened to live. I’m listening.

Barbara: Second question from Marcel. Recently in Poland it is laud about movie “Clergy” [“Kler”]. Will it be a turning point of soothing of church’s hierarchs? Will withdrawal occur and ices of this institution will break, and at last – will all the truth about Church come out? Maybe it is this moment? Thank you, Marcel.

ENKI: There will be no moment. Knowing from history… Marcel, you should know that there were religion wars and now… the same awaits – the Earth, and especially Catholic religion. Revolution will happen and… clergy will not break, will not bow, will not fall on knees – like it could be done, so… don’t count that something will change. If so then for worse. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now question from Artur Domowicz… (Many…) Beloved Enki, Beloved Enlil, Beloved Sirius – I send you Kind Regards and to all our Swallows very kindly. It has happened to me three times already that I saw a space ship, but in Sunday, 7 October something extraordinary happened. I went out with my boys 6:46 pm. It was still light and I looked into the sky. I saw plenty planes over our house, who draw those trails and I thought to myself to not get angry. I thought to myself: let Yahweh bless those people who are responsible for this, so they can improve and become better people. And all of the sudden from nowhere space ships started to appear. There were so many of them, at least ten. Whole fleet. They started to fly high over our house. I was very glad and I turn my children’s attention on that. They asked me what is this and I explained them that these are our Star Brothers. I run fast for phone and when I came back, these ships were still flying by. They were flying by very slowly, as if it was such a procession. I started to record them and send them love, respect and thanks. When I zoomed them in on a camera they were visible better. When they flown by over my house they started to disappear like lights that turn off one after another. I wanted to watch the recording, but recording completely disappeared. I saw that it was recording when I started to record, because I paid attention to that, but apparently this wasn’t either about recording nor pictures. It was really joyful, personal and ceremonial experience for me and my children, because Gods shown themselves to us, for what I am ready grateful. I bow low and thank very sincerely for this gift, for this huge grace. Thank you, God Father Yahweh for You [You as plural] and for everything that you do for us. Your Artur Domowicz.

ENKI: Welcome Artur. How many times… you raised prayers, requests to Heaven, to God, to Me, to… receive at least small sigh – that, the world of other civilisations exists? Your requests were heard. You received, you received what you asked for – this sign. But this sign was only for you and your family. If it was recorded, then… you would like to send this to whole world. And it was not about sending this to whole world. It is you who had to see and you had to experience that. People are not ready yet. I’m listening.

Ryszard: We send You very Kind Regards our Beloved Father Yahweh, Beloved Enki, Beloved Enli, Beloved Ninmah and Beloved Being Sirius. We appreciate an enormous help received every day. The message is very surprising, that there will be next thousand years. So many questions appear. We are here and we are witnessing the truth of Your words about Cleansing, which is more and more severe. We still keep serving You with all heart with all that You decide. We love You very much, and what is happening now is fair and let everything be fulfilled with Your and Gods’ Council will. Olivia, Paweł, Daniel and Wiktor.

ENKI: And it will be fulfilled, Our Will, will be fulfilled. For Us, Me and Brother Mine, who received The Earth in ownership and under care – it happened that… we weren’t able to control over the humanity. We are aware that, we were guilty a lot by giving humanity a free hand to act, so now this time has come of radical Cleansing. And that to – Cleansing – was included Sirius, well… it has, because Sirius chose this Planet to live on, to live together with you, human beings, so… both Wiktor and Olivia you must acknowledge this fact, that you will be able, or you will live together with another civilisation, so… now nothing can be changed. We can only observe, relatively take care over those who have Sign of Life. The whole rest will unfortunately, but gradually be moved to this second level of Umbral. That is why – my beloved children – even though it is hard, at least you have this vision, that… over you care will have Spiritual World. I’m listening.

Ryszard: My first question. (Question of course from Olivia and Wiktor). Because the time was shortened, will choosing people be more intense?

Bill: One hour. How much more?

Ryszard: It’s been an hour. Should we continue session?

Lucyna: Yes, Yes.

Ryszard: Ok, we will go further. It’s ok.

Bill: Too many

Ryszard: She said: yes.

Bill: Doctor said: NO.

Lucyna: Ok, ok.
(Ryszard answers something briefly to Bill)

Lucyna: Ok.

Barbara: Read question once again.

Ryszard: My first question. Because the time was shortened, will choosing people be more intense?

ENKI: Yes, yes – especially currently, when already… third level was Cleansed and (!) in Umbral plenty of space was made. That is why it has to be done as soon as possible. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I wanted to ask Enki, should we continue, because Bill says, that one hour has already passed and that doctor said that it is not allowed.

ENKI: Because that… some time took Sirius, and there are more questions – and I promise, that… now I’m connecting to Bill, to his energy, to charge Lucyna and we can talk for a moment. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Thank you. Second question. Does on the Planet inhabited by two races, like now on this beautiful Earth, inhabited by us and our brothers from Sirius, each race has individual Spiritual Guardian?

ENKI: No. As it was already agreed, those who plan to live on this plane, after Cleansing will still come under the same God as so far. And work together with God will be Us – Me and My Brother. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Let me, Dear Earth Guardian EA, to address Spiritual Being Sirius. Welcome Dear Sirius. And about You, gods from Sirius, many warm words were written in book “Sign of Time” [pl: “Znak Czasu”]. You worked a lot on building protection for the Earth, you looked after Maldek civilisation and you have your input in our development. You were helping in rescuing and resettling Nibiru and Maldek inhabitants. About our common life on Planet Earth, it is our home, and what’s more guest home, so there will be enough space for us. Since Gods’ Council agreed to Your resettlement, then let’s say with joy in heart – Welcome Dear Brothers from Sirius and we ask, please help us build here better life, because we need very much your help as well. There will be enough space on the Earth – and for You, and for us. We welcome You Sincerely! Wiktor.

ENKI: And this will happen. I will not expand on this question, because it is very vast and our time comes to end. But I promise, that… on this Planet Earth there will be space for those, who will come here and are coming here, that is for Sirius. And you will live with a new neighbour. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Wanda Konarzewska, friend of Andrzej Klimuszko tries to make a feature movie about Klimuszko. It is hard to find sponsors. She has problems with that. Could you help her a bit? Małgorzata Markowicz.

ENKI: No, because a simple reason, because Klimuszko himself does not want to get involved at this time in this project. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And since we talk about movie, in cinemas in Poland there is currently shown a strong movie “Clergy” [pl: “Kler”]. It looks like it has beaten all the viewing records, even “Titanic”. Is it only people’s curiosity, or is it in fact the beginning of fall of the Church, the way it is today? Is the director, Wojciech Smarzowski, Your messenger? His movies would suggest that. They are like “inserting a stick into a hornet nest”. Thank you and I greet everyone. Małgorzata Markowicz.

ENKI: And it was inserted… into hornet nest – a stick, but those “hornets” so easily will not give up. That is why Małgorzata… if it comes to that movie, we can expand on that, but later, when we meet, because… clergy – at this moment – veeery much sharpen their teeth and veeery much will defend itself. That is why I can’t talk much about this subject. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Dear Enki, I currently noticed something disturbing in people, well – it is known, that Gods’ Council had occurred and I noticed during last months, that people, who surround me are recently very nervous and as if they were changing to this dark side. Some are very nervous. I have always had good contacts with those people, but recently it has changed. Are this the effects of Cleansing of the Earth? I greet all in the room and Mrs Lucyna and You Enki, Guardian of the Earth. Damian.

ENKI: Damian, to this question… I will not answer. But if you would like to show on the personal session, then we can widely expand on this subject, but not today. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And the last question today. Welcome Our Friend Enki. On introduction I would like to thank you very much for “THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE”, which is the whole of all mediumistic channellings offered to humanity till today. Among others there are a few informations about Sun. One of them I will let myself to quote: “However, when it comes to Sun, You cannot interfere in any way. About these prevention ways we will take care of. If one day you will meet other Sun inside your Sun, do not be surprised. It is considered that detector gathering gases should be put in Central-Essence Sun’s Vertical Dimension [pl: “Centrum-Esencji Wymiaru Pionowego Słońca”]. This given information is scientific. However on your Planet, from which is required to rise Spiritually, in future Spiritual Crises will significantly intensify”. My question to You Friend is such. Is this event coincided with last Gathering of Gods’ Council, or is it about other place in time? Thank you for your answer. Expressing my respect to Your unappreciated work, Grażyna z Karczewa.

ENKI: It is good Grażyna, that we meet soon, because… so vast question and (!) to this also confusing, that medium is not able to comprehend. What have you invented? But it’s ok. Soon we will meet, then to this question you can return and we will try to in a logical way explain, but not today. I’m listening.

Ryszard: There are still a few questions but we will not continue. We will move other questions for the next time. To not strain Lucuna’s mind, we will finish for today. So we thank sincerely You, we thank sincerely Spiritual Being from Sirius for the information which was given to us, and we will wait for further information next month. Thank you very much.

ENKI: But next time and during the next meeting Sirius will also talk. About what will he talk? I don’t know. I assume that… he will find a subject, or maybe he will expand subject further of each foundation. We will see. And I also thank you for this kind, numerous meeting, I – Enki, together with Sirius, who sends his bows to you. We Thank You.

Barbara: And we thank you very much.


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