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Session 285

Public session of telepathic channelling No 285
Chicago, 25th November 2018

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian ENKI and Spiritual Being Sirius B – through medium Mrs Lucyna Łobos-Brown – answer asked questions.

ENKI: Welcome, I ENKI, and… invited also Guest from Sirius – also welcome. This, what… said a moment ago Menkiel, also should give to… think about – for people. Not only you gathered here, but generally, GENERALLY people. And before I will move to… answering… questions, a moment of time will take… you Sirius, for whom also – you wait – as an attraction… on the Earth. Good, so I – will give space for Sirius. I will sit somewhere on the side and will listen. Also as a curiosity – these… questions, which… lay on the table near Ryszard, I allow for Sirius to answer them. And he is “on fire” to do this, so – I’m all ears and my space takes Sirius.

Sirius B: I will not sincerely… welcome you, because… I don’t have especially for what greet. Swallows, who you supposed to be… … here on the Earth, when Enki came with His Son? He called you “Swallows”, and there were plenty of you. And I also was on this meeting – Message, Message of Good News – it supposed to be CARRIED by Swallows. Where are those Swallows, who were on the first meeting? Small… group of you stayed? And in this small group there is a plenty of doubts: “is it really a truth?”. Just like whispering is about… coming Sirius to the Earth: “by what law they – want to be here?”. By what law you, human beings destroyed the Earth?! – because you have destroyed! We got that right, I repeat once again, from Gathering – of Gods’ Council, where… we have to… settle the Earth, and also Cleanse. We managed relatively fast with the third level of Umbral, that this hell. Now we are already on the second level, where it will be also necessary to… a huge group… move to the third level, with this difference, that… from this second level Spiritual Beings have a way out. They can also reincarnate, they can be taken to one of colonies, because… the third level – there is only one-way ticket. There is no… coming back. However, if it is about… (I leave the second level for the moment) if it is about the Earth, that, what people at the moment start doing, then we – the Sirius, even though we are strong in those feeling, it… is beyond of thinking. When we relatively deal with second level of Umbral, we are going to start with the first one, that is such an acceleration with Cleansing… of the Earth – from people of course, because what, for example at the moment, starts happening in Mexico, because thrills you want – then you will get, where… blood will drop… in Mexico. And… America will not be so happy because of closed boarder, because the world is watching. Everything was… PLANNED, precisely planned, so that… to lead to, that, what can and what do – people. So, the Mexico and those, who came now to Mexico and are waiting to enter to America is for all thinking people – a trial. And that is why there will be expurgation – and for that we have acquiescence. The president gave the acquiescence: “shoot away”. We also have acquiescence from GODS’ COUNCIL – accelerate the Cleansing. Good, I could talk like that and talk, and from what I have already… heard, I should act, that is I SHOULD answer to… questions. With pleasure I will do that. According to tradition which ENKI does, Ryszard – please read those questions.

Ryszard: Question there is one from Chicago. Beloved Enki, I’m greeting you dearly, I greet Enli, Your Son Marduk and our Guest Sirius. Is cooling of the climate in North America caused by the pole shift of the Earth, or it is transitional during the Cleansing? Thank you, Elżbieta.

Sirius B: This pole shift… on the Earth it had happened already in history a few times. It is not accounted in… Cleansing. For us – the climate change is not necessary. In any clime we can cope – and we will work to rescue the Earth. I’m listening.

Bogdan: Dear Guest, Sirius, I didn’t know that you will be answering questions, but coming here, to this meeting, I knew that Enki will be here in the room. So, I would like to thank personally, because all signs point, that my case will be soon finished. I would like to thank with all my heart to You, Dear Enki, God Almighty, Enli, Mother of God, as well as my Guardians for help and guidance. Thank you.

Sirius B: I know You Bogdan, because not once there was a discussion about you. Counting Earth’s time and time in Cosmos, then for the Earth’s time it seemed for you very long – when it comes to your case. But I have to say – let others listen, those all, who… participated, who are guilty in your case – they have this seal, the seal… to be taken and (!) they will answer, answer for everything that they have done, because… Enki at the beginning clearly said: “patience, patience Bogdan, and the case we will win”. That is why… be… glad, because you… have won and because of that everyone who… was acting for your harm – will answer for that. Time, I do not have more, because I supposed to answer only to two questions. Now I give place, and in my place comes Enki. Thank you.

Ryszard: In first words of today’s meeting, because it happened, that we didn’t thank You for coming, we want to great You sincerely Guardian of the Earth, Enki and also our Guest Sirius. It looks like this is the last meeting this year, so please accept our gratitude for your care over the Earth and us, people. For successful pass of this passing year, for health and wellbeing of our everyday being.

ENKI: Despite that… Welcome, for the second time – welcome. Even though it was officially being said: we leave Chicago – you worked for that, but… still we look after you. It supposed to be differently, you supposed to be real Swallows. What left from Swallows, well… explain… I will not. Yes, we move out and this last meeting is here. One more will be in Poland, in Łódź and there Sirius will also come. What he will be talking? I don’t know. And what I will be talking? I don’t know. It also depends on questions, So… I’m not saying goodbye to you, I can only say: see you after New Year. And now I’m listening to question, I’m listening.

Małgorzata: I welcome you my Lord Enki. I Bow to You low and send my regards. Please, receive regards to my God Father Yahweh, to Brother of You Lord Enlil, to the whole Spiritual World, to all wonderful Beings from Sirius B. And as I have found out, such wonderful beings, because hair like flax, eyes like sky. I thank you from my heart that I could meet those Beings and I bow them low. Thank You my Lord Enki, that I am alive, that I could survive happily from this car accident and that I can be on every meeting. And as I can, as I am able: please, receive my thanks for everything, for care over my family and over me. And to all Swallows from whole heart I wish you love and peace. Thank You my Lord.

ENKI: Today… Małgorzata I can calmly say: when for the first time you visited… Lucyna asking for help, what I… saw, it was ruin of the woman. Today I see already a woman full of value, who went through such a metamorphosis. These minor ailments are only symptoms of nervous tension. If only we could remove this nervousness, then all other ailments – will disappear, but already you have succeeded Małgorzata. For this also, for your faith, persistence – today I, Enki – thank you. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now already, I will move to questions. My daughter’s thyroid disease… Welcome – primarily. I have a question, my fifteen years old daughter has diagnosed overreactive thyroid gland and „Basedowa-Gravesa”. I would like to find out, if in her case I can give iodine, five drops? I am very desperate, because I stopped pharmacological treatment and I was doing her acupuncture, but her hormones haven’t improved [pl: ruszyły] at all. I, myself don’t know what can I do. I am already scheduled for the next week to endocrinologist, because I am aware, what sort of havoc can this disease do in the body. I ask You for advice. Best Regards. Izabela.

ENKI: Welcome… Izabela. Participation in medical… rooms is not that bad, moreover they help. Hypothyroidism, or overactive thyroid gland is very serious illness, because… it causes havoc in the body. That is why it is not allowed to ARBITRARILY apply such human suggestions, because… this can lead to bigger havoc in the body. Jugol… drops, or iodine drops they can help in treatments, but… they are not the only medications. And it is good that you will ask a specialist for an advice. And you did wrongly, that you stopped treatment… this overactive thyroid gland. Daughter is a young person, and hormones work differently, so do not delay and stop listening those your “wise” advisors – friends as if they “know everything”, because if you will keep listening those “wise” suggestions, then you will destroy health of your… daughter. Is this what you are after? You wanted an advice – here, you got it. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome Lord Enki. Already not only once I have noticed, that Your Power is vast and in many, many months or even years you are in front of what is happening, this, what I can catch, which is for me a completely mystery. For example, in current time pope Francis ordered the change of the main prayers and mainly in the way as it was spoken about on Your sessions. Thank you for being with us. It is as if the Mission Pharaoh would be a few years ahead, or at least I feel it that way, not only based on this example. Filip Śliwiński.

ENKI: Welcome Filip, soon we will meet in Łódź. As much, as he could – religion, especially Catholic Church – to change God’s words: “And lead us not into temptation…” Does God lead’s into temptation people? Did he also give a free will of thinking and acting? And good that… Francis reacted to our, mine call. It is not being liked by this whole entourage, which… surrounds Francis. “How so? After all these years, suddenly such pope arrives, who starts to make changes?” Well, there will be changes and even bigger changes will occur – and heads will go… of cardinals and others. And how it is said: “the first road to hell will be paved with cardinals’ heads”. And it will be like that – and not after thousand years, but… it already starts to happen. And that Francis is not being liked in Vatican, well if they try to touch him, then… it will turn out – what strength – has he got. I’m listening.

Ryszard: How to cure albinism [pl.: bielactwo]? Those are such white spots on the body, on skin – lack of pigment. What herbs, creams or maybe diet, or something else? Classic medicine perhaps does not have. There is only some treatment with eating carrot for three months. Filip.

ENKI: There are still many such diseases on the Earth, with which medicine can’t cope. Natural treatments are good, effective, but for persistent people, and you, this persistence, people do not have. Carrots and… beetroot, juice from beetroot, but this has to be done for a few months, and it is not certain, if it will remove completely. This is a blood disease. The best it method would be to transfuse blood, but… this is not realistic, so… carrot can be used as well as… juice – from beetroot. And this will stop… and need to wait some time, wait so… that, when people will accept this new – generation – medicine. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Dear Lord Enki, You know how I wander, even though I try as I can. I hope that you will accept me for the private session in Łódź. I thank You very much for help, enormous help and for that, you have patience for me. I thank You very, very much for the care and guidance. My life is one hundred times better thanks to You…
(Change of the recorder tape)
Ryszard: My life is one hundred times better thanks to You. And also that in moments of doubt I have the possibility to ask You, this is very much. Thank You. Filip Śliwiński.

ENKI: Filip… you also came to Me for the first time and it was also a ruin of the man. Now at least you walk on the ground – strongly and (!) you saw yourself. That is why I am pleased for this meeting, our meeting already in Poland. I will not expand on the topic, because soon – we – will meet. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome ENKI, Dear Guardian of the Earth. 12th September I was in mountains, I had a small accident. At that time Gods’ Council was starting as well. I have a question, did that accident occur by chance, or it was some signal, which supposed to give me something to think about? How to understand this? Thank you. Marcel.

ENKI: Well, who else than Marcel… Marcel, if something happens when driving after drinking, for example you hit the lamp, will it also be… from Us guidance? No. Here you have… free will and – not once such guidance by Us is not a complete guidance, that is we give a free hand – to an Angel, so that… such a person could act by himself, so Marcel, it was not… because of Us, but by your inattentiveness. I’m listening.

Ryszard: In the month October I achieved success in my life. I went out to people, I spoke with them, I was closer to them. It taught me humility and patience. At the end I thank to everyone. It was very pleasant experience. I asked God Himself, Spiritual World, You ENKI for help. I received it, I received guidance from You. Without it this success would not happen. I heartily thank You for help in this matter. Marcel.

ENKI: Already for quite a long time Marcel, you are being guided. The beginnings were tough, because your obstinacy was also – big, where… you were pulled by emotions, looking for the truth, or fast resolution to the problem, later disappointment why so loooong – Enki does not react. But finally, you go out straight, you turn into… such a man – that We care about, so Marcel, and now I wait for… your question already in Łódź. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I would like… Primarily Dear Enki I thank you Very much for shown help and support in tough moments of my life. I would like to ask for an answer – namely, I don’t understand, should we accept life as it is, because nothing happens without a reason. (Apparently, we had planned as Spirit it’s course). Or rather we should strongly influence the course of our life through our decisions, to change the destiny? (Ryszard: Unfortunately, I don’t know who asked this question, I don’t have name.)
Barbara: We didn’t write, someone gave it but… no…
Ryszard: It wasn’t written, sorry.
ENKI: Maybe didn’t want to give name?
Barbara: We didn’t print…
Ryszard: No, no, it is our fault.
Barbara: …Yes.
Ryszard: We didn’t write.
ENKI: It is not relevant.
Ryszard: Yes.

ENKI: …person will read and this is important. Everyone – comes to the Earth with DESTINY, because it – is planned, but… destiny often is mobile. In destiny coming soul to the Earth, when is supposed to be born, plan has… to use it in the best way – to climb – higher. Because, if – for those who are on the Earth, minds are disturbed by religion, you think that it is enough… a bit of humility, repentance and the gate to heaven is opened. Easy, to heaven gate there is still a long way, so… should listen – own – whispers, destiny? Destiny can be changed, if a bit – starts – to use – mind. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Multi-incarnation – reincarnation is for me obvious fact. “What sow is what you harvest” – Jesus taught us. So I understand, that so called “karma” is working off own self mistakes from past incarnations. Do I understand this properly?

ENKI: And you understand this incorrectly, because while being on the Earth, in this first hell – in Umbral, you decide for reincarnation, or you are on one of colonies and also you decide for… another comeback to go through this road, this learning – once again. No, don’t count past incarnations. While being already on the Earth counts current one, this… what you are working off inside of yourself NOW, in current life and from this – you will be accounted from. However, when you already will be in Umbral – the second one, oh yes, then – there can be such a summary from particular comebacks to the Earth, even not talking about the third one – Umbral, the third level: the worst, where THERE IS NO repeal. There is cassation, so… in this life one should win / earn / work [pl. zaskarbić] THIS, to go through the life in the best way. How many times have I repeated this? Hundreds. And What? Still – we are – in square one? Still you take baby steps? And nothing ahead? Well, Sirius is working… and We have small “wicket”, so that to help to some. But today – about this “wicket”, which I and My Brother received, will not talk now. I will tell after coming back at this new meeting in January. I will communicate HOW still can be helped and who will want this help, because there will not be that – we will force this help. Only to those who will really want this. This will be such… let’s say protection, so… about this we will talk after New Year. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome ENKI… and welcome Being from SIRIUS B. I would like to thank to Gods’ Council, whose Messenger you are, for decision about passing human beings here on the Earth, news about decisions made by Gods’ Council. As much as they can be uneasy to understand, we have been waiting for them with beating heart and we thank for that, they are so vast, even if one would like even more. Information from You are for us a big treasure! How we will understand them, it will depend on individual human being. I know that we couldn’t have impact on decision of Gods’ Council, but I hope that, reached You (You heard) our huge thanks, words of regards and appreciation to Enki and Enlil for what they have passed to humanity. For Their teachings, care, love to human kind, which – I believe, will bring fruits in the future. I thank you once again. Joanna from Poland.

ENKI: That is why Joanna Myself as well as My Brother we received “wicket”, just from Gods’ Council, so that… help those, who… truly have open hearts. I will not expand on the subject, because soon we will meet. And then – I will also explain… what it will be about – this “wicket”. Now I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome Great Friend, Spiritual Guardian of beautiful Earth Enki. Welcome Enlil, welcome Sirius B. I welcome Sincerely Everyone. Thank You, beautiful Spiritual Beings for help and your work for the good of the Earth and everything that lives on Her. I also thank with all my heart Our Brothers and Sisters from neighbour Planets for their input and involvement. Tomasz. And question: I am a happy owner of the icosahedron. I recommend for everyone who is thinking about it or haven’t thought about buying it yet. Does icosahedron focus and distribute energy – as it is inside, the same on the outside? And if size of the solid has an impact on the range and function of the energy? Thank you for the answer.

ENKI: In your… area of living / flat – yes. But it is difficult, so that… solids would radiate with energy on a bug area, especially, when people this… not receive, don’t believe in it. Not only – there is mockery, there are insults, taunt. Could this people receive this Gift, this Energy? Such an Energy, that is such a pyramid should be in (to have this protection) in every home and should be added to this faith. I’m listening.

Barbara: I had an opportunity to help Wiktor in translating his book “On the path to Greatness of Mind”. I read it a few times while working on it. It can be said – that I realised to myself truly just now, even though I have read many books, how powerful tool is our mind, if it is being used according to God’s Will. Words which are written with heart energy have a big effect on us, the same as words of Your sessions Enki. Can our mind change everything? For example, if food is not especially healthy, to change it to one that serves the body? Or for example state of our health, material state, or life situation? Thank you beautifully for answers Enki and I send Sincere Regards. Tomasz.

ENKI: Tomasz, how to tell you this shortly, because I must summarize. Well… if the mind would… work according to recommendations of God, then… of course many things at the Earth could have been done. Your minds are… being used [on the level] of over a dozen percentages. Only! And they should be in one hundred, so… to that still plenty of time is needed. For the time being you will still be erring. NOW you STILL must closely – observe this, what… is already happening on the Earth, how acts Sirius. Though – he received acquiescence TO EVERYTHING. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now questions from Damian. Dear Enki, I had a dream (from Wednesday to Thursday, during the night) a strange one. I was in some room, maybe in the cinema and I noticed how some people come inside, and it was a military, armed in machine guns. But I don’t know, if it was foreign army or our, this I do not know. But I guess not our, because after a moment they carried out everyone from the room, and even it shown to me, that they shoot. But I don’t remember, I guess to people. Was it some vision, this dream, Enki? Kind regards. Damian

ENKI: Welcome Damian. Was it a vision? You [plural] receive visions, which are about future, past and not only the place which you live in. Yes, you received a vision, but this, what will be happening in Mexico, so woe… woe to these people, because of what will be happening. I’m listening.

Barbara: Dear Enki, once in the Cosmos there was one Planet huge – from what you said – and those, who lived on it come to agreement, to expand in Cosmos Planets and Galaxies, and those also were created by God. And later each one received, from this Only God, its piece of Universe and they created Galaxies. Some – Planets – they looked after them, like You now Enki, look after the Earth. Can being, who will come to seventh dimension, as a spirit look after some Planet and beings, or a Galaxy? I do not know if I understand properly, because they are being called gods in Bible, and from what you said Sear Enki, each God has his own Galaxy. How it is with all of this Enki? Damian.

ENKI: Damian, if it is possible… then let’s move this question… to another time, because it is very extensive. And, so I could to this question… answer, I would need – plenty of time. It is not like that at all, as you read about it somewhere. It looks a bit different, but… about this subject we will still talk. And now… I’m still listening you.

Barbara: Last question from Damian. Dear Enki, since Sirius B got a permission to incarnate here on the Earth now, as they will numerously be coming to the Earth, then will practically only beings, who are from Sirius B, come to the Earth? Will Orion, who is on the Earth, well it is known that there are not so many of us on the Earth from Orion, because majority came back to the motherly Planet in the Orion belt and to wait, when all will happen, will they be able to incarnate, or they have to disappear from the Earth? Because in the previous sessions it was said that, when Sirius B turned on the Earth’s protection, it was said that if people would turn on protection, then Sirius B will disappear from the Earth, and Orion supposed to teach people everything, but longer this Cleansing would take and it would be gentler. But I am pleased that Sirius B, even though I am not native inhabitant of this Planet Earth, I am happy that they will live on the Earth in their own matter, because they deserve to be on the Earth [more] than most of human beings. I hope that people will also be on the Earth and that the rest will change and that together they will live, because I also don’t imagine Planet Earth without people. Thank you. Damian.

ENKI: It will not be like that at all, Damian. People, human beings will be on the Earth, though it will be sifted – because it will be, that is why the Earth, Earthlings received additional thousand years and during this period, it will be all the time CLEANSING. Sirius already once received… this allowance, that can live among human beings – on – the Earth, because their Planet is dying. And since it is how it is at the moment, then who led to this? People. People destroyed the Earth, Damian. And that is why… there is no point… in this moment to discuss, feel sorry. It is necessary now… to see, to wait – what will be doing and how will be doing Sirius. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And last question, question from me. There is such a bacteria, it is called E-cola. Many people got sick because of it, especially children. A child of one of my friends, who is here in the room, got a high temperature, was in hospital. Came back already, but takes some antibiotics. Well, I ask as his friend, can this child be helped in another way than antibiotics to liquidate this bacterium? Thank you kindly.

ENKI: Yes, it is dangerous bacteria, which really was breed in laboratories and… the aim was one: decimate – human – population. Then pass to your friend, that the first phase of treatment is… unfortunately has to be antibiotic, to be able to remove this bacterium, or freeze, or something like that. But for the time being this bacterium will be all the time in the organism, but not active. Apply… right… alimentation and… that is it, what can be today – done. Antibiotic alone will help child, and later it will depend – on you, on parents, how you will – further – deal with the child. I’m listening.

Ryszard: It would be all for today. Because there are no more questions, I would like to thank especially You sincerely for coming to us for the last time in this year. We will of course see each other next year. I would like to thank to Being from Sirius B, Spirit from Sirius B for that he came, for his words and… well wish, that this New Year would not be worse than the one which has been now. This I wish to everyone, however it can do variously of course, because it is known that various things are happening on the Earth and this is increasing and not decreasing. Enki, we thank You sincerely.

ENKI: I also thank you for coming and I hope… that in next year, when we meet, then… there will be questions from the room. Don’t think that you already are all-knowing and you know everything, because… today it was a sad meeting, that there are no – to Me questions. Surely, what for? “Enki got old, got used up, then what will we ask for…” Social meeting, to talk, to meet, but not completely with Enki. I think that you will think over yet in this year your own way of thinking and after new year – THERE WILL BE what to answer to your questions. I, together… with Sirius say goodbye, till – the next – year. Thank you.

Barbara: We thank you very much.

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