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Session 300

Public session of telepathic channelling number 300
Chicago, 16th February 2020 year

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian EN-KI through medium Mrs Lucyna Lobos Brown answer asked questions.
Present is also a Guest, Spiritual Being from Sirius.

ENKI: I, Enki, this present day… at this Sunday meeting, not only Me, but also there will be… partially participating in our meeting Sirius, this, who received… from Gods’ Council permission to ACCELERATE this… Cleansing on the Earth. I will not say this, what has to say Sirius, because… this I will leave to him. I’m only worried about this, this situation, which is already on the Earth, it is received by people with mockery, disregard, but that’s nothing, that’s nothing. With special care will be surrounded those, who… I give protection, that is: them and their families, will this protection have. Now I will also say one more thing, because I heard “that already protections had been given not once and it should be enough”. Till some time, till the end of the last year – yes, but… currently, already, since this new year, when Sirius sharply started this Cleansing, there is special, by Me given protection. There is no response. Well, this is in your hands, how to act. I will not talk too much, because there are questions, but also Sirius… wants to say a bit. So I Enki, I’m listening, Barbara Ryszard, to the first question. I’m listening.

Ryszard: We welcome You warmly and sincerely our Earth Lord, Enki. Out Protector and Friend – I can say that with full responsibility for that, that you are today again and we are grateful for that you are, and that you will be answering questions, which are troubling many of us. We also welcome You sincerely, our Friend, Spiritual Being from Sirius B. Why I say: our Friend… because you give us for many years pointers, what we should do. Friend often gives pointers, and You do that. We thank you. O, the first question, I’m sorry. Welcome Enki, Sirius and Spiritual World. In the recent weeks panic on the world causes coronavirus. Is it human mistake which occurred during experiment on biological weapon, or is it conscious act of man again another man? We could say here quoting: “people for people dealt this faith”. Thank you. Marcel.

ENKI: In a moment I will give voice to Sirius, because it will be …in his hands to explain somehow the subject of this coronavirus. That is why, it is him, who will tell, because session will be in Internet and will read it… people, many people. That is why I give space, just in introduction, exactly to Sirius.

Sirius: And… what… should I… say, the same… warmly… greet. No, this I will not do. We received acquiescence, or duty from The Gods’ Council to begin the Earth CLEANSING. And this is what we begin to do. We can be compared to Cleaners, but now, now I want to announce you about this, what started to happening on… the Earth: corona-virus. OK, so that to accelerate Cleansing, because in that way it had to be done, there was, by us not invented, but developed: biological weapon. Earlier, Jesus has already been saying, that it will come to this, that it will be developed, spread biological weapon. Yes, and this biological weapon was bred in laboratory and took out. Veeery fast it spread. Now… you surely think… why China? Simple. Because… number of people in China is enormous and (!) that also was… our… decision: begin with country with big number. It fell on… China. Later, this biological weapon will spread, work in India, in Africa and it will… sow, and we, Cleaners of the Earth, we will help this virus. Soon it will be… announced as… you called it: pandemic and then arise huge panic among people. We already have… keep such… a register… …of who should stay, and who, this virus should… reach. Earth Guardian Enki… did one great move: he passes Energy in order to protect. Those virus, coronavirus will not reach, but… exactly, but people there are much more, and people, who already know about this Enki’s Protection I see, not only I see: you disregard. Gooood, veeery good, keep disregarding, and… with this biological weapon people will fall like flies. This very much… this I wanted to you pass, that… this virus, which was taken out from laboratory by our workers and is spreading very fast. Not any animals, it is tragic, what we see, killing animals that are innocent, because supposedly virus was created. Not from them, because they are being bred, so… acceleration… of this bacteria, that is this virus on the Earth, this biological weapon will be much, much faster, because it supposed to be like that. If… something I will want… to add, then I will throw in, because… today we have agreement, that almost together we will conduct this meeting. Not only for this handful here, but so that this could… reach large crowds of people. So …code in your minds [said with sigh], that… this is not virus, but mainly it is the begin of biological weapon. Now I again give back voice to Enki. I will speak again.

ENKI:I’m listening now, I – Enki, I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome Enki. Is it possible to help someone, who you have feelings for and that this person is under influence of negative energies, fascinated with artificial projections and is self-harming, hurting oneself? How to convince, that you think seriously about that person despite challenges? You surely know who I have on my mind. Thank you that our life roads crossed with this person. Even though easy it is not, I believe that it is worth it, that I can always count on Your support and advice. Arkadiusz from Köln.

ENKI: Yes Arkadiusz, I recall this situation… you and this case, which burdens you, but I will not expand on this here, on this session behind the great water. We will come to the meeting in Łódź. Then we will be advising on how to handle it and also protection will be needed for you. Then… till we see each other – soon. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now question from Mirosława, to which I shown Lucyna picture before session. Dear Enki, we have talked already on the private session on this subject, but a few years ago. That is why I ask You very much, if you could give me a hint in this case? I send picture of a person, about whom I would like to ask. How to understand this situation, which is currently occurring and how to solve this? What is worth doing and what to avoid? Grateful for help, Mirosława.

ENKI: Picture… I don’t need to see, because I have already seen it. If I would expand on this subject now on… this meeting, then it would take us a lot of time. Primarily, you require a protection, and later we will… debate on this. But this meeting, which will happen, will happen in Poland, so you will come to Łódź, or to Wrocław. Today to this question of this subject I will not answer. I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome Beloved Enki. I have a question about hoses in a shape of dome. Are dome houses working energetically similarly to pyramid? Can it be recommended to everyone to build such houses and living in them? Best wishes. Władek from Poland.

ENKI: Welcome Władysław. Do you build such houses? Pyramids, take a closer look at the Pyramid in Giza, is it built in a shape of dome? Or does it have pointed finish? Such a house… has… proper energy of dome. But it is not the same, as if you would for example built a house in a shape of pyramid! And live there, because then collection from this house from Cosmos is really strong, so… decoratively it looks nice, I will not deny. But to have energetic potential strong, I would not say that, because it does not have. Unless… to those domes you would build also on the top something like pyramid. Then yes, I would support such a house, energy, but otherwise: No! So think about this. I’m listening.

Barbara: Very sincerely we welcome You, our Beloved Guardian Enki, and also Sirius, if he is present and Spiritual World. We thank very much to God, out Heavenly Father for an immense blessing to receive Your protection this process of changes. We ask for an answer to following question. If during all those things that are currently happening on the World, when Cleansing is very eloquent, are there people who begin to wake up and more seriously think about meaning of the Gift of Life? Thank you very much. Olivia and Wiktor.

ENKI: Welcome… Olivia, Wiktor. This [said with sigh], what you write, about what you ask: very few people start to wake up. This, what currently is, what we observe, We, Spiritual World, or Beings from Sirius: it is just tragic, as how small handful of people start to think. Currently… to people it seams that if they have even scratched the surface of the Spiritual World, then nothing, at all threatens them. Take a closer look, take a look: there is mockery, there is laugh and disregard for Spiritual World words. A serious shake begins to happening, that is this virus, which will attack stronger and stronger human beings on the Earth, to which so far… there is no cure. Now they announce that in a few months there will be developed vaccine to this corona virus. After that people will run to get vaccinated, but this will be signing a sentence, so… on a their own wish… they will receive this virus. That is why [said with sigh] Wiktor, Olivia, begin to think about…. About yourself, about your family, because this what is developing now, will reach whole Earth. I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome Guardian of the Earth. Thank you for presence of Spiritual World in my life. Rafał.

ENKI: Welcome Rafał. I will not expand much in my speech, soon we will see each other. And to you protection is needed. Oh, muuuch work awaits Us in Poland, very much. So Rafał, I invite, I invite in the nearest time for a meeting in Poland. I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome, I send my regards to all gathered, to You Enki and all friendly beings. Can shielding clothing with silver and copper that reflects 5G frequency, be successfully used? I have access to such material. Hats, shirts can be sew that protect people. Question about coronavirus: can it be liquidated with device to inhalation “vaporizer” with oregano oil? Or is it new type of inteligent virus, who needs 5G network and increasing fear thanks to television, press, which activates it? Sebastian.

ENKI: Welcome [said with sigh] Sebastian. Hasn’t it yet reached you, that this is… biological weapon? … Acceleration of Cleansing of the Earth? If you do not know… how… many… there should be left on… the Earth human beings, then I will tell you: five hundred millions, only. And currently… there are… almost… eight billon, so… such weapon had to be activated and this weapon will expand even more, without inventing what is given here, because use of biological weapon, was approved even by Owner of The Earth Himself, that is our common Father, God. So rows, inventions, what could be… helpful here… for this virus, is simply with no sense. Nothing, absolutely nothing… you will invent. This is the truth. Even We, as Spiritual World, we can only selectively ask for… this protection, to give people, to save, but that is all, literally – THAT IS ALL. So… do not trouble your head that, you invented this as a protection… from this biological weapon. Nothing will be from it. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now I have a question from regarding this. Will… how will it be possible to help people, who will get sick because of this virus and will come for help? Should we then… send them to session for protection?

ENKI: If [said with sigh] this virus hasn’t attacked… those other internal organs, then yes, then yes, but if… that person has been infected and (!) saw this to other people, then do not send, because… apparently this person… is marked for this screening. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. One more question from Sebastian. Bank in China has intention to disinfect cash to stop advancement of infected. Will fear from infection and general scale of this virus phenomenon help to eliminate cash turnover? Solo – Sebastian.

ENKI: Oh, he came up with… Corona [sigh] virus… attacks people to be true. Papers even, those… that were touched by sick person, after… a few hours virus DIES, so I am curious what else, you people, will keep inventing. Fact is fact: for this, Sirius git permission: USE of BIOLOGICAL WEAPON. Would… you like more, if quarrelling countries start to use atomic, nuclear weapon or other? No, this is better: this biological weapon. I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome our Friend and Teacher Enki. On the previous session you made us aware, that it is very important, from who do we buy the pyramid or solid. What can happen, if person will buy solid or pyramid from doubtful source? Thank you. Grażyna from Karczew.

ENKI: Welcome Grażyna, and also we will soon meet. Pyramid from doubtful source… In Poland, Grażyna… you got chosen carpenter. His name is Wojtek, Wojciech, then why are you looking for something better? And you still have doubts: “is this good, or maybe unknown origin?”. And you do not hold to what has been BY US designated. If you feel like having this conversation, then… Grażyna, yes, we will meet in Łódź and then… you will be able to vent your “wisdom”. Now I listen further.

Barbara: Two last sent questions, are questions from Paweł from Canada. Welcome sincerely Lord Enki and thank you for help in transferring ghost to the other side. First question. I was during reading of the book: “Lost Book of Enki”. I went out to have a cigarette on the balcony. Two pigeons fly over and sat on the barier, they were looking at me for a minute and they flew away. I sensed, that it was a sign from You. Thank you.

ENKI: Welcome… welcome and once again welcome. You receive an excellent gift – escorting [leading off]… those lost souls from the Earth, because some aren’t even in the first Umbral, but they wander throughout the Earth. You helped and that what… as thanks… you received, this… exactly those… those Spiritual Beings this way manifested through those pigeons. They came to you, they flown over to thank you. Remember, remember about one, that such Beings in need there will be more. For this you were called, so I am glad, I am glad enormously from this…., that they came to thank you in such a way. I’m listening.

Barbara: And second question from Paweł. Why Your bodies have been used faster on the Earth? Because on Nibiru that process was slowed down. Thank you Paweł.

ENKI: Because the Earth and its inhabitants did not receive from God this gift of longevity, as it is, or was on Nibiru and is at this moment on this Planet, Orion’s Second Earth. To this longevity, Earth’s inhabitants should had been preparing, but since it went differently, well… this gift of longevity will be restored, but only when there will be order on the Earth. We, while being on the Earth, let’s say, we lived quite long anyway. Only when… we were evacuated to this… motherly, second Planet, then… it was given to us, that we could… change the coating, to start life from anew. That is why… human beings worked for it themselves, to have such a short life. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now statement and question from Bogdan. Dear Enki, my Lord and my Friend, when recently I was in the court, a successful decision was issued in my case, which no-one anticipated. And the way, how it was done, human mind would not invent it. No one could match all the details. Thank you with all my heart. Your friend Bogdan.

ENKI: Rightly Bogdan, that only such statement you gave. No one from Earthly beings, indeed, but as far as you reach in your memory – I was saying: patience, patience Bogdan – I will make straight everything, and… payment, those who harm brought to you, will receive. But Bogdan, I will not here, on this public session expand on this, because this is a subject actually between you and Me. And also such protection, Bogdan aaaalso would be handy for you, because… this what you received… previously, till the end of the year worked. But this present protection, this new protection already is different, and the other one – does not work, so think about it, if it would not be worth to… come and… ask for such a protection, and also we can for a while talk. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Indeed you have already spoke earlier about coronavirus, but nevertheless I will read a question from Bogdan. My question today regards coronavirus. More and more articles appear, that perhaps this virus was produced in laboratory. It appears that authorities in China do not give real numbers of infections as well as deaths. Will we have pandemia? Thank you. Bogdan.

ENKI: Generally, generally I will say Bogdan this: governments of the world for a long time they will not want to announce pandemia. On today’s meeting you have clearly been told: produced was biological weapon. Here it is about to not use this nuclear weapon, or even others, to destroy everything. Here it is about carrying out a selection among people. Yes, once again I repeat and Sirius words also: this is bred biological weapon and (!) taken out by Beings clothed in matter from Sirius, who… consciously this did. So… this what they will now announce, scream, write, Bogdan, your decision to accept it or not. That is why… I suggest, because you have for whom also this pass, to receive this protection and with peace to observe. Yes, in China in mass dead bodies spread and this they will not announce. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now three questions from Bronisław, he sends sincere regards. First question: where the Khazars came from?

ENKI: And this is so important, right? In this moment, where did they come from? There are no more important things, but to satisfy your curiosity. And if I would hear now question: how to deal with this virus? No, only: “where they are from?”. Of course that they came from this shattered Planet, which was between Jupiter and Mars. There were also… being good and bad, who can be divided into… into groups. That is why this selection for those beings, who today are also on the Earth will be happening because of them for them, so… what else can I say: I satisfied your curiosity. And… this I can also add, that… after… cleansing of those beings, who came from that Planet, Sirius will take care after… beings – those Earthly ones, with Earthly origin. Those billions will be a bit thinned. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now second question from Bronisław. Will it be published a list of desperados from third level of the hell?

ENKI: No, it will not, such a thing be published. Third level already starts to fill up, but when… it will be filled, then will happen as in opposite way, like a soap bubble: puff and it is gone. Spiritual World will not wonder or note, elaborate – how many beings from the third level were… destroyed. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And third question from Bronisław. How did it happen that Hitler went to God?

ENKI: First time I hear. Where did you read this, Bronisław…

Barbara: “Conversation with God”.

ENKI: in “Conversations with God” there is also such a thing, to give a possibility for the writer to add something from oneself, buuuut… is it… in this book “Conversations with God” written also, how much this spirit suffered? It was an old spirit, Hitler. Now it had the last incarnation. He got a lesson, he got an enormous school in Umbral, the Second Umbral. [sigh] Humility, primarily enormous humility, which regards people, as well as Spiritual Beings. He suffered what was his, and as, let’s say reward for this humility, for this REPENTANCE he could be at… this Godly level. It does not mean that… he is by side of God Father Himself. In fact, this seventh, last level is for everyone and everyone after… some time, if will not, will not be removed as soap bubble, after some time can be on this seventh level, that is Godly one. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome again our Great, Loving Guardian Enki and our Guest from Sirius. I, Robert, would like to thank for received protective shade, thanks to which my children and family can live healthy, calmly and safely. There is nothing more important in these times than this gift from You, Enki and from You Almighty God, Yahweh. I am grateful for that. Thank you, Robert Józef.

ENKI: It is pleasant to hear… such words, especially thanks. [Sigh]. Yes, it is true, from those simple, various physical indispositions, of course, I can not protect, but protection, which you received will work as protection for your family, that is: it is about life. When around people will fall, you will with calm be able to observe, because your family will be safe. I’m listening.

Ryszard: There is one more question, I forgot to read, from Bronisław. I decided to read it. Will count Jan Zbigniew Potocki will become President of Poland?

ENKI: Yes, this is actually “the most important” – will he become. No, he will not. And if you want… vaster conversation on this subject, then I invite you on personal session, because… today this question is inappropriate. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Our Guardian, thank you that you stayed with us. Please, if you can, tell us more about events in this year. Thank you. (Ryszard: Maybe Wasław, if I’m correct. Wacław was not with us for some time, today he appeared. Was it you, Wacław, who asked this question? I’m sorry, because I can’t…).

Voice from the room: I.

Ryszard: Thank you.

ENKI: Ah, Wacław… [said with sigh]. For this question – what can I answer… read through all sessions, from the first one till… this present, last one. Look closely to this, what is happening, observe closely, how starts to work biological weapon. And I also can add this, that… this city as it was under protection, now, it is not, so… and Here it will be very hot. So much I can tell, because this year will be veeeery heavy, I already said this in the previous year. Now I will also remind: HEAVY it will be – for many. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome Enki and all Spiritual World. I want sincerely thank for the help and care during operation of my daughter. Because she has to have one more operation, we believe in Your love and care. Your love and care will be together with us. I thank you very much for protection which I received and my family. With a great respect, Urszula.

ENKI: Well, Urszula… I can only add one: word we kept and we will keep keeping it further. This I can tell, that on this operation, which is going to happen – it will be end and (!) your daughter will reach the physical balance. I promise. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Beloved Enki, thank You for your help and care over my mom Janina. Mom in this moment has bloating and stomach is big. However cannabis oil helps and mom moves in the flat. Thank you for advices for mom. We love You. Janina, Nina and Danuta.

ENKI: Welcome Nina. What can I add… Mom… should, even though she is weak, move more, walk, walk and again walk. As little as possible sit, because last of movement causes this for her. You will increase consumption of cannabis oil. When… you will meet… with Lucyna, then Lucyna will pass you what increase it should be. Now I will not say, because… you are “wonderful people” – everywhere here on the Earth and when after such reading, or listening to what I say, you can start to speculate, so… I will not say Nina. I will say, but personally to you. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Beloved Enki, I send best wishes to You, Enli, Your Son Marduk, Guest from Sirius. I do not have a question, but I wanted to point out to everyone the Joanna’s letter from the last session, which was not read because of lack of time. Everyone of us should answer to themselves: “Who is for me Guardian of The Earth Enki and what am I grateful Him for?”. To me is a Great Spiritual Being, who I love with a great respect, and each meeting is a lesson for me and a reminder to work on myself. Thank you Enki for everything, for Energy and care. Elżbieta.

ENKI: True. Let everyone, who… will listen… today…

Swap of recording cassette.

ENKI: …Let everyone, who… will listen today… to this… lecture, and also those, who will read, let ask themselves a question: “who am I? who is to me a Spiritual World? How is it helping me in life?”. Such most important questions. NO request [towards] Spiritual World: “because I have to receive this”. No. Humility, request, and primarily ask question to oneself: “where did I come from?”, “who am I and what Spiritual World has already done for me?”. And if… human beings would thing about it, then today it wouldn’t be necessary, this biological weapon, because today human beings would start to develop themselves and would start to… open to Spiritual World, so… since there is still some time ask yourself this question: “who am I and what Spiritual World has done to me?”. Thank you I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome Enki, this today session is number three hundred. We thank you for so many answers, teachings and help. Danuta.

ENKI: It is three hundred already. How this time fly… How much from these session human beings truly something specific, valuable for themselves? Each session was and are teachings, teachings and once again teachings. Although now, already for this end, when… it was started… this biological bomb, is already only a request… to save once’s skin. Will there be next sessions? Yes, there will be, next sessions and I would like… so that there would be more of us in the room, so that… to human beings it would start to reach, how is now happening on the Earth, and what is going to happen… also on the Earth. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome Lord Enki, I greet you sincerely. Thank you very much for your protection and my question: how long will it take – time, until there will be five hundred million people on the Earth? Thank you very much. Barbara.

ENKI: And you, Barbara, asked such a question? You?!

Barbara: Not me.

Ryszard: Not us.

Barbara: No.

ENKI: I know, which Barbara is so smart.

Ryszard: There is such one…

ENKI: Barbara, it can be veeery quick, but for this We! And Sirius we have one thousand years. It was said earlier. Do you… really read these sessions? Something tells Me that no, so… this what has already been accelerated, it will still last some time. There will be, there will be five hundred millions, as it was decided. In which time it will happen? This will also depend on people, Barbara, on their behaviour, and… on such meeting like today, to this question I will not answer you. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now second question from Barbara. How long will coronavirus harass people?

ENKI: Till… begin… to be visible order on the Earth. Well, who else such a question could ask if not you, Barbara. And to this previous question I will not answer you. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now I have not a letter, but actually such a letter to You, quite long from Małgorzata. Welcome my Lord Enki, my Friend and Teacher. Welcome noble Guest from Sirius B. Please accept my love and gratitude to God Father Yahweh for that I am here and now, for care over my close family and over me; for the work of our Spiritual Carers – thank you. For my piece of heaven on the Earth and for that you, God Father, blessed my life with prosperity, I simply thank you. Thank you Lord Enki for Your Envoy, spiritual medic from India, for Lucyna’s mediation thank you. I know and I believe that everything will be good and this procedure, that awaits me, spiritual medic will guide me in the best way and will help to get rid of unwanted guests. For the grace of calm and patience I only ask. Finishing I would like to thank to hosts of Spiritual Beings and Sirius B’s Army for your hard work. I thank you in this time of Cleansing. The Earth… The Earth and us all with humility, love and gratitude.

ENKI: Even though it was not a question…

Ryszard: It was not.

ENKI: …it was such, let’s say thanks. Małgorzata, I will say short: I’ll keep my word and procedure, which… awaits you soon will be successful. That is why… you received this Spiritual Specialist, who will lead this procedure. I will not say too much, because this is not… a subject for a …public session. I can only say: Małgorzata, help will be over you. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now such, this is not a question, but… I want to say something about those years, that passed with wind, at which you said many things about, let’s say catastrophes, awaking, and so on, and so on. I will not expand on this, but I think, as Barbara said, that if each one of us has awoken spiritually, then differently our meetings would look like, because I think, that many people were coming to these meetings because of curiosity, maybe with such a fear before future and so on. And that is why I think that in this moment it is very important to think about oneself: Should I, should I turn more towards Spiritual Beings, to Spiritual World for help in understanding Mission Pharaoh, understanding the purpose of being here on the Earth? This, I think, is more important that shaking before future. Thank you.

ENKI: Yes… [said with sigh] – because I will ADD: the future is in your hands, at this moment in your hands. It… on people depends to be here or not to be. Sirius will be doing its work, mission work, because such task received. Not only him one, because… on the whole Earth globe there are many Beings from Sirius: spiritual as well as those in matter. But this concerns… people, human beings, to think about it: “who actually am I?” Because these three hundred sessions, that… took place – what… from this… was in reality understood? What reached your consciousness? And what reached… I will not comment, because if anything good would reach, then today on the Earth there would not be Sirius, there wouldn’t be biological weapon! Is this clear? But now… you will keep speculating, you will keep play the smart one.

Ryszard: Yes.

ENKI: But… [said with sigh] this I … leave in Sirius hands. I, My Mission will keep doing and (!) I will… be giving this particle of this Energy, My Own Energy to those, who will ask for it, and for today – I thank you.

Barbara: And we thank you very much. And also I want to expres thanks in my own name, my family’s for care, for guidance, for all prosperity in everyday life. From honest heart, with huge bow thank you very much. And you all I thank you for coming. You Lycyna, I thank you primarily – thank to your mediation this session had place. You, Lord Enki, You, Guests from Sirius – thank you.


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