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Session 303

Channelling number 303 (extramural)

Chicago, 17th May 2020

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian EN-KI through medium Mrs Lucyna Lobos Brown answer asked questions.

Present is also a Guest, Spiritual Being from Sirius.

ENKI: I, Enki and… Sirius, we welcome you in present day, also in unusual… conditions, because… we could [sigh] solemnly do this in the room [usual place], but before I will give voice to Sirius, because… he will want to… pass, not to many, a few words – you will hear for yourself. But now, this, what… surprised Me very much, even touched, is that you remembered about Me, so… I today thank you for flowers, beautiful flowers. Nina, together with husband Michał and… their mother Janina, and sister Danuta sent Us two beautiful bouquets of roses. It is hard to surprise Us, but we are surprised. Beautiful roses, such full of love brought also Bogdan. And for that, to you all, with all mine spiritual heart I thank you. We received flowers, such a small sign, but also huge, because… memory… counts. Not only [sigh] insults, wich Us people bestow: Me, Sirius. Today in room there are flowers and this is a thank you. And before I will answer to… your sent questions, now I will give voice, space to Sirius, who wants to [say] something very important to you and sitting here and (!) To others, who will read this. So I give space to this one, who received this permission in Cleansing of the Earth.

Sirius: I, Sirius – yes, I received this permission for Cleansing of the Earth and… the time, we received the time, almost one thousand years. Now I, Sirius and I don’t care at all if… you human beings believe in Us, in Sirius, or not. [Sigh] It is hard for me to observe this, what is currently happening, so… my Response will be addressed to the Governments of the World. So I ask, I ask those in power: who obliged you to help and cooperation in Cleansing? World Governments, what have you done? What are you doing? Even by disturbing. We supposed to step by step cleanse the Earth, but you the Governments of the World, you do that in accelerated pace. Virus, epidemic, where… Governments already (and not only, because I include in this Religions too), you say as if… this virus was brought, sent from this hated Sirius. So… epidemic, virus was by humans, breed in laboratory and (!) released into freedom. What best are you, the Governments of the World, doing? You locked people in houses, you closed the source of income for people. Does it not reach, even though it was already said? That… this virus, which currently is mutating more and more, is in the air. Why did you locked – I ask you, the Governments of the World – people in houses? Virus… reaches you… in various ways and… there was no need, there was no need… to make such havoc in people, in whole economy. We supposed to do this calmly. For many years, hundred of years this was spread. You, greedy of fame, greedy of power, that is the Governments of the World, you want to help us? To us, Sirius? There is no need, we do not need your help. You disturb, you disturb us only, so… this, what is the most important I want to pass. So: with present day, we, Beings from Sirius and (!) We don’t care if you believe in this or not, so… with present day I announce that… till the end of this year we stop our activity in help in Cleansing, and we give you, the Governments of the World, a free hand to act till the end of year. We will only observe, not intervene, what next you will be doing, human beings in the Governments of the World. Only after the New Year we will continue our work. I had to, I had to ask for that to be allowed today to pass this, what… is very important. I repeat one again: we Sirius and Spiritual Beings, together with Earth Guardian, we suspend this work in Cleansing of the Earth. Act human beings who rule – act. You put masks on people, like muzzles for animals and… also you convinced, that this is their protection. Here sits near you a medic. He could tell, that… those muzzles like for dogs, give nothing in reality. You drove people to… depression, especially those closed in houses, but it is nothing. This half year those, who rule the World, you will have this occasion to repair those mistakes with this epidemic, or you will make… what is currently event worse. That is thy… I think, that this my short speech and this few words… will speak to… your reason. So you have for this half year and… we will be only… calmly observing. That is why… again I address… not only chosen… Governments, but to ALL Governments of the World. I cannot say more, because… I could keep pointing out and pass… that Spiritual World does not like and us too, but it is about safety of the medium, because… beings who rule, you drive people to insanity. And… Cleansing supposed to be conducted slowly. It will be this way, but… only after new year. Now, Governments of the World show what you can. Either you will be fixing your mistakes, or human beings and the Earth… you will plunge even more – we will see. It would be all for now. Now I give back voice to Guardian of the Earth.

ENKI: [Sigh] I, Enki – I am here. I listened, I listened to, what… Sirius passed… to Beings In Power. Well, I can only say: without comment. Now I’m all ears and I listen to the first question, I – Enki.

Barbara: Primarily we bow beautifully to You, Lord Enki, also You, Guest from Sirius. We thank for those words of uplift to people and an Appeal, which was spoken, we thank you very much. I think that people need this very much. We thank you for today’s meeting and for everything, that we experience from Your care, grace and fore mostly guidance. Maybe I will start from questions from mr Jan… [last name drowned by rustle of papers] from Arizona. Welcome Lord Enki, my Carer and Teacher. I send my regards to God Yahweh and Spiritual Being from Sirius B. Lord Enki, I thank for life, health, material goods and family. My questions: when on Planet Earth slavery of animals and people will be abolished?

ENKI: Welcome, I listened carefully to what… Sirius said, that is in front of you there is a difficult half year and into that we can’t interfere. I think, that after New Year with more favourable eye they will start to look at… faith of animals and people too. I’m listening.

Barbara: Second question: how to escape from Matrix and obtain declaration of life?

ENKI: And… did you receive The Protection? From what I… recall, you did. Faith, primarily Faith. It will allow you to calm down and with peace look at… further development of the situation and in family. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Third question: will Hebrew language will be applied on the whole Planet, or only in some countries like USA?

ENKI: All over the World, because… English language… is not a prophecy for the Planet, and Hebrew language is not invented by Jewish nation, so it will apply all over the World. I’m listening.

Barbara: And last question, is Bill Gates from Sirius B?

ENKI: A moment ago you had a chance… to hear… Sirius B. Well, I can say in this way: many, many people… already has this Earthly cover, but the mind has ours, from Sirius. So is he from Sirius? I can calmly say: no, but his commentators, or advisers are also beings, who have this Earthly cover from Sirius. Those, who… have been born here and will keep being born will still have human cover, but the mind will be already ours – from Sirius. It is difficult to take over everything: body and mind. God Father gave you free will and the mind. At this moment it is not visible in majority neither one nor the other. So… those from Sirius are keep trying, are keep trying to lead people, or to not allow for… bigger tragedy. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you and I send regards to Swallows. Janusz Lorek. Now questions from Halina Kuczyńska. Welcome very sincerely, I send regards to You, Dear, Beloved Lord Enki, my Guardian and Teacher. I also send regards very sincerely to Spiritual Being from Sirius B, with all my heart I thank for life of my family and mine. Dear Lord Enki, thank you, thank you with all my heart for life, health, material goods and family. My questions: was pope Francis arrested twentieth first of March of this year and has house arrest?

ENKI: Welcome Halina, where to you gather those… informations… I would not be surprised if you also… wrote that Francis will be soon taken and will be passing. Nothing like that. Francis, yes, he is also only a human and… was, let’s say a bit… ill. He did not have epidemic, that is why… he isolated himself and is coming back to… his position and… also, even though his… co-workers in Vatican do not like it, but he has protection and will still have it, and… those great, mighty rulers in religion will do nothing to him. I’m listening. 

Barbara: Question from Halina, do popes and current Pope and cardinals know that Jesus and Pilate are buried in Vatican?

ENKI: They know, but now… let them try to straighten this after… those two thousand years. Are such ruined human minds, by them exactly and by the ruling ones, capable… to believe in this? But the time will come, the time will come that the Truth… will see the Sun. I’m listening.

Barbara: And at the end: priest Natanek says that in 1963 year Vatican sacrificed Catholic Church to Lucifer. Is this true? I send sincere regards to all Swallows. Thank you. Halina Kuczyński.

ENKI: Since a long time, is a house of evil, Vatican. But also I cannot say too much, because it is about… safety of Lucyna. And I would have something to say, oh I would have when it comes to Vatican. That is why Holy Spirit chose for… for this place, for this position Francis, who cardinals honestly hate. So, are not necessary… big words, because… Vatican is since a long time a house of evil. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Now questions from Maria, Halina’s sister. We welcome our Greatest Lord of All Things, Yahweh, Guardian Lord Enki, Lord Enli and Spiritual Being from Sirius. Question: There are groups of people who use children to some sort of rituals. Will finally come time of freedom for those little ones, and those groups will be defunct?

ENKI: That is why… there is chosen to Cleanse the Earth and people – Sirius, and that at the moment those who rule the world disturb him in this (not only him, but… the whole multitude cooperates with Sirius), you disturb, so… and this will happen during this Cleansing. So, calmly, for now you have half year to observe, at what will be doing World Government and Religions too. I’m listening.

Barbara: In February I was sick, I had a high temperature, horrible cough and my bones and muscles hurt me very much. Was it flu or covid-19?

ENKI: No, it was not epidemic. You simply had a cold, a severe cold. You did not infect family, calmly. I’m listening.

Barbara: Because I can’t come to personal session and ask Enki for protection, I ask humbly Spiritual Being from Sirius B for care, protection for my family, for what with humility and with whole my heart I thank you. Maria.

ENKI: Then Maria… turn to not Me, but to… Sirius. Such a possibility exists and will stay, that can give this Protection. I – not. I’m listening.

Barbara: Question from Anna Sperling. Welcome Guardian of the Earth Enki and all Spiritual Beings. Fate of the Earth is not indifferent to me, since recently I started to read all sessions which occurred so far. I had to break my leg to wake up and start to think why is it so bad on the Earth. Can I be helpful in anything? Please, I ask You, Protector of the Earth Enki, for care for me and my whole family. Please tell me how I can help my granddaughter Roksana? She has speech disorder, she stutters. Will it pass? Thank you sincerely, I send my warm regards to You Enki and all Spiritual Beings. Anna.

ENKI: Leg, I… am not able to speed up – healing. When it comes to the Protection from Me, then you will also not receive Anna, but… ask Sirius. This he will still be doing to those who ask, particular people… So what else I can add. Since you are from Poland, then… maybe it will reach to… consciousness of those who rule, what mistake they did, this, what… they did with people and will start to fix this. Because if presumption of the Governments of the World and Religions will also be still such as it is now, then half year, where… Enki said Message [Proclamation] will be veeery hard, and I can’t interfere into this, so I propose: turn to [ask] Sirius. I’m listening.

Barbara: If I can ask additional question: if such situation will continue, people are in fact depressed, angry, and it can possibly happen that people will start to go on streets [meaning, that people will start to protest], and what it can lead to? What would you advise? How people should behave in the presence of restrictions and all that Governments do?

ENKI: Barbara, I can talk, talk, talk and talk… For so many years I was talking, I was warning, admonishing, I asked, and what? What end do we have? Now, when in his own hands he took or received, the Earth, Sirius, I can do nothing. It will be bad Barbara, veeery bad. An example of this bad behaviour of the rulers is currently Poland and this, what… happened in Poland, in Warsaw. Protesters were attacked with tear gas, sticks, police and… threats from government. We wait, what will be next. I’m listening.

Barbara: Is Your expectation, for people to in fact, despite all that will happen in the world, to in fact stop and think through generally the sense of own existence?

ENKI: Yes.

Barbara: To finally notice?

ENKI: Yes, exactly yes. To… notice own existence on the Earth. Not, that they are the most important in the Universe. That is why today had his short speech Sirius. It was strong and comment this – I will not. To think through for: and people and the rollers. There is no such a thing that is too late. Everything can be still changed and fixed. God Father gave human beings thousand years. And for Us as well, and for Sirius as well. But no, the Governments of the World not only produced the virus and spread it on the world, now they are captivating people. Yes this is slavery, with what they are happy about, that they took control over the world. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Welcome Protector of the Earth, Rafał. I ask to receive into Your hands thanks to Creator Yahweh for care. Please answer to my question. In the fifth Gospel there is text of prayer: “Our Father”, I quote: “Father-Mother our, who is above us and in us, hallowed be Thy Name in dual Trinity”. I ask to explain the term “dual Trinity”. Was based on that created picture of Star of David? Thank you, Rafał.

ENKI: Omitting the Star of David, Rafał, here it is clearly written about the Trinity. Not like religion – Catholic one passes that… “God is Trinity”. God is God, Father and… two of His Sons are subject to Him, so there is Trinity. Mother… there wa and is, but is not included in this Trinity. She accomplished her task which was assigned to her, that is… she have birth to one Son of God, so… what is here to understand Rafał? This, what priests mixed – it is necessary to think a bit. So… Trinity are three Spiritual Beings. I’m listening.

Barbara: Still Rafał. American media tell news about saving a big amount of children, who supposed to be designed to various unethical practices. Is that true? Thank you, Rafał.

ENKI: Also I could not… too much… tell here, but I will say short: there is already no such a thing like unethical practices, so you can sleep calmly. Children are not being killed for various types of practices, medical and non-medical. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Does drinking Celandine has any impact on corona virus? (Barbara: asks Zygmunt Bednarek from Gdańsk). At the same time I send  Sincere Regards to You Enki and to whole Spiritual World, and to all God’s Beings, thanking for everything, what you did for me, after all You know better what I need. Thank you. Zygmunt.

ENKI: Zygmunt, as with other medicine, Celandine cannot be drunk without a break, but it does not help with this epidemic which there is currently. Vitamin C, let’s say, also not in too big doses, can, let’s say help with… stabilising of the organism. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Welcome Dear Enki, Star Brother Sirius and Spiritual World. I’m rankled and worried, I think that I’m not the only one, by what is currently happening in Poland and in the world with corona virus. What the mighty of the World are doing with us? Maybe corona virus is only a cover to where everything is going? Our World has changed. Are they preparing us for something, or they are introducing the new world order? How we human beings should understand this, what is happening around us and how to behave in this situation? Thank you. Marcel.

ENKI: Marcel, and to this question… I am not able to answer you today, especially after this, what passed Sirius. I think that… finally… for reason, they will go, to to their heads, those Rulers of the World and those restrictions a bit will lower. I say: maybe. They have a half of the year. When… Lucyna and Bill will come to Poland, then… I, Marcel, I, Enki invite you, even with this question on personal session. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Good day Guardian of the Earth. I ask very much for an answer: will we see Nibiru on the sky next year? Is it because of this reason, change in the Earth’s pole approaching? I have dreams in the middle of the night which forecast upcoming flood. In the middle of the night my computer switched on and I heard word: “wave”. I had a dream that I am in a big room made of glass and gigantic wave came, which flooded this room from the outside. Nothing happened to me, but I remember, that I was afraid very much that ceiling will crush under the pressure of the water. I had a dream, that there is deep, dark water everywhere, everything was flooded. On the water drift wooden bridges on top of which I try to move. Someone falls into the water and sinks. I send Sincere Regards, Joanna from Warsaw.

ENKI: Well Joanna, and you I should invite to session… personal one, especially that you are from Warsaw. Your dreams were eloquent, that is, this, what will be happening – later, after this… proverbial Sirius’s speech. Black water means troubles. Yes, MANY people will sink in it. I can say so much, and further, I invite on personal session. I’m listening.

Barbara: I welcome sincerely, I finished a training (Barbara: there will be a picture here Ryszard), training regarding therapy with cannabis. (Barbara: this is from Sebastian). I would like to learn more about this subject. My question: Can I, in current situation, current year, invest in this business – opening shop, or is it better to wait? Since over a dozen years I hear squeaking in head, in ears. What is the reason of this and how to remedy it, cure it? I ask for advice about health. Sebastian.

ENKI: When it comes to… opening at this moment, as you say: “business”, then I advise against. And… when it comes to… those your sh… shortcomings in your head, then… I would suggest you to calm down, because… this is a symptom of depression, and depression has many symptoms, so… my suggestion: start to drink calming herbs and try to calm down. Do to start, at least in this year – business. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now next question will be from Michał Bieniek. Beloved Guide Enki, out Guardian, I ask for help with health of my daughter. She has problem with an eye. Doctors do not know what is happening, they suspect tutor of the ciliary body of the left eye. How to help? And if there would be an operation, please, I ask You, Beloved Enki for protection, for help as well as guiding doctor’s hand by You. The only help and support in You, Beloved Ones. I love You, I thank you for everything in advance, for care over us. Michał Bieniek.

ENKI: Welcome… Barbara, medics are right. There is a need… to operate, and because the child… is little then immunity of the organism is greater and if… [said with sigh] it is needed such help of Spiritual Beings – of course, but… it is necessary to follow our rules… and to know, when this child will be on the operation table and only then can ask to guide hand. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Welcome Sincerely Lord Enki. I thank You very much for protection, which I received from You. I’m sorry, that I did not stay on public channeling but I was afraid to stay in Chicago, I eve can’t understand why. Lord Enki, a new sickness appears among children, it attacks hands, feet and eyes. Is it a new type of virus? Paweł from Canada. (Barbara: Yes, it is the first question.)

ENKI: In some sense it is a lack of immunity, in some sense it can be said like that, that this may be corona virus. Even more close yourself people in houses, not letting Sun from outside, the air: “let corona virus get wild”. Till this time it was taking people with weak immunity, the elders, but now… epidemic starts with children. You can thank to the Rulers for that, closing you at homes. This is the main reason: the air, the Sun – this, corona virus does not like. I’m listening.

Barbara: Second question. Are Beings, who wear human cover, from Sirius and Orion are immune to viruses? Thank you for all answers. Paweł z Kanady.

ENKI: If they are in this human matter, then they are affected by illnesses as much as… humans. However after leaving the matter, such Sirius returns to his motherly Planet, omitting what awaits people, Umbral that is. That is why… when they have human matter, they are affected in the same way. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. I welcome You, Beloved Enki and Spiritual Brother from Sirius, as well as all Spiritual Beings, who wanted to come to this session. The first question, I would like to ask You Honourable and Beloved Enki, if and when we will see in Poland and in Łódź, and if there will be also session. Also Monika with us, will she be able to be with us, will I also be able to be? Because I like very much our meetings. Yours faithfully and with love. Maciej.

ENKI: If… Governments, and it will reach them what today… was said, will start to lower restrictions, because there are no contraindications for them to fly to Poland and to in Łódź session happened. But this only depends, not on Lucyna and Bill, but on Governments. I’m listening.

Barbara: And second question. In current moment I have an impression as if I have lost my job, because they have sent me to home. Did I really loose job, or not? Because it happened in strange circumstances and under excuse of not passed exam. Did I really not pass it? What happened? Because, in fact I’m starting to worry about job and about future of my family and how I will support my family. What do you advise me Honourable Enki, I ask for advice and answer, and help in passing this exam. I cannot loose my job at the moment, as very important person in my life will soon be born. That is why it worries me so much and does not give me a break. Maciej.

ENKI: Why are you working Maciej? Why such negative energy you surround yourself and your family? Positive thinking, I also often heard from your lips: “positive thinking”, and you surrounds yourself with such unfavourable energy. Job you did not loose, and now, when… it will begin… this chaos, because also… Sirius will stand on the side and will not intervene, solicit and help, it will be happening by Rulers themselves, so… I can only ask for one: stop, stop surround yourself with such negative energy. Even your superiors, where you work, send to them positive energy and it will be very good. I’m listening.

Barbara: And also request from Maciej for adequate rainfalls, because recently in Poland and in Europe there is a very serious drought, and if to this covid-19 drought would join, then prices of all vegetables, fruits and other food would be very expensive. Can I ask You for help in this matter? Please save people from the disaster drought. Yours faithfully and with love. Maciej.

ENKI: I can’t Maciej, because as it was said: we can stand on the side. I… with all My Team and Sirius also with Team, and observe what the Rulers do. Ask the Rulers, especially in Poland, after all they can cause rain, to help you, and to not hit people with sticks and chase away people with tear gas. I’m listening.

Barbara: Question from Damian. Welcome Protector of the Earth Enki and Dear Enki, it can be seen how people behave regarding present situation with mockery. Many theories have been even created about this virus, everybody knows better what is the truth. There are people who say that this pandemic is not a real pandemic, and others, that there is no virus and only because of political reasons it is implemented to enslave us. I do have a nurse in my family and from what I know, this virus is real and is dangerous. This current corona virus and when they say that they do not believe, because where they live no one got ill and so on, they it can be seen, based on such thinking, that people do not think about another person. This is sad. Kind Regards, Damian.

ENKI: Well, they don’t think. Currently people only think, especially in Poland, about opening churches as soon as it is possible, because… it is necessary… to go there and to pray to God, where you can pray everywhere, everywhere. So the virus is real, but not to such extent to decimate people. A lot is being stretched but also I can’t say too much, because… I could… a word too much say, and later troubles would fall on medium, so… now I can only say: observe, observe actions of Government. Sirius already said: He does not need cooperation, such cooperation, they don’t need help, such help, so… Governments – and Polish, and World’s have now a free hand. I’m listening.

Barbara: Second question. Dear Enki, I noticed already some time ago, even though I saw before how on the sky extraterrestrial ships fly, I only see them as small points that shine brightly when they move and they look like stars, but they move like some vehicles. I have also seen before and from what I know from You, these are ships from Sirius B. Now it is more intense and it is visible how often… When I saw, I thought about Sirius, and happiness in me is huge. It looks beautifully when you look at it. And what else I observed is that sometimes it flashes with a strong light, as if They knew that I look at the sky at them. Truly Sirius is might and power. It will be nice to work together with Sirius. It is pity that Orion is not visible when they fly. I send my regards to all and Mrs Lucyna. Damian.

ENKI: They fly – Those from Orion as well. But… Those from Orion have protection and are invisible from the Earth. Well, I also can’t talk too much Damian. Soon those two will be in Poland and you will be able to meet with them, face to face. Then we can freely, calmly talk, because… today meeting is as if sit medium on…

Change of the recording tape

ENKI: …sit medium on… such erupting volcano. Too much already is being said today, so… it is necessary to calm down and ask own consciousness, own mind: “how should I further behave, especially towards another person?”. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Dear Friend and Teacher Enki. (Barbara: First question from Monika). On the session before the last one in Łódź  on 6th of October I asked for advice regarding protection of thyroid and you suggested to use treatment with 10 drops of oil from cannabises. Could you please clarify, what concentration in percents of this oil should be? Because on the market there are many versions available: 3, 10, 15 and more percents.

ENKI: You do not need 10 or 15 percents. It is enough, if you will… take… this oil with content of five thousands – oil from cannabis, and it will be enough. Only regularly Monika, and I suggest also to calm down your organism, which is now a bundle of nerves. And this also affects negatively on your thyroid. I’m listening.

Barbara: And the second question. From some time now persecute us the same combinations of hours and minutes on different clocks, for example 17 past 17, 22 past 22, 13 past 13 and so on. Could you please explain, what meaning do they have, and upfront we would like to thank to whole Spiritual World for guidance and care so far. Sincere Regards, Monika and Tomek.

ENKI: Nothing really it means. It may mean only this… for you to start looking after this, what you have written, and not looking after this, what does at this moment politics. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now questions from Beata. Good day Enki, Good day Sirius, Good day everyone. I have two questions. Prophecy of the girl from Poland, is about someone who supposedly walks, eats and drinks, but does not lives. This being supposed to come to the Earth as a human being. Could it be so called the Angel of Death? Personal session is out of the question. Beata.

ENKI: Does Angel of Death… Beata, wouldn’t have anything else than incarnate in human being? He has more than enough of work. A bit absurdly you read this. Read once again and think over it Beata. I’m listening.

Barbara: The second question from Beata. Famous clairvoyant Jack Jane Dickson foretold that Antichrist will be born in the Near East and that will be descendant of pharaoh Echnaton and queen Nefretete. Is it true?

ENKI: Nonsense, I will not comment. I will say once again: nonsense. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Many things in our world work in similar way, but has different meaning. I’ll give an example: it is known about freemasonry plans, that is about depopulation of humanity, as well as about Spiritual World plans about Cleansing of the Earth. Seemingly those cases connect with each other, they seem to be similar. Part of people can think that this is one and the same. How to cope with distinction of those informations? Could you please Enki, give us simple and reliable way to do that? Mirosława from Częstochowa. 

ENKI: Listen Mirosława, to your question, there could be a long answer. We are slowly running out of time, because… the energy – medium, also has her’s limits, so what I can suggest you, you may not like, but – start to use your mind. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you, and: how to protect ourselves from vision of massive obligatory vaccinations? Polish politics do not give us any chances, and chief inspectorate MSW (something like that) Marek Posotkiewicz signed this 13th of March this year. Guideline in this case, where they have right to forcefully and without our agreement to vaccinate us. Mirosława.

ENKI: If Mirosława you have the Protection (and maybe you will have this Protection from Me, I mark), then… you will not have to be afraid of any vaccination, any chips, but… do not forget about one: government and Polish and other governments got free hand to act on the Earth. Observe only to this what will be happening. I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome sincerely our Great Enki and Great Representative from Sirius B. We would like to thank for constant help, which we feel on every step. This help is sometimes so strange and spectacular, that it is hard to believe in this. With anticipation we wait for Mrs Lucynka and Mr Bill to come to Poland, to personally thank Enki and Spiritual World for care and guidance. Teresa and Jan from Poland.

ENKI: As soon as… [drowned out by paper sheets rustle] then… they will come, but if it will be dangerous for them – they will not come. Because this, that starts to happening in Poland, and it is already starting, then this can lead to so called riots and civil war. I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome Enki, Sirius – Being from Sirius and everyone who is listening. I admit that it is harder and harder to live and it starts to lack of optimism. The restrictions are burdensome and most of the thoughts are just without sense. I do have questions, for which I thank you very much. Enki, can you explain what does it mean for the soul: to free from Earthly attachment? Does it mean to renounce everything that was loved on the Earth? Thank you. Maria.

ENKI: No, it is enough… Maria to start using mind, yes, just as God gave you free will and mind. And when you will reasonably dose mind, then you will calm down and start to think differently. Now I listen to Bogdan. I’m listening.

Bogdan: Dear Enki, my Lord and Real Friend thank you for your care and guidance with all my heart. I would like to give my regards to present here Sirius, as well as all present Spiritual Beings. My questions is: usually it is like this, that during contact with an infectious disease, human organism creates the antibodies, which protect us from getting sick for this disease. Is it like that in case of corona virus? Thank you, Bogdan.

ENKI: Yes, it is Bogdan, and if… Rulers… in Poland would not start using their minds and allow people to function normally then… there would be no such situation. Human organism, every single one, can create such self-defence system and even in the case of this strengthened corona virus. This is just a flu, a flu, which was modified in laboratory and (!) taken outside. It would be sufficient only… a fresh air, Sun and… it would be enough to deal with it. So Bogdan, a huge meaning for organism has immune system, which… was lacking, when people were and still are locked at homes. This is exactly a mistake, a huge mistake. I’m listening.

Barbara: And… I don’t know if all questions and if I can ask this? One move question I have from Maria: during the last session, at the same time Someone was at my place in Poland. I saw a big, beautiful, blue light and white character moving through the room. Was is someone from You? Thank you, Sincere Regards, Maria.

ENKI: It is difficult to say Maria… considering that… move Beings from Sirius, those not in body and (!) Beings from Orion. So I do not know who pay you a visit. I’m listening.

Barbara: Question from Łukasz. Welcome sincerely Enki and whole Spiritual World. Was Real from Realian movement was describing Your World, Planet and technology?

ENKI: And how much there was… written so far? The Bible only was many times changed and also present, sitting in those positions of religion claim, that This Bible is the correct one. It is difficult, it is difficult to base on something, that… was written by people. Selectively, try to reading choose words selectively. I’m listening.

Barbara: One more question from Łukasz. Where goes spirit, soul in the moment of leaving the body while using changa or ayahuasca?

ENKI: Just like soul can, it depends on the way of dying, because if suicides, then suicide… here on the Earth has to wander. But each and every soul, even the most noble one lands in Umbral. Only there there selection is made, either… one of colonies awaits you, or third level of Umbral [said with quiet voice]. I’m listening. 

Barbara: Welcome Beloved Enki, I have a big problem with loosing hairs. I do not know what is the reason for that and how to deal with this. I want to take for upbringing a difficult child from Germany, but there is no agreement from the court. The court and the office from my poviat deny to all parents. I ask for help. How much longer our current government will be destroying Poland? Will, during my lifetime, happen official meeting with other Civilisations? Sincere regards, Katarzyna.

ENKI: No, during your lifetime it will not come to… to this cooperation, to this, so you could see Beings from Other Dimensions. You will see, but only somewhere… those who are in Spiritual World. For the next half year, Katarzyna, forget about your plans, because it’s not going to happen, and… government – Polish, will continue to rage, so – calmly, stay calm. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you. Dear Enki, thank You sincerely for constant care over our family. I do have a request, my grandmother died in Chicago twenty third of April. She had been always saying that she wants to be buried in Poland. Could Spiritual World help us with this and make that happened? Thank you, Tomasz.

ENKI: Strange, very strange question Tomasz. In supposedly what way Spiritual World would be able to transport your grandmother to Poland, even if it were only ashes? It is not about what is happening with shell. It is important, what is happening after that with spirit. Grandmother of yours did not go to heaven, as many of you would wish, or as she would wish. A long way still awaits here, a long way so that she could be there in front of Heavenly gates. I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome Enki, thank you, for that you are, for care over me and loved ones. I am from Poland, from Częstochowa. I do have two questions. Was current Pope Francis chosen to accelerate collapse of religion and he works for Light?

ENKI: To this question, answer I will not give. Safety of medium. I’m listening.

Barbara: A…

Ryszard: Well, ask further.

Barbara: I think… No, some questions are really without sense and now, now I think…

Lucyna: I already, already there were enough…

Barbara: …so we thank you very much….

Ryszard: So, then this is it.

Barbara: …we thank you for all questions. And a huge amount of time devoted for session, for answers, questions. With huge gratitude we accept this time, meeting, answers and help. We thank you beautifully.

ENKI: I also thank you very much…

Ryszard: We thank you.

ENKI: … for this extended meeting. Now for you only left to patiently and calmly observe, that Sirius does not throws words to the wind and is a concrete Spirit. Thank you.

Barbara, Ryszard and Bogdan: Thank you.

  *     *     *

Asking the rest of the questions and reading other messages was not possible. However as a supplement we put one of them below.

We thank to God Yahweh for Your intervention on the Earth, Beloved Enki and Sirius. We welcome You with a Great Respect. From the bottom of our heart we thank very much to Beloved Enki for Your Envoy who is with us. Honourable Being from Sirius, with whole our Hearst we thank for Your Protection and we appreciate Your just acting during Cleansing of the Earth in regards to human beings. It was noticeable of how many people rejected teachings and warnings of our Guardian Enki, and there were those, who seemed to be good candidates to receive those teachings, but in the end it was given to us to realise that the preferred to keep walking the wide path of this world without believing to God Father. So we, people do not have a reason to doubt even in slightest degree to Holy decisions of our Father Yahweh’s Will, Your’s Enki and Sirius’s. May be blessed Cleansing of the Earth, may be blessed Enki for additional time, for which you interceded for us. Be  blessed, Being from Sirius for unusual task. With low bow Your Servants: Olivia and Wiktor with sons. Thank you.

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