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Session 306

Public channelling number 306

Olawa, 13th September 2020

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian EN-KI through medium Mrs Lucyna Lobos Brown answer asked questions.

ENKI: I… Enki – welcome, I welcome those gathered here in this room in Oława and I want also to communicate as an introduction, that here, is already the last meeting. The next meeting will be in Wrocław. When? – you will be notified. I will not comment why… such decision, that Oława is going to be excluded, but it happened this way. As such accept it. Now we can begin and I listen to the first question. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: We welcome You Heartily Enki. Divinity in me greet divinity in You EA. Thank you for guidance, for care and love towards me, towards all the people in Poland and on the whole Earth. I love You EA with my whole heart. You know what I should find out. Thank you. Elżbieta Dorota.

ENKI: Welcome Elżbieta. Oh, if only those words were honest, then I would be pleased. What I expect, what expects, actually not I, but Spiritual World from you – obedience, because divinity walks together after… obedience and (!) humility. When you will in yourself work it out without (!) Including in your words, in your life ego, then I can say: you are on the right path and you will keep going ahead. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you. Welcome Dear Enki. Can you tell us, what is human ego? With love, Iwona from London.

ENKI: What is human ego… Considering oneself for something higher and saying: “I know everything”, because in reality… you know nothing, and you find out yourself only as a spirit, when you come to the other side. There is being displayed for you a movie, not all past incarnations, but the last life; and during such a movie you blush from embarrassment, or with humility you bow your head, so to understand ego, today there is no point to explain, because either way you will raise up your nose claiming, that you are “so great”, “so obedient”. It is enough to say: “I love Spiritual World”, “I love You Enki”. How many times have I heard that so far? It is difficult to count and I will not mention names of those, who were telling Me: “I love You Enki”. They are gone – their ego was too high, so… try to understand, what is humility, and then you will be able to begin to tidy up your ego. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Good day Guardian of the Earth Enki. Thank you for spiritual guidance and I would like to ask for care over my father Kazimierz, who passed away. Second request…

ENKI: Primarily, the question is not complete, because you did not give Me date, when your father passed away. Most probably it happened quite recently and most likely he is in, if already not in the first Umbral, in this so called “hell”, then… he will still be some time on the second level. You can be calm, he did not go to the third level, because from there – there is no escape. There is complete annihilation… so calmly, calmly you can keep on living, because your father is in, let’s say, good – spiritual – hands. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: And the second request: is it possible to get protection from coronavirus? Thank you, Jarek.

ENKI: Yes you can, but only after – either you will fit in during those three days and you will come to Wrocław, or you will be waiting till… Lucyna and Bill will come back to Poland in December, because… this, what is happening and starts to happen throughout the world, will not end in this year. In this year it is such only let’s call it mute, expectancy, and new year will bring actual Cleansing on the Earth. Of course you can, because so called “coronavirus” was bred – I will not be repeating Myself: in laboratories, and Owner of the Earth – God Father gave us an order to rescue human beings, those, who will come, will ask for the Protection. Mainly we aim to find beings, those who came in the way of reincarnation to the Earth and are from Orion. There are many such on the Earth and among you as well, and here it is necessary to surround those with protection, and to exterminate, if you can call it like this, that is to remove from the Earth one after another will be those, who also from the way of evacuation came from this shattered Planet, which was between Jupiter and Mars. So we have full hands of work and also in this year and in the next year as well. That is why giving the Protection is not just some figment, or such idle talk, what is already reaching our ears, but it is a decision of – the Earth’s Owner Himself. It is necessary, so that the Earth will be orderly, cleansed as it was… earlier and (!) I highlight that there is still time to such   Protection receive. And we will keep on this Planet Earth finding those, who have ORIGIN, and came to the Earth from Orion. It was differently, some were coming from curiosity, some to take such a lesson here on the Earth and the spirit still came back. And now, now it is necessary to help them. I’m listening.   

Agnieszka: Welcome Beloved Enki. (The first question from Roman). Is it necessary to make some supplies of water and food in the nearest future?

ENKI: Roman – welcome. Supplies… it is worth to make, but not too large, do not panic – it is already too much, as currently panics are starting. So horribly you are afraid of corn virus. Will something else not be released? This is what you expect – and it will be. So now there will not be that they will lock you at homes. You will be allowed to move, move calmly, so making big supplies has no sense. Only as much as for some let say period for it to be enough. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: The second question. Currently many people on the whole world and in Poland manifest against false pandemic. Will it have any effect? Thank you, Roman.

ENKI: It will give nothing. Virus ennobled, empowered – what sort of pandemic is this? It is a flu virus, which was enriched by scientists. It was, it is and it will be. Now it is only necessary to be a bit careful. They will not lock you at homes – I say that once again. And the country, which will do this, then… they will expose themselves to people’s protest and it can lead to so called “brawl”, because human beings are not accustomed to this, to so strong restrictions introduce. A lot will be happening till the end of this year. When will come back – after the new year – Sirius, also will get to work sharply, but after those who at this moment so strongly stir on the Earth, that is the Governments of the World and (!) religion. Not a lot of time left for you to see this on your own eyes. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you. Does soul cleansing area, called Umbral, exists only around the Earth, or does it also exists next to other Planets? Paweł from Łódź.

ENKI: Interesting question you asked Paweł. You see, it is that Umbral concerns only the Earth, because other inhabited Planets have already passed this stage of cleansing, improvement and there is no one to be put in this Umbral. There are three levels of Umbral, as you already know. The first level is here on the Earth, among you, so Spiritual Beings – who already do not have matter and you – in matter overlap each other. Here also on the first Umbral decisions are being made on how long to keep such ghost, when to send him to the second level, because there also everyone has to go, and even later there is a decision about sending to the third level, but often it is that from the first Umbral [level] lands such spirit in the third one. And on the third level, there are no chances, no forgiveness, [no] return. There only is one way, as during the war with Germany: to the furnace. This is the third level – the worst. And human beings, when they become deprived of matter in Umbral, are afraid of that sorely. That is why it is worth to take care during this life to not land in the third level. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you. It there, except localisation, any other difference between the first and the second level of Umbral? Monika and Tomek.

ENKI: There is actually no such difference, because… the first Umbral level – everyone who leave matter must go there, to… relative first examinations have, to look closer to such spirit, see what was he doing during life, and only then he is being moved to the second level. There is then a chance to either go to one of the colonies from the second level, or he can reincarnate to the Earth, or, when such spirit is incorrect [as confirmed – translator] – well, pity – then gate opens and he lands in the third level, and from there – there already is no exit. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you. When does spirit after death go straight to the first level and when to the second?

ENKI: It depends on life… which he lead while being in the matter. On this basis: “everything is allowed to me, because I am untouchable” – is a mistake. It is necessary to have moderation in life, to see for example another man. And the best such medicine for so called Cleansing is to give to another man… this, what you have the best in you. Of course, to expect also from another man also a bit of respect, understanding, so depends on life, not future lives, but from this current life depends on which level you can stay longer, because on the first level Spiritual Beings do not stay for long, well, in contrast to suicides. Those can be, as you say: “in a dire situation”, so… short… short movie on the first level and then move to the second one. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: (I’m sorry that not in order). Welcome Beloved Enki. At first we thank you very much for care and guidance. Our questions. Where such days come from, when everything goes wrong, and what can break – it breaks? (This is the third question from Monika and Tomek).

ENKI: This also based on such thinking, your’s thinking. In Spiritual World, especially in the first level, Spiritual Beings want to please those, who rule there, because there are those who rule, who look after, who observe. However there are such Spiritual Beings who want something good do or bad to those living ones, who are among you. So for example: your words are so called order. When you say order, you send it – unconsciously of course – you send to Cosmos, and there one of the Spirits, this order, your said words receives on the basis: “make it happen”, make it happen what that person is talking about. You can s a y : “ o h   s n a p ,   m y   f r i d g e   i s   b r e a k i n g   d ow n ! ”. Order was said – on the basis: was received: “execute the order, he asks for breaking down of his fridge”. And the case is that, after a while, after a few days maybe your fridge broke down. Or other order asking for something good is also being captured and spirit says: “he asks for this – make it happen!”. For example – I’ll give you an example: you have pregnant wife. Both of you are afraid of birth, so to lesser the fear you should not be saying: “I’m so afraid to give birth”. It is enough to change words and say: “birth will be wonderful, quick, easy and I’m glad about it”. And your words will be received in this way: “when there will be a birth – everything will be good”. There will be protection, there will be help and you will see that it will be this way. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you very much. My former wife Anita has dreams in which some beings perform experiments on her and such up from her life strength without her approval. If it truly is like that, then I ask You very much for protection for her and to help to make them stop of such activities. Paweł from Łódź.

ENKI: Is this for sure Paweł? Is that not her projection? To enforce interest on herself? And maybe she calls you for this interest and says: “become interested about me”, “help me”. At this moment, if that will bring you relief, then believe Me, that those experiments, which used to be performed, they have already been stopped. She herself can project such events, but just so you become interested in her, look after her more. Pay attention to this and do not believe in every word that she says, that evil forces pester her. Well, evil beings are evil, but they will not be keep pestering without a break Paweł, maybe from time to time some malice someone can make. Here there is also a protection, that it is not allowed to do such a thing like non-stop pestering being cloth in the matter. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you. Welcome Friend and Teacher Enki. Shouldn’t our group from Mission be informed, that among us there is Roman, who makes complex body examination with bio-resonance method? Thank you for your answer. Grażyna from Karczew.

ENKI: And who forbids you to inform and advertise such a healer? You all love Internet so much and like to play with this Internet so much. Is this not… is it not a source of such advertisement and to pass own experience of being healed? I do this at the moment cannot, but every person who was… healed, to whom he helped – should through the Internet give him advertisement. Why you don’t do this? I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you. Glory to JAHWEH, ENLI, ENKI and other Spirits for protection. In today Gospel number seventy seven was introduced – about forgiveness and infinity. What does it mean Protector of the Earth and people? Andrzej.

ENKI: Then I advise you to look into… the Apocalypse of John and careful [sigh] read it. In the John’s Apocalypse nowhere you will find this number seventy seven. However often is repeated number – three sixes. And because you have entered the last phase of Apocalypse, then at this moment impersonate as this Apocalypse various even priests also. Priests impersonate in purpose to arouse in you the feeling of guilt, fear and obedience, because the obedience is escaping from their hands. People less and less start to listen to priests, so it is necessary to do something to make them obedient. I highlight once again: you are already in the phase of the Apocalypse and now three sixes start to work. There are no sevens. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you. Welcome Lord Enki. Did mass births, incarnation of souls from Ashun: years two thousand sixteen and two thousand seventeen changed even a bit the state of consciousness globally? Filip from Gdańsk.

ENKI: And Filip, who gave you such a precise date, that you write, that you know, that this happened just then? Beings from Ashun at the moment do not incarnate. They are waiting, they are waiting for the finish or the middle of Cleansing. When there was a time, when from Ashun they were appearing on the Earth, it also was – their goal to propagate good, calm life, mutual respect to another human – love, because it is like that on that Planet. It did not went too well, because when such spirit incarnated unto the life on the Earth, then after some time, if he did not hold his temperament in restraint, then he began to be consumed by this humanly life. And… there will be punishment for those who came from Ashun, and they were consumed by this Energy of Evil, which they consciously accepted. I’m listening. 

Agnieszka: Thank you. The second question from Filip. Green philosopher Plato says about Anamnesis, that is the soul on the Earth reminds itself of what’s in the Spiritual World. Sometimes it is that, in dreams something appears with half year in advance. Thank you Lord Enki, that you are with us and you help us…

ENKI: That’s right.

Agnieszka: …Filip from Gdańsk.

ENKI: That’s right, but this is regarding… present life, which you live. Usually, we do not regress such a person to past incarnations. Past incarnations you can see later, when you find yourself in this Spiritual World, that is in the first Umbral or in the second Umbral. Often also those dreams are for this to stop such a person, to give such a dream to put oneself together. And if not, and it gives nothing and still you go towards evil, then then those points, negative points start to be noted and instead to, let’s say, the first or the second Umbral – you begin to walk this path to the third one. Now sharp Cleansing has began, a Cleansing so that later on the Earth, you will be living well – those who will survive. I’m listening. 

Agnieszka: Thank you. Welcome Enki, Sirius and Spiritual World. In this difficult for us all time I thank you for given help and care for me and my family. I can’t understand, how it is that Church, already from pulpit, proclaim words of hatred, lack of tolerance, lack of trust and conflict agains each other. Where is this great godly mercy, what happened with it? Thank you, Marcel.

ENKI: And when Marcel… catholic religion taught love towards each other, when? – because… I, somehow, do not recall it. Already during time of pharaohs’ life priests were able to turn populace agains each other – that is how they were calling people, who were agains them. It will change when religions will start to fall. Not only this christian one, but religions of the world as well. There has to be one religion and one Shepherd, but this – people we are going to teach. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you. (This question is very long, but with Lucynka permission we shorten it). My son often has runny nose, pressure in sinuses and it lasts for a very long period of time. We try different specifications from inhalation, drops, herbs and supplements, but with mediocre effect. On top of that, when he has weaker immunity – on tonsils a bright spot appears. What is this, and how to get rid of that?

ENKI: I have only… your words, and I would prefer to have a child. I would advise also this, what currently was allowed to… consume, that is oil from cannabis. He will drink it as well as doing inhalations. Improvement, when he will start to do this, can already happen after let’s say a month. I advise to order those stronger oils, because… those weakest ones… basically can be prophylactically, for healthy one, used. Try, since you have already tried everything what was possible, but oil from cannabis on base of marijuana did not try, so I suggest to start doing this. I’m listening. 

Agnieszka: …and ears suffer also. Can anything be advised for constant weakness? I have a hundred question, but I know, that it is impossible to ask them all.

ENKI: True.

Agnieszka: Thank you Małgorzata.

ENKI: Those hundred questions would be possible on personal session, but… you asked them here – on the general session, claiming to be someone special. You are like everyone else, so once again I repeat: look for oil from cannabis and also to do inhalation. It will work generally. I’m listening. For ears as well. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: (The first question about dig through of Mierzeja Wiślana in Poland). Welcome Honourable and Beloved Brother Enki. I want ask You, Honourable Enki, what do you think on the subject of digging through of Mierzeja Wiślana in Poland? – Because such an investment is being realised in Poland. Are such acts necessary or harmful for Mother Earth? Will this investment come to fruition and to the finish? I ask for answer. Maciej.

ENKI: It will fall through. At some moment, when already will become strongly upset – Mother Earth, then believe Me: She will prevent. They have lead to the Earth annihilation and you think that now we are going to allow for that to keep destroying the Earth?! We will give back the power into Mother Earth’s hands. When she will beat, then then it will be veeery painful. It will not be, nothing will be dig through to the end. This you can be certain. I’m listening.    

Agnieszka: I would like to ask about, how can it and how will it look like: the situation on the Earth during next five years? What we as people should expect? Is the darkest scenario, which assumes that during next five years half of the people living on the Earth will disappear, possible? Maciej.

ENKI: It is unlikely, that half, because…. counting, Maciej, amount of people on the Earth, those billions, then actually We, Sirius, as well as Mother Earth would have to very sharply start to work, so that let’s say those five billions remove. Assumption is for one thousand years – Cleansing of the Earth. The most important now is this beginning at least one, two hundred years, but… five years, on which you count, that will happen – prosperity, peace, then I must disappoint you, because it will not happen. Cleansing, removing human beings will still be happening. I’m listening. 

Agnieszka: Thank you. A common myth on the Earth is the fact that Christopher Columbus discovered North America, because he sailed there in 1472. And I think that to America first sail Vikings, Nordic people. Could you explain, give more information about Vikings, their beliefs, culture, where did they get their knowledge and how their life looked like? Please answer, Maciej.

ENKI: Maciej, and maybe I will invite you on the personal session, because – very vast question. You know that Cristopher Columbus did not discover America. That island, continent had been already discovered, because native inhabitants had already lived there. So Vikings – that was nomadic nation and they liked to travel, when they arrived to this America, North America, they met there those inhabitants, that is with different skin colour. Of course, it led to… bloody settlements, because they wanted to subordinate that nation, who later moved to North America, but this can be a subject for the next meeting, but personal one. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Very big impression on me make constructions, which projects and creates Bill, of course with Your help. Do people, who for example have closed chakras in their bodies, when they enter those constructions, do they still receive Energy well? Does the fact, that someone has closed chakras interrupts, when is inside? Maciej.

ENKI: No, it does not interrupt. Even if you would have not large pyramid at home and put it on your head or put your head inside this pyramid, and if… you have closed third eye – you will feel this Energy. Opening the third eye means to… cleanse whole organism, to see more, hear more, receive even messages from Cosmos. And who closed you [plural] the third eye – I also do not need to explain, because everybody perfectly know who did that. So pyramids do not open the third eye permanently. Pyramid can help to quiet down, to calm down, or even lying in such construction, you also receive this Energy and (!) you feel good for some time, because later it comes back, because you have the third eye closed. Meticulously they approached this. In fact this happened not so long time ago, because even during life of My. Brother Jesus on the Earth, people did not have their third eye being closed. It was invented later, in Vatican, to force people into …submission, obedience – especially obedience. And it is like that till present day. Now we already start to do this – by opening the third eye and by giving the Protection. Certainly it will not be pleasing for this group of clergy, be we will be doing this. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Request for help. I want to ask You, my older Spiritual Brother for help, because I would like to do something good for You, that is my Spiritual Family as well as for people. I mean that I dream about a garden in which I would be able to put Bill’s construction, because it will bring benefit for You, my Spiritual Brothers. You will be able to rest and charge with Energy, and us, people – we also will cure ourselves and charge ourselves energetically. Besides, doors of my house are always open for You all. That is why I want to ask You for help in acquiring land next to our house, where we will build Bill’s construction. Will it happen? What do you think about this? I ask for an answer. Maciej.

ENKI: And what stands in a way for you to start building this pyramid, big one in the garden? Maciej, such pyramid also opens a portal, this connection with Cosmos. Of course, people feel good in such place. And do We rest Maciej? Do We have time to rest? This is main case, so such pyramids, such constructions should be a lot on the Earth, but people approach this like to spiny hedgehog, so begin, begin Maciej act and show, show people this, this Energy, which is in pyramid. I’m listening.

Participant of the meeting: Enki, one of the participants of our meeting claims that those cards, which we prepare, those commemorative ones contain Your Energy. Is this true?

ENKI: True, true. Not only that they are cute, but also they have Energy. It is important that on each of such card there is a picture of Me, yes Me – and it supports and gives Energy. I hope you would not resign from such cards – warm, pretty, because… not only it attracts sight, but it also gives a sense of Energy. It is also good to have such card in wallet. Yes, not a picture of, excuse me, “God’s Mother”, but such card of Me. It is not my conceit, because I have already gotten mine through ridge, by calling Me “Black Energy”, so this… “Back Energy” helps people at the moment, and that is how I was called, and anyway I am Son of God, the same One, who you consider for the Greatest, for the Greatest Energy. So there will be no harm if such card with Me you will be able to carry with you, because it gives Energy. I’m listening.

Agnieszka: Thank you. Very sincerely I thank to Spiritual World, I thank to all who supported today’s session. Thank you that you arrived. We are very grateful that we could meet. We wish you safe return to Chicago and fast return to Poland. Maybe someone will add something? Because I’m lacking in words. Thank you for everything.

Voice from the room: A lot of health!

ENKI: I’m glad very much.. Maybe I will add – I do not lack in health, it it is about that. And… when it comes to Lucyna herself, then unfortunately, it can happen to everyone, that sometimes I have to give a slap. Sometimes for disobedience, sometimes for such an awakening and to see oneself, in which place oneself is. She received leg, but slowly she will get better and (!) she also understood where is here place. That is why I am glad very much, that I am here – but the last time. More meetings here in Oława – there will be not. We are going to at the moment in the main place of Lucyna and Bill’s living, so in Wrocław. And there you will be coming, but surely after the New Year, because December is still in you minds coded, that there are Christmas, that it is necessary to prepare to Christmas, that it is not proper to meet before Christmas. Who such kind of celebrations invented I also do not have to explain, because this date of Christmas is nothing else but the birth of the Sun, taken from paganism – as Church says. But those pagan people had knowledge and truly believed in God and His Creation. And now everything was twisted, so that you could calm prepare to those “great celebrations”, because God was not born in December. If anything, Jesus was born in autumn and he was Son, and is Son of God, he was moved to December, they made him God, to keep bemusing people. This exactly I wanted to say, that we will meet in January after New Year. I, Enki thank you very much for meeting, for numerous arrival which is here. A bit tightly it was hEre for us, but we managed. Thank you, I Enki.

Whole room: Thank you.

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