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Session 64

Telepathic channeling session with automatic writing number 64

Cairo, Egypt, September 16, 2006

Being from Sirius B – the Guardian of Pyramids, answers to questions through medium, Lucyna Łobos.

Q = Question from Lucyna to the Being from Sirius B

A = Answer from the Being from Sirius B – the Guardian of Pyramids

In the answers, the Being uses the word “you” in plural, referring to all human beings.

Q: According to our custom I, Lucyna, your connection between the Earth and the Spiritual World, welcome You. What would You like to tell us and who are You?

A: I want to show you your stupidity.

Q: Why suddenly stupidity?

A: Because you are receiving the opportunity of help from a favourable Planet and what are you doing? You are obstructing each other. For 2000 years you have been a test side and only few of you understand this.

Q: That sounds very threateningly.

A: Not threateningly. You just have to think – you received a chance to save yourselves – because we will take care of the Earth. You reject everything that is given to you. I am at the Guardian – let’s call it that – Guardian of the Giza plateau. And it is in our interest for you not to receive permission for a long time.

Q: What evil have we done to you?

A: Nothing. We need Earth, not you. There are too many of you and a selection needs to be done – a big selection. You will never understand what LOVE is if you do not open your hearts. That is something that the Beings from Orion still want to teach you. What really has meaning to you? – hatred and money. There are many of us in a human body here on Earth.

Q: You said that you are next to the pyramid in Egypt. What are you guarding?

A: Yes I am. I guard everything; we’re waiting and looking at how without anybody’s help you are destroying yourselves. You only received a vaccination of hatred and we’re happy that it’s working! Happiness is on our side. Only LOVE works against the vaccination- but you don’t know it. You only speak empty words of love but you are not able to help yourselves. We are operating on Earth – and those events of stirring up war, those are also our doings. You received free will and what are you doing? We will not ask you for love. We need Earth, but through your stupidity you are giving it to us. It has been a few years that you have been asked for help but you are not taking advantage of it. The Pyramid will be useful for us as a Portal opening the Gate of Time. After the cleansing of Earth, we also know how to shield Earth from the next passing of Planet X.

Q: Do you attempt to remove all the peoples?

A: No. There are those among you who deserve to live with us. Even now you are giving proof of that. Together with the Beings from Orion, we will make sure that you will survive, so be vigilant. The help of securing will come.

Q: I understand little of what you are saying. Is all this work going to waste?

A: You still have time. The Beings from Orion are helping you – but you must finally realise what weapon you received and what you were supposed to have learned – LOVE.

Q: You said “We will mark you”. What does that mean?

A: Simple. Those who will decide to be marked will leave the Earth. Soon they will implant you with so called numbers, to have control. Without such number, they will say, it will be hard to live. These numbers will receive only those who are wiser. However, the primitive but cruel people, will be vaccinated. This will also be a sign. Still others, whom we call the creeping worms, will be taken by the water, famine, and they will kill each other.

This is the advice: if you want to survive, do not be victims of group hysteria. Stay how you are – good people, because we need such people to live together.

Those who will not die, we will make into slaves – same type of slaves as you make animals today. On our Planet we do not kill animals. Those two whom you sent to Egypt, we give the energy of hopelessness and hard life. Lucyna passes on information through her brain into our World, for our Beings. I will not comment on what they say about it. But I can only quote words “Rush! , now is the time to remove, secure only a few”.

Q: Do you want to say anything else?

A: Yes, create groups. Help each other. You will not save the whole world. We already decided that we need Earth and it will thus be. We can live together in harmony – but not with many. I can answer many questions. Today I give you time to reflect.

Continuation of the conversation between Lucyna Lobos and the Being from Sirius B

(Cairo, Egypt – September 17, 2006)

Q: I welcome you for a second time my friend. They called you my friend even though you are not – you are a Guardian. Out of your own will or as a punishment? You also promised to answer my questions; do you still keep your word?

A: Yes, I am, and welcome. Friend – a great word and it carries an obligation with it. To become a friend of a human being – not yet.

Q: Very well. Are you ready to answer the first question?

A: I am ready to answer an array of questions. I know quite a lot. And we started reflecting about Earth at the moment when, after the examination of Sirius A, the conclusion was that it was inhabitable. I am waiting for the first question.

Q: Is it important for you to open the tomb at the same time as we want to?

A: At the same time – no. We have the same amount of time that you do – 1000 years. There is a certain difference though, – a cyclic time – and this has to do with you, not us. And you are the ones who must secure the planet, not us. As it was said to you before, the planet itself – even if mutilated – will remain. It matters to us a great deal to open the tomb by year 012, because we want to activate the connections with our planet. You know very well from the information given you by your Guardian of the Earth, that what matters to us is that key – which is the Pharaoh – but since you are having problems, because you are, we will wait. We do not need any agreements of your ill regulations. Also we have a different technology, somewhat better than yours. We will open the Gate ourselves after year 012.

Q: There are many organisations which use the symbol of the Pyramid. What is their goal?

A: I am answering: the goal is similar to yours, but with the difference that they are only speaking about saving Earth, but little about saving the people. Please understand at last, open your minds. There are too many people and the sick Earth is unable to carry everything. The organisations of the Pyramids know very well where the saving of Earth  is and that is what they are focusing on.

Q: Jan van Helsing said that it was you who put a lot of effort into putting to sleep the vigilance of people. Is it true and how were you able to accomplish that?

A: In reality it was time that helped. Your Guardian is asking you for love, for you to understand what weapon you have. It was like this – during the Assembly of the Gods He asked to keep humans alive, and as you know this happened when the human experiment was given the last chance of improvement. It was said: use all trials on human beings and we will see how many will endure. We also used that opportunity, taking advantage of the situation in a manner only little harmful: we give you the vaccine of indifference, hatred and cruelty. This is found in air and in water. It is undetectable because it is a form of energy – it only doesn’t work on a few. Actually, the vaccine doesn’t work only on those who really have LOVE in their hearts. I will tell you something that your Guardian would not tell you, because he loves you greatly, but his possibilities are wearing out as well.  I will tell you something he does not want to tell you. He is full of love and you reject his love. Now is the opportunity and I will tell you.

Q: Do you have contact with other higher civilisations?

A: Of course we have contact with other Worlds of higher Energy than yours. We cooperate together, but for our evacuation, the best planet is Earth, especially since we have played very meaningful role in many affairs concerning its history. The trial Pyramids – is our cooperation with Orion. If it wasn’t for the genes that you have from the Entities from Orion, you would not exist today, or you would have a different consciousness. There was a decision to remove you and start the human experiment from the beginning. Why are we doing this to you humans? Our actions are subtle leaving you your mind and free will – other civilisations would have been less humanitarian. Earth contains everything needed for life. Now it just has to be healed.

Q: Would it not have been easier to tell people the truth and create upper systems that raise awareness, and not those that limit, which exist today?

A: Yes, this could be done, but there is a problem. You are not the only ones in the universe and the eyes of others are directed at you. When you received the last chance for improvement, at that last Assembly of the Gods, there was one condition under which to let you live – give you the Earth to govern for 2000 years and not provide any help – only to point out the difference between a mind and a free will. To show what the evil and good deeds are. All were allowed to do evil deeds – that’s why so much “garbage” came to the Earth – and you absorb the evil so much. All other Civilisations reached their perfection on their own – using their own mind. Why would you be the exception? Your mistakes were being pointed out to you – this was done by the one you call Jesus. He showed you everything, what is the result of his teachings?

There will be a new system raising the awareness, but only after year 012. We want to live with people who posses a high level of mental development. Now the Cleansing. And as I said, those who change their awareness – not just words – will have a chance. We are not your enemies. When the evacuations from Atlantis took place, we lived in great harmony, we were there for those who lived outside of Atlantis, we were helping.

Do you remember what Enki said about the peoples who arrived to the Earth through the evacuation? Those who arrived had their memory erased, especially those less understanding ones, who led to the destruction of their own Planet. If it was not for the accumulated nuclear weapons on their Planet, the Planet approaching the Sun (12th Planet) would not destroy their Planet. Only chosen individuals lived on the Island of the Gods – Atlantis. On the Earth there are those with genes from Orion and others with genes from those from the destroyed Planet, but there are more of those from the second group than those from Orion. We have a lot of influence on those that came from the destroyed Planet, and less influence on those with genes from Orion.

Q: Why no upper system is serving the people?

A: This is how it is: there should be one main cell, and others subject to it. Since that evacuation we are working on a perfect system. There was such system, but very short, when there was ruling from Atlantis. At that time there was prosperity on Earth, but the minds of the newcomers were blocked for one generation. When such a person left the Earth and then came back, his awareness was already different and the genes from the other Planet came back to surface. In addition, there was the mixing of them with Earthlings. Before that, the Earthlings led a simple and righteous life. Those who have desire to rule within them, do get to the ruling positions, and that is why currently no system will function well for people. Everything is secured for that year 012 and the time cannot be rushed or slowed down.

Q: Yes, but the people are subordinated to this system out of fear…is this also to your merit?

A: Yes, people also have encoded in them the fear of everything and fear of death. That concept is unknown to the people as well, and the religion did a good job at it. It is exactly in this system where we have lots of our Energies. Those people do a lot of good for us. Fear forces people to obedience, fear leads to what is now happening on the whole Earth. Fear closes one person from another – fear pushes to war, to killing. This also is a vaccine. Just like from one side you receive love – from the other side we show you how you are unable to take advantage of that love. If there was love in you, there would be no fear in you.

Q: Do you give people unconditional love?

A: We give what you give each other. There is only a small difference – we do not give hatred. You are indifferent to us, for now. We cannot give unconditional love if you cannot comprehend it. Jesus gave you that love, and this type of love constantly gives you Enki – how many of you took a personal lesson of love from it? Maybe this lesson which I am giving you now, will teach you something. Let everyone who learns my words examine his own conscience… You are asking for unconditional love – so now I am asking: how many individuals have you helped unconditionally? You see us as tyrants who want to destroy Earth – we want to repair the harm you have caused. If we really were tyrants, there are so many ways to destroy you. Open your eyes and see what you’ve done to this planet – who is a tyrant here? We will open ourselves up for unconditional love but only after Earth is cleansed.

Q: What is your opinion about Mission Pharaoh?

A: Very positive, but we are not helping. We are observing your struggles. In heart, you are a small group – there are many of those who say they are in and that they love. You are having trouble not because of us, although you suspect us. Your problems are a result of stupidity and carelessness of people. They only see themselves and their money – nothing else. When the last judgment comes, be assured that together with the Beings from Orion, we will not be looking at your bank accounts.

What else can I tell you that you don’t know? The one who creates obstacles on your way covering himself with regulations, and his name is Hawass – he himself is very well, and he knows perfectly that digging out the Pharaoh brings changes, and he is very afraid of losing what he’s achieved. When the time for the conversation comes – and it will come – he will tell you to wait for a signature, wait calmly. In a few months he will leave – which means his rule is coming to an end. A new person will come to take his position – someone favourable to you. It is only a matter of time, not a long time, but until then you should reflect on yourselves and on that unconditional love under which you try to cover yourselves. How many are there who are able to give it when it is needed?

Q: Is there a manifestation of cosmic vehicles being prepared?

A: Differently – will we reveal ourselves? After all, those orbs of light that you sometimes see are nothing else but us or Orion. We are constantly looking after the Earth. To show ourselves? …there is something planned for the moment when the Pharaoh is  going to be excavated. Then there will be a lot of joy on the whole Earth – and just as Jesus said: “Every eye will see a “miracle” in the sky”. That will be exactly the manifestation that you are asking for.

Q: Are the low vibrations of fearful people useful to you in any way?

A: Of course. As the energy of fear is favourable to us – we have more opportunities to act. People who fear, do not think. I already told you what neutralises us – LOVE, its Energy. People of fear – yes, …they are easy to control. The more you fear, the more power it gives us. Instead of thinking, you fear. Why? You received so much wise information. I tell you the truth about yourselves, how you are, how magnificently you are able to think. What are you afraid of? Will the fear save you or rather will your cooperation do that? We are able to bring life back into the desert, and there is enough space. And those who are left over we will teach one thing: Earth must be populated, not over-populated. You yourselves are inviting us with your Energy. And you say that you have mind? In which case? Because it is not apparent. And your vibrations of fear are necessary for us to act on the Earth. Jesus said clearly: “People will be dying of fear in the last days”! Such was the consent of God – give them fear – and that is what you received. You, the thinking beings understand finally what the point of life is – LOVE mutually given. And the Cleansing must take place.

Q: What mistakes are we committing as people and us, in this Mission?

A: I am observing your actions in the Mission Pharaoh and you are asking for my input about it, you want to know my opinion – here it is:

  1. Lack of tolerance for each other, lack of cooperation! But not everybody. Those who really work we do see and we deeply bow down to them.
  2. Patience – where is it? Even the disciples of Jesus started to look for the Pharaoh, they wanted to rush the time – they had better opportunities, there were no sick regulations and Hawass at the time. They didn’t find it because it was not the right time. Now you have what’s the most important – but there is no harmony among you.
  3. You spoke so beautifully about your love for the Mission, for Enki – so we chose the right moment, and I said to Enki: I will test them, and the trial was very pitiful. Now, numbers of you in the Mission are becoming clear and there are people to work with. Just stay vigilant.
  4. When Enki said “please, wait” – then what started happening among you? Whispers and stirring up – and you are supposed to walk in one line.
  5. Your mistake is lack of patience, lack of faith. But not in all of you. Now during your last trial, we will see how will you behave, what will your actions be? Remember: Earth is yours, we can be sub-inhabitants, but it is up to you and your actions.

If you will ignore what you are receiving as your last chance – and that is the Pharaoh – we will take over further work. Our Sun will burn out in 1000 years. You will have surprise in 5 years – and who is in a better situation? Us or you? For certain things to happen, one must just wait, and that is because of your stupid regulations that we are unable to jump over either. Patience is what Enki is asking of you. Personally I will not ask you – I only suggest that you start to think. For us, the Beings from Sirius B, the best solution would be if the Earth was empty, but it is inhabited, and not all deserve to live on it. The majority does not deserve to live on it. You destroyed Earth! Do you know what is done when there are insects in the house? At home – if you can call it a home, where the two of those live, every day the flies that poison life – are being removed. Earth is a home too, and there are insects to be removed too. And the mechanism of removing and Cleansing is year 012. Enki will make sure that those who earned it, will survive. We are completely indifferent about it. I have respect for those two, and……there is stubbornness in you, and we like that. I know you and this well.

Q: Does every person have in him/herself a seed of truth and love as Samuel said?

A: Yes and no. I will try to explain it to you now. There are 3 groups of people living on Earth. The original inhabitants, meaning those created by the God here on the Earth. The second group which came from Nibiru and inhabited Earth, and started mixing with earthlings when the perfecting of earthlings was being done – and those have the seed of truth and love within them until today. There are many currently on Earth from His seed, the seed of Enki. The third group consists of those from the evacuation. It was a human kind, very war-like, wanting to take over the whole Universe – and they do not posses the genes of truth and love – but there is a desire in them to rule over everything. It was impossible to change their way of thinking. With every incarnation they are not making improvements. In reality, only groups 1 and 2 should remain. All the evil is blamed on us incorrectly. Start to observe well and you will notice with your own eyes the difference between people – how the word LOVE affects each group.

Q: Can we gain trust of those people?

A: Can you? Moment, let me think about it… If you will repeat the message LOVE to the third group – they will start to hate you. The second group will listen, but the vaccine is doing its job – when they are listening, they are touched and they cry – but as soon as they leave the gathering, they go their own way. Their opinion is: if I am to be saved, I will be saved either way, and I don’t need a Pharaoh for that. People do not have trust nowadays, especially those who have gained riches. A simple question: did people trust Jesus? You can answer that yourself. There are people who trust in spite of difficulties, groups 1 and 2. You want to earn the trust of people – it is unrealistic, why? I’ve already told you.

Q: Can we teach and talk about love endlessly?

A: No. Since I received permission to give you information, it means something – and either the Gods are tired of you, or They are using me, because They will not tell you this Themselves. That’s good, because after all these years of looking at you I can finally speak, and it is all being written down. And it really doesn’t matter to me what you will say about my words, they had to be said. If the word Love doesn’t work, it has to be done another way. It’s good that there is so much stupidity in you and that everyone considers himself wise – keep acting this way – there will be more space for us on the Earth. That’s why you cannot talk about love endlessly. There was a time to sow – now is the time to reap. If the seed falls on a fertile ground, a fruit will grow from it. If the seed falls on clay, do not sow it there because it will rot. I repeat once again: I am very happy to have permission to speak to you.

Q: Won’t the great systems destroy everything in people?

A:  Destroy? Where is your mind? You supposedly have one? Are those from Sirius guilty again? The governments of the world see that there are too many people, that is why there are local wars, because nature is only protecting itself from you and it is cleansing itself. We only observe, sometimes we help, mainly in matters of health, most of the time we do it for poor people. The systems alone are not destroying you – you are doing it yourselves, using fear as your defense. The eyes of other civilisations are looking at how you are sinking in the darkness. Others are looking at you with sadness – we are not. And nobody will tell us that we had something to do with your loss. You are putting a rope on your necks yourselves – and I can only congratulate your stupidity.  Not all are the same. There are those who are starting to think – and that’s good, because it would be good to live on Earth together in harmony. I repeat once again: we have 1000 years to evacuate our Planet and put Earth in order. You only have 5 years – who is in a better situation? Evacuation will not pose any problems, because instead of shielding Earth, we will temporarily open a Portal and arriving on Earth will take a moment. We show our Beings films about the Earth and about you. It will be joy for us if you run out of time – because even if you come to your senses in year 012 – it would already be too late for you – but not too late for us.

Let these words of sad truth bring you to your senses and make you reflect. I used shock therapy, because that is what you needed. Remember: you posses a weapon against us – LOVE. Love will unite you, and that gives strength and Energy. When there will be Energy – there will be strength as well, truly. Will start to open up groups 1 and 2. The third group will leave the Earth. Ask yourselves a question: which group do you belong to? I can serve with my Energy. I am able to help as well, I, The Guard of the Pyramids

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