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Is a mission to prepare mankind to accept the knowledge that these tablets contain, which were placed by our ancestors into the tomb of the builder of the Great Pyramid 6 1/2 thousand years ago. Tablets that are awaiting the opening of the tomb, by the people of our times. This treasure of knowledge to which the mission leads through our link, Lucyna Lobos, is the awaited answer to many questions of contemporary mankind, meaning: Where did we come from, who are we, and where are we heading? According to Enki’s transfers, the true history of the Earth and mankind, as well as guidelines as to how to help people understand life and to rebuild our civilization in harmony with the rules of the cosmos are written on these tablets.

Our civilization is being prepared to establish contact with the universe, that is why so many transfers are
causing such great effort to widen the human consciousness, and to make use of unconditional love towards any form of life, here on Earth as well as in the cosmos.

On our website we are inviting you to take a look at various forms of this work, which main objective is to help people to reach liberation from the limitations of material illusions, and to obtain advise on how to live healthy, happy, prosperous, and independent from the physical world surrounding us. Especially now, meaning: Starting with the year 2013, when there is all over the globe extensive support from the spiritual world for people in overcoming the barrier of three-dimensional thinking, in order to switch over to the frequency of the fourth dimension. And these suggestions are priceless hints to find oneself in the new reality, in which our planet Earth is functioning energetically already.

We will continue to publish on this website sessions with the spiritual guardian of the Earth, ENKI, conveyed through Mrs. Lucyna Lobos. In the section “CHANGES ON THE NEW EARTH” on the other hand, we are additionally suggesting to you a bunch of inspirational publications, which we hope will find your understanding and bring you the fruit of liberating yourself from the limitations of the physical illusion.

Mission Pharaoh is an extraterrestrial peace mission that was brought to Earth by a higher civilization from the belt of Orion with the objective to help the Earth and mankind with the passage through the gate of time from the year 2012 into the time of the New Earth. The mission is being lead by a spiritual being named Enki, and it is supported by beings from Orion, as well as beings from Sirius B. Until 2012 it was the Mission’s goal to activate Earth’s protection in the great Pyramid, and to ask people for help. Unfortunately despite 10 years of hard work only a handful of people helped considerably with this task, what was taken by the spiritual world as a lack of readiness to understand the care of higher worlds for the fate of this planet and it’s inhabitants. The result was that Earth was secured from the side of the cosmos through Sirius B, but the additional protection from the Earth’s side is awaiting the whole time to be activated. This fact has been addressed in Sirius B’s New Years Message, while science is analyzing in disbelieve the incomprehensible appearance of a plasma protection around the Earth, that has been discovered in the last few days.

A gigantic plasma curtain is located high above the Earth:

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