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The Great Pyramid

The official archaeology claims that the Great Pyramid was build by slaves during the times Khufu, meaning: During the times of the IV Dynasty, 4 1/2 thousand years ago. According to official information the Great Pyramid is made up of around 2,5 million stone blocks. Some of them are up to 12 tons heavy, others up to 20 tons. But most of them weigh about 2,5 tons. According to the claims of the world of science the Pyramids on Earth were tombs for the pharaohs…




Archaeologist are assuring that the Great Pyramid was build in no more than 20 years.

Here is the according equation:

If we divide 2,5 million stone blocks by 20 years, then 125 000 stone blocks were placed in a year.
The Egyptians sure didn’t work everyday, since they also had their holidays and their festivities. Let’s say that they worked for 300 days a year.
Therefore let’s divide 125 000 stone blocks by 300 days, and we get the daily rate of 416,6 stone block that have been put in place.
Even if the slaves were working 12 hours a day we get 34 blocks per hour. An hour has 60 minutes, so if we divide 34 blocks by 60 minutes, then one stone block was placed in about every two minutes!!!??? These calculations assume of course that these stone blocks were processed already, and prepared
for the precise placement into the construction of the Pyramid, but they weren’t!!! You have to keep in mind that the Great Pyramid is not only made off limestone blocks, where you could use for it’s construction stone from close by quarries that were about 15 kilometers away, on the other side of the Nile. The inside of the Pyramid is made of massive granite, which’s deposits are in Assuan, which is 1000 kilometers from Giza!!! “Somebody” had to transport these stone blocks from there. Ha! These were times when the Egyptians didn’t know the wheel yet, so what is left is the tractive transportation of these colossus, so they were pulling them with rope across the sand. Something that was truly incomprehensible! Additionally it is known that the blocks in the Great Pyramid are ideally polished, they are in every aspect according to their function the perfect size. This process surely also required a lot of time and many workers. Even today with the help of the newest technology it wouldn’t be possible to get such a norm accomplished!

And another thing – on what grounds does science assume that the Great Pyramid, and other Pyramids were tombs for the pharaohs, since there was never a mummy found in any pyramid. Just like in the Great Pyramid, the sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber was always empty!

Besides, it is worth it to get acquainted with the properties of the Great Pyramid:
– It lays on the central point of the axis of the Earth.
– It lays in the center of the mass of land of the Earth.
– It’s corners divide the delta of the Nile in two.
– It’s height multiplied by a billion results in Earth’s distance to the sun.
– The mass of the sarcophagus multiplied by a billion results in the Earth’s mass.
– It’s distance from the North Pole is the same as it’s distance from the Earth’s center.
– The meridian that runs through the middle of the Pyramid is the longest running inland.
– It divides the oceans and the continents in two equal parts.
– The meridian that runs through the middle of the Pyramid runs parallel with the meridian that runs through the Mykerinos Pyramid, and these two dots connect through a straight line the Pythagorean triangle.
– The relation of the length to the volume of the Pyramid corresponds to the relation of the radius to the surface of the wheel.
– The circumference of the base divided by the doubled height results in Pi=3,14169.
– The length of the side of the base (365,342 Egyptian Elbows) is equivalent to the number of sunny days in the tropics.
*And as if that wouldn’t be enough, there is evidence for it that they knew electricity!
So is it for sure that the Pyramids were build by Egyptians? Did maybe somebody else do that?
And if so, who?

By whom? Why? When? Was the Great Pyramid in Giza really raised,
and for WHOM is the empty sarcophagus still waiting???

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