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Lucyna Lobos-Brown

( A fragment of a statement from a public channeling session in Spain 27 October 2012)
I welcome you sincerely, here in Spain. My adventure with the spiritual world begun in 1990. It was a clinical death. Maybe I tell a little about how it came to it, and what has happened. It was simply a mistake on the doctors behalf, meaning: A too strong anesthesia has been given to me. How it really happened was totally different from what people are writing, telling each other, because in the first moment I didn’t see anything, it was totally dark, I only heard the doctors voices. I was very puzzled, because I was aware of it that I am laying on the surgery table.

I was wondering why I am not in pain, since I am being operated on. In a certain moment I saw a dot of light. This light begun to get bigger and to become more and more interesting to me. I was not aware of it anymore, that I am laying somewhere down there. This light turned into a tunnel, a bright tunnel that I have entered, and I saw something like a wall made of fog. I didn’t see anything else, I heard a voice that told me that I have to go back, and that they will get in touch with me in the appropriate time. I didn’t want to return at all, because I was feeling good already, but their persuasion was stronger, and I returned. Being down, I was seeing only darkness again. Then I heard the doctors voices saying: “We have her back.” And since that time I couldn’t get myself together, because I had constantly some spiritual adventures. And when I got used to them, different approaches of spiritual beings towards me repeated themselves, in order to get closer, to reach me.

I have been basically taught for ten years this contact with the spiritual world. In the year 2000 this adventure with Egypt has begun, when I was told that I will meet a man from across the great waters, and that was the year 2000, I took it as a joke. But in 2003 I really was across this great water for the first time. Barbara Choroszy and her husband became interested in me, and that’s how it begun. Barbara was already holding the “Mysteries of the World” audition. Then the interest in Poland begun. The American Polish community decided to make use of my predispositions, to put them to the test, if I am telling the truth. In 2005 we went for the first time to Egypt to conduct research with the pendulum, and in the next year, in 2006, we went to Egypt again with the full financial support from America. That is the whole story of it. Bill was also interested in the same things since the year 2000, and that is where we got to know each other, because Dr. Abbas called Bill to Egypt. And what resulted this acquaintance in, in 2006? 3 months later, not a half year later, we got married in Chicago. And since that time we want to get through the scientific way to the source of the information, meaning: To the tablets that are in the tomb. Tablets that are describing the history of the Earth. And we are constantly facing difficulties caused by people.

That is the worst: We know where the tablets are, but we can’t get to them. And it is the 12th year, the end of the 12th year. Changes are ahead of us, very serious changes. Because the cosmos is going every 25 thousand years through such a transformation. And we have here on Earth either the luck, or the misfortune to live in these times when a cycle is ending. Because starting with the 13th year, the cosmic clock will be counting down new 25 thousand years. And just on these tablets there are instruction on how to handle it all. That is just the kind of information that we are traveling with throughout the world and Poland. The wonderful guardian of the Earth is serving with his knowledge, helping mankind. The transfers are, there are already 139 of them. Throughout all these years, there have been 139 transfers for the people. Today you will also have this occasion and pleasure to ask a question. I will be during that time just a channel, a transmitter, a medium, and I will be answering your questions, meaning: I will be transmitting what Enki will be conveying. Alright, we will begin in a moment.

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