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The Foundation supporting archaeological research MYSTERIES OF THE WORLD-MISSION PHARAOH RESEARCH FOUNDATION, NFP corp. was established in Chicago in 2003 and registered with The Office of the Attorney General State of Illinois.

The goal of the foundation is to get to the tomb of the builder of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, as well as to the tablets in the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu. The foundation is collecting funds and financing Egyptian undertakings aimed at providing these discoveries to the Egyptians and the world.

The goal of the foundation is also educational activity to convey to the people consciousness lifting knowledge regarding the topic of the existence of parallel worlds and the cooperation with Earth’s inhabitants. In relation to that we are releasing publications, have “Mysteries of the World” radio auditions, and organize public meetings and conferences with the participants of Mrs. Lucyna Lobos.

Voluntary donations are one way to gather funds for the Foundations activities. The members of the board of the Foundation don’t collect any wages for their work (even though the Foundation status gives them the right to do so).

Composition of the Foundation “The Mysteries of the World”:


Barbara Choroszy – Chairman of the Board
Lucyna Łobos-Brown – Vice Chairman of the Board
Barbara Ksepko – Treasurer
Maria Michałek – Secretary
William Brown – Consultant
Marian Włodarski – Financial Supervision
Ryszard Choroszy – The Foundations Manager
Bohdan Kroczek – Independent Consultant

The Foundation makes use consultations, ideas, suggestions, creative solutions by the entire “Mission Pharaoh” group in it’s activity. Our mission focuses people in many countries, therefore we are not limited to only those people who live in Chicago, but open to the collaboration with every person in this mission, disregarding the country of residence.

Seat of the Foundation:
3615 N Octavia Ave
Chicago, IL 60634


Foundation The mysteries Of the World

Mail Adrress:

The Mysteries of the World
P.O.Box 345 86
Chicago, IL. 60634 – 0586


Barbara Choroszy:
Ryszard Choroszy tel: (773)625-1409 & e-mail:

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