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Session 112

Public Channeling session with Lucyna Lobos in Chicago, 05 December 2010.

Lucyna Lobos-Brown
William Brown
Barbara Choroszy
Bogdan Kroczek

Questions from the audience are being answered through
Lucyna Lobos-Brown by Marduk, the spiritual Guardian of Chicago.
Translation from Polish into English:
Artur J. Domowicz with Mission Pharaoh
and CorteXtainment.

MARDUK: When EN-KI came he used to say – I welcome you. It’s appropriate to say the same thing. I, MARDUK, welcome you today to the last meeting here this year. Next year there will be following meetings. I also don’t want to waste your time, so we’ll start. Traditionally, as you like it, the first question, read it to me.

BARBARA – We welcome you sincerely dear Marduk, son of our Guardian of the Earth, EN-KI. Welcome friend, and this is our first question:
Please, tell us what the year 2011 will be like for us, what will it bring?

MARDUK – I will tell you what it will bring, but only God Himself can, and he often surprises us as well. But what about 2011: We all rather agree that it will bare fruit, oh it will bare fruit. There will be no lack of sensational events. it will affect the whole world. And it will be what is happening already but in broader range, volcanic eruptions, there will be larger floods, tsunamis and hurricanes. What else, not enough sensational events for you? What more do you want to occur on earth?
I’m listening.

Barbara – We thank you. Next question. Lord Marduk will project “Blue Beam” be realized and to what extent will it threaten us? Thank you very much. Anja.

MARDUK – This is something new, “Lord Marduk. ” Just Marduk. That word “Lord” should be used for someone else, for God. Will it threaten earth? It will. At this moment everything is already threatening earth, because the goal of these great rulers of this world is the same: To decimate humanity. It certainly will not go down as they planned because we won’t allow this to happen, but it will be threatening.
I’m listening.

Barbara – Thank you sincerely. Next question. Marduk – What do you think about “Nesar”? Will this program be realized? What will it actually bring us? Is there a program that will apply after 2012?

MARDUK – After 2012 your programs, which you are working on so precisely and think that it’s all for the best, will be removed. Already by the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 our plans will come into life and then people will learn and hold on to what they learn. And what you have on earth already and what you are beginning to experience is the transformation and this is running differently and has different effects on people. It will be like this until the end of 2012,
I am listening.

Barbara – Thank you. Next question. Dear Marduk – what does the term “messenger of light” mean as you were referring to a child?
Thank you.

MARDUK – Now I hear “dear”. My lord, dear. I wonder what I’ll I hear next. The “messenger of light”, this is not the incarnation of Jesus, of ENLIL, because I heard that already. These “messengers of light”, or “messengers of the new era”, which is beginning, there will be more of them. These beings come from Orion. well then, now something about Orion, I’ll go ahead of your thoughts. I really want to say this, so that as you use to say: my tongue itches. There is so much written on your smart devices, on the Internet: That reptiles live on the planet Orion, such “reptiles”. And now I’ll tell you something very important that you can think about, and that others then read and listen to as well. If there are reptiles on Orion, then there were also reptiles on Nibiru, because these people relocated. So then I am a reptile as well, and if I am a reptile, then EN-KI is a reptile as well and ENLIL is a reptile, which means a whole reptile family. And further, In the days of ENLIL and EN-KI’s life on Earth, because I also contributed to the improvement of the human race, since we from the Orion are reptiles and many of you are our children, what are you then? Reptiles too! Each and every one of you has the this reptilian element in you and every one of you sitting here, both: Women and men can be one half the children of Jesus, the other half children of EN-KI and another mine. So finally, stop talking nonsense, maybe this will reach your consciousness: That on earth there live only reptiles but in human skin. I’m relieved now.
Let’s move on please.

Barbara – We thank you very much. Next question. Currently the 24th cycle of the sun is delayed. What are going to be the consequences for humanity and for earth. Recently NASA has started to inform people about what can happen in May 2013. Will earth be protected by activating the electromagnetic shield, or will humanity experience the effects of these events? Thank you. Agnieszka

MARDUK – Well, I wouldn’t want to be in your skin and experience what the sun can bring you, how it you can treat you. There wouldn’t be much left of you. Of course, once earth will get it’s protective shield it will be protected. Not only from this planet which was once our planet, but also from the Sun. This has to be finally understood, why there is such alarm and such pressure, to protect the earth, that’s why. So that there will be protection from the sun. Why look farther? In 2012 there might be enough sensational events for you.
I’m listening.

Barbara – We thank you very much. Next question. Edward Casey said that the knowledge of the ancient Atlante-ans will be spread all around the world, is there something like “the hall of records” or the archive of the entire knowledge of the ancient Egyptians, is it in Egypt, in Giza? Is there any other place where this knowledge is accumulated?

MARDUK – It is being accumulated for example here in Chicago. And what is being said for all these years? And what is being given on to you? Is it not the knowledge of Atlantis? Why there is also such pressure to enter the Builder’s tomb. Yes, he is needed, but there are tablets, message boards containing the entire history of the earth, it’s past and it’s future. So just go again carefully through EN-KI’s transfers and there is also the knowledge that was passed on by the Atlante-ans. After all, the Atlante-ans, when they were evacuated from their island, they began to write everything down and then it was carefully hidden. And do you know for whom? For you, for those times in which you live now, and so that you will finally listen and read about the history of the earth and about us and not write nonsense as it is done now. I’m listening.

Barbara – We thank you. Next question. In “Conversation with Death”, Jan Van Helsing is writing: “Be careful because the good ones you don’t recognize by their abilities, but by their deeds”. Many spirits of High frequencies that are visiting our world came off their path, they became powerful and famous.” Grazyna.

MARDUK – And you know that Grazyna? Well, congratulations then. Once a spirit is lifted to the highest level it doesn’t fall off, it is not out for your so called praise. It is not growing in pride. Only you can grow in pride, and in what for pride. You have a lot of imagination when it comes to that, ooh … How much you can come up with, considering the fact that you imagine EN-KI to be a reptile for example. And has anyone seen such a reptile? Please, tell me what it looks like. I will tell you, each and everyone of you should stand in
front of a mirror then you’ll see such a reptile. I’m listening.

Barbara – We thank you very much. Next question. I would like to learn to forgive people. How can I do that? How can I open my heart to love and forgiveness. I don’t want to hold anything against anyone any longer, not now and especially not later. But on the other hand I can’t allow people to take advantage of me. What would be a wise approach? Thank you. Agnieszka.

MARDUK – EN-KI, my father often referred in such channelings to the Bible, I will do the same, and I refer you to the parables of Solomon. Start to do as Solomon did and you will experience great change within you. You’ll be on the one hand just and on the other hand you will not let people take advantage of you, so there you’ll find the answer to your question. I’m listening.

Barbara – We thank you very much. Next question from Grazyna. 2010 is passing. It was supposed to be a breakthrough for humanity in the terms of excavations in Egypt. Did we people delay this through our attitude or did the gods changed their plans?

MARDUK – “The gods” as you write did not change their plans, but they are also watching you people and they allow certain things to happen. Considering your great consciousness that you have and your vibrant imagination, generally speaking, we can not say everything. And so, because of this twaddle which reached Egypt the work was delayed. I won’t talk too much answering this question and say briefly: Grazyna, if you’re afraid that we won’t make it in time, then I’ll tell you, we will make it in time, just have more trust, composure and humility above all. The gods teached me humility, I know what it means and how I should be. Since you believe in the existence of almighty God, why do you not trust him? He will save humanity, but on the principles of love.
I am listening.

Barbara – We thank you sincerely. Next question. Welcome beloved Marduk. A problem came up in my family in Poland, my siblings suffer a lot because of this. You see, my father fell under the influence of Jehovas Witnesses, who claim that their religion leads people to salvation. Could you pass on the truth to my father, what is the truth. Thank you, Krystyna.

MARDUK – Yes, now it is “my beloved”, I wonder what’s next, so I’ll answer like this: you know how many religions considered themselves to be the only right one, to be the best one and to be the only one that is chosen by God? – no need to look far. So the religion to which most people belong, the catholics also say that they are the only right one and the most important one. The Islam, how they consider themselves to be the chosen ones. Buddhism, or even other ones. Jehovah’s Witnesses, God really goes by the name Yahweh, and he revealed his name to Moses and Abraham, and going back there was a monk, who released a Bible. Only one thousand of these Bibles where produced and were never reproduced again, because they disappeared. This priest, a monk was Cardinal Wyszynski. He used in this bible too many times God’s name and from that time on the name Yahweh has been replaced with “the Lord” and “Lord”. Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I’ll put it gently, sugarcoat things at their meetings. Your father really must have been a very lonely man in his family. Living the life, no one is looking for love and support somewhere else If you have love in your own home, apparently they gave him that. Look at your father from this angle: What you are giving him and what he didn’t get. Give him love and he’ll return to the bosom of the family.
I am listening.

Barbara – We sincerely thank you. Dear Marduk. People want to become teachers of Reiki, Silva, etc. Should this not come from the heart? And being guided by it they teach, but inside themselves they make no progress, fake smiles. There is no kindness towards people and towards our spiritual guardians in them. Grazyna

MARDUK – Ah, true that, true that. These great teachings of Reiki, Silva turned into a business, or as they say: It’s business. You produce teachers, masters, and what do you have from it? Another business. In order to be a teacher of both Reiki and Silva, and other sciences, I do not want count up which ones right now, you have to follow your heart and you have to give your heart and then the teachings will be fruitful and appropriate.
I am listening.

Barbara – We thank you very much. Next question. People are writing more new books about humanity and the gods, they distorted all these news. In the book by the title “the Galactic family”, the author describes that Marduk, the son of EN-KI is representing dark forces, that he is a ruler of power and now he is ruling the Illuminati in order to gain power on earth. We here in Chicago love you Marduk and we know that you are carrying for this city and for us. How is it? Wieslaw.

MARDUK – It’s me, Marduk! Of course, I am in Chicago and help those who turn to me for help. Anybody in this room, from the very beginning, since your childhood, tell me if you were without sin. I am listening, please raise your hands and please tell me! There isn’t, there is no such person. Sure, I fought, I fought in those times for the Egyptian soil and it didn’t do me any good, but what does everybody learn from? Not from his mistakes? This means that those like us, who were taught to be gods, weren’t we allowed to make mistakes? “Son of darkness”- I live underground, that is a fact, so I really am in the dark, but at the moment I’m on the surface because I am talking with you. What people don’t come up with in order to stand on a pedestal, but go ahead and take advantage as long as you have time, take advantage as much as you can, defiling the name of my father and even ENLIL’s, because that’s what I also heard already: That ENLIL and Jesus are two different beings, not the same and this is just pathetic.
I am listening.

Barbara – We thank you very much. Next question. How should we respond to the decision of the Advisory Committee on the immunization action where they voted for a program recommending vaccination of all people against influenza every year. Will they make it to realize that? Thank you.

MARDUK – And do you have a mind of your own? Well, yes. We worked on the development of your minds, but they didn’t quite come along. And who will force you to get vaccinated? There is no such law that would force people to get vaccinated and there won’t be, it will be voluntary. And that the vaccine will become stronger and stronger, well, everyone has his own mind and free will and is deciding for himself if you will follow the suggestion and get vaccinated or not. Or to put it differently, I have a good idea. You’d like to know something on the subject of this vaccine? All right then, you’ll sure find it, or maybe you already have seen it, there is a movie called “I am Legend”. There you’ll find the answer regarding those whole get vaccinated.
I am listening on.

BARBARA – We sincerely thank you. Next question. Appearances and messages from angles are very popular right now in Chicago as well as in Poland. From what I know from the transfers of our Guardian EN-KI, we are spiritually in baby steps right now because everything is supposed to change after 2012.

MARDUK – We are in baby steps, well then. It is good that you at least walk on two legs and since we are in baby steps and know so little and they know more, please listen to these angels then. It’s a good idea, listen to these angels.
I am listening.

Barbara – Thank you. Marduk, We live in difficult and yet beautiful times. We are receiving messages that come from spiritual beings, we participate in meetings with our guardian of the earth as well as with other beings, which is an honor to us. Doubts as well as manipulation of what was passed on come up in those who it was passed on to. Is that not sad? Grazyna.

MARDUK – Yes, sad, very sad, because so many years of my fathers work you could say, can be placed on the shelf. Because what does EN-KI or the angels give now for advice? So what can I add to this? Just one thing: congratulations, I congratulate your thinking. Yes, of course, listen to the angels, indeed EN-KI has grown old, maybe he has sclerosis and repeats himself? And angels are angels, strong, dynamic and young, with open minds, congratulations.
I am listening.

Barbara – We thank you very much. Dear respected EN-KI, dear respected Marduk. Thank you with all of my heart, from the depths of my soul, as well as ENLIL and everyone who is working on saving earth, for your help, for your efforts, your patience and your love. I love and respect you very much. Artur.

MARDUK – For the first time tonight, not mentioning earlier greetings, but now during this channeling my father was greeted, I am surprised and moved. Thank you, thank you very much. Despite the pressure on us we will continue to work, because this human experiment, meaning you, has to put in some work and to adjust. So I thank you on behalf of my father for the kind and warm words. He is here in this room with us, but as it was said: He will only come to private sessions, and I will come too. I even became a patron of a being, and it is very happy about that, I am as well.
I’m listening.

BARBARA – Dear EN-KI, dear Marduk, I thank you very much for helping me to resolve my problems, I ask you for continuing care and support of my life, as well as of those who ask for help. Krystyna.

MARDUK – Well then, grateful Krystyna, hold us by our words, because that’s all you can do since you can only hold us by our words. When ever you will be in need, and turn to one of us for help we will come, because your request is sincere.
I’m listening.

BARBARA – All these questions that we have put to the side are very, very private, so I guess we’ll have to thank you for the transfers at this point.

MARDUK – And yet, I ask for this short question, it is of this color: Orange or yellow.

BARBARA – Alright. Dear Marduk, when will I find a job and how to speed up this process, means: To find work? Thank you.

MARDUK – Come to me for an audition into my house, not down there but here on the surface, you know where I live. Make a request and I will try to help you as soon as possible.
I’m listening.

BARBARA – Dear Holy Spirit EN-KI, will the union of Daga and Martin result in marriage? Thank you. Danuta.

MARDUK – I’m sorry but EN-KI won’t answer, the word of a spirit is a word. First take a look at the relationship of these two, whether it is worth of gluing them, because it seems to me that it isn’t. Let them do their thing and above all, don’t get involved. Don’t get in their way and accept any decision that they will make.
I’m listening.

Barbara – Thank you. Next question. My son feels lost, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. I want to know how to help him. What do I need to know not to be worried about my son.

MARDUK – Cut the cord, this is the first condition, because you mothers, earthly mothers, corner your children so much, especially sons, that you don’t allow them to grow up. So let him grow up, but first cut the umbilical cord. Or maybe just have some more faith in your son? And then ring the alarm to spiritual beings. And I invite you as well, not to a private session, but I invite you to receive this energy so that you can cut the umbilical cord faster.
I’m listening.

Barbara – We thank you. Should I undergo surgery of removal of the fibroids. Danuta. Thank you.

MARDUK -Well, it’s private, but it may be useful for many women who are sitting here in this room. If you are entering the post-menstrual cycle wait a little because in 99.5% of women who do, the fibroids dry out and you won’t need to remove anything. Moreover, start to drink this immortal celandine which will help you remove the fibroids.
I’m listening.

Barbara – We thank you. Next question. My granddaughter is coughing all the time, is this something serious? The doctor says it’s the allergies but it still worries me.

MARDUK – Because it is a matter of allergies, besides that check your home or the child’s home where she lives if there is not by any chance a watercourse, because people often have a reaction when they have this “present” in their house. Once you eliminate it and the child will continue to behave this way, it will be an allergy. The doctor was right.
I’m listening.

Barbara – We thank you. Dear Holy Spirit, Tomorrow I start a job taking care of older people. Will I be happy with in this job? Maria. Thank you.

MARDUK – I am not the holy spirit, I am Marduk, do you hear me? hello, I am Marduk! Will you be satisfied? Of course, if you will approach this job with your heart and if you will approach this ward with love, then believe me, you’ll be pleased with this job and others will be pleased with you as well. So think about what I told you. Me Marduk – I’m listening.

BARBARA – These were all the questions. We thank you sincerely.

MARDUK – I handled all your questions quickly. But truly, I just warmed myself up and you are telling me here: Thank you Marduk. Alright then, I am thanking you my “reptiles.”
Thank you.

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