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Session 113

Public Channeling Session with Lucyna Lobos-Brown in Switzerland, 12DEC2010.

Questions from the audience are being answered through 

Lucyna Lobos-Brown by Enki, the spiritual Guardian of the Earth.

Translation from Polish into English: 

Artur J. Domowicz with Mission Pharaoh

and CorteXtainment.



- Lucyna Lobos-Brown

- William Brown

- Maria Gritsch

- Joachim Gritsch



I, ENKI, wish to welcome you gathered here in this country. 

In distant America I said that my last appearance will be in this 

country. And here I am on the last public meeting. Now  I will say a 

few words to you gathered here. This room should be filled to the brim. 

Could only you gathered here be interested in saving the Earth? And 

where is the rest! We always knew that Switzerland is a difficult 

country because only the money counts! We, spiritual beings ask for 

your hearts, for your love. But for this what we are asking you for 

there is still not enough of you. We couldn’t manage to surround Earth 

with your love. So we have to do it physically. There, in Giza is a 

small group of people who are engaged with their hearts, and the whole 

rest of you, is either watching and waiting for the final, or they do 

not care. The year 2012 is not a figment of mentally ill people. 

It is reality! Changes, whether a lot of people like it or 

not – they will occur! That is why your help is so much needed. 

Unfortunately, to dig up the one who is important to us-the Pharaoh, we 

spiritual beings, even with the help of these beings from outer space, 

we are not able to do so without your help. So what is needed? – Your 

mammon! Looking at your purses, they do not belong to the poor. There, 

behind the doors is such a small pyramid and it is waiting for support. 

I, as a spiritual being, am ashamed to say something like that. But 

since human beings, because this channeling will be publicized – are 

not thinking for themselves, it must be said. Well then, in that case 

the pyramid will get out of here full of your papers. Enough of my 

complaining and we will start. First question please.



Dear ENKI. I thank you wholeheartedly for this meeting and for this 

beautiful spring day. Would you like to say a few words about the place 

where we are and why the symposium was organized here?



Sure I will say something about this place in Switzerland. Since the 

Middle Ages and before then this place was known already. It was a 

refuge for those persecuted by various kinds of laws-let’s call it like 

that. Here was a shelter from persecution and especially during the 

Inquisition. Now this place also attracts people and different 

interests are at work here. Switzerland is not a very special place-it 

is safe place. Let’s say it has a good geographical position and this 

law of protection for the persecuted still applies. Therefore,

many gathered here. Moreover, because here are a lot of other nations, 

why this meeting will go out into the world. That is why this meeting 

today is being held right here. I am listening.



How will the sun change in the coming years?



There aren’t many years left! If I can count, and I can,

then it’s two years. The most activity of the sun will occur at the end 

of 2012. What do you, human being, think? why do we want so much to 

save the Earth? To protect it with an energetic ring? In order to save 

you! You human beings! Say the words, I wonder, or I’m curious what 

will be if there won’t be any protection. Then – you, human being, 

won’t satisfy your curiosity. You won’t have enough time. If the Earth 

won’t receive it’s protection, then – towards the end of 2012 – you, 

human being, won’t make it in time to satisfy your curiosity concerning 

the sun. I’m listening.



The future of our world is in very critical condition.

Much of the information was passed on through channellings. Is the 

situation really serious?



I’m answering: Like I said many times: The fate of the Earth, and your

own, is in your hands! The situation is not critical because we still 

have time. When people will take this strongly to heart, then we can 

dig our way to the goal very quickly. Then you can wait accordingly 

relaxed for 2012. I’m listening.



Next, still the same question. Others spoke about positive things, for 

example about Creon.



And am I talking about negative things? Go to work, and don’t just wait 

around. Or, maybe they’ll come from above and take care of everything 

for us? If you, humans beings, want to wait then go ahead. If you want 

to listen to those who say that nothing will happen, then listen to 

them! You have our genetic code within you. Therefore, our efforts for 

you to survive. So am I scaring you or asking for help? I’m listening.



It is about Hales-Amenti. Have they been found already? That

is the first question.



And what is important at the moment? Finding that what you are writing

about or protect the earth and digging up the builder of the Pyramid in 

the first place? There are two options: To surround the Earth with the 

love of all people or to dig up the builder. The second one is more 

likely. Because when it comes to the love you can put there huge 

question mark. So Focus on the more concrete thing.



This is a continuation of the previous question. What role do the 

Amenti play in the Niburu and the Cheops process and the process of the 




Amenti. Well, let’s see what else I will hear in today’s meeting. I 

need you to explain it more simple. The temple, the tomb, then the 

sarcophagus. Can you put it more simple than that? The protective 

devices will launch themselves. Without your help already.



Why are so few people involved in this project?



Then, human being, try for more. Why these words?

All foundations are open and all foundations will accept with joy 

entire crowds of people. Why aren’t you in them? Join or replace those 

who are in them now. Maybe, according to your reasoning, those present 

are incompetent? So – all these foundations, and they are not too many,

will give the lead over to those who know how to save the Earth. I’m 




What’s to it when they say that in 2012 the Satan will be incarnated?



I haven’t heard such big crap yet! Where did you, human being, dig that 

up? And what did this Satan do to you? Next question.



Is project Cheops about the reactivation of the mystery of Osiris?



And it can be called that way because Osiris is in the constellation of 

Orion. The project was given it’s name when the pyramid was built. 

Since Osiris is Orion and since Orion co operates with or helps the 

Earth they have a connection and Osiris won’t do you any wrong. I’m 




Are Ehnaton and Tutankhamen the successors of Osiris?



Apparently, according to my knowledge, spiritual beings as well as you 

have an immortal soul. Only you can excavate so called stools.

There are no such things in the spiritual world. Osiris will remain 

Osiris and no one can take this title from him. I’m listening.



How can I support the project besides the financial opportunities?



Once the work will begin I invite you to physical work, to Giza.

There – you, human being, will realize you self. The main staff of the 

excavations will be Egyptian and they will allow you to carry the dirt. 

I’m listening.



I ask you ENKI for your support during the trip to Egypt at the end of




If you ask nicely you will receive care. I’m only walking away from 

those public channellings. I will continue to be a help to you 




What is a living stone?



Even the rocks that fall from space, so those meteorites,

which are not completely burn up in Earth’s atmosphere are no longer 

alive. I hear that for the first time… you are really smart over 

here, or you read too much. A living stone? Living water – I agree… 

but a stone? I’m listening.



Who were Khufu and Cheops at the times of Atlantis?



And here, human being, if you would be living in Poland I would invite 

you to a private session and the answer might be extensive and it would 

be revealed that you, human being, were there as well. I will put it 

briefly: They were priests in the pyramid, because there was a pyramid 

coated with gold and it was a temple. That’s where they served. 

I’m listening.



What other options to help are there besides the financial ones?



Mammon is one thing. Mammon is the second thin. The third is not to be 

afraid to go to Egypt. There are civilized people – not savages. Help 

them with this hard work. They also know there how to pull the mammon 

out of your pockets. And they know that very well.



We are pleased that we are not alone and that we can count on your

assistance. We would like to ask you when we can count on your




Where? In Egypt or here? When it comes to Egypt I drop by there every 

day. In addition, I was released from the obligations of the 

chairmanship of the Foundations. I am on vacation until 2012. Marduk 

will replace me in such office matters. He already knows how to dance 

with them.



I’ve heard about people who can help re-energize the pyramid through 

their mental work, for example, Mrs. Esther Vogt. What does she

play for a role?



I wish her success with all my heart. Let her work! I’m Listening.



Is Mr. Universe identical with Brahma?



Am I being called Lord? I am ENKI. I was called different names. I am 

just the protector of the Earth, and yours as well. Therefore,

believe or trust in what you want. You have a free will.



Are volcanoes in Germany are dangers?



No, but not all the way – no! Even if it would come to a partial pole 

reversal they can become dangerous. It is known that in the case of 

such a pole reversal the tectonic plates shift. What that is I don’t 

have to explain… So there is this advice which I spoke about already.



What was the Sphinx needed for and when was it built?



Let’s say it was a whim of those who came from Atlantis,

in order to build first the guard and then the sign of time, the Great 

Pyramid. The Sphinx was accompanying mankind since a long time. 

There was one in Atlantis and later it was built in Giza. It played different 

roles here in Giza – a place for prayer, for meetings, for recreation and for 

Galactic connections. Now the entrances are boarded up and nobody 

is granted access. For now!



Whose was the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci?



Outstanding individuals who have been, are and will be coming from 

Nibiru – means: Annunaki.



What will be the reason for the 2011 eruptions on the Sun?



It is being caused already by the approaching of this planet, which is 

cyclically orbiting the solar system. Today it is called planet X. 

After all it is influencing all the planets, the Earth as well. When 

the Sun will become most active, then it will line up with the Sun. 

Look up the rest in the wise books!



What is the function of the great Gallery in the Great Pyramid?



It is there to pull the king, the builder on a stretcher into the room, 

because he deserves this much dignity. I’m listening.



Who are the 144,000 people who shall be left in the world.

Why are there only this many and why is everybody talking about 




Maybe I’ll round it up: From every generation, of every race.

It is given on in a metaphor, even though it could happen that way. So 

if people want to have the Earth and to survive, they have to get to 

work and then, what was in the Apocalypse can actually be fulfilled. 

I’m listening.



If the scripture is falsified and not understood by the people today, 

what points in the Bible are most important for mankind in our 

times and where can we find out about it?



If you, human being, have access and want to read the real Bible then go 

to the Vatican. There in the basement is the real one. I never said 

that the Bible is completely false and please don’t put words or 

thoughts of something that I didn’t say into my mouth. It was 

changed – that is a fact! However, many of the facts have not 

been changed and the Bible wasn’t meant to be read like a novel, 

it can only be understood with the heart and the mind.



Is the book of Henoha saying the truth?



Any serious book is transmitted to and written down by

human beings. I order to be understood, because we often talk in a 

difficult language, the writer can mitigate it so that it becomes 

understandable. From each book you choose what your mind accepts, and 

so it is with this book as well.



Dear ENKI, recently they say in Germany that the economy is improving. 

Is this true or window-dressing?



The next crap that I hear today. It will get worse and the situation is 

not improving. Since the great colossus that is America is collapsing, 

in what miraculous ways should the little piece be strong now? So use a 

little common sense when listening to what they say. I’m listening.



What is the current situation of the Euro like?



Well, I am no politician and I don’t know much about the Mammon but you 

probably wanted this union. And it was supposed to be so good! It was 

supposed to be a great, united nation. And now everyone is complaining 

about the union. The Euro, your Swiss money and the U.S. dollar will 

stand until 2012 and then – well, we will see.



How can people who are in mental institution be helped and how did 

these people end up in this state?



Physicians often take the path of leased resistance when it comes to

these changes in behavior. You can quickly categorize mental

patients. Most of the time these are sensitive people who receive 

transfers and they can not cope with it. Then they resort to 

physicians and physicians deal with them. These pseudo-psychiatric 

patients will be treated after 2012, but truly treated. They need to 

be approached now with love, respect and understanding. I’m listening.



Is there a possibility (here is a photo) to help my

friend who has cancer?



There is always a possibility if two parties will work together. The 

sick person must first of all believe that he will become healthy. You 

can now start to work energetically. This person is young and has the 

desire to live. Therefore, with such a significant help he has the 

chance to get out of this. I’m listening.



How can I open my heart even more?



And do you admit that it is closed? Look at the sky, watch the stars, 

believe in God – the real and living one. Then your heart will open up 

by itself. Also invite God into your heart. And that’s all.



How is the Swiss food and how does it affects our lives?



Should I count in percentages? Then let’s say: I would lie

if I would say it’s a 100 percent because there is nowhere such ideal 

food, but let’s say about 50 percent. If the mammon would be less of a 

God for you these percentages would be raised a little. You gain 

a plus for the fact that you help refugees. So try for more percentages.



What is the role of foreigners in Switzerland?




Same as yours – is it a different human? Is this human worse because he 

is an alien? And is the Earth not your great home? Today you’re here 

and yesterday – you, human being, could have been in Africa. So look at 

these foreigners as people and give them some respect.




I have a child and I know that along with the energy changes on the 

planet the education system should change as well.

When will this happen and how can we accelerate these changes?



It is a cycle that can not be accelerated, it can not be

delayed. It is certain that since 2013 changes will appear on Earth,

positive changes. But this also needs time. It will not happen all of a 

sudden. Begin now to work on your development.



I have heard from multiple sources that, despite the fact that 

Switzerland is considered to be neutral, there are underground military 

bases in Switzerland.



If I would start to count up the countries where there are – let’s say

quarters, then, human being, all your hair would fall out. There is no 

such country where there are none. And in your neutral 

country – Switzerland, to say politely, are instructional quarters. 

I’m listening.



What is the significance of Switzerland in the evolution of the planet?



Like any other country. Switzerland can show off and make the headlines 

when you’ll say: It was us who dug up the Pharaoh. And your flag can be 

raised not on the pyramid, but on that site where the pharaoh was 

buried. As you can see, none of them is fighting to be first.



the Architects of the pyramid of Cheops had a connection with the Gods

and knew the future. Would they have built the pyramids if they knew 

that man could not activate them?



Everything was said. From the moment on when the beings from Atlantis 

have set foot on the central point of the Axis of the Earth and there 

were a few who have build such pyramids already. And if we would know 

that the pyramids will not be activate, then what would all these 

undertakings be good for. This main aggregate 

must be activated – and it will be!



Man is free in his decisions. Will the spirit always be free or will it 

become part of the divine unity?



Far is your way, human being, to this part of divinity. Everybody would 

want to “become one and be in heaven”. It doesn’t go that way. First

there is purification, then perfection, and only then, this luminous 

planet of God. And so, human being, don’t count on it that this 

was your last descent! You will learn a little more on this Earth. 

Like all of you. I’m listening.



With the excavation of Cheops, the truth about the creation of man, 

about reincarnation and about the past of our culture should 

be revealed. Isn’t it so?



It will be revealed. You, human being, can be sure of that.

Because everything is written on the tablets, which are buried in the 

tomb of the Builder of the Pyramids. Then the world will see the truth, 

and it can happen in a very short time. So what about this flag? 

Your Swiss flag? There, in Giza! Somehow I don’t see and 

hear your enthusiasm? Alright, we are waiting.



Is there a possibility for highly developed spiritual beings

to influence the decision of Dr. Hawas?



That means that I am low-developed – yes? What are we doing all this 

time, without affecting his free will? What you have seen being dug up, 

is his doing. The history did not know this yet in the life time of 

Hawas. We still have enough time so that Hawas will do a lot of good 

work. I’m listening.



How can I cure the polio disease?



If I would know Latin. It’s good that I am receiving energy. If you 

will trust, human being, there is an herb that is not very accepted by 

medicine as it is called “Swallow Herb”. This herb removes everything 

from the body that is inappropriate. It just takes a little bit of 

time. So start drinking.



How can you recover from thyroid disease and from Graves’ disease?



Start with simple iodine-five drops a day. It should

help. You have too little iodine, so get to work and start treatment.



Please say something about the optimal diet by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski. 

What role in getting to the pyramid will play this great doctor?



As for the diet of this doctor I have no contradictions.

It’s good, but when it comes to other spiritual matters which concern 

this Doctor, I will not answer here in this public forum. This could 

cause him harm. I’m listening.



Does the bunker building program in Russia have to do with it that 

planet Nibiru can be seen already?



They do not look like they would build shelters for entertainment.

They as well as others are really starting to be scared! But 

believe me, even though Switzerland is strong and neutral, they will 

not accept you in these bunkers. So we need to act differently. 

I am listening.



Who is the Lord of hosts who is supposed to visit the Earth and to 

invite us to a feast consisting of fat meat and red wine? 

What are these “hosts” and when will this happen?



The Lord of hosts, as he was named, is already on Earth.

He arrived on Earth in 1914 already. He is a spiritual being and is 

named the Prince of Peace. Yes – the Prince of Peace. 

But I hear for the first time that he would invite to a feast 

at a table laden with all kinds of meat? Not to such a feast! 

To a spiritual one – yes.



Can the Rhine river become dangerous for Switzerland?



Like any other river. If there will be – but won’t be any pole 

reversal. Then also the mountains can be dangerous. 

Yes, so do not panic! I am listening.



Why do people lack awareness? Despite the fact that there are many 

sings on Earth, so few people are trying to change something in life 

for themselves and for others.



The answer is simple. What most people think

is simply: It’s not affecting me! I’m not doing anything wrong, so 

that I would have to help! Let those help who have something on their 

conscience! And someone tell me, or raise his hand up in here, who has 

nothing on his conscience? Strange – there is nobody!



How can we help these souls that are here in this castle?



You don’t have to help any longer – they’ll go by themselves.

They were waiting for this symposium. It was not a joke, they really 

wanted to leave and they’ll leave. I’m listening.



Did the musics vibrations in this room today have a purifying and to 

higher vibrations lifting nature?



To lift you gathered here in this room, it takes some time. I am 

offering to the musicians an enormous bow and the words of thanks. 

Thanks to your beautiful works I could guide those souls who have been 

here away. So the music helped those who were prisoners here. But you 

should rejoice that you were intermediaries here.

Once again I thank the musicians. I’m listening.



Dear ENKI. Why, despite many of your requests, aren’t many people are 

engaged into saving us, our families, our children. Who or what is 

blocking human thoughts and Why?



Nobody and nothing is blocking you. Since two thousand years 

and have and you do make use of your reason and your free will. In this 

case, why do you not care about your life, think about the life’s of 

your children, your grandchildren – maybe they would want to live? This 

is my answer.



Dear ENKI. You are the nicest person from the ancient times. I admire 

your efforts, which you put in the act of human creation and your care 

for us. I hope that someday you’ll be proud of us. Thank you for 

coming to Switzerland.



It is nice to hear such words of thanks. If we -

I say we – would have applied ourselves more to perfect you, then you 

would be perfect today. And we wanted that you strive for such 

excellence by yourselves. I’m listening.



Dear ENKI. Thank you for these lovely gifts from you, for all these 

years of care for us, for your advise, information and for, your guidance, 

for taking us by the hand. Lead us on. We will do everything in our power. 

On behalf of all, I – Maria and Joachim – give you great thanks.



And I already thought that nothing would be able to surprise me today. 

And here, a few warm words and I’m becoming soft. Of course I will help 

and that’s every day! I promise you. We will do everything together, so 

that the planet will become the way God wishes it to be – a jewel.

Thank you. I – ENKI, will always be with you whenever you summon me.

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