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Session 15

14 June 2003

Participating: Lucyna Łobos, Iwona Stankiewicz, Andrzej Wójcikiewicz

Ladies and Gentlemen: in a moment you will hear a full session of age regression and channeling from June 14, 2003, conducted during Lucyna Lobos’ stay in Chicago. Conducting the session is Iwona Stankiewicz and Andrzej Wojcikiewicz. And now Lucyna Lobos in altered state of consciousness transported to the times when Cheops’ Pyramid is being built.

Orion Mission Pharaoh
Part 15

Andrzej Wojcikiewicz: You are now at the moment when Cheops’ Pyramid is being erected. Who are you?

Lucyna Lobos: I am a girl, a young girl, I am in my village and I am saying goodbye to my parents, my animals: the cat and the dog. In a minute the priests will come and take me from my home village to the temple of goddess Isis. I am to serve the priest during the whole construction. They are coming. My mother is crying but she is proud that I have been chosen to be close to the priest, the main priest, to be close to the Pharaoh himself. The priests are coming. Among them there is the priest I will serve. His name is Juno. They tell me to bid farewell to my parents, because from now gods will be my parents and Juno my protector.

Andrzej: What is your name?

Lucyna: My name is Ki. I got this name because parents of a daughter thought it would be an honor to give me to the temple, that’s why such names were given.

Andrzej: What is the year?

Lucyna: I don’t know what year it is. It is the beginning of pyramid’s construction, the time of building. I don’t know how to count time.

Andrzej: Where are you now? What do you see?

Lucyna: We are coming close to the temple of the goddess Isis and there priests give me to the priestesses and there I will be prepared to serve the priest. My training, my preparation is starting. I need to be cleansed, physically and spiritually. I have to go through initiation. Everybody who serves in a temple goes through initiation – priests and priestesses – in the temple of goddess Isis and the temple of god Ra.

Andrzej: Do you see Pharaoh Cheops?

Lucyna: No, I don’t see him yet because before the building of the pyramid starts everything must be prepared – a base.

Andrzej: When we talk about Cheops’ Pyramid – has anything been built yet?

Lucyna: There is the Sphinx and the foundation for the pyramid. The pyramid itself is not there yet. A base must be built, which is prepared by people. They work fast, because time is short. People from the village are preparing the base. When it is ready then people who will actually build the pyramid will be brought.

Andrzej: What is this base?

Lucyna: Everything that can be helpful for people – tents, huge amount of tents. In the back, behind the tents animals’ quarters are built, because they also take part in building the pyramid.

Andrzej: Do you know who built the pyramid’s foundations?

Lucyna: Yes, I know. It did not take long, because they just had to dig in the ground. It was done by Cheops’ father. He didn’t build for a long time. The construction lasted more than ten years. Sand that was left after digging foundation was put aside because everything was needed.

Andrzej: Why did Cheops start building the pyramid?

Lucyna: I will say what was said to me. I am only an ordinary priestess. My curiosity is immense so I ask priest Juno questions. He is very enlightened. I am answering: Why is Cheops the one to build it? Cheops comes in straight line from planet Ashun which is in straight line to Earth, in Orion constellation. Cheops didn’t come to Earth directly from Orion. Earlier he lived on an island of Atlantis. After leaving the island he waited for some time and came back to Earth. He was born in Egypt and he knew what mission he had to accomplish –he had to build a message for the mankind; he was going to build a gate to Second Earth.

Andrzej: Tell me, Ki, why is the pyramid being built, what is the building of the pyramid going to give people?

Lucyna: Pyramid is built to give freedom to the people and Earth in the future. To give people what is on Second Earth. Pyramid will be the sign, or the key that will cleanse the Earth, because as they say, and the messages from Orion were given at regular basis, the Earth after years will decline more and more. It will be more and more polluted and people will be going toward decline. Pyramid – gate is supposed to stop Earth from being destroyed, to stop people from destroying one another.

Andrzej: In what way will the pyramid stop people from destroying themselves?

Lucyna: Pyramid is in the central point of Earth’s axis and it has direct connection with waves. Juno says they are energo-magnetic waves. These waves have connection with the Earth. They cause Earth to stay on the course it is on. Human beings through their thoughtlessness will do everything to destroy the Earth and themselves. That’s why the beings that were helping build the pyramid will do everything to prevent the destruction of the Earth.

Andrzej: Does the same catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis threaten the Earth in the future?

Lucyna: From what Juno says I will pass it on to you. It will be worse than what happened to Atlantis, because then only Atlantis was destroyed and people living there had the possibility of evacuation to other places on Earth. Juno says: In the Age of Aquarius when I will live I will be a witness to events. Juno keeps talking – events that will take place in the Age of Aquarius will be worse and people won’t have anywhere to evacuate to. The Earth must be saved. That’s what Juno says.

Next question – Iwona Stankiewicz: What can prevent this catastrophe?

Lucyna: Opening, opening of the channel that is closed now. This channel is in the pyramid. It must be open.

Andrzej: How can this channel be open?

Lucyna: With a key, you can open it with a key. The key is the Pharaoh; the key is Khufu, who is waiting, still waiting.

Andrzej: Now go back to the moment when the pyramid was being built. Look at the Sphinx. You said that Sphinx had already been erected. What is its purpose? And do you know when it was built and by whom?

Lucyna: Sphinx is the guard, the guard of the pyramid, the guard of the Pharaoh. Sphinx existed in times of Atlantis. Sphinx was moved from a planet that was destroyed. It was a favorite of beings living on that planet. They moved Sphinx the same way when beings evacuated themselves from Atlantis. They moved Sphinx. It was built a thousand years before building of the pyramid. I say what I know or what priest Juno tells me. Sphinx was not built by human hands; it was built by Second Earth inhabitants. Then they were called angels, winged brothers.

Andrzej: Are these the same angels, winged brothers that helped with the pyramid itself?

Lucyna: I don’t know. I don’t know this. I only knew the ones who took part in pyramid’s building. I didn’t ask Juno. Juno didn’t say. I only know that it was built by winged brothers.

Iwona: Can you describe what they looked like?

Lucyna: Yes. I can describe that because it is real to describe. When they descended to Earth or left their ships they never took of their garments. They always remained in light, tight overalls. They never took off their helmets. I ask Juno why they isolate themselves from people and Juno explains: Earthly bacteria are deadly for them, that is why they are protecting their bodies so much – from those earthly bacteria.

Iwona: Could only the priests contact the White Brothers or could common people do it?

Lucyna: They could. Common workers building the pyramid could talk to the ones that came. They are cosmic pilots, but direct contact was possible only for Juno and Pharaoh and in specially designed place. And people had no fear block – they talked to them, everybody loved those brothers that came from Heavens.

Andrzej: How did they talk? With a voice?

Lucyna: Yes, they talked in a normal way, like everybody else, with a voice. Only in special cases talking took place by telepathic method. But they used this gift of telepathy rarely because they didn’t want to make this barrier among people any bigger. They wanted to be treated like friends; they wanted everybody not to be afraid of them.

Iwona: Could winged brothers give advice to people? Could they warn people about any dangers?

Lucyna: Yes, it happened all the time. After all, all the work was supervised by them. They took care of everything; they passed it on through Juno, through the Pharaoh. They were training people in all fields, all the time they were supervising work, all kinds of work.

Andrzej: Tell me; look now at the people working on the pyramid. What kind of tools are those people using?

Lucyna: There are no tools. There is no need. The only tools are baskets for carrying sand. They are coated with clay and used for carrying water. There are no tools. There is no need for them.

Andrzej: Is a wheel known?

Lucyna: I don’t see a wheel. If something needs to be rolled they do it on wood, there is no wheel they could use. It is not necessary.

Andrzej: How are the workers dressed?

Lucyna: They are wearing loose clothing; on the days they work they have loin cloths on their hips, heads are covered to protect from the sun. At night they wear cloths at the shoulders and hips. Light shoes are on their legs. Only priests have a little different garment – robes, covering the whole body.

Andrzej: Are women working at the site? If yes then what are they doing?

Lucyna: No, women don’t work at the construction site; they are in the camp, in town of tents. They are doing assistant work. They work in medics’ tents, in orchards, in gardens, they grow plants, but at the construction itself there are no women.

Andrzej: Tell me: Did winged brother teach people medicine and medical treatments?

Lucyna: Not only medicine, but also cultivation of plants, how to grow beautiful and healthy fruit and vegetables. They taught people everything.

Andrzej: Tell me, did other civilizations except the Orion one, took part in the pyramid building?

Lucyna: No, they didn’t. Only beings from Ashun had this mission. At the pyramid building people from all corners of the world came, but when it comes to beings from the Second Earth or other planet, then no, only beings from Ashun took part in this mission.

Iwona: Did winged brothers pass the secrets of their technology to people?

Lucyna: Yes, they passed them on, but they were directly busy with building. People at the building site were only performing assistance tasks. The whole mission of building was done by them.

Andrzej: Did winged brothers from Ashun establish the Sumer Civilization?

Lucyna: No, this civilization’s beginning is from a planet that was destroyed. Their beginning comes from Atlantis, that’s where Sumerian society was flourishing. That’s what Juno wants me to say.

Andrzej: Now ask Juno: according to Atlanteans and Egyptians there is a force Er, coming from the universe, is this force god Ra, to whom you are devoted?

Lucyna: I am devoted to goddess Isis, it is priest Juno who is devoted to god Ra. God Ra is the god of universe, he will have different names, that’s what Juno says.

Andrzej: Do numbers 666 and 999 have any meaning for building of the pyramid?

Lucyna: Yes, three nines are gods’ numbers; also three sixes are the numbers of gods. All these numbers will play an important part in the future. That’s what I am to say.

Andrzej: Can you say exactly in what way where the blocks in the pyramid put together and who did it?

Lucyna: Yes, I can say, because I am still by Juno, I take part in building; I see how it is built. The blocks are put together, after being polished. They are polished with mathematical precision and it happens fast, very fast.

Andrzej: And how does it happen?

Lucyna: I will tell you what I see. It is a sight dear to my heart because everybody loves the pyramid, they love building it. I am answering – the blocks that are to be put into the pyramid are not worked on by people, they are polished by working ships. They cut blocks like butter, polishing each one, then a block is lifted into the air and they put it down like a building block, a very light one. Every now and then a new block is being put down on the next one.

Andrzej: How are they lifted and who lifts them?

Lucyna: A ship, a small ship. I can’t explain how it works. There are no ropes. The ship hovers by the power of rays incomprehensible to me. The block hangs in the air and only violet blue rays are visible which hold the block, then it gets lifted, moved and put down.

Iwona: How many ships are employed at the building site and how many White Brothers are there?

Lucyna: There are two kinds of ships – for transport and small ones for work.

Andrzej: You are saying that there are several ships.

Lucyna: Yes, they pass each other efficiently. I don’t know how many pilots there are, because not all of them leave the ship. The work is very efficiently organized and every day pilots are changing. They go back to the base situated behind earthly Moon. That’s why I can’t say how many ship or how many pilots there are.

Iwona: Can you describe what the ships look like? Do they make a lot of noise?

Lucyna: No, they make almost no sound at all and what seems very strange to me is that the ships can stay in the air without moving and they don’t drop. I will describe what they look like. A small ship where you can see only one pilot is oval, in the shape of a corn cob or a cigar. It is not big. The big ship that transports stone blocks to be polished is much bigger, but it also has oval shape. There are no wings. They are all oval.

Iwona: Do you know what kind of fuel is used in those ships?

Lucyna: I don’t know. I don’t know this. Juno and Pharaoh say that they move using a special kind of energy. Energy that fuels the ships is taken from the mother planet – behind earthly Moon.

Andrzej: Now ask Juno what other names god Ra will have or has?

Lucyna: God takes on such a name that people could understand him, so people could accept him. Juno is saying that when Atlantis was destroyed and people had to be evacuated to other places, everybody had a right to pick a place to live. And then a decision was made- if people moved all around the world they had to have one god, and then God gave himself a name for human beings. God’s name is Yahweh. That’s how it is said – an eternal name for all times. Everlasting name Yahweh and that’s how it will be.

Andrzej: Do you know where Atlantis was and when it was destroyed?

Lucyna: I can’t describe the place in words; I can tell you what is said by the descendants who live in Egypt now. They say that Atlantis was destroyed counting from the time when the decision was made to build the gate the message – 6,000 years from the moment of building of the pyramid. Juno told me to pass this in the Age of Aquarius that Atlantis was destroyed counting time from zero of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius – 12,000 years.

Iwona: Does Juno tell you what your mission is going to be when you are born again in the Age of Fish and the Age of Aquarius?

Lucyna: Yes, he told me to be prepared for difficulties that are awaiting me. He told me to be prepared for being rejected by people. He said how hardened human hearts would be. He said that people were going to reject the ones chosen for this mission, not listen to them. He said that people would not get the signs given by God himself and by creatures from Orion. A difficult mission awaits me, he said, and that I will want to leave. I won’t be able to bear the difficulties and he also said that I will get spiritual support from spiritual beings, that I will get a guardian who will be helping me. But he said it would be difficult, very difficult.

Andrzej: Now Ki, look at the Pharaoh, do you see Pharaoh Cheops?

Lucyna: Yes, I see the Pharaoh. He is at the building site every day. After all it is his masterpiece he has to build. He loves his mission, he loves the pyramid. He is a wonderful king, a great Pharaoh for all the people. Everybody loves him.

Andrzej: Describe what he looks like.

Lucyna: He is a tall, well-proportioned man, he has no hair, but everybody who wants to imitate the gods shaves his head. He has such warm look, he is always so well-disposed towards people and he talks about his mission. He says that the pyramid will make history. Everyone who takes part in this message will make history – the Pharaoh, our wonderful Pharaoh.

Iwona: And now ask Juno if he knows what the word “Israel” means.

Lucyna: Juno answers. Israel means peace, peace for all the Earth. This word, Juno says can be associated only with peace on the whole Earth.

Andrzej: And now tell us if Juno wants to transmit any other very important information for people who will live at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

Lucyna: Yes, everything that is done now will have an impact on the future, especially the Age of Aquarius. I can tell you now the message that is enclosed in the tomb, which is for the people, which tells people to understand, to understand what is going to be said, what is going to be transmitted by all those who receive messages. And there are going to be more and more messages in the Age of Aquarius from zero time because the time is shrinking, the time of cleansing the Earth. That’s why beings from Ashun – the Second Earth want to come and teach, teach people how to live, how to respect the Earth, the planet they received.

Andrzej: What is cleansing and what will people and Earth be cleansed of?

Lucyna: I am to say that when I come back I am to tell people not to be afraid of cleansing. Cleansing on Earth doesn’t have to be painful. It can be done very calmly. Cleansing has to happen because the Earth is very tired and polluted and it has to be cleansed.

Andrzej: What is it polluted by?

Lucyna: By everything, everything that people have produced, destroying the Earth all those years. They don’t understand one important thing: we are subtenants on Earth. Mother Earth feeds us, gives us life. Juno says: that’s why the Earth has to be given what it needs, that is our energy. People forget that energy has to be given; if you receive you also have to give.

Andrzej: What kind of energy?

Lucyna: Simple, it is simple energy – it is called love and the Age of Aquarius will be lacking it.
The energy of love is here where I am now, by the pyramid, among those people. The energy of love is given to us by those who build, who come. You can get so much warmth, so much love from them.

Iwona: Is Cheops, his spirit going to live in human form in the future?

Lucyna: No, he won’t. Cheops – the spirit will open the gate to the Second Earth and he will go back to his planet Ashun. And now he is waiting, waiting for his body to be taken to the pyramid.

Iwona: Does Juno know, when we, people will be able to visit our winged brothers from Orion?

Lucyna: He knows. Juno knows a lot. He knows because he gets all the information from the winged brothers. That’s why people won’t be able to travel in space till they cleanse themselves. It is the condition: to cleanse oneself.

Andrzej: When you say “cleanse oneself” do you mean cleanse of evil thoughts?

Lucyna: Yes. Evil thoughts bear more evil thoughts. More evil is created. This evil goes to space and comes back twice as strong. That’s why Juno said: after the initial cleansing there will be an awakening. People will see that they are not the only ones. The events that will take place in the Age of Aquarius will give people thinking.

Iwona: Who and what for build the other pyramids?

Lucyna: Chephren’s and Mephis’pyramids were also built by the winged brothers, but I didn’t take part in those constructions. I left shortly after Pharaoh’s leaving.

Andrzej: And what were the other pyramids built for? Do you know?

Lucyna: I only know as much as was said to me. They are also supposed to be connected to two stars in Orion Belt. It is an energo-magnetic connection, which I don’t understand. And everything is somehow connected – three stars and three pyramids. When Cheops is taken to the pyramid energy will be activated, energy not only of the Cheops Pyramid but also of the two other ones, two other stars and two other pyramids. That’s what I know.

Iwona: Did you see the completion of Cheops Pyramid construction and if yes then how was it celebrated?

Lucyna: I can say what the end of construction looked like. They were taking the scaffolding down, taking sand away, piece after piece coming closer to the ground. Then the ships came and cleaned sand of the pyramids like some kind of big blowers. And then big transporter ships came and they poured some kind of liquid over the pyramid, the liquid had silver color. The whole pyramid was covered by this liquid. By the light it looked magnificent, it shone, shone beautifully.

Andrzej: Do you know what kind of liquid this is?

Lucyna: I am answering. There was no celebration, no joy because before the end, before final completion of the construction our Pharaoh left us. I don’t know what kind of liquid that was, like silver that hardened with time. I don’t know the chemical composition of it. Nobody knew. Nobody tried to find out, because in the whole camp, in the villages there was mourning. After all the one who was loved by all left.

Iwona: Can you say how many days a week people worked and did they have any breaks?

Lucyna: Yes, Saturday was a free day. You could go to a temple, there were a few of them and there you could connect with God. You could do what you wanted. It wasn’t slave work. People worked for a couple of hours and were replaced. Work organization was very efficient. It was led by priests who received information beforehand on how to proceed and how to organize work.

Iwona: Do the winged brothers’ ships have a base only behind the Moon or do they have one also on Earth?

Lucyna: No, there was no base on Earth. After they were done with work they flew back to their base. The additional base, the main base was on Mars. From Mars they were transported to the other base on the Small Moon. There was no base on Earth.

Iwona: Can you describe what the faces of winged brothers look like?

Lucyna: Face, yes, you could see the face – so much warmth, so much love was in their eyes. They had beautiful faces, beautiful eyes, they were tall – that’s what I can say because that’s how much I can see.

Iwona: Did any accidents take place at the construction site and who helped people then?

Lucyna: Yes, there were accidents. People had accidents at work. There were medical tents. Priests who were trained by the winged brothers beforehand took care of that. All needed medicine was imported by them or grown in the gardens. The medics took very good care of all the people. People who got sick or had an accident recovered very quickly.

Iwona: Did the winged brothers’ ships ever break down?

Lucyna: No, not when they were working. I don’t know if they broke down. Nobody told me about it. On Earth there were no break-downs.

Andrzej: Would you like to say something more to the people living in the Age of Aquarius? What would you like to tell these people from your times?

Lucyna: People who will live in the time of Aquarius can consider themselves lucky, because in those times beings will come to Earth, being who will help. They will help people understand life, they will teach people about love. I can say one thing that I am supposed to say.
Let the people who will be living in those end times not be afraid of cleansing because cleansing is in their hands. It depends on them – what this cleansing will be like. If people understand and stop being afraid of what’s to come and if they want to send the energy of love to space then the cleansing will be very mild, painless. And that’s what God himself wants; who is the Earth’s owner and also newcomers from Orion constellation, from Ashun want that. It is them who received the task of teaching people how to live, how to love.

Andrzej: Were there only men among the winged brothers or were there also women?

Lucyna: Men, only men. There were no women among the pilots.

Iwona: How did people treat the Pharaoh that succeeded Cheops?

Lucyna: I don’t know. I left after Cheops. I died, so I don’t know. All the people loved Cheops and what happened after I don’t know.

Andrzej: Ki, are you ready to come back?

Lucyna: No.

Andrzej: What else do you want to say?

Lucyna: I want to go back, go back to my friends, to Juno, and be with him.

Andrzej: But you know that Juno also lives in the Age of Aquarius and I will take you there soon, to the Age of Aquarius, because you have a mission. You have to help so that Pharaoh could see the light of day again.

Lucyna: I don’t want to come back.

Andrzej: I know you don’t want to but do you remember? Think about the mission, about the place you came from.

Lucyna: Let me stay one more minute.

Andrzej: I am letting you, but only one moment.

And here waking up of Lucyna Loboz and the end of session.

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