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Session 22


Fragments of session #22 conducted with Ms Lucyna Lobos,
Wroclaw, Poland, September 29, 2003. These fragments are focusing on questions asked by Erich von Danniken in many of his books and publications.
Questions from Andrew Wojcikiewicz
Answers by Lucyna Lobos through telepathic channeling

Question: Who are aliens?

Answer: That is what you call them. These are beings having a material body. Not all of them have similar body as you do, on Earth. Their physical shape depends on which planet they reside on, but all of these beings (we will call them as such) have a material body. You, earthly people call them “aliens”. It would be easier to call them “cosmic brothers”.

Question: Why has Eric von Daniken never had a chance to see a UFO? Does he have an impression that UFO is avoiding him?

Answer: Daniken is not telling the truth because if he would officially say that he has contact with Extraterrestrial beings, that a lot of his information is coming from a direct contact with such beings, nobody would listen to him. Even now the world of science, the scientists who think they are smart, consider Daniken as a “mentally handicapped”. Could you imagine what would happen if he would say to the world: “I have contact with Extraterrestrials”? Yes, he often has a telepathic contact, he cannot deny it – and this is quite common on the Earth.

Question: Why did the aliens promise people that they will return to Earth?

Answer: Return of the aliens Andrew – saying it differently, return of the Gods. Yes, they promised it and they will keep their promise. They will return in order to help create peace and harmony on Earth, similar harmony which exists in the Universe and on other planets, where beings are truly living very comfortable lives. Beings from other dimensions do not know words such as: “war”, “illness” or “dying”. These words are unknown to them. The Gods will return to Earth in order to teach these people, who are still left here – a new life. How to live in peace and how to live correctly.

Question: In different cultures and religions people are waiting for God’s return. Are they waiting for the same God or for different gods?

Answer: Earthly God, or let’s say it differently, the God of your Galaxy, or Galaxy of the earthly Sun is one. This God is named Jahwe (Jehowa). But do you know how many Galaxies are in the Universe? A very large number and each of them has a God who is the owner of that Galaxy. The owner of your Galaxy is God Jahwe and he has other Gods under his “jurisdiction”.

Question: Where did the Extraterrestrial Intelligence come from?

Answer: Well yes. It seem that Extraterrestrial Intelligence has no beginning and no end. And here it is difficult to use any concepts and any time frame because intelligent beings have been in the Universe for billions of years already. Therefore it is rather difficult for me to answer this question. I would think it would be wiser to concentrate on earthly time frames, time when people started to live on Earth. Why go billions and billions of years back? These are concepts which are impossible for you humans to understand.

Question: Who is God?

Answer: Earthly God?

Question: Yes, earthly God.

Answer: It is the Energy without a body. Purest, the highest, the most powerful Energy. I am not able to compare it to any other energy. Maybe – if this would help – if you put together many, many thunderbolts and lightnings into one, then you could activate your imagination in order to grasp a concept of God’s Energy. But general definition: God is Energy.

Question: Who created God?

Answer: Nobody created God. God had no beginning and will not have an end.

Question: What was the first cause of creation?

Answer: You mean – creation of the whole Universe? Well this is interesting. What was the cause? This energy which was existing and is the Highest Energy, surely created all the Galaxies. I am not able to describe precisely what was the cause. Certainly the potential of this Energy needed to have an outlet, or the intelligence of this Energy was so huge that in this cosmic void it started to create. It could happen this way if you want to activate your imagination. I have been around for quite a lot of years, but I did not go that far back in time. It’s billions and billions of years back and I don’t think it has any practical meaning.

Question: How was Intelligence created?

Answer: Indeed, the God’s Intelligence, or the Intelligence of Highest Energy was implanted into every intelligent being either on Earth or on other planets. The same Intelligence of God, the Highest Energy, was passed to other Gods which he subsequently created and they in turn passed it to the next generations, next Gods and so on. Everybody was receiving a grain of this Energy called “Intelligence”.

Question: Who or what created the first life?

Answer: Human life?

Question: Yes.

Answer: Well, God created it. He formed Earth many, many billions of years ago. If you read the Bible, you could go deeper into it. It was not thousands of years but billions. God was filling up the empty space in the Universe so, he was creating different planets and then Earth. When he created everything which was needed for Earth to function, he introduced life. Life already existed on other planets, Andrew, so it was enough to take some cells and bring them to Earth. When those cells found favorable conditions, they started to grow, to develop. That’s how plants began to exists, that’s how animals were created – those on the land and those in the water. Each animal was either brought on Earth or was created separately, something like a “test tube creation”, and brought to Earth in the “tube”. At the end, when Earth was already inhabited by animals and plants the time came for the human beings. And the theory that human species developed from apes is absurd. If so, why nowadays, when you have such well equipped, very modern laboratories and very smart scientists, why can’t you turn an ape into a human being through your experiments? Ape stays an ape. Human race was brought to Earth. At the beginning these beings were very primitive, of course. They were supposed to develop through a natural evolution. We could call it a small experiment done by Gods. How will the human race develop? Well, it started to develop very well until we had to move beings (also humans) from the planet which was between Jupiter and Mars. There was a catastrophe on their planet, their Sun died, the source of their energy, and as you know, there is no life without a Sun. Their scientists created an artificial sun which was able to supply the energy only for a limited time, so they had to quickly evacuate all the inhabitants somewhere else, to the closest planet. The closest planet was Earth, so everybody was evacuated to Earth. Therefore on Earth four colors, four races were created: yellow, red, black and white. Originally, before this time, without guests from cosmos, the color of human race was not black, but with darkish skin.

Question: Why does the good God allow the rich people to be richer and the poor to be poorer when all people are his children?

Answer: Why do you mix God in all this? I cannot fully understand it. Human beings received gifts from God – it was right after the time of evacuation. The gifts were a free will and reason (intelligence). Why are some people rich and other poor? This was not in plans of the Creator of Earth. Everybody was supposed to be equally prosperous and happy because the Planet Earth was supposed to be the Paradise Planet. It was supposed to be a jewel in the Galaxy, an example for other planets. Such a jewel was created by Gods with the help of this Highest Energy. There were not supposed to be tears, no poor and so many rich, there were not supposed to be big differences among people living here. Not then and not now. In our future plans which we have now – everybody is suppose to be happy because each human being has the same element of God, coming from God himself. What is happening on Earth now has earthly reasons. People caused it, Andrew, people.

Question: What is the godly reason for the intelligent life?

Answer: It is exactly the same reason as I mentioned before. In the whole Universe prosperity is suppose to exist and all beings, no matter how they look and what their skin color or race is, are suppose to be friends. There are not suppose to be wars, as it is now on Earth. Wars do not exist in others worlds, only here, among humans, but this will change. The energy of God is the energy of harmony and respect for each other. Respect without looking at the external shape of your body. You don’t have it now because human species are not tolerant. If at this moment some species from out of space, different looking species, would officially appear on Earth, I guarantee that they would be immediately captured and subjected to cruel experiments, tortured and then cruelly murdered.

Question: Eric von Daniken would like to know something about technologies of the future. For example whether a special radio could be constructed through which contact could be faster than the speed of light?

Answer: Daniken is reaching into not so far of a future. It is a quite commonly used technology, but not on Earth of course. These technologies are used by your closest civilizations that have contact with Earth, i.e. from Sirius and beings from Orion. They use these toys, even for contacting their mother planets from Earth. I can tell you an interesting fact. After an initial cleansing of Earth, that means soon, for a large number of humans, the so called “third eye” will open and they will be able to communicate telepathically. Then, such thing as a radio or even a phone will be less needed. You will be able to concentrate, open your mental channel and chat telepathically with your friends from the States, for example, or even with other worlds. This kind of communication is quite commonly used in other worlds. That’s the way Daniken is receiving his information from other beings, beings from outer space.

Question: How can other civilizations cross huge distances from one star to another? What kind of technologies are needed for that?

Answer: They are building transit stations on planets, Andrew. They don’t travel such enormous distances without them. If they have to travel between Galaxies, they leave their body on a closest planet and they either travel in a spiritual form or they use the matter of that planet. This is possible to do when you use about 80% of your brain. Your brains on Earth are used at best up to 30%, no more. And these are geniuses.

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