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Session 225

Telepathic message with Lucyna Łobos from 2005. Session 225

Message from ENKI - Spiritual Being from aferlife about “Health And Safety” during contacts with Spirit World.

ENKI: Before we go to the essence of the case, which are messages/ chanellings, I would like to let you know about a few things, which will help me to contact You.

What is “medium”?

Well, every human can be medium, because every human is receptive to spirits influence. Medium abilities are very common, that is why only rarely you can find people deprived of these abilities. You can say that every human is a medium to some degree. Today by name “medium” are called people who unleashed in themselves this force / power and are able to bring forth these phenomena. These abilities do not show in various people in the same way – they show up differently. There are diverse ways to contact, therefore there are many ways to contact. Amount of manifestations is also huge, but we will come back to this and to ways of communicating later on.

Now, very important thing. Namely, what spirits or beings contact with us? This is necessary to understand, because of that depends what informations do we receive. After making connection with the extrasensory world, come to Us may any spirit. Here it would be good to distinguish, what sort of spirits are they? What spirits come? That is why Spiritual World is divided into spirit categories.

And now I will tell how to understand who came. Anyone has a right to come – this is the rule.

Spirits unclean have huge tendency to evil and this is purpose of their activity on the Earth. When they are being asked by people, they give insidious answers, sow discord, distrust. What is the worst – they wear masks of goodness, they claim to be Angels, they prey on people weak and scared, whereas the strong they avoid.

How to recognize them? Betray them the language that they use. They are characterized by rudeness, frivolity, they are supersaturated with tendencies like: sensuality, prevarication, jealousy. Making evil gives them huge pleasure and it’s a nourishment for them, they like drive people into troubles and these spirits come mostly when we make fun out of seances / channelings. Then it happens that, instead playing with spirit, they are making fun but out of us.

Next category are light spirits. Often they are coarse, contrary they have no responsibility for what they do. They can be called pixies. They relish in causing various annoyance for people, but they make no evil. What is good in this, is that they depend on Higher Spirits, to whom they often serve and must listen to them. These are the spirits, who were very attached to the matter while they were alive, they often apply physical manifestation for example hitting, moving objects, reveal as spectre, often they are often being called “tapping” spirits. And here one more explanations, that these phenomena can be caused by all categories of spirits, but dabble in that mostly light spirits. Those higher generally leave these phenomena to lower beings, that is light spirits, who easier move in material realm, than in realm of noble thoughts and during communication with people these spirits give evidence of good manner and wits, but it is always trivial and shallow. And here I can warn – they impersonate / use names of dead people.

We should be interested in spirits from category higher, that is three categories: The Good Spirits, The Kind Spirits and The Wise Spirits, because you should cooperate with those Spirits. They interfere in peoples’ lives doing good.

The Good Spirits have even during their life advantage over the matter and desire to act and with this mission they come to the Earth. The ability to make good by these spirits depends on the level of their development. Some reached kindness, high level of knowledge, others by their mission improve themselves, and for others these characteristics mentioned go hand in hand with high morale. They are not entirely cleansed, because they keep still in memory marks from life on Earth and see what have they done. They understand God and His Infinity and they taste now righteous happiness, they are happy when they can do something good and prevail evil, which is so much present now. By making good they perfect themselves. Their activity is about inspiring good thoughts and bringing back people from bad paths and, what’s most important, they look after those who deserve that. They can be people’s guardians.

Next category are Spirits Kind and Wise. And here I will explain what spirits are Spirits Kind like. Main their attribute is doing good. They find pleasure in serving people and caring. Their consciousness is not yet fully cleaned so by helping people they endeavour to perfection.

Category last are Spirits Wise, Spirits Pure and The Only Purified Spirits that is the first category of Spirits. We will stop at categories Spirits Wise and Pure.

Spirits Wise – their main attribute is very high moral consciousness. They do not possess unlimited knowledge, however their level allows them to faultlessly judge people and facts. When such a Spirit comes it speaks with language full of kindness, always dignified, noble and sublime. They have full of dignity sense of humor, this way they want to lower the barrier of fear, that is present during the seance. They often contact those, who disinterestedly search for the Truth and they come to those who are very close tied with matter. They do however avoid those people who are led by curiosity or what’s worse, those who would like to subordinate such a spirit. Such people in their understanding are not worthy neither to do good nor to contact with Spirits from this category. It happens that in exceptional occasions these spirits incarnate and then they have special tasks, are assigned to some particular work and they become for people example of perfection which, on Earth, you can dream.

Next category – Spirits Pure. The highest category, absolute pureness, moral excellence. They are superior to all spirit categories. People can contact with them, but it would be conceit to think that they will come upon every request. These categories we can consider as a part of an Angelic Triad. The last are Energies of God Almighty, who also comes and also speaks with the human.

Next subject are spirit manifestations.
Spirits often affect us without our knowledge, they whisper how should we act. Almost always we think that we do something from our own will, but in reality it is different. When we succumb external suggestion it shouldn’t be understood literally – human is not without a will, he has a mind. Opposite – when spirit puts on Earth’s matter he keeps free will and indeed decides by himself about his deeds. Watching spirit helps only to see these deeds and understand what is being done. The channelling from the spirit is not an injunction, it is at most an advice – wise one or silly one, and how it’s going to be depends only on us. It depends on which spirit information flows and then we have such an answer. Advices often flow during dream, that is why it is being said: “night brings advice” (or “I need to sleep on it” – translator). To understand spirit it is necessary to understand his situation, what does he feel after release from Earthly body. His level for certain depends on how much this spirit is cleaned. And the more this spirit is cleaned, the easier is to live for such a spirit in sphere beyond Earth.

When it comes to spiritual contacts, seances and communication it should be known, that every manifestation that contains purpose, should be acknowledged as intelligent. All other manifestations are only material manifestations. Let’s remember then – spirit’s language speaks for themselves, shows their testimony. Language of those from The Highest Hierarchy is full of seriousness, dignity and nobility. It is used only to pass own information and in a way that is the furthest from any vulgarity. Goodness and nobility are next qualities of Pure Spirits, they do not feel hatred towards people or other spirits, quite opposite, they grieve over weaknesses of people and spirits and that is why they try to show these weaknesses.

Questions we always ask with moderation, consideration, prudence and kindness to spirit and then they will be listened to and the answer will flow – the real answer. Whoever would like to make a contact with spirits, should have some knowledge about them, without that one can’t assess their situation or understand their language – which is already not easy for either side, and sometimes even seemingly getting lost in contradictions contacting with them, that is why is worth to learn ways to communicate.

Spirits and beings can choose from a variety of ways to communicate: table can be used, but this method is too complicated if spirit wants to pass more information. With this method you can only ask questions to which spirit can answer – that is “yes” or “no”. Spirits often when they use this type of manifestation, they belong rather low in the spirit hierarchy and answer to simple questions. Beings from Higher Level do not take part in such games. The best for Spiritual Beings are two types of communication. These are alphabet and fast way of passing directly into the mind using voice. It is called “psychofonia” (direct translation: psychosound). And this way is the most convenient for Spiritual Beings. The reason is that, human speech is very slow and hard, their language on the other hand is fast. Information they want to pass relatively quickly, and mostly medias when use table or other way, simply can’t keep up.

Let’s come back to written contact, automatic writing. This is very easy. The Spirit is influencing medium’s hand and hand is writing. In fact, almost everyone has these predispositions. This method is called “psychografia” (direct translation “psychography”). I will return for a moment to communication by voice. Spirits can pass their thoughts using voice, simply, medium hears. This method is suitable for longer statements, in other words “psychofonia” (eng: psychosound). In terms of speed it is faster than “psychografia” (eng: “psychography”). It is also widely preferred by The Higher Level Spirits, although this way can raise doubts among disbelievers, it is the best way and here you have to use faith. It has this unfavourable side, that you don’t see physical manifestation – it is not interesting for disbelievers. However we look at this, this is our learning which we receive from “Above”, we only need to elaborate the best communicating language with Spiritual Beings and have permanent Guide, who will guide us.

The next issue concerns medium’s will during manifestation.

To understand medium during manifestations, knowledge of method of passing thoughts by spirits is needed. When medium is calling High Level Spirit, then such a spirit is always calm, acts worthily, kindly, but if he meets with inappropriate welcome he withdraws. Then their place is being taken soon by other spirits, but I really don’t wish that to anyone. What is also very important – every coming spirit speaks in medium’s language. Language barrier is unknown to them. For spirit it is not an obstacle. I will add one more important note about using foreign languages. If we want to test spirit, it usually end unpleasant for both sides, especially for medium. Spirits don’t like experiments and here I will quote words that I often pass: We don’t need coxcombs who think that they make us a favor by passing our words. We choose people for seances and mostly these are small / little and very humble people. Had Jesus ever obeyed sages, when they asked for miracles? What sort of people did Jesus himself use to change the world? It was like that before and it is like that now and if you want to enter this road, then try submission first. It does not fit in order of things, for student to impose his will to the Teacher. Aptitudes themselves only are not enough to keep good contacts with the Spirit World. Medium should primarily rouse sympathy of The Higher Spirits. Their reluctance to individuals with low moral level is completely understandable. Would we entrust our thoughts someone who we do not value? Certainly not. Everyone like to surround themselves with wise and kind people, spirits as well, but we try to avoid people evil, such peoples’ energy is also different.

What is the influence of surrounding to the course of manifestation?

My Dear Ones – it is a mistake to think, that only medias attract invisible beings to themselves. In whole space there is a huge amount of them and on The Earth there is plenty of them. In fact they are always beside us. They observe, join gatherings, or avoid people, and this depends on this how and who do you attract. Spirits are nothing else than the souls freed from the body, therefore they ought to be treated like spirits dressed in matter. We see how many Earthly factors affect out of-Earthly manifestations. When we look closer to this subject, it can be observed what character these meetings have and truly they differ a little from casual conversation between people. By conversation ones gain experience, this experience allow us to dispel many doubts and develop oneself. Those present on seances should be united by fellowship of thought if it is directed towards good objectives.

How to behave towards spirits? As whole of our contacts with Spiritual World, the way how does it come to understanding and communication is immensely important. It is necessary to properly assess ends of the ladder and it is necessary to understand for oneself that people are always on the bottom steps of the ladder. It is also necessary to be able to adjust oneself to the given Spiritual Being, it is not enough to just constantly be with each other, but it is also necessary to be able to adjust to the character of our invisible Partners. We will be interested only in seanses organized for serious purposes, we shouldn’t be interested neither in spiritualist play nor in chase after sensation, because this is not the point. If someone is looking for omen from spirit, he can be disappointed, as Spirits don’t deal with these things. They can pass such person to the light Spirits or the mean Spirits and then such spirits will mock, and person will receive the false answer.

I’ve already paid attention, that during such meetings very important is focus and let’s add, that not less important is the frequency of meetings, important is the humility that should be in You and it is necessary to remember about something, namely that Spirits do not come / appear on every call. They have very extensive duties, which they have to fulfil. The next thing is also important, it is that there is no appointed time for organizing seances, simply the chosen time is completely neutral. Also nothing stands in the way, for seances to happen every day. It has its advantages, because you can get information about how to behave. The Pure Spirits come everywhere, where people with pure harts call them, and their intentions are noble and then we can safely say – such a meeting can be successful. The important thing is and which we should do, is to comply with their will. In reality you depend on them, without their approval no seance will happen.

There is an opinion that only Spiritual Being who was called will come – nothing can be more wrong. You can never be sure about who is coming to us. One who is  coming from their own will is always more truthful, than the one who was called.  As a matter of fact you are surrounded by spirits, beings, and these who surround You, are not always the Higher Lever Spirits. Such Spiritual Beings for various reason are either on the Earth or near it and often wait for help, that is why one should approach seances very carefully. When one becomes connection between Spiritual World and the Earth it has these advantages that a specific Recipient comes and becomes a barrier from intruders. And how to recognize the Spirit that comes? – we already know that – by the way it communicates.

Calling Spirits occurs in a very simple way, it is not necessary to use any sacral speeches or mystic formulas, it is enough to address to God, saying: I ask You, God Almighty, so that spirit – and here we say its name – contact us. Next – in the name of God Almighty I ask you, Spirit – and here we say name – to contact us. When Spirit appears we receive the answer: ” I am, what do you want from me?”. Calling Spirit through God himself should be treated very seriously. One who uses God’s Name for fun, and says as just empty formula – should not take part in spiritual seances at all, because this may end in very unpleasant way for him, for the person that is calling and for participants.

And what sort of language one should use to communicate with Spirits? This is very important. The language that we use to communicate with Spirits should always be tailored to the level of their evolution, and always worthy. The higher level they occupy, the bigger respect they deserve. Spirit’s favour one gains not by words but by honesty of feelings. Noble Beings surely do not like flattery – they know our hearts. Noble thought sent in their way is for them far more pleasant than any flattering word. When it comes to questions for Spirits, it is necessary to know, that questions should concern important matter and should be asked in responsible way. Not serious questions motivated by empty curiosity do not please High Spirits, and additionally when they see that they are being tested, then this happens – they give such being in Low Level Spirits’ hands, that is why one should not ask questions that test, that are tricky or that are from people who desire to be convinced about Spirits’ existence or about their knowledge. One who tries to outsmart Spirits shows evidence of complete unfamiliarity of their World and their force, great and unreachable for current research methods and experiments. We should choose road simple, that is road of heart and such road is appropriate, but if we can’t aspire to open our heart then it is better to dismiss from learning Spiritism and contact.

Now we roughly know what we can expect from Spirits from various categories. Some people claim, that it is better to not ask questions, but leave them full freedom of speech and this is a mistake. Since Spirit arrives he likes prepared people. Often just at the beginning he asks – what do you want to find out? How can I assist you? Sometimes Spirits after asking question say nothing – in this world there are also some applicable laws and they simply are not allowed to talk, that is why one should not get angry or say, that spirit is uneducated. Categorical rule forbids to insist when Spirit from whatever reason declines to answer. If decline is not final, one can ask Spirit to satisfy our curiosity. Sometimes Spirit will satisfy us if we ask, but he will never listen to demand / order. It is also necessary to pay attention to something very important, that is Spirits are not like mechanisms, which we can start when we will feel like it. They are intelligent beings, beings who pass only what they want to pass and no one has any way to order him to do anything. When there will be provocation they will simply get away, that is why questions should concern important matter and being asked in a responsible way. Irresponsible questions will be left without answer, and moreover motivated by empty curiosity. Remember, such questions do not please Noble Spirits , that is why in most cases such a person or such people are being passed to Lower Spirits. The worst thing that can be done is to ask tricky questions, trying to outsmart being who came. Here I can add that medium can be outsmarted, however you truly can’t do that with Spiritual Being. That is why I can confidently say – Spirits are not like mechanisms, that can be launched on ones whim. They are very intelligent and they pass us only what they want to pass. People have no way to order them to do anything.

What questions should one ask? If, for example, one asks question: what are stock quotes? And – What is the best to invest? Then, he certainly will not receive  an answer to that. Spirits can for sure help bravely go through tough times in which currently we live, they respect peoples’ free will which unfortunately makes their work harder. Extraterrestrial Guardians point the way of life, but each person has to decide by himself if he wants to enter this path. The next question that arises, is asking Spirit about the future – is it wise? And yes and no – yes: it will allow people to change life if after such a prediction person will start take life seriously. And why no? Well, Spirits know peoples’ weak psyche and opening this future’s curtain can bring a lot of evil. Of course the future of every man is known to a Spiritual Beings.

The question arises, so what subjects should be of these meetings? Well, it often happens that the group when calling a Spirit, they try to call some relative, or a friend, or someone famous. The truth is that, if person still has returns [reincarnations – translator], that is unsettled relationship to God’s Law, then to this calling will not come, to such a meeting comes Light Spirit, nobody from Noble Spirits’ ladder. You can ask questions – how is it like the extraterrestrial existence – will they answer? They will answer. And this will allow in some degree change current life. For most people future life was painted in very theoretical way, but because of such contacts one can see plastically and in great detail. That is why I think that help of this Second World  is necessary for this. Spirits of Noble Beings give extremely valuable advices and teachings. Lower Spirits also can be helpful in some cases, they can also help and even vastly, and what’s more they show human nature, their weaknesses and moral sphere.

Let’s go back to Higher Spirits, who can answer to specific questions. So we can ask for statements about society, the Earth, on which people live and one can also ask about things like pride, avarice, jealousy, hatred, anger, love.

Higher Spirits are able to give us valuable advices about more practical matters. Asking questions depends also on the level of the medium. The more medium is educated, the harder questions can be, when medium is simple, uneducated, questions also should be simple, because, if medium will not understand the question, then will not be able to pass it to Spirit, and Spirit also has to give such an answer so that medium can understand and pass question.

And my advices for beginners – first question that one should ask oneself is: “Do I really want it, to be a connector between Extraterrestrial World and the Earth?” It’s possible to become a connector after reaching certainty about rightness of one’s decision, Then person tries to impose specific order around oneself, change his / her life – and this is good. This is not a road made of roses, it requires enormous self discipline and to this learning one should come with consideration and self discipline has to be looked at, to avoid falling into fanaticism. When to this learning you sit seriously then You will be safe.

And what good seeds of spiritism will give? Well, the opposition of this science tried once to mock it by treating its supporters like madmen. This way turned out to be failure and the number of people who deal with this science is keep growing. There are among them minds of prominent people, who – according to unkind opinions about them – should be all locked in a hospital for the mental ill. In that case a lot of people would need to be locked in hospitals at the moment, that is why new weapon was started to be used, they started to feel sorry for the fate of people who are supposed to be exposed to dangers of this science. This is a new science, so let it develop itself. If it will be a wrong / bad science, then it will die in natural way. It is interesting thing – and the opposition itself contributed to development of this science – the attacks themselves caused that people started to reach for this forbidden fruit, the attacks themselves gave this science this forbidden fruit’s flavour. Today communication with Spirits is part of reality, because through contacts you can receive a lot of information, obtain knowledge, receive help from the secret knowledge and not only. The science of spiritism itself is not threatening religion, quite opposite – and if you lever faith in Spirits, then you question God himself, because God is Spirit himself. People really are not afraid of spirits themselves, they are afraid to fall into disgrace of those who are protecting from this science. The majority of people are afraid so that “madmen”, who have contact with spirits would not overthrow the Church itself and what it proclaims. Wrong thinking again, how very weak is peoples’ faith – Jesus said: “Faith should be such, so even hell’s gates would not overcome it!”

And now we will check, if there is a conflict between spiritizm and religion.

Those supposedly dangerous spirits say: “cherish God over everything, and your brother in the way you do yourself”. Spirits say further: “be among yourself like brothers. Forgive your enemies, forget about insults, do to others what you want yourself to experience, do not confine on avoiding evil, but cause good, endure with humility and patience hardships of life, get rid of egoism, jealousy and hatred. The same was saying Jesus: “Live in full agreement with gospel”. Spiritual Beings warn from evil behaviour, they give their own examples, their own mistakes, they say about existence of punishment and the need of balance of the bills in the future. So, is this wisdom and these contacts evil? Is it evil to present people their future destiny, show them path? What evil is in saying true? Spiritual beings have great respect to any religion under one condition, that is saying the truth about God’s will.

And now I can bravely say what spiritizm itself did.

It revived in many hearts trust in God’s Providence, arose faith in God, in many moments of doubt it awoke hope, it prevented many suicides, in many families it brought peace and harmony, it brought love, appeased hatred, eased primitive passions, it filled soul with trust. Is it then evil? – I’m asking. Is it then dangerous for social harmony and public morality? Doctrine, that cuts from hatred, egoism, which proclaim selflessness, love to neighbour without difference of race, faith, skin colour – can something like that be source of evil? Quite opposite, proclaiming, what spirits have to say can turn to be salutary for World. If all the people understand principles of these teachings and be willing to apply them, then man would never have to be afraid of another man again – this is where the “madness” of this science of spiritizm is leading, to self development and discovering what life truly is. That is why the group of people who aspire to see during manifestations something more than just a fun play is very valuable.

It’s about time to free people from superstitions, and religion itself will not lose at all, quite opposite, it can only gain. I would like at end pass a few words, which will help to understand what I passed. Now, at the base of the new knowledge lays faith, this new faith is science about spirits. This science says about existence of Spirits’ World and that it can influence Material World. In my message I address people who are convinced or are willing to be convinced that Spiritual World exists. I address those, who are already searching: have eyes, and ears open in your searches! I address those who negate: have eye opened and observe, analyse facts, and whenever chance will appear, check. Spiritual Beings respect Your opinions, so let yourself respect those who you don’t see. Spiritual Beings don’t ask you for anything more.

And one more. Why do Spiritual Beings come to the Earth – in other words, why do they need these experiences? To cleanse themselves. Spirits who experience hardships of physical life, they do that, so that they can obtain purification. When spirit liberates himself from the matter, he is aware of his imperfection, that is why by the act of free will he himself chooses the type of experiences that are the most needed him for further development during next Earthly journeys. If the journey is very hard, then happens something like moving backwards in spirit’s development. And Guardian Spirit is such a spirit, who one receives for whole life and it can happen, that one can receive a bad spirit and then such a spirit who is already clothed in matter has a very hard life, such a person has an impression that he is being punished during the whole life. It is fortunate to have a Good Spirit, who is guiding us on this good path.

Thank you

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