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Session 42


Session of hypnotic age regression number 42
Chicago, 5 December 2004, Copernicus Centre
Session conducted with Lucynana Lobos
Session conductor: Danuta Zasada
Assistants: Barbara Parzoch, Barbara Choroszy

Danuta: Hypnotic suggestions
Barbara: The question from Barbara Choroszy
* The question from the public
Lucyna: An answer from Lucyna Lobos under hypnosis
Samuel: An answer from Samuel via Lucyna

(After bringing Lucyna into an altered state of consciousness)

Danuta: Where are you?

Lucyna: I am in the church on Sleza… at an excavation site…

Barbara: What are you seeing? Where are you in the church? In which place?

Lucyna: I am near the altar… I am going through a hidden entrance…

Barbara: Is this the same entrance that our scientists discovered? Can you get inside?

Lucyna: Get inside? Yes, I can get in… I am inside a tiny little room. The entrance is on the right hand side. This is a small room.

Barbara: What is there?

Lucyna: A chest made of stone. A locked stone chest.

Barbara: How big is the chest?

Lucyna: Big… big… A great size. Two, maybe three meters long and one and a half meters high.

Barbara: Do you know what is inside this chest?

Lucyna: Yes, I know.

Barbara: Can you tell?

Lucyna: No, I cannot… I cannot tell. I still cannot. I am not in a position to say.

Barbara: Tell me when it will be possible to find out what is inside the chest?

Lucyna: As soon as you start digging. There is no other way. It is necessary to dig in order to get inside.

Barbara: Will it be safe for our archaeologists to get inside? Is there any danger awaiting them?

Lucyna: Yes, they can get there safely, there is no danger. The danger exists only if they would try to go in on the right hand side near the alter. I don’t understand archeology but I had a vision. If in spite of everything they try to dig, the wall from the alter side might collapse. I had an image of what may happen.

Barbara: Well which entrance is safe for the archaeologists then? How are they supposed to do it ?

Lucyna: It was said, after consulting the scientists, it is necessary to enter from the lower part of the hill. There is no other way. The walls are not stable. It is vital to keep people out of danger.

Barbara: Is the plan of entering from outside to what is beneath the church safer, and will it lead to the same results as to what the scientists are trying to discover from the side of the church?

Lucyna: Entering from outside will open a different path, because Sleza, the mountain, still hides many mysteries which will be revealed in sequence handed down. And if the science opens to this, what is passed on, the secret will be disclosed. There are many of them.

Barbara: Should the scientists enter from the side of the church, or will it be better from outside? Will this lead to a confirmation of the Prince Piast’s secrets?

Lucyna: The first secret will show a sarcophagus. The second one will be revealed after digging the a corridor from outside. The third one can only be disclosed if the scientists read the signs correctly. It is situated halfway down into Sleza Mountain. The location will not be shown by a sculpture called by you “Lady with a Fish” and a sculpture called “The Bear”. The mystery of the sculpture with the fish will be revealed as well, but I repeat – this is not a “Lady with the Fish”. And here we will put a triangle. It will show a cave. We will be successively discovering mysteries. The mysteries of the holy mountain.

Barbara: For sure we will have some questions from the audience about the holy Sleza Mountain. Can you tell us how long the mountain has been in existence?

Lucyna: Remote, long forgotten times. The period after Noah’s flood, and by measuring the time of the Pisces era, it will be approximately 5000 years. Since then life has begun again and so the gathering of mysteries in the Sleza Mountain. It is not a secret that the mountain had enormous layers of gold. Back then extractions had been made from Sleza’s Mountain mine. By then the gold was a necessary commodity and therefore was mined worldwide.

Barbara: Is there a wooden head on the Sleza? It is believed that it is resting on something flat like a polished stone. To your knowledge, does this exist?

Lucyna: I don’t have this image. I can’t see it.

Barbara: Can you tell us anything about the shaft which was discovered in the Sleza by our scientists? Where does it lead to? What is its purpose?

Lucyna: I can only uncover a portion of the secret, because the greed for what is inside the mountain is enormous and the desire to possess the gold even greater. Therefore I cannot reveal what is inside the mine… because yes, this is the entrance to the gold mine. Later I can give some information or clues to the scientist.

Barbara: Can you tell who and for what purpose it came to the Earth, the Sleza?

Lucyna: I can, I can tell it. I still can, because at the moment the spirit being would like to connect to my mind in order to talk to the forum here. To talk to the people. The question was who, when and for what purpose it arrived? It was Marduk, the one who was travelling in pursuit of gold throughout the world. Poland was rich in gold so he built the mines and the gold was extracted.

Barbara: Who was helping him? Was he collaborating with people?

Lucyna: With people, with people trained before. He couldn’t have done it alone. The mankind exists for many, many thousands years but at different levels of evolution. The perfect beings who were travelling throughout the Earth helped to teach, to educate, and have made human beings better. People worked in the mines.

Barbara: Can we find out the names of the people who collaborated with the Brothers from Stars in Poland?

Lucyna: The main supervisor, the driving force of the excavation work in the mine was Marduk. The Divine Brothers did not work there any more. He had to choose amongst people who were working there.

Barbara: Who, from the Polish Kings collaborated with Marduk?

Lucyna: Piast… Piast, but Piast then cooperated with Marduk like the spirit essence. The Gods who were in possession of a physical body were long gone. They left the Earth with the arrival of the Pisces era, with the birth of Jesus.

Barbara: Can you tell when the shaft was built to extract the gold from the Sleza Mountain? When was it?

Lucyna: The shaft was built in times when Marduk had been on this terrain, which means approximately 4000 years ago. It was not until Piast that it was strengthened, cleaned, and the gold was extracted again. Piast alone didn’t build either the shaft or the mine.

Barbara: What is to gain by continuing the excavation work at Sleza at this time? What is the goal and whose purpose is it?

Lucyna: Sleza, the holy mountain is the path which would lead to Egypt, to the pyramids, to the Pharaoh.

Barbara: What does Poland gain by the Sleza Mountain excavation?

Lucyna: The worldwide fame, the acknowledgement and the change in history, the recognition in the eyes of the whole world. Here the Gods will give the strength. If the excavation work continues then the Sleza Mountain will gain power… The power of energy, and this will spread throughout the world. When the mine will be reached, then something else opens called protection which is linked with Egypt. It is a well known fact that the whole world is covered with a net, the geomagnetic net, and inside are some hidden energies.

Barbara*: There is a questions from the audience. What is the point of our staying in the United States? Should Polish people return to Poland?

Lucyna: Poland, America, all this is the Earth, your Earth. It is the same Mother Nature. It doesn’t matter if it is this country or the other. Question whether Polish people, who are here in this land, are to come back? I will answer what I know, because soon the spiritual being will talk through me. Everywhere can be both safe and dangerous; the safety is in your hands. For danger each person will work individually…. I must pass on my body to the spiritual being who will answer the questions….

Barbara: Who is going to talk through you?

Samuel: I am here with you. I was here from the very beginning. I have introduced myself as Samuel, because I wanted to be listened to without exposing my real name. It was too early to reveal my true name. Today, on the forum, I am going to reveal my actual name. When I appeared here for the first time, I told you that Chicago is close to my heart, but I haven’t told you why. I would like to warmly welcome everyone assembled here today. My nickname is Samuel and my real name is EA. This is the name I was given by my Father. Greetings to you the gathered swallows as I have named you, greetings to those who will open their hearts today. I, EA, have brought you a gift here. The gift will confirm that the spiritual beings exists after earlier consultations with my Brother, who is going to introduce himself. Also we understand that now is the time for us to reveal a secret that is hidden in Chicago. This secret is a Chakra of Life.. In other words, a Chakra of Health. This is a gift from us to those of you who believe, and to those of you who don’t believe at all. The Chakra is opened and it is now in use. In this place people will be cured. It is possible to go there with food, water, or even with medicine that is prescribed by the Physicians. It has enormous power. It wasn’t functioning before because it was not the right time. Now, when the time is passing faster and faster, it is necessary to give people signs. The sign for you is this Chakra of Health. It is situated in the place I used to live for a short time, as later I moved to Africa. In my place was my son Marduk. The gold was also extracted here. The Chakra was installed to not only give the sign for the future, but also as a place for which we can return. Therefore, my dear swallows, I’m handing over to you a treasure. The treasure will serve you well and will open so many hardened hearts. Now, I’m listening to your questions.

Barbara: What should people do when they come to the Chakra of Health at the church? Is it possible to bring people in wheelchairs, on stretchers, or if they are very, very ill? For how long should they stay there?

Samuel: The energy of that place is very powerful, but to be there only once is not enough. First and foremost those people who are coming here just bring their faith with them. Now I’m going to quote my Brother, ENLIL’s words, “Faith can cure the body.” Everyone can come; there is enough energy for all of you. The Chakra has a direct connection with the universe, and people being in that place will be in the energy channel. Everybody can be there. It is even possible to bring a sick animal. It will receive the energy as well.

Barbara: The Chakra of Health should be visited once or many times?

Samuel: The body will answer. The recovery will be felt after every single time spent there. After every single time. Of course, it is dependent on a state of health of each person. One person may come only once whereas others more sick will have to come ten times or more… How to behave in such a place? The fact that the Chakra is in the church requires us to have some respect for that place. We must behave with dignity. We should eliminate bad thoughts, sit down and focus, and ask the God for health and that is all. There are no more recommendations. Next question?

Barbara*: Samuel, can you tell me who we really are and why we are on Earth?

Samuel: Every inhabited planet has its own dwellers. This is a strange question. Who are you and your purpose? You are human beings. The people who were made in the image of God. The creatures that were given free will, which you haven’t used properly. You are here in order to make yourself better. You are treating the Earth as a stopover of an onward journey. You are coming back to Earth for purification, to understand the meaning of life, to understand that you are a piece of divine energy. Next question?

Barbara*: Samuel, will America continue to conduct war? Will current events lead us to World War? Who is the driving force behind it?

Samuel: This is why God gave reason, freewill and the right to make decisions on Earth to the people. He didn’t give it indefinitely, but only for some time. People are unable to take advantage of this gift of mind and freewill. When I left the Earth before the Pisces era, people started to decide for themselves. The Wars – as we often used to hear – are the God’s punishments. God is not taking revenge on us, he is only the observer. All Earth’s cruelties are deeds of you, the people.

Barbara*: Has the biblical anti-Christ been born yet? If so, then in which country?

Samuel: The question came from the audience. This is the kind of question to which I cannot give an answer. The person who asked is requested to come to me in person if he would like to hear my answer. The question is too complicated and therefore it is unsuitable to be answered in a big gathering. Next question.

Barbara*: Samuel, are you the same God ENKI, who was worshipped in Sumer? If this is so, then for thousands of years after the human kind was made, in accordance with Sumerian transmission, you were a human being. Is that right? Is it true that you came from the planet Nibiru?

Samuel: It is true what is said. I, EA, ENKI and at the present, Samuel, are the same people… I came to Earth, indeed. But in order to do that I had to be born. My Father is the God of the Universe. He sent me together with my Brother to a planet where we had to be born, grow up, be educated, and when our minds were prepared enough, we had to move to planet Earth. The planet had been ready for inhabitants long before. Well, I was a human being for a while, so was my Brother, ENLIL. Next question.

Barbara*: If we know how to save the Earth, why are we trying to convince the non-believers that our planet is in danger? What do we have to do?

Samuel: The Earth is in danger of a planet. It is a well-known one called the Twelfth Planet. Not only was the Earth affected by it, but also others. This cycle is repeated every 12,000 years, it is inevitable. This is our message that we are carrying to all people on Earth. We would ask them for help in rescuing our planet. For the Twelfth Planet is revolving around and it will be. In that way the solar system was constructed and nothing can be done to change it. The only possible thing to do is try to prevent it. A coming catastrophe and that is feasible.

Barbara*: Samuel, is it true that the Health Chakra is also in Toronto, Canada?

Samuel: All over the Earth – it was mentioned that our planet is covered by an energetic net, and in every so called eye of the net there is the Health Chakra. There are big and small ones, but they are on the entire planet. Next question.

Barbara*: Samuel, what is really up there? The lady who is asking the question says, “I know that according to the God’s word there is only paradise and hell.” Do you agree with it?

Samuel: A lady as you say… Well, to this lady’s satisfaction I will ask you for a private session. We will talk about paradise and hell, but here at the forum we will not go deeper into that subject. So if you have courage – come and see me. Next question.

Barbara*: Samuel, is Poland able to liberate itself from the chains of slavery and globalization? When is that going to happen?

Samuel: The subversion in the history will give enough evidence that is necessary for Poland to make changes and bring back its national roots. The question is when? The answer – you should hurry up. The clock of time will not stop and if your sluggishness continues that way, then there will be no Poland, there will be no other countries; there won’t be anything to strive for, because the majority of people will be gone and for those who remain the nation won’t matter. They will worship the heavens for the survival. Well, now people fight, for their roots, nationality, but within a moment there will be nothing to fight for. So I repeat once more – Poland will play the first fiddle in revealing the way to the Pharaoh. The Sleza Mountain and Pharaoh means life. There is no greater treasure than life. I’m listening.

Barbara*: Samuel, is it possible to pass on to other people the energy received from the Health Chakra? Is it possible to be a conductor of that energy?

Samuel: It is possible, because a person standing on the Chakra will be charged with its energy and glow like a torch. When that person comes close to another, the energy will start transmitting. But, I repeat – only if the faith is involved. Without faith there is no remedy. The transfer of the energy is feasible and everyone can do it. I’m listening.

Barbara*: I have heard about you, as Boss, a few times? Who are you? Who are the others? How many Gods are on Earth?

Samuel: This is a funny word, “Boss”… Human beings think because they were taught that way that there is only one God. As a matter of fact there is. The God of law and order of the universe is one, but he has sons. My Brother, ENLIL and I are on Earth in the spirit forms nowadays. As the Medium has mentioned, we have an earthly sense of humor so when someone is calling me “Boss” there is no anger inside me. Often I don’t say my real name in order to decrease the distance between me and the person chatting with me. People are afraid of us, dread us. This is why we use different ways to reduce the level of fear amongst human beings and ourselves. The Boss, it is I, Samuel. So I’m listening.

Barbara*: Is there one of the Health Chakras still in Poland? If so, when is it going to be open?

Samuel: Poland has two main Chakras in this geomagnetic net. One is situated in the Sleza Mountain, and the other in Wawel, Krakow. There are Chakras in other places as well, but with less significance. There are more, but the two main ones have the strongest power. I’m listening.

Barbara*: Is it true that Jesus is reborn? In which country is he living?

Samuel: I could ask this person for a private session, but I’m not going to do this for one simple reason. Often, in order to gain some fame, people write strange stories. Jesus is together with me on Earth, but in the spirit form. He was born 2000 years ago when the Era of Pisces began. If the person is still not satisfied with my answer, then I will ask them for a private hypnotic session. He came in human body form 2000 years ago, was given a name, Jesus. His true name is ENLIL. There is no other truth. Next question.

Barbara: Samuel, how many people will be rescued by opening the gate of time in Egypt? How many people will survive if the gate is closed in December 2012?

Samuel: All those who have open hearts, those who keep their faith in survival. We won’t be looking at the skin color or whether someone believes or not. We will be looking into people’s hearts. Everyone can survive. I repeat once more the people’s lives are in their hands. It depends on whether you like to live or not and remain on Earth. Next question.

Barbara: Can we find out the reasons of the Templarians exterminations?

Samuel: Templarians – there were no Templarians extermination at all. Simply this order was constantly changing its name. They still exist under a different name. What is written about their extermination is not true. Templarians are not continuously growing up in power and their order is in Poland. It is called the Maltan Knights. Let the person who asked the question know that the spirit and energy of Templarians will continue to grow, and it is only a matter of time that we are going to hear about them again. Next question.

Barbara*: What are the future prospects for Chicago and America?

Samuel: Chicago… the city very close to my heart. I have told it before but the person didn’t pay enough attention and therefore he wants to hear it once more. Well Chicago will be quite a safe place, but not exactly the safest. Some signs will appear in Chicago. The first of it will be the increase of cases of people who are taken ill by some unknown illness, and here our gift to you will turn out to be a perfect remedy. America in general is not invulnerable. New York for example will still be tormented by hatred. If you can, remove yourselves to more peaceful terrain. Next question.

Barbara*: Will the volcano in the Yellowstone’s National Park erupt in the near future?

Samuel: Not for years… Not for years. There is not much time left until the year 2012. Many events must take place during these few years. Is it going to erupt? As I have said, how The Twelfth Planet will affect the Earth is one thing, and how Mother Nature will behave is another. The volcano will erupt, but we can interfere and make the eruption less powerful, as well as making the effect milder. I repeat once more – the fate of the Earth and people lies in your hands. I can only ask, I can only mention, point out the way, show people what to do, how to survive this cycle which is unavoidable. You know how to protect the Earth, but if you do not open “the safety” there is nothing more for me to do but to inform those of you who would like to listen, how to survive. Next question.

Barbara*: How should we treat our dream visions, for example, the visions of flight collisions? Is it a form of guidance from someone?

Samuel: That’s right. If the telepathic guidance can’t help we try to give that information via a dream vision. Only open-hearted people can read it. Very often the dreams are authentic, but when people having such a vision seek help by asking scientists’ advice, they are often made fun of. The scientists don’t want to listen about things which are not proven by science. Therefore we, the highly intelligent beings, first address ourselves to simple people because their minds are open. The mind of a scientific person is closed and they don’t want to accept dreams as a means of communication. They don’t acknowledge things such as dreams. So if you have visions, don’t be afraid to talk about them, because in the coming year we will have lots of events and the number of people who see these dreams will grow. Next question.

Barbara: Many questions from the audience have been put aside because they were private. Other questions which were previously answered in former sessions and are available for the public, we are not going to repeat. There is a question: Can we hear something more about the Sleza Mountain secrets?

Samuel: Now I must bow towards scientists who are sitting here in this hall and having terrifying thoughts about what else will be said today. I promised to speak only about those facts that are safe. The Sleza Mountain is in the spotlight not only to scientists but also to the treasure seekers. Therefore, for the sake of good work and in the good name of science, which has put so much effort into this job, I cannot say more. I can only reveal that many new things will happen in Sleza. In a very simple way, science will enter a cave which is situated halfway to the Sleza Mountain. This fact wasn’t predicted so there is no record in any historical documents. We will display a sculpture which you named, “The Maid with the Fish.” The name has nothing in common with the sculpture, anyway. The sculpture is to be set in the place where the rituals of the Sun God worship were performed. Regarding the excavations and what will be discovered, as well as seen by scientists in the Sleza mine, I can’t speak of right now. Next question.

Barbara*: Samuel, can you tell who Piast really was? What was Piast’s role in history? Why did he become the Father of the Polish nation? Is there any particular message?

Samuel: The divine beings who arrived on Earth many thousands of years before and civilized the people, they are coming to Earth in order to complete some task or mission when it is necessary. The question was asked: Piast – The Prince Piast. Who was he? Well, long before he was born there was a Goddess who worked on improving human beings. She was named by the people, the Mother Goddess, the Parental Goddess. She would like to play some role in the human history. Since the Marduk times, the Sleza Mountain had been known as the very powerful and mysterious one. So she decided to be reborn in Poland to fulfill her dreams. The person reborn is known as Prince Piast. Once she was the Parental Goddess and then she wanted to be known in Polish history, so she was reborn. Next question.

Barbara*: With regard to this fact, do Polish descendents and all Slavs have to fulfill some special assignment?

Samuel: Everyone can have the same task. The mission and role – it’s all the same. The assignment to fulfill is to save the Earth. The Slavs have very open hearts. They are very open to love. If the Slav would like to look deep into their hearts, they could write down their names not only on the pages of the Polish history, but also on the pages of the world one. Next question.

Barbara*: What was the reason for the Mother Goddess reincarnation in the Piast body, especially in Poland? Is there any message left from those times? Should the Polish nation achieve anything?

Samuel: Messages, signs, this is all within humans. I must touch to believe. The Mother Goddess, next Piast – of course she left a sign for the future. The sign is to those who will live in the era between the end of Pisces and beginning of Aquarius. This time is the most significant. It is actually the time when the fate of the Earth will be put in balance. She left the sign, or better to say the Prince Piast did, but it must be excavated in order to get it. It is not hidden inside the stone chest, but in the mine. The next sign from Piast, alias the Parental Goddess, you can receive when the sculpture with the fish will be moved to the place where the Sun cult is worshipped. There are two places in the Sleza Mountain where you can find real evidence that the Price Piast was an extraordinary person. All Slavs were born in Poland and have in their veins Slavic nature and are extraordinary people, so appreciate it. As I have said at the beginning – open your hearts and allow yourselves to be led. Next question.

Barbara*: Another question from the audience. Samuel, would you like to make some announcement to the people who came to our meeting today?

Samuel: Frankly speaking, the announcement was read as a prologue. I can only add one word, which if you open your hearts will have a great impact on your consciousness. The word is simple: Love. The second important thing – I will return my attention to the Health Chakra which I’m passing on in your hands. This is a gift from my Brother and I as a way to thank you for our reception and acceptance. I can add here – those people who would really like, will receive our energy, blessing and refuge. Your life and the life of people close to your hearts lie in your hands. Only this I can say.

Barbara*: Samuel, there is another question from the audience. Can you compare Buddha to Jesus? Who was Buddha? Can you make a comparison between his teachings and the ones of Jesus?

Samuel: Buddha is not an incarnation of Jesus. All the teachings, which proclaim the truth, which refer to love and respect for another person are the God’s origin. If you are really in love, then it doesn’t matter whether it is Buddha or a different denomination. What really counts is your attitude towards other people; your heart. But I repeat once more – Buddha is not Jesus and no one has the right to use his name. Next question.

Barbara*: Samuel, what is the mission of Jesus, the Mother Goddess and you on the Earth at the present time?

Samuel: They have the same mission as I have – we want to rescue as many human creatures as possible. We want as many people as possible to understand, not for them to die, before the oncoming catastrophe. We all have the same goal – the salvation of the Earth.

Barbara*: Do people in their intentions to rescue the human race interfere with the will of God? God created the Twelfth Planet which must fulfill its task, so maybe a partial mankind annihilation should take place in order to rescue the mother Earth?

Samuel: The mother Earth will exist even if the Earth becomes an uninhabited planet. This is not interference with the God’s deed. The Father of the Gods commends us to rescue the human race. I have already mentioned – every creature, even the bad ones, possess within themselves the godly element; therefore it is not our goal to exterminate everybody. We will save those who want to be rescued. Those who beg for extinction, well, will be gone. As said by the Father God – the Earth will become a paradise and the dwellers will be in possession of the godly element, they will understand how to use it. It’s enough to know that the Twelfth Planet at this time is dead. The Earth will be inhabited. Next question.

Barbara: That’s all of our questions for today Samuel. We thank you sincerely.

(bringing Lucyna out of the altered state of consciousness)

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