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Session 1


Wroclaw, Poland, May 6, 2001
Session with Ms Lucyna Lobos
Session conductor: Mrs. Lucja Szajda (clinical psychologist)
Assistance: Ms Iwona Stankiewicz

“Question” – Question from sessions conductor, Ms. Lucja Szajda
“Lucyna” – Lucyna Lobos – answer to the question

(…….) After bringing the subject into an altered state of mind.

Qusetion: In a moment you will come back to Earth into one of your previous incarnations. When you touch Earth with your feet you will be in your previous life in Egypt, at the time when the Pyramid of Cheops was being built and you will tell what you see. Look around and tell me what you see?

Lucyna: I see a well, a young girl is standing by it…. a desert is around. By this well I see some constructions, a small building made of stone. High Priests are arriving to see my parents…. I am given by my parents to the Temple. The young girl is me.

Question: What kind of Temple is it?

Lucyna: Temple of Goddess Isis.

Question: What are you doing there?

Lucyna: I am going to serve the High Priest. He is the main builder of the Pyramid. The Priest is named Juno. In the Temple I am supposed to be tested and purified. The Temple is not far from the Nile River. I don’t see the Pyramid. After purification there will be initiation…. I am being prepared to serve the High Priests. I don’t see how long this was going on for…

Question: Your “purification”, what was it?

Lucyna: I was kept in a closed room. This was terrifying… the only food was water… This went on for several days.

Question: How did you feel there?

Lucyna: I was so unhappy, lonely… I thought I will die.

Question: But you didn’t die. What happened later?

Lucyna: I don’t see how long I was there…. Now I am by Juno’s side and there are preparations being made to build the Pyramid.

Question: Are they building already?

Lucyna: No. There are preparations which start from preparing the storehouse for the construction. People need a place to live. They are putting up tents… a lot of tents… Everywhere you look there are tents… They are building new ones. They are also building a Temple Tent. It will serve Cheops and Juno. It is a strange tent… this is going on for some time… I don’t see the time. I am by the High Priest… He is very good to me.

Question: Do you talk to him about the construction?

Lucyna: I am with him all the time.

Question: Do you see how they are building the Pyramid?

Lucyna: They are not building it yet. Preparations are still taking place.

Question: What are they doing? What is going on?

Lucyna: They are bringing people in and putting them in tents. I see a whole city of tents.

Question: Did you see the plans for the construction?

Lucyna: No, the plans are a secret. They are known only by Cheops and the High Priest Juno. They are bringing some animals to help in works. Preparations are happening very fast… everybody is happy, nobody is forced to do anything… They are waiting for Cheops…

Question: What is the function of Juno, the High Priest?

Lucyna: He is the Head Priest, he serves the Pharaoh.

Question: Are you by his side?

Lucyna: I am always by his side. He is finishing building the subsidiaries for people and animals. They are finishing populating the region… Cheops himself is coming… He is about 35 – 40 years of age, he is a very handsome man, he has so much dignity. He tells people that the construction of the Pyramid is starting now… Cheops and Juno are telling people that they will only be helping… Their work will not be hard…. there is even more excitement.

Question: How do you feel when you listen to his words? What is going on with you?

Lucyna: I was fascinated. I was happy that I met Flying Brothers, White Brothers or Angels…

Question: Where are they supposed to come from?

Lucyna: Cheops says that they are coming from Other Earth.

Question: When are they supposed to come?

Lucyna: They are here. Beyond our moon is their main base.

Question: How do you know that they are here?

Lucyna: Cheops told everybody.

Question: Do you believe him?

Lucyna: Yes, I have confidence in him, he is good. People cannot understand it…. I myself could not understand it…

Question: Did you see them?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: When did you see them?

Lucyna: They arrived quickly because the works started… they are working with transporting huge stones to the construction site…

Question: The preparations take a long time?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: Did you see the building plans?

Lucyna: No, they have the plans… they give orders to Cheops. They will be building from the beginning… stone after stone.

Question: What else do you see?

Lucyna: I see the vehicles they use.

Question: What else do you see? Look at the Pyramid and chambers in there. Can you tell me what you see?

Lucyna: I will describe what I see. At the base of the Pyramid is one chamber, or rather a space. It is from the side of the Queen’s Chamber. The other is from the side of the Cheops’ Chamber and there is a third and the last two – these are above the King’s Chamber. The chambers are situated one on top of the other… I don’t see more secret chambers. The last one is at the top of the Pyramid and it is big in size.

Question: Is there an entrance to these chambers?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: Where, can you say where?

Lucyna: The connection with all chambers, which are not yet discovered, is in the King’s Chamber. It is hidden.

Question: The construction has started and is still going on?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: How long does it take?

Lucyna: The whole construction, including the corridors which are around the Pyramid took twenty years.

Question: Where is the tomb of Cheops, can you point it out?

Lucyna: It is not in the Pyramid… it is not there.

Question: Where is it?

Lucyna: Outside, next to the Pyramid.

Question: Do you know where?

Lucyna: I know.

Question: Describe precisely where.

Lucyna: I will describe the place where he is buried.

Question: Did you die together with him?

Lucyna: No.

Question: Was it your desire?

Lucyna: Yes, I wanted to… I had to witness everything…

Question: Why do you know where he is buried?

Lucyna: I will describe. The Sphinx is not by accident situated by the Pyramid. It has a connection with the grave.

Question: The death of Cheops was tragic and you know where he is buried. He is not in the Pyramid?

Lucyna: No.

Question: So where? Next to it?

Lucyna: I cannot describe it mathematically but I can draw it.

(description of the site of the tomb of Cheops)

Question: What is going on at the construction site? Is it finished?

Lucyna: They are bringing the stones to the construction site. The stones are transported by ships.

Question: Air ships?

Lucyna: Yes, by air. This went on for a long time.

Question: How did those ships look?

Lucyna: Some of them are square; some have a shape of a cigar, others are corn-shaped…

Question: How big are those ships, do you see them?

Lucyna: Huge.

Question: Do you see anybody inside them?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: How do they look?

Lucyna: They are very tall, very beautiful. They wore space suits which cover their bodies completely. They wear helmets.

Question: How do they treat people?

Lucyna: Very friendly. They ask us to call them “Friend”.

Question: Why are they building the Pyramid?

Lucyna: It is a message.

Question: What do they want to convey to the people?

Lucyna: The existence of Second Earth.

Question: Why? We already have one Earth.

Lucyna: Yes, but not the same as the other one.

Question: So what kind?

Lucyna: Perfect, clean, without evil.

Question: Let’s come back to the construction of the Pyramid and to the Great Builder. Do you talk to him about the construction? Does he think out loud in your presence?

Lucyna: Yes. He is saying that they are getting ongoing instructions… from time to time Cheops and Juno. They are now going to the special tent which is designated for meetings with White Brothers… because they said that people are dirty… That is where they talk.

Question: Did you see these huge stones, how are they being moved? How it is done?

Lucyna: It is simple. A stone is lifted with a help of some very strange rays.

Question: These stones are huge?

Lucyna: Yes, very huge.

Question: Where are these rays coming from?

Lucyna: From the air ships. A block of stone is hanging in the air, it is being transported…

Question: With rays?

Lucyna: Rays.

Question: There are no other instruments?

Lucyna: No.

Question: And what do you see?

Lucyna: The blocks of stone are being placed.

Question: One upon another? How it is done?

Lucyna: I see how an air ship is lifting the stone. It is first polished; the cutting of the stone is done with a sword which looks like lightning…

Question: Where is this lightning coming from?

Lucyna: From the ship.

Question: What else?

Lucyna: Then some sort of light is lifting the stone, moving it in the air and placing it.

Question: Placing it where?

Lucyna: On the Pyramid – like toy blocks.

Question: Where are these blocks of stone coming from?

Lucyna: On the other side of Nile there are stone quarries.

Question: Did the construction take twenty years?

Lucyna: Such was the decision of the builders.

Question: What else do you see at the construction site?

Lucyna: People working.

Question: What are they doing?

Lucyna: Water.

Question: What about this water?

Lucyna: Water, a lot of water is needed for the construction.

Question: What are they doing with this water?

Lucyna: They are pouring water on stones which were placed by the ship.

Question: And then?

Lucyna: They are placing the next stone and water again.

Question: Because you can move in time move to the moment when the Pyramid is finished. See the funeral of Cheops, your beloved king, can you see it?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: Describe what is going on, where are you?

Lucyna: I am near the Sphinx; the funeral procession is entering close to the Sphinx.

Question: Is there an entrance, a staircase?

Lucyna: There is an entrance, they are entering.

Question: Who is entering?

Lucyna: The funeral procession.

Question: Where are those stairs?

Lucyna: Near by.

Question: Which side of the Sphinx?

Lucyna: Head.

Question: How many stairs are there? Do you see? Are you able to tell?

Lucyna: I will try to tell you – one floor, maybe two. It is fairly deep.

Question: Are they going down underground now?

Lucyna: Yes, underground.

Question: Two floors under the ground?

Lucyna: According to the measure – yes.

Question: What else?

Lucyna: They are carrying the body of Cheops.

Question: Where are they carrying the Pharaoh?

Lucyna: To the place of his rest.

Question: Is this a special chamber?

Lucyna: No.

Question: So, what is it?

Lucyna: Only a prepared tomb which is surrounded with walls of stones.

Question: How does it look inside?

Lucyna: It is empty, only the sarcophagus is there.

Question: How does this sarcophagus looks?

Lucyna: It is square.

Question: Is it built out of a special stone?

Lucyna: No.

Question: So, what kind of stone?

Lucyna: The same stone as the Pyramid.

Question: Where is the sarcophagus placed in this room?

Lucyna: It is almost in the middle of the room… as you enter the tomb. Now they are placing the Pharaoh.

Question: Where are they placing him?

Lucyna: In the sarcophagus.

Question: And what else?

Lucyna: An air ship arrives, they are covering the sarcophagus with a stone. Nobody has to die with the Pharaoh, everyone leaves the tomb.

Question: Where are they going?

Lucyna: They are going outside.

Question: The same way or some other way?

Lucyna: The same way as they entered.

Question: How long does it take to walk?

Lucyna: Very short, it takes a very short time.

Question: Were any treasures or pottery left in this room?

Lucyna: No.

Question: Was anybody left there?

Lucyna: Only the body of Pharaoh.

Question: Nothing else?

Lucyna: Also information tablets.

Question: What is on these tablets?

Lucyna: Who built the Pyramid.

Question: Where are these tablets?

Lucyna: In the sarcophagus, next to Cheops.

Question: How many tablets are there?

Lucyna: Many.

Question: What is written on these tablets?

Lucyna: Precise inscriptions. The tablets are made of a stone similar to granite, but more glossy. Inscriptions were made by High Priests. The inscriptions state who built the Pyramid and what is hidden in it.

Question: What else is the Pyramid hiding? Do you know what?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: So describe what you see?

Lucyna: A chamber.

Question: Where is this chamber?

Lucyna: Above the King’s Chamber there is a secret chamber. There is an entrance to it.

Question: Where is this entrance?

Lucyna: It is in the King’s Chamber, you need to move the empty sarcophagus.

Question: Which way?

Lucyna: In the direction of the first star in the constellation of Orion… Then the entrance will open.

Question: To this chamber?

Lucyna: Yes, the stairs will lead there.

Question: What is in the chamber?

Lucyna: There is a sarcophagus but it’s turned upside down. On top of it is a pyramid made of crystal.

Question: How big is this pyramid?

Lucyna: Not big.

Question: How big?

Lucyna: Maybe one meter or meter and a half.

Question: Is there something inside it?

Lucyna: Yes, there is.

Question: What?

Lucyna: I don’t know. It is some kind of device.

Question: You don’t know what it’s for and how it looks?

Lucyna: It is an electronic device.

Question: Can you guess what it is used for?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: What?

Lucyna: To communicate.

Question: With whom?

Lucyna: With Ashun.

Question: What is it?

Lucyna: The planet from which they came and still come. The Pyramid is the central communication point with the Second Earth. The whole time this device is functions using magnetic fields which flow in both directions.

Question: Is it safe to enter this chamber?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: If someone would enter, would it be dangerous?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: What would happen?

Lucyna: If anybody tries to move the pyramid, the small pyramid, then there would be an explosion…. It is connected with the Pyramid.

Question: It cannot be moved?

Lucyna: No, it cannot. It is safeguarded.

Question: How is it safeguarded?

Lucyna: I don’t know. Getting to the small pyramid without knowledge is impossible. The scientists already know that there is something inside but they cannot find the entrance.

Question: Are there any other entrances?

Lucyna: No, all you need to do is move the empty sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber and doors will open by themselves, the stone will move showing the entrance.

Question: King’s sarcophagus?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: With the King?

Lucyna: Under the Pyramid is King Cheops.

Question: Under the Pyramid? How did he get there?

Lucyna: He is buried there.

Question: The High Priest is buried there too? Why is he buried there?

Lucyna: That is what the Angels desired.

Question: Why?

Lucyna: The secret has to be revealed.

Question: Why does it have to be revealed? Whom will it serve?

Lucyna: To create for people the same Earth as it is there, this was a version of Second Earth.

Question: How it is supposed to happen?

Lucyna: Those who built will come back, they will teach everything, and they will repair what was destroyed by people.

Question: How will they do that?

Lucyna: They will teach how to love and they will give love. Everything was thought out and discussed thoroughly during the construction. Juno spoke to me a lot about all this.

Question: Did he give you a message?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: What did he tell you?

Lucyna: That I will come back.

Question: Where?

Lucyna: To Earth.

Question: Why?

Lucyna: To help people find the tomb.

Question: Who will do that?

Lucyna: A shaman or a person with sincere intentions, and a person with the ability to feel and receive energy. When such a person stands on the grave of the Pharaoh, he will receive enormous vibrations, but only such a person, nobody else, otherwise the energy will not work.

Question: Where does such a person have to stand?

Lucyna: On the resting place of the Pharaoh.

Question: What else?

Lucyna: Then such a person will feel enormous energy and this will be the place.

Question: Is there any particular person?

Lucyna: No, this can be anybody or a person may be chosen. What matters is that the person has sincere intentions and is directed by love. The tomb and the Pyramid are both under tight protection.

Question: Whose protection?

Lucyna: Protection of the builders… The science is watching it very closely.

Question: Why?

Lucyna: I don’t know why science has control over it…

Question: Do they know a lot?

Lucyna: Yes, they know.

Question: What do they know?

Lucyna: They know that the Pyramid has a connection to the Sphinx, to the tomb and a to the pyramid at the bottom of the ocean.

Question: How do we get to the Pharaoh’s tomb?

Lucyna: It is covered by sand.

Question: How do we find it?

Lucyna: There is an entrance. When you turn with your face towards the head of the Sphinx, you will be facing the entrance to the labyrinth. You have to dig, there is no other way.

Question: How deep?

Lucyna: I don’t know. One floor, maybe two. The time did its work, so the labyrinth is now deeper. It was covered purposely.

Question: Is it possible to get there?

Lucyna: It is possible to get to the Pharaoh’s grave but you have to dig… there is no other way.

Question: Should we publish what we know?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: What should we say?

Lucyna: That you know the secret of Pharaoh’s grave.

Question: To whom should we convey this?

Lucyna: To people who don’t look for sensation or money.

Question: Who are these people, how do we find them?

Lucyna: I think there are such people, not thirsty for riches…

Question: Where do we look for them, how do we get to them?

Lucyna: The scientists who also wish to find the Pharaoh.

Question: What do we need to do first?

Lucyna: Say that you know the secret of the Pharaoh.

Question: Is there any particular person?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: Where?

Lucyna: In Cairo, in the museum.

Question: Is it enough to start?

Lucyna: No, publish it and the interested ones will come.

Question: Will they help?

Lucyna: Yes, they will help.

Question: Will the Pyramid and Cheops’ tomb be discovered?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: This will happen?

Lucyna: It must happen.

Question: Now take a deep breath… you feel peace… you were in your previous life.

Lucyna: I am here.

Question: I know, but in a moment you will come back to your present life, you will remember everything but you have one more thing to do. In a moment you will come back to your present body and present life and wake up in your present life enriched by experiences you had before. Now, with peace and understanding of what is going on in your present life in a moment you will lift in the air, leave Egypt and your life there. Start to lift now and leave your life there without sorrow.

Lucyna: Something is holding me.

Question: What is holding you? What are you leaving there or what don’t you want to leave? What is holding you up, tell me?

Lucyna: Chufu.

Question: What is it?

Lucyna: The Pharaoh.

Question: Do you love him?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: He is no longer alive, he reached his peace, you cannot help him. You have to do one more thing (heavy cry of Lucyna), he is resting peacefully, he does not need you anymore… he does not need you… You have one more mission here… your mission there is finished…

Lucyna: I want to say “good bye”.

Question: How do you want to say “good bye”? Take a while and make it the way you wish. What do you feel like doing?

Lucyna: I want to kiss him.

Question: Where do you want to kiss him?

Lucyna: I cannot kiss his face, he has a mask on.

Question: You cannot kiss him but you can send him a kiss. Send him a kiss… Now it’s time to depart… you lived it already… Time to depart…..return to present day.

Lucyna: I am ready now.

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