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Session 2


Wroclaw, Poland, June 11, 2001
Session with Ms Lucyna Lobos
Session conductor: Mr Andrzej Wojcikiewicz
Assistance: Ms Iwona Stankiewicz

Question” – Question from Andrew Wojcikiewicz or Iwona Stankiewicz
Lucyna” – Lucyna Lobos – answer to the question

(…….) After bringing the subject into an altered state of mind.

Question: I will count to three and when I say “three” you will cross the border of emptiness and you will find yourself in the moment, when The Great Pyramid of Cheops was built. Remember, you will be answering my questions and questions of Iwona. You are now in your life 6,500 years ago. Where are you?

Lucyna: I am standing by the Sphinx and I am looking at it. Around me, in the diameter of about one kilometer I can see tents, a lot of tents.

Question: Where are these tents, what side?

Lucyna: Tents are around the Pyramid in a semi-circle.

Question: What year is it?

Lucyna: I can’t see the time. It is the time of the construction of the Pyramid.

Question: What is your name?

Lucyna: They say “Ki”, that means “Life”.

Question: Are you a man or a woman?

Lucyna: I am a priestess sacrificed to the God Ra.

Question: What are you doing?

Lucyna: I am supposed to serve mainly the High Priest Juno, who is the manager and builder of the Pyramid.

Question: Do you talk to him often?

Lucyna: Yes I do, because I am at his side.

Question: Why was the Pyramid built?

Lucyna: The Cheops Pyramid was built to become the key or the gate to the Universe. It was purposely built to serve as a message, as a contact with the Universe and especially to communicate with the Second Earth.

Question: How was it supposed to be done?

Lucyna: It is being done all the time.

Question: How?

Lucyna: I don’t know, I don’t understand it. It is a connection through waves which are going in both directions from the Pyramid to the Second Earth.

Question: Where is the Second Earth?

Lucyna: The Second Earth is in the Constellation of Orion. It is the first star… it is exactly this planet that has a connection with our Earth and with the Pyramid.

Question: Who is building the Pyramid?

Lucyna: They are building it, brothers who came from there, they are the only builders… but they cannot build it directly…

Question: Why?

Lucyna: A direct contact with Earth is dangerous for them.

Question: Why?

Lucyna: Earth is contaminated. Their bodies are not immune to earthly bacteria and if they had a direct contact they would die….

Question: Can people see them?

Lucyna: Yes, people can see them. I see them, but from a distance. They are protected.

Question: How?

Lucyna: By protective clothes, they have protective body suites, helmets on their heads and when they are on the Earth, they don’t take them out.

Question: Do you know any of them?

Lucyna: Yes, they all introduce themselves… I know one… he introduced himself as Olivier… For them names have no meaning.

Question: Is Olivier with you now?

Lucyna: Olivier… yes… he is a Being and only telepathic contact is possible…

Question: How can people get to the Second Earth?

Lucyna: They cannot.

Question: Why?

Lucyna: Until Earth is put in order and cleansed from contamination, people cannot go there. Same with them, with their matter they cannot stay on Earth. The only thing they can do is to take over an earthly body, be born and stay on the Earth for sometime.

Question: How is the Cheops Pyramid supposed to help people in communication with this other Earth?

Lucyna: I said it, the Pyramid is the key or the gate, which leads to the other world. Their purpose is to teach people, enlighten their minds, and to prove their existence in the universe. The main purpose of their being here then and now is to make the human kind perfect.

Question: What does “perfect” mean?

Lucyna: Love… to understand what love is….

Question: What is love?

Lucyna: Love is an ability to see yourself in another human being. It is a desire to receive the best from another human being and to give the best to them. Love… they say… is when you always have a feeling of security… That is love.

Question: Do you feel safe?

Lucyna: I am safe… because I am by their side… That is, by the side of Juno… Cheops… I see them, they don’t see me.

Question: They don’t see you?

Lucyna: No.

Question: Can you ask them when will people be ready to contact them in the future?

Lucyna: I was asking Juno, the Pharaoh and Olivier when this time will come. It will come when people are happy… Juno said…. after they rid themselves of conceit and find love in themselves. Then such day will come.

Question: What will then happen with the Pyramid?

Lucyna: The Pyramid is eternal and will stay eternal. It is a mark of time which will never disappear.

Question: How old are you?

Lucyna: I am young, very young… I am … perhaps… seventeen.

Question: How do you look?

Lucyna: I am very slim, I have long black hair.

Question: How are you dressed?

Lucyna: The way a priestess is supposed to be dressed.

Question: That means how?

Lucyna: In a white robe, long, simple dress.

Question: Is your head covered or not?

Lucyna: It is covered with a white material.

Question: Do you have contact with people?

Lucyna: Yes, my purpose is to help and serve. I am among people and my most important purpose is being in the tents of the medical staff.

Question: Why?

Lucyna: At work some people had accidents and they had to be treated.

Question: Who is you father?

Lucyna: An Egyptian.

Question: What’s his name?

Lucyna: His name was Sufun. I don’t have a father. When parents give their daughter to a temple,

God Ra became my father and Juno became my caretaker.

Question: Who is your mother?

Lucyna: I don’t have a mother either, she is a simple woman. There was a custom… when parents gave their daughter to serve in a temple she had to forget her family.

Question: Are there many priestesses as you?

Lucyna: Many. All were trained to help at the Pyramid construction site… to serve. Each had a different task.

Question: Do you personally know Cheops?

Lucyna: Yes, we met often. I was with Juno but I did not participate in the more important meetings and messages. I was not allowed to participate in the special tent.

Question: Why?

Lucyna: This was forbidden and only they were allowed to participate.

Question: That means who?

Lucyna: Juno and Cheops, they had permission to go to the special tent where they met with White Brothers. Nobody else could go in.

Question: Is this a special place?

Lucyna: Yes, it is special.

Question: How does it look?

Lucyna: It was made of wood and covered with canvas, like other tents. The difference was that there were three rooms in it. First room was for purification.

Question: How was that done?

Lucyna: The second room was also for purification… in the third there were meetings. For the purification Cheops and Juno had to purify themselves for three days in order to prepare for the meeting.

Question: With whom?

Lucyna: With them… the White Brothers. First two days in the first room they had to drink a special liquid prepared for them. On the second day they moved to the second room. There, on the stone table, was a ball which was giving off some blue-violet rays and they were purified there too.

Question: Purified of what?

Lucyna: Of earthly bacteria.

Question: What was done in the first room?

Lucyna: All the internal organs were cleansed. They had to be purified from head to toe.

Question: Do you know what kind of liquid it was?

Lucyna: No, nobody knew it, even High Priests and Cheops, but they trusted completely and subjected themselves to purification without any protests. Only on the third day they could enter the third room, where they had a conference, where they received instructions concerning further construction. Nobody else was allowed to enter the special tent. This rule was respected without any resistance.

Question: How did you call Cheops?

Lucyna: Khufu.

Question: Why so?

Lucyna: I don’t know, this was his nickname and only very close people could call him that.

Question: Were you his favorite?

Lucyna: I don’t think so.

Question: Are you chosen?

Lucyna: I don’t think that either.

Question: So why were you allowed to address him that way?

Lucyna: I don’t know… he let me do it… I was a favorite of Juno, also the builder Olivier liked me too.

Question: How did he show it?

Lucyna: I saw his face… his smile.

Question: Describe how he looked.

Lucyna: Tall, all of them were tall… Olivier had a bright face and black eyes… such a warm look.

Question: Can you touch him?

Lucyna: No, everything was done at a distance.

Question: Where are you now?

Lucyna: I am standing in front of Juno and we are looking at each other.

Question: Is there anybody else with you?

Lucyna: Yes, people who work. It’s daytime, people are fixing the working area after the night shift. They are picking up stones and carrying them outside of the campground.

Question: Is it done by hand?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: Why is your name “Ki”?

Lucyna: I don’t know. Ki – life, such was my name.

Question: Who gave you this name?

Lucyna: High Priests after the initiation.

Question: What was your name before that?

Lucyna: I don’t know, I don’t see the name.

Question: At what stage of construction is the Pyramid now?

Lucyna: It seems that the construction is finished up to the first ceiling… They are putting up the ceiling now.

Question: Where is Cheops buried? In the Pyramid?

Lucyna: No.

Question: Where?

Lucyna: It is planned that Cheops be buried near the Pyramid, not far. He could not be buried in the Pyramid for a simple reason, as Juno said – all prophecies must be fulfilled until the end.

Question: What prophecies?

Lucyna: Concerning people and everything that will happen after the construction is finished.

Question: Do you know these prophecies?

Lucyna: The prophecies were placed in the grave with the Pharaoh. High Priests wrote them. They wrote information passed from Cheops and Juno… These two were dictating and others were writing. Then, as Juno said, when a magic date of 6000 years passes, the gods will return.

Question: Who are they?

Lucyna: People treat the White Brothers from another planet as gods, because they were already perfect then.

Question: Where are these tablets now.

Lucyna: In Pharaoh’s tomb.

Question: Is he alive?

Lucyna: Now he is alive, after the writing of the tablets is completed they will be buried with him. Writing started at the same moment as the construction.

Question: How long did the writings take?

Lucyna: The whole time.

Question: That means how long?

Lucyna: From the beginning of construction. Some tablets, the most important ones concerning the construction, are with the Pharaoh. Other tablets are hidden under the Pyramid.

Question: Where exactly?

Lucyna: In the Secret Chamber.

Question: Where is that Chamber?

Lucyna: Under the Pyramid?

Question: In the basement?

Lucyna: You can call it so.

Question: Deep, how deep?

Lucyna: The height is the same as that of the King’s Chamber. That is the depth of the basement.

Question: Is this Chamber connected with the tomb?

Lucyna: Yes, it is.

Question: How?

Lucyna: The labyrinths are made.

Question: And where is the Pharaoh’s tomb?

Lucyna: Not it the Pyramid, I can show.

Question: So do it.

Lucyna: I have to move to the middle of the Pyramid.

Question: You are now standing with your face towards the sun.

Lucyna: I see, and what else?

Question: Where is the sun?

Lucyna: It’s noon, the sun is shining straight down.

Question: What else?

Lucyna: I am standing with my face towards the sun.

(description of the tomb’s site and how to find it)

Question: When is the tomb supposed to be uncovered?

Lucyna: This time already came… to open the tomb.

Question: Ask Olivier if there is something important that he would like to say?

Lucyna: Yes, there is.

Question: What is it?

Lucyna: The most important thing is for people to believe that the Cheops Pyramid, as well as others, was built only partly with human hands. The hardest work was done by them and they wanted to leave this puzzle for the next generations to come and for those who will be ready to believe. They told us that those who lived on Atlantis did not die, they were all saved, evacuated and placed in different parts of the world. Many of them – as we were told – settled in Egypt… These were very bright people, chosen from the best from the evacuation of the planet that was destroyed, that is why those beings had to be evacuated.

Question: Are you talking about Atlantis?

Lucyna: No.

Question: Was Atlantis on Earth? Was it before or after the Pyramid was built?

Lucyna: Atlantis was drowned twelve thousands years before our age (12,000 BC). It really existed and there are proofs for that. I am saying what I was supposed to say. They were talking about the planet which existed between Jupiter and Mars where there was life similar to ours.

Question: What happened to that planet?

Lucyna: I don’t know, I don’t understand… it exploded after a collision with rocks…

Question: Why these messages?

Lucyna: To let people know, that they are not alone in Cosmos.

Question: To whom should we relay this information in the future?

Lucyna: Juno said… all this information has to be given to people… Not everybody will accept it, those with open hearts and open minds will. Juno said he will return to Earth as well… He is here today… in this time…

Question: Do you mean today?

Lucyna: At the time that I was supposed to talk about, the time when he will come back to Earth again.

Question: What is this time comparing to my time?

Lucyna: It is the zero time.

Question: Explain.

Lucyna: Counting the new era.

Question: From Jesus Christ?

Lucyna: They talked about him… that there will be on Earth a human being who will want to enlighten human minds… From his arrival 2000 years will pass and then the great counting will start on Earth. At that time, on Earth will appear those who lived earlier… those from Atlantis and from the time of Cheops.

Question: Are children of the builders living on Earth now?

Lucyna: I know only what I was told. Juno is alive and he can confirm what he knows… He can be contacted.

Question: How?

Lucyna: He is a shaman in Peru.

Question: What’s his name?

Lucyna: I don’t know his name.

Question: Where in Peru?

Lucyna: He is a famous shaman. He said he will be the guardian of a Holy Mountain.

Question: Where is this Holy Mountain?

Lucyna: In Peru… I don’t know… I am telling what I know.

Question: How can we find him?

Lucyna: Science can find him through those who are interested.

Question: Can he help us now?

Lucyna: He can confirm the words of the priestess.

Question: Where are you now?

Lucyna: I am standing by the Pyramid and I am looking at people digging canals. They are doing it by hand. This will be a labyrinth and a canal to bring water to the Pyramid.

Question: Water to the Pyramid?

Lucyna: Yes.

Question: What is water needed for?

Lucyna: Water is carried by people… they pour it on stone blocks which were earlier placed by air ships.

Question: Are there any chambers under the Pyramid?

Lucyna: There are three chambers. One from the side of the entrance to the Sphinx, second from the side of the labyrinth and with that one a third one is connected, and from the third one is an entrance connected from the Pyramid of Pharaoh’s father… Everything is covered by sand… there is an entrance to this secret chamber with stone tablets… Everything is closed but one can come in from the side of the labyrinth.

Question: Is the labyrinth connected to the tomb of Cheops?

Lucyna: Yes, the labyrinth was built to leave a puzzle for next generations, to make it more difficult to find… It was said that people will look for it, so the way to the tomb was build as labyrinth.

Question: Who can find the tomb in 6,500 years?

Lucyna: The tomb is supposed to be found now.

Question: What does “now” mean?

Lucyna: Cheops said so… When zero hour comes he has to see the sun… that means the tomb has to be uncovered.

Question: Did he say who was going to discover his tomb?

Lucyna: Anyone who cares about the well-being of Earth and people, anyone who does not want the human race to vanish.

Question: Now ask Olivier if I could also help to find the tomb? (question from Andrew)

Lucyna: It’s not by accident… Olivier is speaking now to me… you were chosen purposely, so you can help to wake up the Pharaoh…

Question: How can I help?

Lucyna: You can help with your bright mind.

Question: Who else?

Lucyna: You will be guided by an invisible hand. They will put people in your way, who will become interested… It’s not by accident that you were chosen.

Question: Do you want to say anything more before you return?

Lucyna: Yes, I want to say what was being told. When I come back to Earth, after I live for sometime, I will start receiving messages, and I am not supposed to keep them to myself but pass them on… Cheops said… a message is always given telepathically, twice a year, on the first day of spring and the first day of fall. Then, the people with the right predispositions will find themselves in the Pyramid. Then in their language they will receive information concerning the construction of the Pyramid… about ongoing and regular contacts… Such messages are transferred by waves to the Pyramid from the Second Earth.

Question: Is it all that you wanted to say?

Lucyna: No, I am not ready yet. They said that a day will come, that people will obtain knowledge to fly to cosmos. However, their purpose will not be a peace mission, but a mission to dominate the Universe. I was supposed to tell people when I return, that on Mars there is a base used before further trip to Earth. It was said that people will go to Mars… I was also supposed to say, that until the humans’ mission becomes a peace mission, they will not allow anyone to come close to them, to the base on Mars. Their mission towards Earth is that of peace.

Question: Thank him for that… Are you ready now for your return?

Lucyna: No, still no.

Question: What else is interesting there?

Lucyna: Juno, the main High Priest did not die with the Pharaoh… nobody died with him. Everybody survived…After the construction was finished people were allowed to take everything they needed. The High Priest was buried in the tomb of Priests, together with other priests, also near the Pyramid. It was also said that their tombs will be plundered by people looking for treasures and that is what happened. The priestess Ki comes back ill to her village and her parents. I am dying there and I am buried in the tomb for the poorest people.

Question: How old are you when you die?

Lucyna: When I die I am forty years old… I die out of sorrow and longing.

Question: Longing for who?

Lucyna: For those I loved…

Question: Whom did you love?

Lucyna: I loved Juno, I loved Olivier, I loved Cheops, I also loved White Brothers…

Question: Is Cheops alive?

Lucyna: Cheops is not alive, Cheops died first.

Question: How did he die?

Lucyna: He died by his own request right after the construction of the Pyramid was finished… because it was said that when the constriction ends, Cheops will pass away.

Question: He died?

Lucyna: He died in a strange manner… He went to the Temple and there his body was found… He was dead.

Question: Did he commit suicide?

Lucyna: No, he died, he left his body.

Question: Now, are you ready to come back?

Lucyna: It’s very hard for me to leave all of them… leave the place I was so attached to.

Question: Please, thank them for telling us all this… You will return in a moment… feeling of happiness will be with you… This feeling is now with you… It will help you to live…

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