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Session 11

Wrocław, Poland, March 31, 2003

Lucyna Łobos (in regression)
Iwona Stankiewicz, Andrzej Wójcikiewicz

These are fragments of session #11. Answers are given by Spiritual Being whom we call Samuel through Ms Lucyna Lobos through telepathic channeling.

Question: Now, I would like to move to questions from Patrick Geryl, author of the book THE ORION PROPHECY. Patrick asks why and when the Great Labyrinth with 3000 rooms was built?

Samuel: In that case I will direct my answers directly to Patrick. Greetings to you Patrick. In order to understand the roots of this matter – we have to broaden the topic. Why was the Labyrinth built? Existence of Atlantis is a fact – and when humans moved from Atlantis to the remaining parts of Earth – they also took with them their knowledge, their beliefs and everything else. On the Island of Atlantis was also a Labyrinth and when people from there moved to Egypt, they decided to build a similar Labyrinth in Egypt. Is there 3000 rooms? Here I might have some doubts. Maybe when counted with corridors, but according to my calculations I think there aren’t that many. However, I know for a fact, that the Labyrinth is connected with Giza. It’s as if worms made these corridors. Through the Labyrinth you can get to the Pyramids and to the Sphinx. It is constructed so that the whole system is connected with Pyramids, especially with Cheops Pyramid. I am listening.

Question: How large is the Labyrinth?

Samuel: I will try to describe it differently. The Labyrinth starts from a former town called the Town of Crocodiles. It includes the Lake Moeris. Further it encircles the Lake and is spreads towards the Pyramids. That’s the location of the Labyrinth. I would like to add something very important about the Labyrinth. There are entrances to it very simple to find. There is an entrance by the third Giza Pyramid. Three Pyramids are connected with each other. The third Pyramid is already connected with the Labyrinth. Therefore, it is not difficult to enter the Labyrinth. It would be much more difficult to walk through it. Anyone who enters the Labyrinth without its knowledge – simply dies. Patrick – the Labyrinth also has a connection with the Cheops Tomb. It is all one. I am listening.

Question: When and why was the Labyrinth built?

Samuel: The construction of the Labyrinth started before the construction of the Sphinx. It was about your earthly 500 years before the Sphinx was started.

Question: Why?

Samuel: Purpose – to transfer everything what was on Atlantis. Preserving the history as it was on Atlantis. As you know – everybody had to leave that island, but people who lived there could not forget nor accept what they’ve lost. Therefore they wanted to create a similar island, similar history as they’ve had on Atlantis. I am listening.

Question: Does the legendary “Golden Chamber” or a “Circle of Gold” exist in the Labyrinth?

Samuel: Not just one – when you get to it, and you can – you can find there many rooms full of gold. But what does gold mean when you compare it with history? What does it mean – when people are dying? With gold – Patrick and Andrew – you cannot feed people. And if you want to know which entrance is the closest to the Circle of Gold – there is such an entrance. In the middle of the artificial Lake Moeris there are Pyramids. Maybe it sounds strange to you – but it’s true. These Pyramids were called… strangely… the gates. You can enter to the Labyrinth from this Pyramid and it is enough to walk some of your earthly kilometers, and in between the Pyramid and the Lake Moeris there you will find the Golden Circle. In these rooms are golden artifacts, golden money which was used on Atlantis and many other priceless items. As you know, the alchemists who lived on Atlantis were able to produce gold chemically. They did not have to dig it from the ground. Gold was very common on Atlantis. Silver was more valuable, Andrew. I am listening.

Question: The next question from Patrick is: where precisely is this Circle of Gold? Is it under water and what is in the rooms?

Samuel: Under water is the entrance to the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth itself is not flooded. Just some parts of it were filled with sand. The rest is empty, which means that the corridors are ready to be used. I am listening.

Question: Patrick has an impression that there is only one pyramid by the Labyrinth. He asked for a precise location of the Circle of Gold. Can it be excavated now and measured to reach it?

Samuel: I will try to do it, Andrew. When you are by the Pyramids – go to the last Pyramid.

Question: Which Pyramids?

Samuel: Giza. Go not from the side of the Pyramids but from the side of the sun at noontime. It is an open space of the last Pyramid. Stand in the middle of the Pyramid. And when you are in the middle – wait for the noon hour. The angle of the sun rays will show you exactly the place where you have to dig. I will make it easier for you. As you know – the area of Giza is a great mystery. Well – calculate the distance between the Lake Moeris and the last Pyramid. Then – divide that distance in half and that’s the place where you have to dig. But I’d like to warn you – it is quite deep. And here you need to dig a few levels down. According to my calculations the depth is about the height of the Sphinx. Remember. Divide the distance between the last Pyramid and the Lake Moeris and there you can dig directly to the Circle of Gold. I am listening.

Question: Here is a very important question from Patrick. Will the knowledge contained in the Labyrinth help to save the human race from complete annihilation?

Samuel: Not only the knowledge or excavation of the Labyrinth. The Earth and humans can be saved by opening the channel. What channel – you already know. And now I can direct my words to your friend Patrick. All this was not built for nothing and situated in one area, that is Egypt and the area of today’s Giza. Both are closely connected, and when you start opening the channel connecting the Earth and Orion – all the other mysteries will start revealing themselves. The next thing to make your life easier. All three Pyramids are connected underground, from the Cheops Pyramid to the third one. You can walk between all three. From the third Pyramid you already enter the Labyrinth. You ask about the meaning… Everything is interconnected. The Sphinx is very important. The Pyramids and the Labyrinth form one whole and they are supposed to cooperate together. Then the human race can be saved. But if they keep being stubborn – they will leave Earth. I am listening.

Question: Where can 36 hieroglyphs written on a wide wall be found? Those describing the theory of how a former civilization was able to calculate the date of a previous cataclysm?

Samuel: All previous civilizations were cooperating very closely with us, Andrew. It was us who throughout all these centuries wrote down the information, using human hands. The question “where” is a very important one. And again, to make life easier for those who are going to look for it – I will tell. Everything which is important and needed to validate our existence is inside the flooded Pyramid under the Lake Moeris. As you know the Lake is not a natural one. It is artificially built, and the water was brought from the Nile. I am listening.

Question: How many Pyramids are by the Labyrinth around Lake Moeris?

Samuel: Two. Only two and both are flooded. There was a third one, but it was destroyed by time. It was the least important one so we allowed it to happen. I am listening.

Question: Patrick has an impression that there is only one Pyramid there and that it is built from sand bricks. Is this the destroyed one?

Samuel: Yes, that’s the one which no longer exists. Those that are flooded are built from stone. They are in the middle of Lake Moeris. And I will insist on this information.

Question: Samuel, how is the knowledge written in the Labyrinth connected to the knowledge contained in the Cheops Tomb?

Samuel: We had to create many avenues, Andrew, which would lead to the same point. When the Great Labyrinth and then Sphinx were being built, it was said: “At some point we will build a message”. This message was the Cheops Pyramid. Everything, I repeat again, everything leads to the same point – the Central Point of Earth’s Axis – which is the Cheops Pyramid. I am listening.

Question: Samuel, is the excavation of the Labyrinth or its part as important as excavation of Pharaoh Cheops’ mummy?

Samuel: Less important – if I could describe it that way. It is important for the history, because excavating even a part of the Labyrinth will give humans – or differently – the scientists, something that they at present time laugh at. They think that there was nor Atlantis nor many other things. This will open their eyes and prove that they are wrong and that human civilization is many, many thousands of years older. Therefore you need to find this place which I described and help these “stone heads” open their eyes. I am listening.

Question: Samuel, what role does the energy of Patrick Geryl have in the Cheops Project? How can he help?

Samuel: As you know, Andrew, all the paths lead in one direction, to one purpose. You also know that you are not the only ones. Many were selected. Patrick is supposed to serve with his knowledge. His knowledge about the Pyramid, what is going to happen, and why the Pyramid was built is still poor, because all the time he was very much pre-occupied with the Labyrinth. Therefore, Patrick will initiate with his stubborn character, what is called “opening of the gate”. He will be intrigued by all this and with the triangle which was created. The triangle – meaning what was drawn around the Pyramid: The Pyramid – the Sphinx and – the Labyrinth. I am listening.

Question: Does he have a chance to excavate the Labyrinth?

Samuel: He has the same problems as you do. And we do too. You have the knowledge, which we are passing to you, but you don’t have the gold (money). Those who could facilitate this work are waiting for money because they think that with gold everything can be fixed. Therefore, I would like to suggest something important, which can also be used by Patrick. I gave you the location you asked for. Tell this “wise man” whose name is Hawass that the Golden Circle is waiting for him. To all of you that were selected – the most important this is saving Earth and the human race. To others, who could help, gold is most important. Well, Hawass will get the gold. He will get a lot of it. I am listening.

Question: Samuel, this question is from me. Patrick is absolutely convinced that in 2012 there will be a global catastrophe and reversal of earthly poles. He thinks that nothing can stop or prevent this event due to the same planetary situation of the stars as it was when Atlantis disappeared… Is this…

Samuel: Andrew, I will stop you. It is enough… What Patrick is saying is not entirely true. In the main matter – he is right. Indeed – humans have no influence on what is going to happen. Here Patrick is right. If nothing significant happens – our intervention, our energy – will start to influence Planet Earth more. We will use the power of nature. However, Planet Earth cannot leave the cosmic scene and its location. It has to stay as is. The only thing we can do is to radically clean Earth. Will this be in 012 – it is questionable, because “Mission Pharaoh” is starting to gain momentum. If the Pharaoh does not see the sun – the light, the events in 012 might really be on the global scale. There will not be a global cataclysm, but cataclysms will take place. And here I would like to calm you down and calm down Patrick. Continue acting the way we suggest and the cleansing of Earth will be done quite differently. However, if human stubbornness will be as strong as it is now, the cleansing will happen the way I described previously. Regretfully I have to say that we will keep our word. I am listening.

Question: Is there anything else I could pass on to Patrick from you?

Samuel: Yes Andrew. There is something you can convey to him, and I can too. Patrick has a message from Orion; however he is not yet aware of it. We don’t have direct contact with him, because he strongly resists what we want to communicate to him. He often hears a voice but he ignores it out of normal, earthly fear, thinking that it could be a sign of illness. Patrick, your body and your mind are healthy, so allow yourself to listen to us. Allow us to convey to you words coming from us and from Orion. I am listening.
Question: Can Patrick and his knowledge help us to decode the tablets which are in Cheops Tomb? (question from Yvonne)
Samuel: These tablets are written in understandable language. Obviously he can help because he knows ancient Egyptian language, but everyone familiar with this language can do it. Information about the human race and the world – as I mentioned – with precise description are found inside the Pyramid in Lake Moeris. I am not being malicious – my friends. Indeed – there is an entrance there and you can enter it easier than the Cheops Tomb.

Question: Thank you Samuel. Now Yvonne has a question.

Samuel: Go ahead Yvonne, I am listening.

Question: Welcome Samuel. How did contacts with Orion look before the closing of the channel? Meaning, before Jesus came to Earth?

Samuel: Very wise question you asked. Indeed, contacts before the coming of the Great Leader, in other words the Prince of Peace, took place regularly. People did not send rocket ships at that time, because they didn’t have them, but in reverse the being from beyond Earth visited Earth. To prove what I am telling you, I am recalling the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament, who had direct contact with Orion. At that time people were more open and simple. They treated such beings as angels who came from heaven to Earth to bring humans information. In various parts of the world, such contacts were something normal and regular. At the moment when Jesus came to Earth – that exact night – the channel was closed. I am listening.

Question: Is the energy of Jesus close to Earth now or is it in another dimension?

Samuel: Yvonne, not only His but also energy of others – the energy of Gabriel, Michael and many other Spiritual Beings. All of them are already close to Earth. They are waiting for a sign given directly from God to begin action, an enormous action.

Question: What kind of action?

Samuel: Such as you are already seeing – cleansing. I am listening.

Question: You mentioned the existence of a civilization from Sirius B. Do Sirius A or Sirius exist as separate civilizations?

Samuel: Those planets exist, but physical life exists only on Sirius B.

Question: Were the change of magnetic field and the poles shift the actual causes of Atlantis’ annihilation?

Samuel: As you know from astrology and astronomy, the continents are constantly moving. Atlantis – as the name itself says – existed on the Atlantic Ocean and was connected with North America and other lands. The sole center of Atlantis was situated in volcanic mountains, and they were active. In reality, Atlantis perished from an explosion of a volcano and it was then devoured by water.

Question: Was the explosion caused by the change of magnetic field and the poles shift?

Samuel: Partly yes, because the tectonic plates inside Earth shifted. That caused other parts of Earth to move as well.

Question: I understand from the answers received so far, that people from Atlantis derived their knowledge and technology from you?

Samuel: At that time also from Sirius B. They were perfect then. When it was known that destruction is coming – which meant breaking away of the land and sinking – it was necessary to quickly evacuate people from Atlantis. Those from Sirius B helped. They also helped in the evacuation of those from the planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter.

Question: These are all the questions. We thank you Samuel.

Samuel: It is pleasant to hear the words Thank You. If your questions are finished, then I thank you as well.

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