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Session 12


Wroclaw, Poland, April 13, 2003
Lucyna Lobos (in regression)
Łucja Szajda, Iwona Stankiewicz,

These are fragments of session #12. Answers are given by a Spiritual Being Samuel, through Ms Lucyna Lobos during a telepathic channeling session.

Question: Welcome Samuel. My first question is: In the book “Conversations with God” by Neale Walsch, it states that a human being was created in the image of God. The focus is placed on creation and the godly element in a human being. Could you please explain it?

Samuel: Of course. God’s intention was for the human beings to be made in his image and likeness – which means perfect. And Earth was to be a planet of paradise – a planet that would be an example to other beings living in the Universe. This was God’s intention until the moment when the beings from the destroyed planet were evacuated and brought to Earth. Since then, those humans began to introduce “sour dough” to the “good dough”.

Question: What should be the most important thing in a person’s life?

Samuel: Deeds. Good deeds toward another human being. What you sow, you will reap, and this is a holy law of the Universe.

Question: How should we currently treat the Book of Revelation in the bible, written by Saint John?

Samuel: How? Very seriously. They are not inventions of a mentally handicapped prophet. That prophet was writing under divine direction. Maybe those words are not understood, but they are true. The Apocalypse serves as the announcement of the Day of Judgment.

Question: What does the symbol of seven horses mean in the Apocalypse?

Samuel: It also concerns Earth. A horse represents the reign and strength, it’s a symbol. It had to be presented to John that way in order for him to perceive it. I am listening.

Question: The Apocalypse mentions the Eternal City. Which city is it referring to?

Samuel: It does not talk of a specific city. It is said symbolically. This Eternal City will be whole Earth. I am listening.

Question: How can an average person prepare for the new reality?

Samuel: Meditation, good deeds and faith in that real God who is not just a symbol or a creation of someone’s imagination. He really exists. He is alive but He doesn’t possess physical matter like you do. We possess different matter than you, but we are alive.

Question: Does the Pope John Paul II know about the Orion mission?

Samuel: Not only the Pope and not only about Orion. The monk Pio knew a lot and even had contact with beings from Orion. Not long ago, Mother Theresa left this world. She spoke of contacts beyond Earth, about conversations with other beings. And what happened to her? She was considered mentally ill and got expelled from the monastery. She went to the poor and served them. And our Pope? What would happen if he announced: “There are other civilizations and life out there”! I am listening

Question: How will the return to Earth of Enoch and Elijah look in the last days?

Samuel: They will be born again. After year 012, those who lived in the past will come back to Earth, the past prophets and those sent directly by God. They will be born as human beings and they will teach people. They will try to save people, because the whole cleansing will take one day – which is your one thousand earthly years.

Question: Samuel, the information we are giving from You and from Orion is rather frightening to people. Could you tell me how to pass this information in a way that would not make people feel terrified?

Samuel: Practically, there is something to be feared, but if a person has a pure heart and sends out loving energy to the cosmos, why should he be afraid? Everything will be fine then. Everyone should know what’s in his heart, and if he feels that he still needs to accomplish something, he should do it. Fear will not help in anything here. We really do not want to frighten people. We want to help, and that is why we are talking through the prophets and other chosen persons: “Open yourselves to another person”, “Give love to each other”. This is the cure and salvation for Earth. Mutual love – not the hatred that exists now, because that will not save Earth. I am listening.

Question: Is the assistance of people necessary to open the channel between Earth and Orion? Can only Gods do it without the help of humans?

Samuel: What is needed is energy called Love. Here I would like to remind some of you what Love is. Love is an enormous energy that can move mountains. But this has to be a pure love for self and for others, no matter whom and how they are. And here people think that love exists only between a man and a woman. This is some kind of misunderstanding. Love must be towards everyone and it should be directed up towards us and God.

Question: Samuel, this is a question from Patrick Geryl from Belgium. Where precisely are buried the two pyramids of Lake Moeris. They are 90 meters high but still haven’t been found… Can you precisely describe where under the lake they are located?

Samuel: The fact is – you will not be able to dig through the lake. Nobody can do it, because the passing time did its work. Therefore, I indicated for you the other entrance which is safe and secure. Why are you so stubborn and stuck on Lake Moeris? The pyramids there are intact and if your technological level becomes advanced enough to get to them, to those flooded pyramids, then there will be a problem of getting through the water to enter them. When you open the doors – the water will poor in. Hence, I described to you another safer entrance to the Labyrinth. Why don’t you want to use that one?

Question: How deep do we have to dig to get to the tip of the pyramids?

Samuel: Which pyramids?

Question: Those, which are under Lake Moeris.

Samuel: Those pyramids are in the water, but I will go back again to the third Giza Pyramid. There we will have a starting point. How deep is the labyrinth – it was already said. It is as deep as the height of the Sphinx. It will not be less and I cannot change it. I am listening.

Question: Samuel, you indicated that the distance between the third pyramid and Lake Moeris must be divided in half. Lake Moeris is very large. Up to which point of Lake Moeris should we measure this distance?

Samuel: To the shore – from the side of the Pyramid to the shore of the lake.

Question: Samuel, there is an entrance in the brick pyramid. Is it possible to dig further through this entrance and find the Labyrinth this way?

Samuel: Yes, it is possible. If you follow my directions and all that was said until now, you can find it that way. First – you need to receive permission, the same permission that we are trying to obtain with respect to Cheops Tomb. Then everything will be easy. When you get it I will then help you to get to the Labyrinth. I am listening.

Question: From the moment it was constructed – has the Labyrinth been intact or has it been plundered as the Pyramids were? Or is it possible, that there were no robbers?

Samuel: Of course it’s possible. People were not stupid and they knew very well how dangerous it was to enter the Labyrinth. The name “Labyrinth” speaks for itself… You come in – you don’t come out. There were some who attempted to penetrate it, but nobody came out. Others did not try. I am listening.

Questions: This question is from Andrew. Are the civilizations of Lira, the Pleiades and others fighting to influence Earth at this time?

Samuel: No. Now all of those who were earlier interested in coming and visiting Earth are in the state of waiting. In reality, human beings are under strict observations by other planets and by spiritual beings. They are looking at what is happening, how humans are handling everything on Earth. Later, during those one thousand years, they will start to come back to Earth. At this time you can only count on your God Jahwe and his sons, and others who received orders to work in helping to save Earth.

Question: Samuel, I would like to thank You for being our Guardian and I hope that we will learn to love the way you are teaching us to love, with pure love. But I also want to thank You for Your words of encouragement.

Samuel: And this encouragement, not fear, you should pass on to everyone that you meet. From day to day and from year to year people will become more frightened, so they will need encouragement and a feeling of peace, because only peace can save Earth. Peace, love, and trust in your God – the Owner of Earth. I thank you all for this meeting.

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