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Session 279

Public session of telepathic channelling No 279

Łódź, 3 June 2018 year

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian ENKI - through medium Mrs Lucyna Łobos-Brown, answers asked questions.


Małgorzata: We welcome you very warmly our Guardian, our Beloved Friend and Guide. We welcome You v e r y kindly Enki. We have been waiting for you very long, we missed you en masse. I and we all believe that… you will be indulgent for us and you will stay with us till the end, that you will not leave us – especially that we are standing… in front of such a hard time. We also kindly welcome Lucyna and Bill, and all Three of You, and all Spiritual Beings who will honour us here. We are very glad that today we can welcome You here. I warmly welcome.

ENKI: Welcome… I Enki in this current day, on this meeting in Łódź. I am very pleased, that I can today be here. And I am a bit sad, because… I will have some matters to pass, that… have already matured to be passed. Now, it looks like this. In September… in Seventh Sphere, that is so called “Heaven” will occur… Gods’ Council Gathering. It was appointed by God himself. The other sitting of Gods’ Council was… then, when to the Earth… Jesus had to step down. This event truly hadn’t been even planned yet, to gather whole Gods’ Council. The matter is about… Planet Earth. The main question… will be… “and what… next?”. Me as a Earth Guardian and My Brother… Jesus we got the roles… to settlement from these… two thousand years, which they gave us for this guardianship over the Earth, people, so… this will be… settlement. I came back to… questions and answers written by people, by everyone, but I will answer about this matter… in Chicago – at second meeting. Now however… what it will be at Gods’ Council Gathering… it is hard Me to tell, but I know one, that… I will have to settle from these two thousand years, which I received to guardianship the Earth and people. I intentionally split this to two parts, that is first part to announce I had to here, in Łódź about this event, which is going to occur… in September, this year in September. If… people will think, that this is some sort of joke, or will treat this with mockery – well – everyone has a right to free thinking. , but We, I and My Brother, We honestly are afraid of this meeting and this settlement of Us from this work over the Earth. I will now… move to… questions and answers, because… part of things I must keep for… Chicago. If it comes to… (because I have to explaint this), what happened in Chicago, where I asked for… no written questions, no paper, may everyone who wants to ask Me a question come over to the microphone and ask it personally. It was sad to look at, what – was – happening. Literally a few people came over, took microphone and just like that, casually asked question. That was a test, test done by Me, so I could see how Swallows behave. You here are also being treated like Swallow. And now I will have to speak on this subject at… this Gathering, Exceptional Gods’ Council Gathering – what have achieved, what have done Swallows – and here in Poland and there in Chicago. The rest of what I have to say on this subject, I will tell on the meeting in Chicago. And now I am all ears and I listen to the first question. Małgorzata – “fire-off”.

Małgorzata: So we start. I have here a question, which… is… very, very appropriate to the situation. This is a question from Jadwiga. Heartily Regards to the Guardian of the Earth, Enki, Marduk, Lucyna, and Bill. I thank you very much for the Spiritual Protection and Guidance. I would like to find out what will be happening in the nearest years on the Earth? Heartily thank you for answer. Jadwiga.

ENKI: Welcome… Jadwiga. You ask what, will be in upcoming years?! We worry about what will be after this Gods’ Council Gathering in September, and you reach so far. Actually I should be glad, that… after this question is full of uplift such approach, that nothing is going to happen. BUT, Jadwiga – Gods’ Council gather in the most strategic time – then, when it is going to happen very, very important event. And this… is going to happen soon – in September, so I will not answer you about next few years, what will be happening on the Earth – on the Earth and with people. Wait, carefully watch and calmly observe what will be happening. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome again Enki. What “Orbs” [Energy sphers] really are? I know, that this is an Energy, but why sometimes they move fast, and sometimes slow? Do some beings hide under this form? Anna.

ENKI: I will ask you Anna maybe a naive question. Do you always walk slow? 

Person from the room: No.

ENKI: Exactly, do you like to run somewhere, talk over someone… with your sight. That is why these are Spiritual Beings, which… in such a way reveal themself. People earlier, because relatievly “Orbs” do not… appear much earlier – not that long ago, because people demanded SIGNS – “I will believe, but first I have to see”, “it would be the best to touch too”. That is why… these signs, especially… now in this time will be even more, Anna, And that… you see “Orbs” this is a big plus, because not everyone see and not everyone feel presence of the Spiritual Being, and you felt it, so… you can be only happy. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: And second question from Anna. Is it possible, that in this year Lucyna will wake up Pharaon in Giza? Anna

ENKI: Why, are you longing for this Spirit? Spirit already is, there is no point in waking him. You can only… perform that ceremony, about which was spoken much earlier, but I will say specifically. No, in this year Pharaon’s mummy will not be moved to the sarcophagus, because… this exactly has to be done during this ceremony – open the Channel that connects: The Earth with the first Star on the Orion’s Belt. And these three Stars are situated in such a way, that they connect with three Piramids in Giza. This has an enormous meaning, because… the breakthrough will occur, breakthrough on the Earth, where… for thousands years now people await changes for better, but last years brought such a breakthrough, that… people… wait – of course – for these signa from Spiritual World, but in such way: “they should do all for us”, “they should help us… and we as human beings we can only receive”. That is why the Tomb and Pharaon’s Mummy has to go in good hands. And those, who… will reach Tomb itself has to be worth it. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Why on the invitation for the meeting there is a picture of the enormous tree? Does it mean anything? Paweł from Łódź.

Session0279 2018-06-03 img 01 Bilet_Drzewo_279

ENKI: Welcome Paweł. I see this tree and this beautiful card, which also need to be shown as an example of involvement in Chicago. Let them see – NOT ONLY GOOD FOOD, but also involvement of local people. A tree – it is a symbol of life, really spreaded Tree of Life, so… this supposed to mean – coming, arrival to the Earth… from Nibiru Scientists. Also shown is very nicely medium Lucyna and Life, the Tree of Life. That is all. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome Enki. In one of their books, André and Xavier mention about participation in spiritualistic seans, that such a meeting requires plenty of work from the side of Spiritual World. Can you tell us, how does such a meeting like one here look like from Your side? Thank you. Tomasz from London (To Lucyna, quieter voice: It is about the book “Nosso Lar”).

ENKI: So Tomasz, you have on mind this… today’s meeting. I will explain in a moment. However this meeting, about which you read about and in which André from book took part, that is spiritualistic seans, where they were connecting with a spirit, which incarnated here on Earth – this looks like that now, when it comes to such a meeting, which is organized on Earth, and it is about a meeting with a spirit. If such a meeting is not a play, how currently people do by playing in spiritualistic seanses, then… let’s say, because connect with, induce such or another spirit in not a problem, but there is no certainty – who will come. And one can during such a “play” – calling out spirits – make for oneself quite a mess, because… once called spirit later does not want to go and starts to make fun, but of participants of such a meeting. However, when meeting is organized like one here, and arrived people come with intention of participating, with willingness to feel this Energy in this room, then everything is under control and after ending of such a seans Those, who… come from World also Spiritual – let’s say to look closer – all go. However I, received medium for such cooperation, I already control this, in such a way that after… end… My Energy is gone, because for me to use medium, physical medium, I must also use her energy. And as we know – energy is energy, which can be drawn, but it depletes too, so… it works on similar principle – Spiritual World and… People’s World, Earth, which connect with Spiritual World. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: But there is a question from Tytus from Piła. Actually this is not a question. Enki and Jesus, hold on in September. I believe in You, that You will handle on this September Gods’ gathering. Tytus from Piła.

ENKI: And sad and joyful is such a statement. And what else left for Us, than hold on, because… certainly you watch these meetings in the parliament… let’s say here in Warsaw, how they can behave, how they can argue. The difference from Gods’ Council Gathering will look different. Gods will listen, Gods will… look closer… to Us, and then will ask questions. However – after such ending of our interview about ACHIEVEMENTS, this what we have done – there will be questions. And after that there will be an overall report and what next, WHAT NEXT will we do with Planet… Earth. God Almighty Himself, Who sits the highest, will not speak. He will only observe, listen and will not make decission, which he did relatively recently, that is two thousand years ago, because… certainly more than one publication, more than one book  you have read, where… Planet Earth and settled on it people were for long time were subjected with experience and now it was stated, that… experiment Earth, human experiment got out of control, and We have to from this… settle. What decission… will make (it is like in court jury bench, I think it is called this way) over the accused will make their decission – guilty or not guilty. They will make decission and We, I and Brother we still do not know what decission it will be. All we know is that, it will be in September. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: From me question. I wanted to ask, what exactly does it mean for us people, because… that there was a Flood on the Earth we all know ans we also know why. Can such a situation repeat at all? Can it happen, that… Gods’ Council will decide, that life has to disappear from the Earth? – because we know, that Planet will survive, it will handle perfectly without people.

ENKI: Wise question, Małgorzata. The second Flood, like it was before – will not happened. A selection will occur here, but what sort of? I do not know. As a Spirit and Guardian of the Earth I truly do not know. For now, recently I did two experiments. The first experiment was in Chicago about… questions, where I wanted… people to crowdly come to… microphone and I saw, I SAW what… did… Swallows. The second experiment will be touched already in Chicago… about sessions, but I will not expand on that. That is why God Father this time will not punish with such a Flood like it was before. There are other ways. Mother Nature is very angry, will be getting angrier, and… We this time are not allowed to be involved, to interfere. Those who… already has Mark of Life, they… truly don’t have to be afraid. There is prepared Planet, it is quite aloud about it – Second Earth – and… it can be that some people will be spiritualy t a k e n there, to this Second Earth. And how many… people irrevocably, how many spirits will leave the Earth – I will not say that. Anway we must both prepare to what awaits us in September. So that… Małgorzata I called you Swallows, because this is the truth and… Swallows, Małgorzata are signed to Mother Earth. Mother Earth will protect them. That is why… it is necessary to… also… think with care about what can happen on this… Unusual Gods’ Council Gathering. I’m listening further.

Małgorzata: One more question from me. We know my Lord, that… spiritual condition of humanity is in critical state, that is the truth. And many of us are aware of that, but it was also that, you risked your neck for humanity. Forgive me familiarity, but it was like that, and the truth is that, we really count much on that – you will not risk your neck, but you will protect us and we certainly ask You for that.

ENKI: You are right, we will not risk our necks, because… you should also say in plural. The first time when the humanity was supposed to be removed c o m p l e t e l y, and human experiment started again, that is The Earth c l e a n s e d and human experiment – again settlement of the Earth. And it happened then, when it was that historical Gods’ Council Gathering and Gods’ Council was in favour to… c l e a n s e the Earth. Against were two of Us – Me and My Brother Jesus, so also on this Gathering, after a stormy discussion it was said – “Right, you will get two thousand years. One will come to the Earth and will t e a c h people how to live, and the second one – that is Me – take case, take care so these teachings run smoothly”. Well after period of two thousand years – what is the summary? I already don’t want to discuss on this subject. We both are standing in front of the Gods’ Council – for what has been done during these two thousand years. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: (Looking through questions, as if to herself quietly – something kind now, very) We Welcome You Beloved Enki. We would like to thank You with all our hearts for Your care, which you bestow us everyday, for health ours and those close to us, and for all Your advices and for that you are with us everyday. We would like to with all our hearts invite our Father, You Dearest Guardian Enki, Your Son Marduk and whole Spiritual World to our wedding 23rd of June. Basia and Bartek.

ENKI: How kind it is… to hear such a thing. Tear in eye turns. Of course, my children – we will come to your wedding, but about this first part what… will be decided that… has to happen, because… I have mentioned many times already and I told to c o m e t o s e n s e s, to start to understand what is happening on the Earth, so… such… invitation is like honeycomb… for hearts, our hearts, so I in the name of My Brother and God Himself, who will most likely not come but will send Us – we thank you. I will do My best and My Brother will do His best, so that you will be able to feel Our presence, but and for Us this invitation and this visit on your wedding will be such a honeycomb for September. Thank you and I’m listening.

Małgorzata: And we have here questions from Marcel. Welcome Enki, some time has passed, I didn’t contact. I am glad, that I could meet here with You and with You Kind Participants of meeting. I felt such an inside need to come here and share my life, which as a human being on this Planet has to go though. A short question – how can I deal in work with a man, who is implacable? He does not care about a person, he only looks at life through the prism of mammon. How to treat him? Thank you. Marcel.

ENKI: Though Marcel, because such… people on the Earth are still… plenty, that they see human through prism of mammon. Marcel so far you are… well-read and familiarised with Spiritual World, you know some spiritual practices, so… for this Energy, unhelpful Energy to bounce of from this person, you should protect yourself. The best works such an energetic shade, shade, usual shade. You enter this shade, close yourself and you can be calm, then such… raids of this person will bounce from you. And this question will appear more often these days, because such people who will be attacked by these unhelpful Energies… will be more and more, so it is good that such a question arrived, because from… this can use many people, especially Swallows. Swallows, Marcel, should already start slowly to protect themselves, because… since this Gods’… Council… Gathering will happen, then we still don’t know what decision will be. We as those scapegoats have to be there, so Marcel – protect yourself and your family. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: I have here quite a long question from Grażyna, but I hope that we can handle it. Welcome our Friend Enki here on the Slavic ground. Currently Planet Earth is in the process of declining of a magnetic field in purpose of pole shift, that is so called transformation. The climax is supposed to happen, it is predicted for year 2022-2024. Because magnetic field is protecting Earth and its inhabitants from Sun irradiation, logic suggest… What? Please help me here…
A few people from the room answer at the same time.
Małgorzata: And Grażyna can’t help?
Some person from the room. [incomprehensible].
Małgorzata: …ok – inevitable (maybe) extermination… inhabitants of the Earth, for… so called radiation sickness, and mostly in near equator. Will for this circumstance King Khufu be placed, for what we ask, to Sarcophagus and activating magnetic protection for Planet? With words of respect to all Beings. Grażyna from Karczewo.

ENKI: And again with question… People are subconsciously… afraid, but what people do, to even reach to… Pharaoh, to Pyramid Builder? To block, was that the main purpose of those inhabitants? – destroy, block. No Grażyna, in this year Pharaoh’s mummy will not be places in Sarcophagus. Greater event is in front of you now. Such, which… really feel whole Planet Earth, that is September. September and this Extraordinary Gods’ Council Gathering, so you can ask, of course, but but you will not solicit this. I’m listening to you further.

Małgorzata: I ask you Enki, please help us in understanding abut supplying the pyramid to our homes. Is my thinking, that is understanding correct? Grażyna.

ENKI: Is it Bill, he as a… constructor, or… others, who are creators of pyramids, did they do that just like that for pleasure? For fun? – so person could another piece of furniture put into the house, or the garden? Or, each one of them had been given a channeling / message. Of course, that pyramid generates Energy, this is a connection from the Cosmos passing Energy from the Cosmos. Will it protect? Pyramids… partially will protect, but… before-most it would be necessary to change the consciousness, the human conscious, because this could protect from upcoming, maybe not extinction, because the Earth as a Planet has to stay because of such a reason, that all Solar System Planets, this Earthly, are connected as if by chain. Precipitation, destruction another Planet, which one had been already destroyed, one that was between Jupiter and Mars, now destruction of Planet Earth would lead to interference and balance in Cosmos. That is why Planet Earth will stay, because it must stay. But what will be next? Well, everything depends on this event, which will occur in September. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: And further I continue this question. Grażyna writes, that…
Lucyna: There supposed to be two.
Małgorzata: (To Lucyna – one more) … that actually, because this solid, pyramid constructed by Bill is a solid made of triangles only, basically it is a generator and creates a magnetic field, so in relation with that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, it is actually, a help to insert these pyramids. And this is actually the point of this question. Yes, from Grażyna. Then, should I keep reading?

ENKI: Yes, it is enough… Małgorzata. This is the point of this, but… people to… this construction… approach mostly ironically. And… those that, already are and are active on the Earth, they give protection to THOSE, who have such a construction in their houses, or in the garden, so it would be good, so that… these constructions there were… plenty of them, let’s say – in every place, because it would weaken this… this event, which is is going to happen in September, so that Grażyna, you HAVE such a device… at your place, you can say “I am fortunate”. And others who already have these devices in house or in the garden, also can feel safe. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome Lord Enki. How is it? A body it is a consciousness, and spirit, soul is something that lives in the consciousness. Where is the border between me and my soul? Filip.

ENKI: It is true Filip. Matter it is, and spirit considers matter as it’s cloth. Actually… there is no border. Filip, there is no border, because… when… spirit decides, who has this cloth, that… it is time to get rid of this cloth, then no… conscious thinking will stop spirit from leaving this matter. It is very simple equation and only need is to simply understand, because cloth is or… very good, or such temporary, where spirit after short time drop this cloth and let’s say start to look after another one, or it gives it a rest. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: And now two more questions from Elżbieta. Is it possible for my health to get better? I suffer from varicose veins. Elżbieta.

ENKI: That depends also… on what sort of varicose veins. Now it would be possible to advertise operation, but this is also not good solution, because… after such an operation you weaken legs, mostly legs, muscles. I can not talk now about this device, which today was advertised, because… some people later when reading can say that “Enki is now advertising!”. It is not true, because… with this device various diseases disappear. Not after just first treatment, because… those treatments you would need to perform many more, but… the organism comes back to health, so… Elżbieta, this on what is more favourable – go under surgeon’s knife or… start… to use device like that? – also for at leat three months. And then you will see how varicose veins will start to react. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Second question from Elżbieta. Elżbieta asks if she will find a partner who will give her stability.

ENKI: These sort of… questions are difficult. Question – and what do you do to meet such a partner? Are you waiting? Are you waiting like a princess… until he will come, knock on your door and say “I am”? You need also to… go out… towards such a partner… and primarily look closely, because Elżbieta, one can hit unsuccessfully. And what? I will advise you… some solution, and then you will say – “Enki ask me to do that! It is His fault, that it was unsuccessful”, so… primarily you have to be r e a d y for that – “I am ready to… meet valuable… person”, then even Spiritual World can start looking around after someone let’s say valuable. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Question from Wiktor from Mexico. Welcome Dear Friend Enki. One of the leading politics in Poland went to a hospital because of the knee ailment. It is suspicious, because everything is kept in big secret. Is it not the Cleansing claimed for him? Wiktor

ENKI: Welcome Wiktor. Good, that… you wrote. I know about which politician you say. Only one knee hurts him? – or maybe already two. But… this is not this. No, not in this way… will Cleansing claim for those, who… are guilty, guilty of big confusion, and especially… what hurts you here in Poland, but – well – but it was not the Spiritual World choosing all these “wise” politicians. It was people like you, who were choosing. And now, now pretensions to who? To who – I’m asking. Mother Nature will not even need to choose one by one, because… when this settlement day will come, then in the way how it is written in the John’s Book of Revelation, that this day will come like a thief in the middle of the night and many will not even have a chance to react. And it will be like that. Will it… be… shortly? Can it delay in time even more? We will see. For now, there are… difficult days in front of Us, in front of Me and My brother. And Wiktor – what are you saying? What are you thinking about? About politicians in Poland? Now look after yourself, because… Gods’ Council Gathering – Exceptional – will affect… whole Earth globe – and people one by one. But you have a second question. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Can you please tell what is happening with sage Jaromir in Iran? Is he still on this world? And if so, how is he coping with this constant battling on Iran? Does he therefore get plenty of work? Thank you, Wiktor.

ENKI: This question actually had no sense, because… there are many such clairvoyants, who at this moment hide like ostriches, heads into sand. He is not coping, he simply disappeared from world arena. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: And question from Przemysław. How one can get rid of kidney stones from the body?

ENKI: The best would be herbs, but… men rather…are not burn with joy to herbs. For this your ailment… has been already produced, made available, easy to use – Fi-to-li-zy-na. In tablets… and start to… take it. You did not write what kind of stones are they – lime or phosphoric? – because, it depends on that how long you will have to take this Fitolizyna, but it will help you. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: And second question from Przemysław. (To Lucyna: Even though it has already been on sessions about this, but allow me to ask this question.) Can one, during pneumonia do steam inhalation from herbs? Przemysław.

ENKI: Of course, but then such… an inhalation you do in the evening and after inhalation you do not go outside, but go to bed. If you have an itch to for example smoking cigarettes, then for the period of treatment, you put aside cigarettes. And remember – if you go outside after inhalation, then… you will make yourself… many problems. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Question from Halina. She indeed crossed it over, but I will read. I would like to thank again for protection during the trip to Paris. I didn’t feel fear of flying the plane, but visiting Paris was strange. I wanted to see this city, but I did not feel happiness from being there, and except tiredness I felt like an observer, and not a turist. Watching collections in “Palace of Versailles” I felt suffocated. Is gathering fortune beyond all measures and needs is characteristic only to people of Earth? Thank you, Halina.

ENKI: Halina, not that long ago, yesterday – we talked. Do you think that I as an “old man” I do not remember what I said? I remember perfectly. I can also add you what I… yesterday… told you, and you didn’t write. Mary Magdalene is buried in undergrounds of this… strange pyramid… in Paris., which you watched, so… do not put Me, Halina, to the test. Even though I am old Spirit, I… have memory of a teenager – still – for now. I do not know how it will be later after… after September, but for now I remember well. Next please, what Halina… has to complain to Me. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Dear Enki, it is not Halina’s fault. It’s me who recognized, that it is such an interesting question, but she crossed it. (with smile). I’m sorry for this confusion. But there is one more question from Halina. I would like to ask for a comment about exercises for strengthening muscles, that are responsible for correct work of eyes, developed by Bates, which are promoted in the Internet by Aliaksandr Haretski. I do these exercises and I think that they have a meaning [they work – translator], but I don’t know if they can be done by people who have implanted artificial lenses, like our friend Jadwiga. Thank you, Halina.

ENKI: Well, probably not, because this is the same Halina, as if someone, who has implanted pacemaker would perform… endurance runs…

Changing recording casette

ENKI: … long distance runs, then it is certain that… you would not cope for long. It is similar with eyes. There is something… artificial mounted. If she will overuse these eye movements, because doctor advised her to lead economical lifestyle, but when she will overuse then she can eyes lose, so… it will better when for example, when you need, because you want to rejuvenate yourself – about this exactly you asked yesterday – at least for 120 years, right Halina? – so… do compresses for eyes. Twenty year old girl’s eyes I will not bring you back, but… I can strengthen them. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Questions those were all, questions practically all. For the end there is a letter from one lady, who ask very much to… not put in the internet her questions. Well, I think, that maybe (to Lucyna) – I don’t know, if we will answer to this or… on my session, publicly?

Lucyna: I think so

Małgorzata: Yes? So, if you don’t have questions then… I read all of them. (To someone) Yes?
Some man with silent voice make sure about one more question, and if Enki has answered it in the past.

Małgorzata: No, we will not repeat this, because it was already. So, these are all questions.

ENKI: I think that this session, My speech… about one by one everything, especially about Gods’ Council Gathering was convincing and it REACHED to your consciousness. How will it be in Chicago on the meeting? It is hard to tell Me, but certainly, both of us will be be on this meeting, Me and My… Brother. Since in front of pillory we will be put both of us, but we both will be… on the session in Chicago.There is still a bit of time, but a horse with a row [a Polish saying, which means that will reward generously – translator ] to the one, who will now – not necessarily at this moment – but will let us know how to save this situation, then… we would be… very happy.

Some man from the room: Maybe testify…

Lucyna: (Silently to Małgorzata) What?

Małgorzata: I don’t know. Lauder!

Man sitting next to Lucyna and Małgorzata: We can testify.

A man from the room: I can testify for You.

Małgorzata to Lucyna: Testify – we all will be.

ENKI: [unclear] …a bit little, one person.

Małgorzata and people from the room: All of us.

ENKI: Also a bit little. I can at most you one after one… mark. I called you Swallows. Swallow is a symbol of something good, so… I can mark, so that no matter what would happen, and it will happen, you will… be safe, because for that also you travel here to have that sense, feeling of safety from Us, so… this I promise you – no matter… how it will be. I, Enki together with My Brother we thank you for this… today meeting. Thank you.

Małgorzata and people from the room: Thank you!
Thunderous applause.

Małgorzata: Very much we also thank you. I welcome all of you to stay for the treat, and… I think we all thank you for that we had here Two such Noble Guests, about what we didn’t know, right? Thank you very much.

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