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Session 280

Public session of telepathic channelling No 280

Chicago, 24 June 2018 year

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian ENKI – through medium Mrs Lucyna Łobos-Brown, answers asked questions.

ENKI: Enki and not only, because… at today’s… meeting there are two of Us – I and My Brother Enli. That is why I welcome you Swallows. At the beginning… before we move to questions and answers, I want… words to you pass. Yes, we came back to old schema questions on cards, because… let’s say… you were shy, or didn’t want to come to the microphone, so… Swallows – I will say at the beginning this. We chose, I and My Brother this city… Chicago. I supposed to be… the example city, city to follow, properly on whole world, because on whole world people READ… these sessions, and this is like that now… with these… channellings. We are coming back to the old schema, that is you will write questions on cards, so that it would be “anonymous”. Though, I, we know either way, who sends cards. City Chicago supposed to be example city, that is why on this first meeting I called… you Swallows. Swallows supposed to carry these good news, this Message / Missive on the whole world, that is why I ask now, before we move to… question – what, what after fifteen years Swallows… you achieved? I say that not only to this group constant, who comes here, but …to all, who will read this channelling (now in old schema), because “this is DISGRACE to pay for channelling” – as much, as we hear a lot. Yes, this is disgrace to put into Foundation’s moneybox, who is in need these ten dollars. And now what? Swallows ask yourself question (because it is good, that this will be globally later read), ask yourself a question, what have you achieved after fifteen YEARS of working with Spiritual World… Mockery, coming out of boredom once in month, because …it was like that, so We Both from many things will be… settling in September. That is why – it Gathers this Exceptional Gods’ Council, that… was… two thousand years ago. Then Both of Us, Me and My Brother, because it was supposed to happen to remove all people from Planet Earth, and Earth again populate – we opposed to that, we asked to give a chance. “Good” – said God’s Council, but one condition. One comes to Earth and is being born, and second for two thousand years will… oversee… Earth. My Brother… was born, and I got… this supervision over Earth and people. What people did with My Brother? Explain… I don’t have to… And how many drubbings… I received, also I don’t have to explain, especially during these fifteen years, how many times I received, I also will not explain, so… Swallows – who live on whole world and read these sessions – you supposed to carry Message / Missive on the whole world, teach people spirituality. I ask you – what, what have you accomplished?! It has been led to the fact that in September gathers Exceptional Gods’ Council. This time now… The Owner of The Earth, God Father will not intervene. Will ONLY listen. And We? As it was, like I said in Łódź – we will have to SETTLE from these two thousand years. How this… Swallows you will receive, it will be… your decision and will belong to you., but these two trails, which I ordered, that… go back to old system and… it is not that… paid sessions are made, SO THAT, GETTING RICH… Foundation, or getting rich medium… I will not discuss… on this subject. What you want, you get. You will get… sessions… free, because… it is hard to SUPPORT FOUNDATION, even with a few… dollars. Over a dozen of people… are involved… and support Foundation as well as… Lucyna. And these are Swallows, who… supposed to be EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW… for the whole world? And especially this CHOSEN… CITY… CHICAGO? Yes… this I had to here… say, and not… there… in Łódź, but here, where… in Chicago for the first time I said – “you are My Swallows”. And now… what happened? In September We Both with My Brother… will be held responsible, to settle for these two thousand years of work over the Earth and people. Oh well… [said with sigh] certainly many Swallows, former Swallows, who considered themselves as Swallows, as spiritually developed – will mock, because… once again I say – I don’t know, what Gods’ Council will do with Us, but it will happen… just in September. In the meantime, while answering questions… I will add words… which… for now I keep, to give this opportunity… to comment for others. And now Robert, I ask you because you want to comment here, so I listen.

(Ryszard: Near to microphone)

Robert: (To Ryszard – thank you very much). Thank you for… another privilege of being here today in Your presence, Great Son of God Enki, Enlil. Thank you for your care taking, love, help and protection. I have two questions, I thank you upfront for answers. Robert. First question – it is about Angelic church, here in Chicago. Was it known to those religion priests, who exactly in that place planned it, did they even know, that … that there is this chakra underground and ruins of past, Your place, which was here?

ENKI: Robert, no – they didn’t know, that underground in that place, where now city’s church is placed, that underground there are buildings and rather deep – fifty meters – if so, but they felt strong enough Energy radiation. And not knowing with what to connect it, what is it and that is why at this place of power of this Energy… was decided to build a church. And it is like that till… today. What next? I’m listening to you.

Robert: And next question. Honest bows and thanks to You, Noble Enki and Enlil for intercession for us, in general all the people during this first Gods’ Council and… for this unbelievable love, teachings and help, care, sacrifice for all of us during these two thousand years. All Gods, telling the truth, on the Gathering – should be proud of You, for all that you have done and… They should reward You for all of this, because, truly what has been done for us, it can’t be described. It is hard to describe in words and… and I wanted to thank you from the heart for that once again.


ENKI: Robert, these two thousand years, which… received Earth and people, were practically such… hard period. Will… Gods’ Council… be proud of Us? What they can be proud of? Of what is currently happening on the Earth? Nevertheless… Brother Mine came to give a lesson of how to live, how to behave. He was rejected, murdered – and it was like that for all these years. Not even talking and not listing these years, I can here recall these fifteen years, when created was Mission called “Pharaoh”. What… people understood from this? What have they achieved? How many… times there was whipping by people of Both of Us – Me and My Brother, so… should they be proud of that we didn’t handle people? These FIFTEEN YEARS from the two thousand year – after all it was known, that in two thousand year can happen a powerful event. It did not happen, because still there was asking – give me this… chance, so… now in September, when we… will stand to settle, We Both will stand to settle, we can’t count on… asking, for mercy. We can only calmly observe what will Gods’ Council decide.  Even God Father Himself will not intervene. He will rely on what… God’s Council will decide – about Earth… and people. It is already visible what is happening, but people do not accept that, so… we will wait till September, because We ourselves, Robert, we do not know (it can appear strange), but we do now know how will react toward Us Gods’ Council, what will be their decision towards EARTH and people. Okay, now please continue.      

Robert: Thank you very much, it was all.

Barbara: We welcome you very warmly, very kindly ENKI, Lord, Earth Guardian. We welcome you ENLIL from all our hearts also solemnly and with reverie this day of entrance into fifteenth year of the Mission. Since this coincide with Debate about further fate of the Earth and people, we will be grateful for any instructions to master ourselves. If I can ask such a question – is it a true that people change when facing the danger?

ENKI: Yes Barbara, in face of fear… start to be afraid – people, but when… passes the danger starts passes the fear, and then… people again start to use free will and… do, what they used to do before. People, have primarily coded in their DNA such… even anger, hatred. It all can be changed, because destiny is fluid and free will it is for that to go towards good, and not to keep holding on to this old schema of evil. For that (here I will repeat again), for that… this city was chosen by Me, confirmed by My Brother, that we will work, work here, in this area. Many stormy situations occurred, about what you know. Even My Son did not stand this mentally… and left, left from this model city. You are still My Swallows – those who are scattered all over the world, but for the change of the decision of Gods’ Council there is no influence. What is going to happen – it must happen. I’m listening.

Barbara: I do not mean people’s justification, but about such – a bit of regret over that, truly, the knowledge, knowledge about spirituality, which was passed, one can say, in the underground for whole centuries, people in the meantime were indoctrinated, programmed negatively by religion, and various systems. We are very much catholic nation also and when observing people, remembering my first hard to swallow situations, or words to understand, do I not sin? Am I not offending God? I’m just thinking, if people aren’t in the middle of this process of awakening – slow, very slow one, but isn’t it, that this is such a road, a period of our evolution?

ENKI: Barbara, I hear that you want to justify now. Then try now to justify Us – Me and My Brother, that we did not accomplished the task, which was given to Us two thousand years ago. That is why people have free will Barbara, everyone, but everyone has… this possibility to see, distinguish between good and evil. There is no possibility or time now, to give people another chance now to understand and improve. It was said so many times, so many times it was passed and what? I am asking – what? What even accomplished Swallows, who are not here today! There is only a handful of persistent ones and that’s it. I am asking – where is the rest? You will be justifying them as well? – that they are afraid of religion system? At rest, till September, believe Me, there is… not much time left. Observe now events, those which are currently occurring as well as those that will occur. Not these… sport events, because these are like Ryszard said, eyewash [distraction – translator] … for the general. You can see there CRAWD OF PEOPLE in the audience. And how is it here, in this room? A handful, small… handful… of Swallows. What about others? Did they fly to warm countries? Or did they hide, waiting, what comes next? – so Barbara, I do not justify. I wait for, what events will occur in September. I’m listening.

Barbara: Thank you very much. Of course, this is not Your fault – human tardiness, ignorance. We do not doubt that. Thank you.

Ryszard: Maybe we will start with questions of course from Chicago, true? So, the first question – thanks from Zdzisław. Thanks to Earth Guardian Enki and whole Spiritual World. Thank you for every help and support and help in settling all the matters. Thank you Zdzisław.

ENKI: Welcome Zdzisław. It is like this. For most people – when there is a fear, then they turn to the God. And when the fear is over, then the God… is being hidden somewhere and… continue to live in peace. I promised Zdzisław, when you set off beyond the Big Water to Poland, that we will have you… in our care. Not necessarily me personally, because… now I have what to think about, but… I gave the order and you had a care. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now thanks from Elżbieta. Beloved Enki, Enli and Marduk, I Elżbieta thank You for everything what I received from Spiritual World. Thank you, I am always with You.

ENKI: And this is an example Elżbieta to follow. You and exactly you, and you could have this right to doubt or have reservations, like some have towards Me, but no – you persistently and with faith waited, asked and this help you receive and you will keep having it. About this I can assure you. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now two questions from Bogdan. Dear Enki, I wanted to thank God Of All Things Yahwe, You, Lord Enli, who honoured us with His presence today, for care, guidance, help – from all my heart. The first question. What I as a Swallow can do in this difficult situation to help Mission?

ENKI: Be yourself Bogdan, the way you are – full of faith and endurance, and also repentance towards Spiritual World. Now Bogdan… when this decision was made and Gods’ Council is gathering in September, then… you can do nothing now. What… supposed to happen later – is going to happen now, in September. Now you can only… perseveringly and with patience, with calm wait. Wait for these events, because… to Me as much as to My Brother you will not help. We… must… settle and face what they will ask Us and from what whey will SETTLE Us from! I’m listening.

Ryszard: And second question from Bogdan. Vatican’s Secretary of the State took a part officially in Bilderberg group meeting for the first time. Is the situation already so critical?

ENKI: It is worse than critical Bogdan. But… what I said on the meeting in Łódź, so that… everyone who… has the Sign of Life, should calmly and patiently wait for the course of… events, because… when you have the Sign of Life, then despite those events which occur – you will live. The same applies to people, when… during these events… will die… those, who Sign of Life had – on the Earth will return, but when… pass away those, who… already Sign of Life do not have, then the case will be debatable – if to the Earth… will come back, or first will land in Umbral for long years, and after that to live on the Earth. In any way… Vatican realizes the seriousness of the situation which is coming. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now next thanks, this time from Krystyna. God Father, Enlil, Enki and whole Spiritual World – I wish to thank for care and guidance for me and my family. And asking for further care with all my heart, I thank you God Father, You Lord Enlil, Guardian Enki and I thank whole Spiritual World.

ENKI: Yes… [said with a sigh] if only these… thanks were honest, together with open heart. Oh well, We Both would be glad, but… all these… now “sorry” – it is a bit too late, because… events that await and Us and you have to happen. And soon, because… in September. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now from Jola. Good afternoon Enki. I would like to thank God for all the beauty of this world, for all good, that I meet every day of my and my family’s life. Jesus, thank you for showing me how beautiful and great is Your love, and now I know, that you have shown me a way to home. Thank You Enki, Marduk and my Guardian for love, respect and justice. I am a living evidence for that.

ENKI: Welcome Joanna – Jolanta, what is the difference. Now, your words are for Us (today on the meeting there are Two of Us – My Brother will not join, but he is and listens), words of refreshment, love and from heart flowing are very big joy for Us, but it will not help at all for what awaits Us… in September. A settlement is a settlement and for that it will be necessary… to pay. I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome ENKI and ENLI. I want to share a reflection. So, after a session in Łódź, from words – passed by ENKI – I got an impression that, you are going to stand in front of sort of field report (writing in Earth’s language). It must be an unbelievable situation, if Gods’ Council is happening. I can’t embrace it in my mind how it can look like, but I as a human being, the Swallow, part of the human kind experiment I just want to simply say, for You – ENKI and ENLI to have enough strength, faith, maybe determination also to protect your rights, truths, so that you with dignity took all that will happen. I am with you in this tough (I think that other Swallows also), difficult for us human beings, considering the anger of Mother Earth, who is expressing her sorrow, anger and despair that human prepared her such a faith. Despite of that I am full of faith and good thought. I support You with thought, heart and whole myself. Thank You. Marcel.

ENKI: Welcome Marcel. [said with sigh] It is hard, very hard, especially… when ahead of Us there is this settlement on which we have to appear, in front of Gods’… Council. Especially, that we Both don’t know for sure… what We will be settled from. Two thousand years we received… as a gift [to work] on that, to… Earth… equate to those Beings, who live in other Dimensions and are on this higher level of spiritual development. To what it had led to so far? Zero, or LESS THAN ZERO except these few beings, to whom messages have reached, reached this Message of Change on the Earth, so Marcel – both you, and your family, despite of what will be happening on the Earth (and it will be happening) protection you will receive. But… about one I can ask you Marcel. Keep this dignity of yours’, which you have, so that you would not falter in faith, because… situation can be quite… strong. What [situation]? I don’t know. This will depend not on Us, ALREADY NOT ON US. We have our time… already used. We will keep… meeting, there will still be telepathic channellings. This – Gods’ Council – will never take, nor will take Enli this care over the Earth. This will be, but settlement – will be – bigger. I’m listening.

Barbara: Dear Friend, Guardian on The Earth Enki. The same as You comfort us and spread your care over us in hard for us moments, the same I wanted to say, that I support both You and Your Brother with my heart and positive thought during this Gathering in September. I do not know, if we people should get involved in Seventh Dimension’s matters, but tell, if there is anything what we can do at our Earth level to support You on this meeting? With respect, Agnieszka.

ENKI: And rightly, that you don’t want to get involved in Seventh Sphere, because… this is not your level. There is a long way for you to Seventh Level, especially to the place where The Gods’ Council is gathering. It hasn’t supposed to happen yet. Not yet, but… the situation regarding EARTH and situation, which people created, let’s say got out of control. That is why it… was speeded up for Gods’ Council Gathering [to occur]. It cannot be revoked, it cannot be stopped. It… all… has to occur. I’m listening.

Barbara: Question from Aleksander Palacio from Columbia. Dear ENKI, thank you very much for your protection, which I receive from You and from whole Spiritual World. I also ask very much… (Barbara shows picture) for protection for our son Miguel in these hard times, in which we live and to accept us to group of Your Swallows. Thank you very much. Aleksander Palacio.

Longer moment of silence.

ENKI: And what am I supposed to do, Barbara?

Barbara: Accept to group of Your Swallows in these hard times, which we live in and surround him with care.

ENKI: This I can always do. One Swallow can make Spring, [reference to Polish saying] when this Swallow will be opening hearts. I’m listening.

Barbara: Our Beloved Enki and Enli, You communicate that issuing a judgment over humanity is approaching. Some of us know about this bitterness, which awaits, but the rest of our brothers on the Earth is keep being hypnotized with day to day routine of false life. Perhaps we can only infinitely thank God Father for the beautiful Gift of Free Will, which we couldn’t appreciate. I extremely thank You – You, Beloved Earth’s Guardian EA, You, our Beloved Master Enlil, Ninhursag and all Spiritual Beings, who believed that our improvement is possible. I think that if we receive The Sign of life, then we will have to accept that it is the best when our Free Will is accompanied by Your Guidance – this treasure, about which we found out during these long years of tests. I am sorry and I thank you enormously for all Your great Love. Olivia from Mexico.

ENKI: Welcome Olivia. Now, just in these… last years before… meeting of this Gods’ Council Gathering the most important is… repentance – and faith, but honest faith, because… Olivia, Gods’ Council, which is now gathering, and it was earlier, over two thousand years ago, it didn’t have to lead to this, but… what… in this moment… humanity is doing, destroying… THE EARTH – and really destroying Spiritual World and God himself – then… for how long it was possible to defer this event, this meeting, which… will happen now, so… Gods’ Council must gather, to make a decision about what to do next, how to act and how to reach people. It can happen, that free will will slowly start to be limited. Everything is possible, but this is only Mine and My Brother’s guess about what can happen. But what will happen We both do not know. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now… question and statement about one situation from Raul Gomez from Poland. This is a man, who lives – his wife is Polish – lives in Poland. Beloved Enki, I believe that nearby football stadiums, Olympic stadiums and generally under big, round places crystals are hidden, where regularly very negative energies are being generated. Competition is for example a horribly destructive force. Those crystals are purposely programmed with these and other evil energies, to enslave human kind, passing that through crystal net of Mother Earth. It is in my opinion evolution of Roman Maximus’s circus. It was used almost two thousand years ago. It was used during Nazi regime (for example Olympics in 1936 year) and it is now used very intensively, live in current World championships in football. I experienced it personally, that when praying to God Yahweh in those places and asking crystals to free themselves with love and faith from this evil programming, and in reality, we release human kind, and of course our Crystal Brothers. What’s more, this way, somehow, we release (Crystal) Jesus Christ himself. Can you comment this, and maybe explain more? With all love of my heart. Raul from Poland.

ENKI: Welcome. Crystal’s Energy itself… is eternal, but it is possible to program crystals for positive and negative Energy. And this happened… trifle twelve thousand years ago, when to The Earth started to be brought those from this smashed Planet. It was… them who started to introduce these changes, because… it was about conquest of the Earth. And in which way? Well, crystals can be programmed, [crystals] which they placed in different parts of the Earth’s globe. And here you are right, that… [said with sigh] crystal can give Energy positive, and also negative. Do you know how many human beings with negative Energy – rather spiritual [beings] – are on Earth? – so it is like I said before that this is Earthly Umbral, where… largely Spiritual Beings act, who care on this, so that it would be bad on the Earth and to… stir in human minds – for people, because after that, when it is Spiritual Umbral, then other situation starts. That is why… if now people also started to understand, that they are in this Spiritual and Earthly Umbral, and then Spiritual Forces can be asked so that this negative Energy, which is released on the Earth, would not reach – especially then, when there is such a big gathering of people, such as football currently. Do you know how much negative Energy goes into Cosmos, which spreads? And how much of this negative Energy do people absorb? This is something… horrible. And especially now before this September event. I’m listening.

Barbara: Enki, you are a Great Teacher with a great heart, very Emotional, Sensitive and Loving. Enki, I appreciate Your work and I thank to God that we have a Great Teacher, Earth’s and people’s Guardian – You. Thank you. Paweł.

ENKI: There are many of these words today – “thank you”. Oh… [said with sigh] hard, very hard. If only… (before we learned about this Exceptional Meeting) it was… let’s say even a few years ago, YEAR AGO more of these words, repentant words “thank you” then maybe… it wouldn’t be so bad. And now We stand in front of Gods’ Council and we do not know what awaits Us there. I’m listening.

Barbara: Lord Jesus, I welcome you sincerely. I thank You very much for Your courage, that you were born on the Earth two thousand years ago, to teach people about life and love. I’m really sorry that people inflict You so much pain and suffering for Your Love, which you gave them – also thanks Paweł.

ENKI: I had no choice – neither I nor my Brother. Only one of Us could… be born, and second supervise, so… it happened to be My Brother. He was born… and what came out of it? But… the word was said and Gods’ Council gave Us… two thousand years: “Here you have, rule, and We will – observe”. And it happened like that. They have been observing, observing since the beginning till… the present day. Today Both of Us, now as Spiritual Beings, we are standing in front of – not only Our Father, but also in front of Gods’ Council. The fundamental question will be: “And what, and what have you done for the Earth and for… people?” So Paweł, now… words of people’s repentance, this handful of people will give nothing. We can only give to those few even greater protection and that all. I’m listening.

Barbara: Dear Friend and Teacher Enki. At the beginning we would like to apologise for our absence on the session in Łódź, but we decided to stay with our mom during her last days, as you told us in Wrocław. We thank You for help given to Your Swallow, our mom during her last days. Mom passed a week ago and therefore we ask for care and grace for Her, and also for us in these difficult days. We thank you once again. Monika and Tomasz from Gliwice.

ENKI: That, mother… passed, I already know, but the advantage of this passing is that she is already in this Spiritual Umbral World. How long… will she stay there, I do not know. It will depend on her. Later she will be taken, moved to one of the colonies, where in the Europe area – there are quite a few of them. And later it will depend on her, how she will behave. You I can only… thank for… peaceful passage, or separation of spirit from body. I’m listening.

Barbara: A moment ago… Małgorzata Markowicz sent a question and this is the last question. Welcome Lord Enki. Thank you for opportunity of questing You and Your Brother on this too short as usual meeting in Łódź. We all have been feeling joy, but also at the same time we felt the seriousness because of the message about the event in September. We send to Creator thanks and huge gratitude for You, as well to Gods’ Council. Just like Tytus z Piła wrote: „We are with you with all our hearts”. Best Regards. Małgorzata Markowicz.

ENKI: Welcome Małgorzata. Okay, thank you. I and My Brother we thank you… for this support, but Małgorzata, your meditation meetings and… sending Energy, good energy to Gods’ Council will already do nothing. What supposed… to happen… it will happen. It could have been later, but since… Mother Earth gives stronger and stronger signs, so and acceleration of this meeting and settling – Our settling – also had to take different form of acceleration. Meditate, because it is so pleasant to receive this exactly… warm, full of love Energy. Thank you. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now question from me, from Ryszard. Gods’ Council – it is… of course… for my mind unimaginable., great Power – however who are These Gods and where are they from? Are they coming from many Galaxies, or one Galaxy, or maybe from other Planets – which, like You, they look after?

ENKI: You know Ryszard, it’s good that human minds are not able to understand many of those Spiritual matters. Yes, Gods’ Council is made of Gods from different Galaxies, because it is known, that… there is not only one Galaxy. There are more of them. That is why, it is simple for… Spiritual Beings to appear in one of Galaxies, where… such a meeting is happening. And because meeting is about Planet Earth, which is in this Galaxy, where God Almighty manages this Galaxy, so… next Owners, that is Galaxies Managers will appear in this Galaxy, where God Almighty manages. This is what I can say. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I understand, thank you. Does anyone have… wants to say something? Maybe to microphone? It is… well special day today. If not, then… our Guardian, Dear Enki we thank You for your today words. We thank you for the meeting – like usually, that you come here and we thank Your Brother Enlil, for that He also was here, that You Both were together here. I think, that… next time there will be more questions, will be more… worries, because for certain every one of us have these worries.  When it is very good, when nothing is happening, then person does not think. Does not think, that something bad can happen, but… this is just an illusion. So I thank You very much and I Regards You all.

ENKI: And I think that… on the next meeting there will be… more of you, because the football match will also be over… so people can come here because of boredom. Or maybe when you read… this telepathic channelling already with OPEN ENTRANCE to sessions, because it is hard to log in – if I say it correctly – and pay those few dollars, so you have everything for free. And this group, not big group… of people, and… for that they help, that they pay to Foundation’s account, I here today thank you. And the whole rest, let them read, LET THEM READ. Maybe it will reach to… at least small part of the brain – the seriousness of the situation, which occurred. And if… human beings (I say to the PUBLIC, not only to… those, who are here, because veeeery many read you, so I say… to the public), maybe it will move your hearts, or maybe there will be next MOCKERY, so this decision of behaviour, the public behaviour I leave to you – till next in July meeting. Thank you for listening, today’s listening… Mine. I thank you, My Brother Enli, thanks you.

Ryszard: We thank you.

Voices from the room: Thank you.


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