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Session 283

Public session of telepathic channelling No 283

Chicago, 16th September 2018

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian ENKI – through medium Mrs Lucyna Łobos-Brown, answers asked questions. Preface by Spiritual Being, Sirius B.

ENKI: I – ENKI, welcome on this meeting – not only Me. Before I will be answering questions, I will say shortly about what has already happened. The twelfth of September – Earth time – started Gods’ Council and it will not finish, like Lucyna already receives questions through Internet, if Gods’ Council can handle everything during one day? A bit of logic [please]. Gods’ Council will be settling these TWO thousand years, which… were given, because Gods’ Council supposed to establish main case: remove, remove everything what lives on Earth and human experiment start over. And to present day already can be confidently said: human experiment has not succeeded. It went out of control – except… a few human exceptions, where… people have awakened. I arrived, because I and My Brother, we have here at this meeting, we have a Guest, Plenipotentiary, Plenipotentiary who will be a consultant between Gods’ Council and Earth. This is – a Being from Sirius B. When you control channellings, then there was such a meeting with Sirius B. He said a lot, but nothing came out from that. Nothing. Now he will not make second speech, because he has time for that to, in short episodes pass people – even this what Gods’ Council will be determining. Whereas We – both I and My Brother – we will start only… speak about our work, since – tomorrow’s day, Monday that is. And now I will make space for our Guest, who is in the room and watched you closely. Sirius B did not come to this meeting only for this group, which is in this room, because… he wants, for his words to go into the ether – to the whole world. Okay, now I will take Sirius’s place, and… to him I’m giving the voice.

SIRIUS B: I, Spiritual Being… from Planet Sirius B – I welcome. Enki… have already said in introduction, that I am a consultant between Seventh Sphere – Gods’ Council and – the Earth. I will not take you… plenty of time. Later Enki will be answering questions. I will say about what… has been already decided by Gods’ Council. And this supposed to be decided after pass of one thousand years. Namely, it looks like that, Sirius – the Planet, Beings on the Sirius B – have been already given permission to take part in what will be happening both on the Earth, and in Umbral. Now… it was already told but I will remind: The Cleansing has already begun. It was clearly said, that God will be judging those alive and those dead. And it looks like this. From this allowance for Sirius, whole armies of Spiritual Beings, because they leave the matter on the Planet, they come down to the Earth – to help Gods’ Council. Gods’ Council will start from Umbral, where… so called volunteers from Sirius will help those, who… work there. And… good, good, that this [information] will be given to public. Umbral has to be gradually CLEANSED from those beings, who are there. And AT ALL, but AT ALL these beings will not be moved to other Planets, because it is enough, enough, that now beings, human as well as spiritual – you destroyed the Earth… almost entirely. The Earth, beautiful Planet was destroyed. And – those… these spirits from Umbral, after this selection, they will be judged one more time and – like Enki said – will be applied “soap bubble”. I don’t need to explain – what does it mean. Whereas the second group of Spiritual Beings from Sirius will be on the Earth and also will be doing selection. Further, to… spoil humour… a bit, Sirius B is already being born on The Earth, taking of course human matter. They hold different positions on high level. They can be recognized, but… here I will not tell, how do they look like, so… to not bore you with my words, I will say one thing. I will be coming to meetings. Gradually I will give notice about what Gods’ Council decided. But one is certain and for us a huge gladness, that we do not have to wait a thousand years. We already have this permission – to come – to the Earth, because TO DESTROY IN SUCH A WAY the Earth, that… there is no such a thing in the whole Universe. And no more for you, besides those exceptions, to whom reaches the seriousness of the situation. We will, we will cooperate with Gods’ Council. And now I already give the voice – Enki.

Barbara: We welcome very sincerely, with all respect and love – we welcome You Earth’s Guardian Enki. We welcome You, Spiritual Guest of today’s meeting. We thank you for introductory word, for explanation. I do not know, if I am afraid, maybe I’m glad that anticipated changes will occur on the Earth, because beside a few people, who work on themselves, in fact can’t see. We are hugely grateful, that we can, in such important moment of spiritual proceedings, talk today and receive information, and advices about future faith of the Earth. We Welcome beautifully.

ENKI: I – ENKI, after listening to Sirius, what can I say? I am sad. Our hard work for two thousand years – there is no explanation. Simply… there is no explanation. So, Barbara, I’m listening to the first question, I’m listening.

Barbara: We will start with local questions, Ryszard.

Ryszard: I welcome again Spiritual Beings who arrived, and I thank you for your help and everyday protection, I Robert Józef. The question is about whole set of herbs, which in May I finished to drink. The cycle lasted for six months, with a month of break in between. How long do I have to wait until I can start again such a cycle of drinking these herbs? Will drinking everyday a green tea, whole time – be harmful? Thank you, Robert.

ENKI: Welcome… Robert. It is such a stepping stone from, what… Sirius said. Robert, easy three months of break you can do, because… herbs are also a medicine and… can be overdosed. When it comes to green tea – of course you can drink, as much as you want. Moreover Robert… herbs are filtering the body and with what is currently happening, how you are being poisoned – with EVERYTHING that is possible, then… herbs make such an order in a body, so… we make three months of break and green tea drink all the time. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And second question from Robert. About poultice for eyes from celandine [jaskółcze ziele], is it better to such poultices do on the top of the eyelids, or maybe to pour under the eyelids on the eye balls and fall asleep like that? Thank you, Robert.

ENKI: Robert, when you put it on… even on the top of the closed eyelids those pledgets with celandine [jaskółcze ziele], then this herb reaches eye anyway. It is not necessary to rinse eye balls. To that also… add yourself such a very important word: “faith”. The faith and the words: “I believe in that, I believe that… what I am doing will help me, so it is with a benefit for my health”. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Beloved Enki, I heartily greet You, I greet Enli, Your Son Marduk and our Guest from Sirius. A day before going on holidays, sitting in living room I saw an eagle who flown and sit on the handrail of my balcony. Firstly, I rub my eyes, if this is true, and after w while – three of four minutes – I come closer to the balcony and thank him for that he is here. The Eagle was looking at me and I was looking at him. I live here for a long time and I have never saw an eagle here. It is strange. I thank you very much for your care during holidays, I felt it on every step. Thank you. Elżbieta.

ENKI: Welcome Elżbieta. Didn’t I – Enki, tell you, that you will be surrounded by care? – that you will have help? But you, like such unfaithful Thomas, he also: “if I won’t touch, I will not believe”. So you had almost – almost within reach, this spiritual sphere. How many times did you ask, even while sitting in the pyramid, so that I would show you myself? I do not show myself Elżbieta, but I can take various form. That is why, what happened to you, seeing this beautiful bird – you ask for it – for this SIGN, that I am, that I keep my word and whole your stay – I also kept my word. Elżbieta, you should be an example for others with your behaviour. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I wanted to thank to God of All Things Jahwe, You, Dear Enki, Lord Enli, my Caregivers for everyday care, guide. Thank you with all my heart. Recently, suddenly, without giving any explanation astronomical observations were closed, without giving any reason in States, such as New Mexico, two observatories on Hawaii, in Pennsylvania, as also in Australia, Chile and Spain. Could you Dear Enki give us the reason of this? Thank you, Bogdan.

ENKI: Bogdan, welcome. As you observe Internet, because as I hear – you do, and you believed in that… that… Gods’ Council has started – and how do you think? What is the main reason for that, what happened? Astronomers and others know perfectly about that, that… something is happening in the Universe and… this, what occurred now, it is exactly for the reason of… God’s Council, this Seventh Sphere. And they themselves will want to SLOW, not drastic, but slow… to pass to people, because… they do not want – such – a rapid change – to do: of remove. This has to be Cleansing – just like it was said: alive and dead, so… like I also said – earlier, a lot earlier: who Life Mark… has – not that, doesn’t have to worry about anything, and afraid of nothing – because Life Mark can be taken away in any moment – but can be calmer, when… on the Earth, Cleansing will start more and more, so… what you write about Bogdan, is a result of these Signs which Gods’ Council is already passing. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome Earth Guardian. I ask to pass through You to Creator Yahweh, thanks for care which surrounds me Spiritual World. Rafał. (Ryszard: It was thanks).

ENKI: I like thanks, I said that not once, but… if only with these thanks was added – hones behaviour, then I and My Brother, We wouldn’t have to be afraid of how they will be settle Us on Gathering… of Gods’ Council. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome Lord Enki. I regret that our language is so poor and I can’t find appropriate words to thank you for help which I received. Such an act, like the one of which I was witnessed, people call spectacular. Being who was “delegated” (please forgive such a phrase) to help me, acted in a flash, with a great power and extremely efficiently. I will say only – thank you, because simply I lack of words. I can’t wait till I will be able to talk to You again. I wait for this moment very impatiently. Małgorzata Markowicz.

ENKI: Welcome Małgorzata. And here I could confidently say. This letter, which you sent, was a bit unconsidered. How could be thought, that… Gods’ Council, which gathered – they will decide about everything during one day. Yes – Earthly – one – day. It will not last long, because considering what minds Gods have, it can last – let’s say – a few – days, but not one day. Małgorzata, to all this, what you are asking for, what is happening around you, add a bit more faith and not fear. I know that you are afraid. We are afraid as well, but… fear, which now starts to appear in people should be removed and (!) – and head towards God Father – ask, ask for understanding, ask for forgiveness, mostly for FOR-GIVE-NESS. Honest forgiveness. That is why it is good that this telepathic session was released, good that Sirius took you a short while. Do not enjoy the fact that… volunteers help in Umbral cleansing. Though that cleansing in Umbral is prepared for human beings, who will come there. If you would like to, and you Małgorzata also, know something more, then I will not dwell on it, because I also have limited words, but – read… The Book of Revelation of John. Yes, carefully read, so what supposed to be happening… in thousand years, it has now already started. Thanks to who? Ask human beings each one yourself. So Małgorzata, I added those few words to your question, but… I can say only this: trust, trust HONESTLY to what will be happening – with faith primarily. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And now the first question from Małgorzata Markowicz. Lord, can you please tell, what are decisions of Gods’ Council regarding You, Our Guardians and Teachers, and us – human beings? Most probably, there will be many similar questions, but at the moment I do not have other, more important question. Kind Regards. Małgorzata Markowicz.

ENKI: That… We still will be working on the Earth, I and My Brother, and to that join also Brothers from Sirius – I don’t know. And even if I knew about guidelines, I still cannot say it. Regarding people and the Earth – we will work, having such Partners from Sirius. Moreover, Sirius said, that… on the Earth there are already plenty of their brothers and they will also be born – that is also known, so… only this I can say. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome Beloved Enki. I also Welcome You Jesus! I welcome dear Guest from Sirius B! This time of the Gods’ Council Gathering was also tough for us here on the Earth. I could feel something like nervousness mixed with compassion, hope and love to You. Just like Paweł during previous session declared to give a testimony for You, I think he mobilised many of us to stand hand in hand and give many testimonies for Your work and love for us. We can only accept with humility the decision, which was made in our Human case and our Planet. With Love and Gratitude to You, Dear Enki, to our Great Teacher Jesus and our tireless Guardian Marduk. Anna.

ENKI: Welcome Anna, what people have done during those two thousand years? Now, small groups – repentance – bring Earth? Now it is a little to late. That is why… there is no other choice but cleanse Planet Earth. It will not happen as fast as some think. It will last, some time it will last, but it will be very visible, perceptible for people. And who… can think, will understand that cause is from Higher Instance. I can say so much and what else can I add that can cheer you? Human beings, you led to that, this Time was speeded up, that John’s Apocalypse, which supposed to occur practically by the end of this millennium, now it becomes visible. I’m listening.

Ryszard: So now three questions from Damian. First. Dear Enki, I wanted to ask you about Sirius B, who is already on the Earth and there are many of them, like us from Orion. It is known that we are born here, because there is no other way, to walk here on the Earth, without this human matter, because of how people are and there is no other way. Do I have in my surrounding anyone from Sirius B and do these people know about me, who I am etc.? – because I have such cases, when I look someone in the eyes and something like a hypnosis happens. I look straight into eyes, like hypnotised I am, but this is unpleasant experience. When Sirius, when they are in physical body on the Earth, do they not like those, who are from Orion – also are on the Earth in physical body?

ENKI: Damian, here you are right. Sirius from some time now is being born on the Earth And now they can come in droves – not only in body, being born, but also and… as a spiritual sphere, that is to help Gods’ Council. I cannot now and here in this room (!) and at all let you know, how to really recognize those, who has matter but are not from the Earth, but from Sirius. What will it give you when you will know how they look like? Sirius does not look at who is from which Planet. They look at how given person behaves. And in such a way these beings will NOW… observe, point to settle… for Gods’ Council. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And second question from Damian. Dear Enki, so when there will be cleansing on the Earth and in the Spiritual World, that is in Umbral, will “soap bubble” awaits everyone, who are in Umbral, or only some of them? Because I know from You that some will be moved to this another, similar to the Earth Planet, which gives a life in Third Dimension and to improve themselves. I thought that all will be moved to this another Planet, which was prepared to spiritual beings, who don’t want to be on the Earth and cleanse themselves. How it is generally with those souls?

ENKI: Well Damian, listen. If… someone is in Umbral, and… has something to be settled from, then… what? When sent to another Planet, prepared Planet and… such a spirit does exactly the same, what he did on the Earth. If on… cleansed Planet, new Planet, second Earth will be moved human beings, then… not from Umbral. Those from Umbral after sieving and after… when they will be – isolated, then… they can’t go to another Planet. They will be sent to so called colony, and these colonies are situated around whole Earth, between Umbral and the Earth. Because you know perfectly, that Umbral begins already here, on this physical Earth, so THAT IS WHY this Cleansing in being organised in Umbral, so that – one: to make room for those coming from the Earth, and to not… pollute… Earth anymore. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And last question from Damian. Dear Enki, Gods’ Council is made of twenty-seven God Beings. Is it like that, Enki, that – because every God has own Galaxy – does it mean that there are twenty-seven Galaxies, or there are more of them? I do not know if I understand it correctly. I ask just out of curiosity. Kind Regards. Damian.

ENKI: So also, just for your curiosity – I will answer. Of course, that there are more Galaxies, Gods as well. I can’t explain you on the meeting… why twenty-seven. It supposed to be thirty – there is God Father and two Sons, so there are three. Adding three of Us – there is thirty. It was decided like that and it will be like that, if human beings like it or not. You are actually the last Planet, who still have pretensions about something, still demands something, even expects and (!) does not want to adjust to anything, so Sirius said it correctly – human experiment got out of control. People supposed to be removed two thousand years ago and actually, this experiment was supposed to be started again. Human beings got a chance – these two thousand years. What people have done with the Planet as well as with themselves generally? Those billions of human beings, if filtered, then those beings who deserve to live HERE – on this Planet, only small handful stays, so… think about it, think about one thing – what about do you still have pretensions?… About what? – saying: “I am alright, others should change, but not me”. Will… it… be enough, when the rebellion awakens – in you, human beings? You lead to Gods’ Council Gathering. Not Us – others were watching you, other Civilisations, other gods, so… these two thousand years were an experiment. Ask yourself a question – Was experiment successful? I’m listening.

Barbara: I have a question, which I will shorten, from Zdzisław – quite long, who bows kindly, greets Spiritual World and thanks for the care and wants to pass something that happened to him – the event, which he experienced a few days ago while riding a bicycle. He saw Brother, Jesus, Your Brother. He was wearing beautiful, golden cloth. He stopped his ride, he welcomed Him like a King, Teacher, Friend. He looked like a statue, which we all know from Brazil, where his statue stays on the mountain. And when he was looking at Jesus, he started to shine, he was shining more and more brighter and he passed him events which are going to happen. He wants to say, that now he receives further channellings every day. Zdzisław.

ENKI: Welcome Zdzisław. If that was Jesus? I put that into doubt, because… Both Me, and My Brother Enli, we are forbidden to appear so officially, to show ourselves to people. I did that to Elżbieta, but – I appeared for her in a form of a bird, a big bird. So Zdzisław, that… you have channellings, there is no doubt about it, but think a bit about, who is appearing for you, who is passing you information. Furthermore, go more between people Zdzisław, because… closing yourself in house and – trying to make that connection with Spiritual World will not lead to… REAL contact. And – such… beings on the Earth, who pretend, there are plenty. Think about this. I’m listening.

Barbara: So I don’t know, if in that case there is a point in reading second question, which apparently is about one of Zdzisław’s channellings, which has such a message, concrete buildings that surround us should be crumbled. The truth is that they do not disturb the Earth, but these concretes in our heads, which everyone can crumble live in harmony with Mother Earth. Zdzisław also wants to thank for his sickness, which reach him. It is only from it he learnt a lot and understood. Zdzisław.

ENKI: That it… would be necessary to crumble these concretes in heads, it is a fact, I admit, but I repeat one again: choose that, what reaches you, because… We at the moment do not look for next and NEXT beings, to whom – give – channellings. Let people start using their reason. This is the most important. And some will start to use their reason. I wish you the same. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I would like to ask You Enki to answer my question. What you would tell person, who is for the first time in the room on the meeting. What would you answer – what proof do we have for that, what we speak about for example today? How would you answer such a person? Thank you.

ENKI: In this moment Ryszard, I will not explain, give reasons. The time at the moment is tight too much. And you, who have already spent a lot of TIME on the meetings, read a lot, or all channellings, so person, who came for the first time and expects – proofs? And what that person can say? Ryszard, so give this person website, let person read channellings, from the first one to the last – session, and let start to observe this what will start to happen on the Earth. Gods’ Council is not INVENTION neither Mine, nor My Brother’s nor Medium Lucyna’s. This is a fact. And now more and more acutely it will be communicated. That is why Ryszard, I will not confess or explain this woman. I from tomorrow, have someone to confess to. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Yes, thank you. I’m sorry. Anyway, for now to many people Gods’ Council, this meeting of Gods’ Council is something… [unclear] “science fiction” [something made up] and the truth is different of course, there is only a matter of who believes in that. Thank you. I would like to ask about one thing. A long time ago, many months ago we spoke about subject of prayers and I remember when you said, that one meeting we will speak about prayer “I believe in God the Almighty Father” [Apostles’ Creed]. I today prepared two versions, because I was curious, why there are two versions of this prayer. The first version in Apostol’s version, second one is version… moment, let me read: “Nicene-Constantinopolitan”. And this version, this last one, this “Nicene-Constantinopolitan” does not say about that Jesus went to hell and resurrected on the third day. And the Apostol’s version says: “…he descended to the dead. [in Polish version is “he went to hells”] On the third day he rose again…”. At least if you could, if I can ask You, to explain these two versions.

ENKI: Okay Ryszard, let’s schedule for the future meeting. At the moment, how do you say on the Earth: I have a few things on my head., because… tomorrow I will be the first who will confess there, so… we will talk about this prayer. And when it comes to… Jesus, who died and descended to hell, in fact he descended to Umbral, to hell. But this… was passed to people, that it awaits everyone – with no exception. Every human being will have to hook [Polish phrase, it means: to be there for some unspecified time] this hell. And now, especially now, whole hordes of human beings will guest there. But we will talk about this, when I will be after this settling, calmer, I will know what belongs [responsibility] to Me and My Brother, because… what will belong to Sirius and beings, who are arriving here, that we all already know and who has such great desire for this Planet Earth. Sirius told you that their Planet – not that it is being annihilated, but their source of power fades, that is their Sun. And because the Earth is relatively close to Sirius B, so they want to settle – together with human beings – The Earth, but first – it is necessary to – prepare The Earth for that. So, this is at the beginning I can tell you, what was already told. So, anything else? I’m listening.

Ryszard: So, such another experiment, of connecting human beings with Beings from Sirius B?

ENKI: That’s right Ryszard. They are already connecting, but at the moment these Beings from Sirius has to take human matter. Later, when there will be Greater Cleansing, they will be able to settle, having the matter which they have on Sirius, because… after such sieving which will occur, human beings those here in matter, will have friendly attitude towards cotenants on the Earth, and those will be those from Sirius B. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Yes, thank you. It would be all for today. We thank you heartily for coming again to our meeting. We thank You, we thank to Messenger from Sirius B, for his words and… well, see You on the next meeting in October. I think that much more will be clear, and… well what more can be said? We need to patiently wait and keep living our lives. Thank you.

ENKI: We also thank you, and Sirius – as he promised – will also come, because, in the end he got such a task from Gods’ Council. When… Gods’ Council will return in each other’s way, because they will, Sirius B will receive further guidelines – what to do. We indeed also – we receive a new program. Thank you for meeting.

Barbara: And we also thank you.

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