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Session 292

Public session of telepathic channelling no 292
Chicago, 16th July 2019-go roku

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian ENKI through medium Mrs Lucyna Lobos Brown answer asked questions. Speech of Spiritual Being from Sirius.

ENKI: I, Enki – welcome, welcome in present day, in sixteenth anniversary – today we have. How fast it passed, but not only I am here today, there is also… Sirius. Before – I will answer questions, a few words (not only to those gathered here, but generally) will want to say Sirius. He wanted this and (!) it will go to world.

Sirius: I… being from Sirius, welcome this small handful of gathered here. Unusual anniversary is today. I was also… on the first meeting… in beautiful restaurant and room. There was a crowd, crowd of people, and today I see – small – handful… scandal, THIS IS SCANDAL. After sixteen years and only so few of you stayed… Well… [Said with a sight], there was a crowd, for long there was a crowd, because you were scarred – of the twelfth – year, as it supposed to happen the end of the world, and you, who hid under wings of “Mission Pharaoh”, will survive and you will see this “end of the world”. It did not occur – this – by you – expected – end of the world in twelfth year, but instead something else soon will occur, more important and also it will be world-wide. We observe, closely we observe beings on the whole world, because such – we received PERMISSION to help as well as Earth Jesus as well as Holly Spirit …from whom they made “Hole Spirit”, Enki. Well… I can tell this that after even this twelfth year NOTHING changed. People… on the whole world… are worse, hundredfold worse. As well as politicians as well as Church, every Church, every religion – you burn against each other grater and grated hatred. We see all of that. Now there is a mayor waiting – for third – world – war… that is… human beings… you send order to Cosmos… so SPIRITUAL WORLD: war, THIRD – WORLD – WAR. As you wish: what you ask for, as well as world religions who are divided against themselves, who ENDEAVOUR towards this interpersonal hatred – you will have a war, and soon. People on the world ignore, because they say, that it will come to announcement of peace and safety, but this will be a signal to start this third – world – war. As it was said by Enki: the protection will be. We will also be choosing, but THOSE, who deserved it. Today’s meeting: SIXTINTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Mission Pharaoh, thank you for such… a celebration, appreciation of work, Enki’s spiritual work. For SIXTEEN years he was looking after this city, so that… nothing serious would happen. In today’s day he received answer: of ignorance, disregard, indifference and (!) human’s expectancy for this third world war. You will not wait a few years. It will happen soon. It is all of my word. If it will be necessary I will add [tell] Enki and He will pass it. This I wanted… to tell in this festive anniversary day – sixteen years of Mission Pharaoh. Scandal, it’s all I can say: this is scandal, so that in the room there was ONLY a small group… of people. I give way for Enki, I – Sirius.

ENKI: Well, what can I add. For the beautiful cake, which was made for this sixtieth anniversary I Enki thank you very much. And to Sirius words I will not add… anything. I wanted to avoid those bitter words, horrible words, that truly – the third – world – war is going to happen. To not prolong time, we will start. In this case I, Enki, Barbara, ask for the first question.

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