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Session 286

Public session of telepathic channelling No 286
Łódź, 9th December 2018

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian ENKI – through medium Mrs Lucyna Łobos-Brown – answer asked questions.

Małgorzata: We welcome, Welcome sincerely You, Lord Enki. We also welcome Guests, who came with You. Maybe we will have an occasion to guest them today. Very, truly very much we are happy, that after so long time this meeting is happening. I would like you to know that, we waited for you very much and we missed you very much. Even though that, the time is very tough now on the Earth, there is a joy in our hearts, joy because of this meeting with You today. We welcome You Enki.

ENKI: I – ENKI, and not only, because on this… meeting of yours here in Łódź, this day… today there is also – Spiritual – Being – from Sirius, who received tough task. True, you were waiting to… hear Being from Sirius. Well Unfortunately – he is here. He endured with you in room, but due to, what sort of APPROACH is of you, human beings to this… Being from Sirius, generally Sirius – this is scandalous; that is why… he will… interject, interject and pass, and I – to you – will pass. You are already used to Me, although and bored, and you often say, that “Enki got old and is repeating himself” but full of – vigour – is – Sirius. Is already on the Earth with whole army, Army if Spiritual Beings from Sirius, who has tough task… to accomplish. In the meantime, when I will be answering to your questions, of course not to all, because… if question will be… inappropriate or will not require such a public… discussion, then either I invite for personal session, or I ask to read all those sessions, and there are plenty of them. And there are also plenty of answers, even – practical ones, but now we will be starting because time is running out and I wait, I – Enki TOGETHER with Sirius for the first question. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome Dear Enki, is Earth ascending to the higher dimension because, it was her plan? Does human consciousness influences ascending of the Earth, or this does not have any major meaning? – because The Earth will ascend any way. Anna.

ENKI: Did you think long about this Anna? The Earth is not ascending yet. You are still stuck in the third level. When… The Earth will start Cleansing, successfully Cleansing, then yes, and… for now… Mother Nature will be helping in Cleansing, later also with this ascending to the higher level. So, you are, as a Planet way behind on this stage of spiritual ascending, but take a look Anna, a closer look at what (!) achieved human beings during these two thousand years. Do… such exactly people reached higher level, do they ascend spiritually? Think about it. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Has Sirius got something to do with what is being hidden in the ice of Antarctica? This is a question from Arkadiusz.

ENKI: Not only, there are two poles: Southern, Northern. There are also under, under ice – bases, where… don’t disturb human beings to those, who there to those bases come. There is also base… under – Atlantic Ocean, more less on… the height on the old Atlantis. Of course, that… they participate and come, but that they are not visible to the eye of those, who follow the sky, well – human beings are not perfect enough to accept the fact that the Earth is not the only Planet, and human beings are not the only beings, so one way or another (that you don’t like it) Sirius – is already – on the Earth. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Is it possible, that with Sirius help to change degrading technology of burn explosion to technology of implosion? Thank you for answer Arkadiusz.

ENKI: Everything is possible, but wait a bit. In this moment… and even Sirius, even though is not the only one who participates in this action of Cleansing the Earth. The most important element of this… Cleansing is Mother Nature, where before even Sirius itself was slowing down [/cancelling] what Mother Nature started… to do, to act. Now already – and Mother Nature has a free hand in action, and it will be happening, very MUCH will be happening. Sirius will have a task to take care of those, who… let’s say will die [said with a sigh] in this Mother’s Nature action. But now I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome Enki, our Eternal Friend. Support us in everyday spiritual growth. We thank you for that you are nearby. Are our fathers who recently left for Matter World are still in Umbral, evaluating their actions from life on the Earth? Or they are already in the higher, next sphere? Thank you, Katarzyna and Radosław.

ENKI: Welcome – Katarzyna, Radosław. In this Umbral sphere, because there are three of them, one can be there very long and very short: a few years, over a dozen, a few hours, a few moments. It is hard for Me to say based on this letter: if they are and where they are. Most likely they are still in this first Umbral, that is somewhere between you, because for you – dressed in matter – also happened to live here, in this first, let’s call it hell, because it… was already called by the Church, especially Catholic one. From the first level it is easier to reincarnate, but Spiritual Beings, those who SEE what is happening, really what is happening will not reincarnate so rapidly. They must reach certain level of knowledge, to even reach any colony, which… will welcome such Spiritual Beings – from the Earth. So, calmly, you can be calm, for sure those spirits didn’t land in the third level. To land there, then their not GOOD merits, but evil would have to be in this very big, so… remain calm. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Our Guardian Enki, I left this question for the public session, because probably many people ask themselves this question. After changes, time which currently is accelerated, will be stretched? – because it is currently hard to keep up with everything. Zofia.

ENKI: Hugely, this time truly is accelerated. And here Zofia (because I know who you are) I will not expand this question, but… instead… I invite you for a private session already in… Wrocław. We will settle this subject and this question. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: I would like to thank to God Yahweh, Son Enli, Holy Spirit Enki, Sirius B and others for care over me and my family. Are people, who draw energy from another person, aware of that? How to protect oneself from this? Andrzej.

ENKI: Welcome Andrzej. You are talking about so called energetic groups of spiritual vampires. Not everyone, not everyone, are aware of this. How to protect from this… Hard, really – hard, but… for that there is also already on the Earth whole army from Sirius, to filter such, even those energetic vampires, to even – easier it could be to look closer to other beings: and Spiritual ones, and those – waring – matter. The best method would be…to close yourself in energetic key, and already such one can be written… in solar plexus and then there will be no access for such a vampire to such a person, because the most frequently they use matter of physical people, because they feed with this energy, so I suggest – to lock yourself in such a key on solar plexus. Then you will stop being a giver. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Good day Earth Guardian. Thank you, that I had a chance to show on this meeting. Question – it is about the Earth. How it is, this Earth? Is it round like a ball, or maybe flat like a plate? Regards, Jarek.

ENKI: And where did you read that? – those nonsense. Flat like a plate, has edges, where you can even fall at the end of this “plate”. No, the Earth is – round, round like a ball. Maybe not exactly that… even, because there are – mountains, plenty of mountains. When – YOU READ – something, then… carefully look closely to, WHAT – you read. Someone created a nonsense, put it in Internet and already who Earth start to shake from the fear that there is some end [edge] – of the Earth. There is not – such a thing. It is enough to fly plane and look closely at the circle which it makes. If the Earth was flat and – had already – an edge, then planes would fly straight, and not – make – circle. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Dear EA, in one of the next books by authors of “Nosso Lar” there is a fragment about that, pineal gland – our organ – is like an antenna, thanks to which we can communicate [connect] with Spiritual World and Spiritual World with us. Can we care about it in some way, so that this communication was easy? Thank you. Tomasz from London.

ENKI: Welcome Tomasz, after all this question equally – well you can ask on personal session. In the old times, and it was very long time ago, beings who… were living on the Earth had this ability to communicate with Spiritual World using telepathy. When on the Earth were brought beings from this shattered Planet, this gift – was suspended: I will tell you like that. It will come back and again you will be able to communicate with, talk with Spiritual World, but first the Earth has to be Cleansed. Cleansed well enough, so that your minds can start function normally. Not like it has been so far. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: By inserting pentagonal apexes of icosahedron into the house construction, can we get energetic amplification of the house? Monika.

ENKI: Of course, you can – if only you could know how much. And if you would also such – icosahedrons put – in four – corners – of the house, then this house would radiate with Energy for a distance. You would attract not only people, but also everything that is alive, so such one construction for inmates will be perfectly sufficient – to protect the house and you. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Dear Enki, will we live till the time when Cheops will rest in sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid? Thank you, Piotr.

ENKI: Listen Piotr, I will repeat Sirius’s words when there was such a time, when… there was a channelling with him, because today… all the dogs that there are, are being hanged or… directed to bite those from Sirius. You will not succeed in this. Sirius said then, when it started to happening a bit not ok in foundation both Polish one and American one, when he said: “If you can’t talk with each other, come to agreement and (!) start lively work on the Plateau with goal to get to the Tomb, then we will do that”. And it happened like that. Foundations are gone and… Sirius, well – is glad, is glad, because… it is… him who will achieve this (not discovery, because it is known WHERE the Tomb is located, and whole ceremony must be done including a sarcophagus) so they will do that, THEY will achieve this excavation, so – people will help in this, and – Sirius – will succeed. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Second question from Piotr. The question is about chemical trails in India. Very big amount of people uses so called “chembusters”. This is a copper pipe, on the bottom of it there is a crystal [kryształ górski]. Their job is to diffuse chemical trails. Are they effective? Thank you. Piotr.

ENKI: And how many inventions have already went through your mind? It is hard to catch up with all this. Also, in this short period of time it will be – something like that… that human beings will be wiser that they should and write, and say: “I, I am the one who makes miracles, I am god – on the Earth”. But this will mean the end, the end to what… people IN THIS MOMENT do on the Earth. And even greater power in the Cleansing Mother Nature will do. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome Enki. Please answer, if you can about the events, how you and Enlil did manage on the Gods Council? What They were asking you about? Tutus from Piła.

ENKI: There was a bit more fear, because when… we were going to the Gathering – of Gods’ Council, we didn’t know how Gods’ Council will act, how They will treat us, about what They will be asking Us, what They will order Us to – do. It can be strange for you: “how so, Spirit is afraid?”. When Spirit goes to… Someone with higher rank, then of course that is afraid. And Gods Council is made of Beings with High Rank Spiritual Beings. What awaited us? Of course, we had to settle from those two thousand years and (!) accept this… what… suggested was: do not get involved in this moment to what will… do Mother Nature. Do not calm Her, allow Her to act. And we calmed her till this moment. Sirius will look after SPIRITUAL sphere – after what will be doing Mother Nature. Later we will act together. Our task is more less similar to what was earlier, but… we didn’t have on our head so desperate Mother Nature and Sirius’s help. Now it awaits you. Awaits you this… what… supposed to actually happen two thousand years ago – extended. Now two thousand years passed – we are [unclear] – extended… and in the meantime Gods’ Council was gathered, where already – established, established this, what… is supposed to happen, to accelerate, accelerate this process of Cleansing. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: I ask you Enki for a support in the next year. A few difficult court cases await me. I send Kind Regards to You, Enlil and Beings from Sirius. Tytus from Piła.

ENKI: Fear, fear is energy, the worst energy – that there can be. When you approach this completely differently and say that: “this case will finish favourably for me”, then you will find out, that the case will take place, of course, but (!) it will take place – favourably – to your thought. I’m listening.
Person from the room: Thank you.

Małgorzata: Dear Holy Spirit, as an introduction I thank you for guidance and help, which I receive always when I ask God Father and You Enki. My question. I received from parents an old property. I decided to set up cameras. Plenty of energetic balls are being recorded. Sometimes there are so many of them that they cover whole screen. Could it be a cemetery there in the past? Can big accumulation of those beings be connected with cleansing of transitional world? Thank you for the answer. Piotr.

ENKI: Piotr, Spiritual Beings – are here on the Earth, so… this is the first level of Umbral, Spiritual Beings… like such deserted places. Also – want somewhere – to live. And there are many, really many of them, that is and those who have the matter, that is you and Spiritual Beings – on one level you are, that is the first level of hell. And this is from where you can see those spheres, that is inhabitants, spiritual – inhabitants of this – property, who (even if I got to know the place, then) I would not have intention to evacuate them. Let them reside… for now. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Thank you Lord Enki, that you inspired Francis to change the content of the prayer “Lord’s Prayer”. Change that finally happened in the Rome, however in Polish Church, still in old way The Lord God is being offended. What do you think about it, Enki? This is a second question from Piotr.

ENKI: Piotr, to this question I would like to not give an answer because of how at the moment priests behave. Of course, it was about time to change the prayer, but… Catholic Church Piotr will not sign under Francis’s words, who received those words of change from God Himself. Because everything has a begin and (!) end has to have. That is why this prayer – will be changed a bit more, which will make Catholic Church unhappy, and even more now Catholic Church will yell at this: “by what law?” [it is a Polish saying, meaning: why?]. Here – Sirius – starts – to rule: by what law they did not accept Gods’ Council Gathering? They did not accept. Till the end, till the very end they will fight over their position, not appreciating that, it is about time to see also in all of this – people and God, because at this moment there is NO God in the Church! I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome Dear Friend Enki. Rafał shown himself in my dream, and that he started to walk by himself. Then, in the dream, he told me: “tell this to the whole word”. We all wish that to Rafał and we do believe, that this dream will become reality. Zofia from Wrocław.

ENKI: Because it will Zofia… become reality. Already started process of coming to health. It will take some time, because even the process of rehabilitation can be long, but for that he has support, our help. And it will be like that till… he will leave crutches, leave this vehicle and will walk on his own legs. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Dear Enki, I want to heartily welcome You and thank You for your care and guidance. I would like to ask about quite brave project, which people in Poland want to do, that means to excavate Vistula Spit [pl. Mierzeja Wiślana]. Is it wise and responsible to interfere Nature in such a way? Will after this excavation come to flooding of such seaside areas like Stegna, Krynica Morska, Piaski? Thank you for answer. Maciej.

ENKI: Maciej, Maciej, you read rubbish. Do not forget about one important thing: on the Earth, on this Planet there will also live Beings from Sirius. Do you think that they will allow for such a destruction? I think that no. Every corner of the Earth will be properly used. And this, who disturbed your head, and others’, will pay for it. Here no such a thing will happen. Everything will stay on its place. Even it will be improved. AND NOT(!) DESTROYED. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Quite recently, a World Conference about Protecting Environment [UN Climate Summit] had a place in Poland, in Katowice. What good will it bring for Protection of Environment? Maciej.

ENKI: We will see, Maciej. For now, to voice… arrives Mother Nature, who… already on the Gods’ Council Gathering received this acquiescence: what has to be removed, will be removed, and the rest will be preserved. Let – them still occur those various gatherings and arrangements. Nothing will come out of them. It WILL BE SUCH – as – we established, and how – Earth has to be PREPARED for arrival of those from Sirius. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome Dear Enki, Guardian of the Earth and us. Thank you for recent personal session, after which I’m calmer inside. At the same time, I ask for care over me and my guidance in this difficult time, so that I will be able to fulfil my plan with which I came here. I ask for support in finishing studies. I ask you especially for care over my nephew Gabriel and his family. Question about Umbral and about the third level. Is Cleansing by Sirius B to so called “soap bubble”, is it a death of the spirit? Sławek from Warsaw.

ENKI: That is correct, this is death – of the spirit. In the John’s Revelation there is such a verse, where… John had passed, that such a time will come, that God will judge the alive and the dead. This judging of the dead has started, that is – Sirius received this… permission: not judging, only… already execution of the order. What is the order, explain – you – I don’t have to. The third level, the worst level… that there can be. From there already… there is no… way out. And it was like that. In… turn… they were eliminated. You know how soap bubble looks like. Inflate, “puff” and it is gone. The same was happening on the third level. ALMOST is CLEANSED third level. Now Sirius also starts to watch the second – level and part of Spiritual Beings will be moved to the third level. It is not that they INSTANTLY will be eliminated. They will exist for some time, but – a way BACK from the third level there is no. The second – yes, one can come to the Earth, can be taken from this second level to one of… colonies, which is between… Earth and… purgatory. But for everything necessary is time, and third level, is level let’s say final one. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Beloved Enki, will there be an official reveal of Beings from Sirius, or these beings will work incognito? With love, Beata.

ENKI: And they will not work incognito Beata. They will reveal themselves… in their… real shape, because in this moment they already appear or they are being born, taking human mater, or they take body from the accident, from clinical death, so… already on the Earth there are very many of them, and it will be even more. At this moment even when they are born, they are unrecognizable. A child is being born after all, and that spirit comes from another Planet – well, after all to this not God led to, but – human beings during this bit of time. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: What caused that Jesus was born in a Jewish family? Halina.

ENKI: And What is the difference? Do you think, that… it would be good if he would be born in catholic one? There was no catholic Church at that time. There was… already fraction, this Jewish, so it was chosen this place for the birth for Jesus. And now there is a matter – to be settled: why wasn’t he born… in Poland for example or Rome – for example? Well, it was decision of God Himself, where will he direct – Jesus. And He directed to those East lands, but now this… truly has no bigger meaning. Do you understand? Doesn’t have. Now meaning has this… what will be happening further here on Earth… and with you. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: In Poland, more often teenagers celebrate Halloween. How is it viewed by Spiritual World? Halina.

ENKI: Play, it is being treated as play. Let a bit more people play. Not at all Spiritual World treat this seriously, because this also did not come from Spiritual World, so one thing: this, what comes from people – will die. This, what will come from God – will be eternal. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Question about vaccinations. Is the problem lies in the ingredients of vaccines, or in the vaccination itself? Halina.

ENKI: In vaccination itself maybe not. In ingredients, in ingredients… of vaccines. Also, I will not talk on this subject, because… we know what war in this moment is about these vaccines. Now there will be decision… of parents: listen or not to listen, vaccinate or not vaccinate? Vaccine is nothing else but bacteria of a disease, so… I wish good luck in vaccination. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome Friends Enki and Sirius. Regarding to the process of change – what will happen in sanctuary in Licheń?
Change the side of the cassette.
Małgorzata: (Whispering – there was too much of recording already. Question from beginning). Welcome Friends Enki and Sirius. Regarding to the process of change – what will happen in sanctuary in Licheń? Thank you Grażyna z Karczewa.

ENKI: And couldn’t you Grażyna this question ask on the personal session… Especially you waited for this, to… ask on the public session. It is like put a stick into a hornet nest. A bit more – wait, still wait a bit when… starts Mother Nature to work… on religion – catholic. What will happen? Well, what can happen? What can happen, when something will be… destroyed. Only this I can say, because thiiis is already a subject, which will annoy – exactly the Church. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Friend Enki, from where there are in children so called “tachycardias”, if heart reaches very high frequency of beats despite lack of visible defects? In our family twins were born. One of them has this ailment and is still in hospital. Despite given medicine not always there is an improvement. Tell me, can neurosis be the reason? Her parents, during conception, planned to separate. Father of the child had problems with heart. However, they stayed together. How to help her? Thank you. Katarzyna.

ENKI: Katarzyna… welcome. It is often like that… after multiple pregnancy – of twins one is weaker, second is stronger. It happened like that in case… of your two twins. Unfortunately, nothing I can help. Slowly… this child will be from this… growing up. Is a sensitive child, receives energy, so… and parents should think about this, and primarily do not… disturb PEACE of this child. Do not argue next to the child, and child will receive everything. After every such row – let’s call it, child lands in hospital, so the health… of this child is in hands – of the parents. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Question from Agnieszka. I welcome You heartily – Beloved Enki, Sirius and whole Spiritual World. Thank you very much for everything that occurred so far. Since a long time impresses me book and the movie “Celestial Prophecy”, included in it initiations and manuscripts. I ask you very much for Your opinion about this energy. Agnieszka.

ENKI: Many those books are guided by Spiritual Beings, and guiding is for… Consciousness of people. But how many of those books that have been read by people REACH people’s minds? This is a second case, so… these books (I must tell you), that there are a FEW, a few who opened their heart. And it will be still for a bit, till on the Earth those events will not be bigger and bigger – bigger and bigger. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: I have here question from Marcel, very large, with big introduction and I will allow myself to make it shorter – only the specifics. I ask very much our Star Brothers in my name and the name of whole humanity, to not allow to use this horrible weapon of mass destruction. It is about atomic weapon. Rulers on the Earth, come to your senses, do not destroy, do not degrade, but respect her, this Mother Nature. I ask, Marcel, being from this world, but not belonging to it. Thank you.

ENKI: It will not happen, either… [big noise of moving papers in background] …not atomic, because it is about to not lead to destruction of the EARTH, because – as precisely – you already know… on the Earth… you will have habitants – from another Planet. They also have to – evacuate, and the Earth is actually the nearest. Not all, because… some will choose another Planet, significant part will want to be here, on the Earth. And they will not want to come to the Earth, the Planet already destroyed by human beings. Inevitably they will have to lead to that, to PROTECT from attacks, or stupidity of those “prominent scientists”, who created this – weapon – of annihilation. So, Marcel for now you can sleep calmly. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Recent tremendous fires in California, floods in Italy, mass deaths of sea animals, birds and melting in fast speed of ice cover, many human suicides. Are those factors, and surely there are many more, are visible sign of accelerated Cleansing of the Planet Earth? Thank you, Marcel.

ENKI: Of course, and it is good that you pointed out… those things, which are – already happening, and it will be happening even more. All this is because of or by permission of the Gods’ Council, and Mother Nature does it. And We together with Sirius, already DON’T disturb, and people have to see it all. And to be true, majority of people do not pay attention to this: “Whatever, whatever, those events. It is important that… where we are nothing is happening, it is important that it is not burning where we are.”, and so on, and so on. And mortality, well… IT WILL BE… even greater. Let just this year finish. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Also question about… (whispering to Lucyna – about father Rydzyk, but maybe we will not read it…)
(Lucyna, also whispering – let’s read).

Małgorzata: In Poland there is such a man, who calls himself “father director”…
Laughter in the room.

Małgorzata: …who preaches the word of God – whatever it means in this case. How is it that this man spends huge amount of money on the business? He receives from Government’s Treasury millions and it is still not enough for him. Children in Poland need for treatments, hard and difficult operations, not once they have to organise money collections. Where is this law and justice?…
Smiles in the room.

Małgorzata: …Jesus is missing here who would enter the temple and chase them away. For how long we will have to watch such wickedness and un-justice? When will it change? Marcel.

ENKI: Soon, soon. Yes… for this priest is always – little. Little, little and again little, but soon and he will fill himself up, fill himself up with this gold, which he extorts – from – people. Everything has beginning and the end also – has – to have. He is… I will also not say name of this… priest, because you all know about who is it about. He, himself is perfectly aware of how miry ground he starts to – walk on, and that his end is near. He will not expand his – temple – and castle, because his… day slowly starts to come closer to the end… [Unreadable, some metal noises in the background] …as everything else on the Earth, especially priests, who now yell the most. Yes, animal also… when it is slaughtered can scream. The situation is similar. You don’t need Jesus for this. Sirius will be enough – and soon. I’m listening, what else?

Małgorzata: And slowly we come closer to the end. I have two more questions. Welcome You Enki, I wanted to ask about my frequent headaches, which lasts sometimes for three, four days. What should I do then, what to take, which medicine, to function normally? (Małgorzata: It is not signed.)

ENKI: In my opinion, even though I don’t have you “under my hands”, but – go to good …practitioner [], because… this may be, not only may be, but most likely – the reason of this ailment is on neck spine and from this are those returning head aches. As soon as you can use this therapy, treatment and you will get rid of this burdensome headache. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Beloved Enki, tell me, do you have a golden way for falling out hairs? Since some time now I have quite a big problem with this. (Małgorzata: Also without signature.)

ENKI: What are you afraid of? To sign? Well… they say that on a wise head hairs do not grow, but… hairs are necessary, even for ornament. Start to make poultices from BLACK TURNIP. Egg, lemon and black turnip. At least two times a week make such compresses. Hairs – will stop falling out and… will start to grow – new. It will take some time, but it is worth to sacrifice – for that, to have hairs on the head. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Welcome Enki and Sirius. Do the Asians with slanted eyes have something from Maldek genes? Where they are from? Filip.

ENKI: Oh, Filip, you do not like slanted eyes? What is the difference, if person has slanted eyes, straight eyes? Simply – is like that. And if… they come from Maldek? They can as well come from Planet Orion, Niberian, Orion. There also were “colours”, four “colours”, so – this – in this – moment already has… no meaning. Meaning can have only thiiiis, to now start to be a man. A man towards another man, so that as many people as possible save themselves – from – this, what will also – be happening – on the Earth. I’m listening.

Małgorzata: There is here one more colleague who would like to ask question personally. Yes, Can we?

Man: Welcome Dear Enki, I have such a question for You. Can we guest you longer in Poland? Such a plan exists.

ENKI: There is such a plan, of course that there is such a plan… to leave that land and here… already to anchor for good, especially because that when we come here there is really a rest, and there is life in nervous tension, even though I look after that so those nerves would not be there, then already – stress – is present. But such possibility exists and – faster – thank – you think. Is there anything else to read, to ask? I’m listening.

Małgorzata: Those were all the questions, but if you allow, then I wanted to ask one more question, which I know and I can say. In the middle of October quite strong Earth quaked in areas between Madagascar and Africa, so actually this is the terrain of Your first headquarter Enki. And the strangest thing was that all devices registered very strong earthquake, but there were no visible effects of this quake and this is quite a challenge for scientists, because they can’t find out, what exactly happened, even though that there is an evidence that there was whole series of earthquakes – strong ones. Can you tell us what happened there? Maybe you wanted to enter to home?
Laughter in the room.

ENKI: It is true that the first home… after landing was the periphery of Madagascar. Then Madagascar, todays Madagascar was connected with Africa – with such isthmus, that you could… walk bare feet. Of course, that may had been joke, that I wanted to visit my home, but we had there – whole… whole group, who came and landed there – we had our home. And from that area we moved to further areas, but in fast pace were built landings there on Madagascar. This, what happened – if scientists would be a bit savvy [pl. “mieli troche oleju w głowie”], then they would go to that spot, where there was this epicentre… of this earthquake and would dig to, very easy they would dig to ruins of our property. But… now it already does not have meaning, because… we will our work – do anyway. So, if there are no more questions, then I and listening to this our meeting – Sirius, we thank you for… this numerous arrival and this meeting. Thank you very much.

Małgorzata: We thank you, we thank also You Enki, we thank to the Being from Sirius and of course we invite You for the feast. Stay with us necessarily, because there will be what to eat and drink. Welcome. Thank you.
Applause (long from many people)

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