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Session 296

Public session of telepathic channelling no 296
Łódź, 6th October 2019

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian EN-KI through medium Mrs Lucyna Lobos Brown answer asked questions. Also, guest Spiritual Being from Sirius is present.

Małgorzata: Welcome everyone very sincerely, welcome all our wonderful Guests, Spiritual Guests and we thank to God Father, the Creator of All Things very, very much for that he gave us such wonderful Spiritual Beings, who are with us during this very difficult time, in time of transformation, in time of ascent and help us to go through this very hard time. How it is hard for us – everyone here knows, and that is why we have those sessions. We thank you, that we can ask for advices and to receive such a support. Once again, we welcome our Guests sincerely.
EN-KI: And I – En-Ki, together… with Guest, who came here for this meeting also, that is from Sirius B – I welcome you and… I will be answering… your questions. May they not be not… exhausting, too long, because… medium’s energy is also limited. So – I’m listening to the first question.
Małgorzata: Welcome Dear Enki, Our Friend. Tell me, if bases: American, Israeli – underground ones, where there are negative forces, that try to annihilate humanity, have been already liquidated?
EN-KI: It starts nicely… If like that all questions will be, where we will circle around… politics, then it will be hard. To this question – I will not answer. I will only say that… all bases were not only not liquidated, but were expanded even more. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: En-Ki, our beloved Friend, in the Internet there are many various information about some battles around Earth between so called “The Alliance of Light” and “The Alliance of Darkness”. Please, allow us to gather the knowledge on this subject and tell us, what is happening. Paweł from Łódź.
EN-KI: And maybe you could come for a personal session? With all evil energy, that people generate, here – on the Earth, believe Me, UNNECESSARY are additional Energies from Cosmos, or other Galaxies. Here it is necessary to create an order. Only then those can be eliminated, who… send Energy from Cosmos, but – what I can say, is that… Planet Earth is in Cleansing phase and is the last Planet, which goes through Cleansing, and – beings – human, not all, but many are the most barbarian beings in the whole Cosmos. And do not wonder, that there is such a Momentum for… ordering. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Dear En-Ki, thank you for Your care over my family and me, and especially for last three years, where without Your care it would be difficult for me to go through this time. I ask for further care. Gabriela. Gdańsk.
EN-KI: It isn’t necessary to ask Me, it is enough to ask ONCE for help, for care. I am Being, let’s say, quite intelligent and I can note: order – request, and (!) then we look at such orders. Not only I take part in this help, but there are also other Helpers of me, who I send to – given – beings, who – ask – for help. Continuously help will be sent to you, that is why… you don’t have to keep reminding Me about this. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Regarding upcoming swirls on Polish grounds, can Ireland be more safe solution? Maciej.
EN-KI: And maybe on the Moon, Maciej? You will be completely safe there. Those swirls will be – on whole – Earth – globe. Even on both poles, so – I can’t ensure you and say, that this place, which you chose, will be safe, because – Cleansing will reach – every corner of the Earth. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Thank You En-Ki for all the support which I feel so far. I ask for continuation. I send my Regards to You, Enlil, and Guest from Sirius. Tytus from Piła.
EN-KI: I accept… regards. And again, I hear words: “don’t forget to look after me, En-Ki”.
Smiles in the room.
EN-KI: I won’t forget, because it is NOTED, that given person should be supported, and helped, we do so. Not I personally, but do you know, what Army of Spiritual Beings – helps Me? And it will be like that. So, you have nothing to worry about, you have nothing to be afraid. I only ask for one: for calm, for trust – and further more humility – in Spiritual World. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Thank you God Yahve, that I am here, in this place, thank you Enli and Spirit Enki – Carer of the Earth and to people, and whole Spiritual World. Andrzej. Is there a special Energy from Cosmos on Mountain Ślęża? 21st June, is it the right day?
EN-KI: This, that there is an Energy on Mountain Ślęża – it is true. And precisely speaking – inside of the mountain, there is special device, which in distant times – was brought from Planet Orion. And the fact, that now nothing is being done on… on the Ślęża Mountain, or under the mountain, then about this claims you can have to… priests, who stopped, closed, and even forbid to enter to Ślęża Mountain, because they – exactly know – what is there. They know about Energy, know about devices, they know everything. So, with CLAIMS please go especially to… episcopal curia in Wrocłąw. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: After rain fall, wonderful rainbow appears on the sky. Is it coming from colonies? (Małgorzata quieter to Lucyna: it is about those colonies.)
EN-KI: It depends about which colony you have on mind, because colonies, those spiritual ones are placed and are still being expanded around Earth. So, there are various signs given from colonies. You have to be precise, about which you have on mind, because if it is about this big colony, which is between Ukraine, Czechoslovakia and Poland, then it will not match, then yes, but it is still during expansion, so rainbow is a path to colony: and yes, and no. Let’s say: rainbow is a gift from Cosmos, from Us, from God and it will be passed like that – until the dawn of humanity. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Now question from Filip. Dear Lord En-Ki, in Bible it is written, that people who cross legs have false tongue. Today, in our times it is very popular behaviour. Could you explain, how it is? Filip.
EN-KI: Filip, Filip couldn’t you ask this question on personal session? It got reminded, isn’t it? And what does it have crossing legs with good or bad Energy? Bad Energy… you have already in mind, and if you are a good person, then if you either cross legs or put leg over leg, or both legs put up, it hasn’t the smallest meaning. Energy, good and bad – is invisible. Filip, do not gather various trashes from computer, as you like to do. You received today plenty wise advices, so start to follow them and (!) less, a bit less gather this trash from computer. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Welcome Guardian of the Earth. Thank you for the time we spent together. I ask for answer to my question. Is Ark of the Covenant on the Earth since the time of building of the Great Pyramid in Giza? Thank you. Rafał.
EN-KI: Rafał, did you check… times of Moses? – when was The Great Pyramid built, when was… this… meeting, or moving of Ark of the Covenant by Moses? Time. Ark of the Covenant hadn’t been then – it is found, it is known where it is – in Israel, but on the top of this mountain, and Ark of the Covenant is under this mountain, we hid it, so… it is built on the mountain – temple, which, brothers in faith will not move, so… even if archaeology, which many would like to get there, then… poor chances they have. So once again I repeat: if there are such brave ones, who in Israel guard this Holy Mountain, because then temple would had to be… tear down, because another way – there is none, so let them try to get to Ark of Covenant. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Dear Enki, you spoke about Cleansing as well as about choosing the right people here as well as for the second Planet. Is it so called criterion of ascending, case of the oneness? Thank you for your answer. Arkadiusz.
EN-KI: What are you afraid of Arkadiusz? That you will lose life during those war encounters? From one side there is a huge fear in people, and from another side curiosity, what is in such a colony and where they are. Those are Spiritual Worlds, that is… colony is nothing else but a reflection of what is on the Earth, so if you have Sign on Life, and Sign you have, then what are you afraid of, what are you scared of? That you will lose your life? But you will get it back, that is you will get second life. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: On the session from 22nd September, to question from Wiktor from Mexico, You, En-Ki said, that the Sirius, or also other Civilisations fly over here, land and take human form, so I understand, that they can take over mature body of human. My question is: when can such exchange happen and can we, people disagree to take over of our body, or only weak individuals are chosen for that? Mirosława.
EN-KI: Listen Mirosława, it is necessary to think a bit. This is fact, Beings from Sirius already start to come down to the Earth, and this happened… not that long ago – when there was this Gathering of Gods’ Council. They start to be born. Do you have any influence to that, when child is being born and (!) those parents don’t know, what spirit came down to their family and was born? They take human bodies, but they don’t kill, if you have such a thought, like cruel thought people have. If already, then… they take body from accident, which happened. Then spirit of given person, who takes part in accident moves to Umbral of course, to do review and wait for space in one of the colonies, and Sirius starts to work. Then family says that after such accident such person is not the same, behaves completely differently. So, as well… human beings, that is you, don’t have even slightest influence to decision of God himself and Gods’ Council. Beings from Sirius WILL come down to the Earth. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: “What you sow you will reap”, this is one of teachings of Jesus Christ. If people wold understand deep sense of those words, they would not raise a hand against another man, or other living beings. How to sensitize people to this truth, and with this to lower pain of suffering and torment on the Earth? Thank you for the answer. Mirosława from Częstochowa.
EN-KI: Mirosława, for it to start to be… at least better on the Earth, I don’t say: good. Good it will be, but only after quite long period of time. Cleansing has to happened and people, if they would understood and started to be one towards another like a man, give another man, every single one would give, what he / she has the best in him / herself and received from this man the same, then on the Earth it would have started to get better, it would have started to change, but no! For today there is greater and greater depression, greater and greater anger, evil Energy. This Energy of evil – is passed to… Mother Earth. And this, what at this moment Mother Earth does, also for this we do not have influence. This time needs to be patiently wait out.
Małgorzata: (Good, from Maciej). Welcome dear En-Ki, I thank you for guidance on every day of my life, I ask for further guidance. Currently in Poland we have beautiful Polish autumn, I want to ask about mushrooms, because people do not have limits and gather various mushrooms. Is it in Your opinion eating mushrooms healthy for human body? – because in my opinion mushrooms are not healthy, but I ask for Your advice. Maciej.
EN-KI: Listen Maciej, everything, that is suitable to… eat is with benefit for… organism. Creator of each organism is Creator Himself. So, if… he created even mushrooms, because even mushroom, so called “poisonous”, after appropriate preparation, is also eatable, but with everything limit is necessary. So I ask now: is… such without limit eating of meat, killing animals, isn’t it harmful? Cruel killing of an animal, where this animal dies in suffering, leaves in its body, in this meat toxic ingredients, which are also harmful for the organism. That is why, that is why… Cleansing is on the Earth, so that on the Earth can start rule tidiness and order, and… in each consumption of each meal it is necessary to have limit. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Good, now question from Marcel. I know with Krzysztof for over thirty years. Last year he had a bad luck. He had a high aspirations for position in government, and it did not happen and since that time he is not good and malicious. I will not be a puppet in someones’ hands.Even recently he threaten me with court for alleged slander. What should I do in this case? Break relationship with him? Or just do not react to his behaviour? Thank you. Marcel.
EN-KI: Marcel, if you would only… use my answers, then it would be very good, however you don’t use much from those my advices. Regarding to this, what you wrote to Me here today, you asked question I think, that enemies also it is necessary to remove from ones life, because… they are nothing else than potential vampires, vampirism. So, why do you solicit his favours? When you remove yourself, stop contacting him, then he will either calm down or he will become quite dangerous vampire. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: And second question from Marcel. Galactic Federation of Light has insight into what is happening on the Earth. Can we, Earthly beings, can we be workers of Light? If so then what kind of criteria we need to meet? Thank you Marcel.
EN-KI: And, can you Marcel meet galactic expectations? You can’t. Until Earth will not be RELATIVELY, could be completely, but relatively cleansed, then none galactic institution will bother their heads with such human beings, like there are now. First – Cleansing, and after that, only can be started cooperation with other Galaxies. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Good day Guardian of Earth. Thank you for your care and for teachings, which you give, for spiritual guidance. I would like to find out about empathy, how to work with this gift, how to use? Best Regards. Jacek
EN-KI: Jacek, I don’t know from where are you, but since you ask about advice, then… I invite you to personal session. Then… we will talk and absolutely I will give you some teachings, advices, but today to this question, answer you will not receive.
Małgorzata: Welcome our Spiritual Friends, and especially En-Ki. Thank you for today Bill’s lecture, which realised us cooperation with owned in our houses icosahedrons and effects for our closest surrounding. Once again thank you. Grażyna from Karczew.
EN-KI: You also were on session Grażyna. You had told clearly, or yet you haven’t had chance to re-listen this. Of course, that your house is surrounded with good energy, but do… we [unclear] surround also with this good energy this negative neighbour? You must be joking. On one hand you want to get rid of him, and from another you would like that this energy from icosahedron would surround also positive good energy this neighbour. Your neighbour cannot be changed. You have to do, what I asked you. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: In “Dictations of people in spirit” [pl.: “Dyktowaniach ludzi w duchu”] Nell Haliny Noell it is beings said, among other things, about scenario of outbreak of war, extinction of humanity. Thanks to intervention of pope Jan Paul 2nd [pl. Jan Paweł 2-gi] and conversations with president Regan in eighty four in Alasca, it did not happened. There supposed to be used weapon on base of beam of solar rays, which would burn everything on its way. Government of Vatican knew well about it. They supposed to tell about it, but they remind silence. Could you confirm this information? Mirosława from Częstochowa.
EN-KI: And so we have… political subject. Yes, there were such desires, to annihilate human kind, but since already after this, NOW after this Gathering of Gods’ Council it was decided to choose – so called “exceptions” [pl. “rodzynki”] for further life, to not annihilate whole Planet. I supposed to… to questions about politics … not answer, because… it is like that: one, this is hard topic, and two: what can you change, since already decisions have been made NOW, exactly about third world war. Previous one was stopped, but these current riots will come to… effect. This I can say, that it will start from Near East. Next question please.
Małgorzata: So now from different category questions. Why women in my family are alone? I don’t say lonely, but alone. Is it such a karma? Anna.
EN-KI: No Anna, this is not karma. But Anna, men are also humans and… it is necessary to approach then humanly. Really like that: “I would like to but I’m afraid”. So fear should be put aside and in such men, I don’t say in every man, but to see a human. And when you will start to surround yourself with this positive energy: “I would like to” – on this basis, “but I’m not afraid”, then we are able to, on your way, put such a man, at which you will look – not like at some bandit somewhere from deep jungle, but like at human, so think about it.
Małgorzata: Is Regeneration Council of Light gave us already so much protection, to protect us from forces of darkness? (And this question is from Radek)
EN-KI: One cover around Earth was used, made by Sirius – The Earth has protection. And that is why Sirius did not allow to destroy the Earth, in the same way as he did not allow to destroy part of humanity. So there is nothing to worry about if you are a human, if you are a sensitive human to the Earth, to Nature, to another person, and… this… what is called Cleansing no-one is able to stop, because… even Mother Nature, the Earth has already enough of this destruction, to which lead no one else but people. So… you must endure, you must, with calm, watch at… those events which will occur, because after that only, the work on improvement of the Earth, will begin. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: And last question from Radek. Will it finally come era of love and peace, and enlightened people to that point, to not lead to wars and degradation of our environment?
EN-KI: Every human, but every one should give another person, what he has the best in himself. And I already told that a moment ago. Is it that hard to understand? And when, you want on the Earth to be order, tidiness, happiness, love, I ask: and what did you give from yourself? What did you give to another person, that now you expect, expect that now it should be good? So that there was love? Then give this love. You expect from Us, Spiritual World, and are… you human beings, listening to promptings of this, what says Spiritual World? No, every one lives according to their own thinking, but… doesn’t… pay attention: who is around you, that there is another person around you, who would also want to see your reaching, in friendship, hand. Let everyone start from that, to change themselves and see another person. And only then it can be said that it will start, on the Earth, to change. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: I have a question from myself, ok? I would like to ask, is it true that since the time of the second world war, nowadays the biggest amount of people leaves the Earth? Such informations are being passed to public information.
EN-KI: That is real, this is truth – holy truth, that so many people that passes away nowadays, that even during second world war did not die. But… that is why… Małgorzata… are those news, there is this alert and talking, that Cleansing has to happen and it is happening. Do you… know, how many – billions of people there are on the Earth? You don’t know, I will remind: SEVEN – it passed – billion, and to live well, calm, so that people could be happy, it should be… fifteen… one hundred and fifty million, only – on the whole Earth, so (!) people in various way will, from the Earth, be leaving. Will it be in natural way accelerated passing, will there be cataclysms or intensified, Małgorzata, it can’t be stopped. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Thank you. I have here a question about fear from Maciej. Does fear block us and closes our eyes? We can’t change our lives, and when we get rid of fear, only then we change our lives, because I got rid of fear and I am happy. Or maybe it is better to change fear to trust, because fear is a bad energy. Maciej.
EN-KI: Correct Maciej, fear does a huge destruction in human body. That is why Jesus said: “They have eyes – they will not see, they have ears – they will not hear”. And that is because they were fettered by fear. But Maciej, fear will intensify now, it will be greater and greater, because… people truly do not believe in Divine Providence; live now on the Earth. They do not believe that… there will be second life in one of, for example, colonies, to live now. And this, what is happening… it caught up among people, fear bound people, so… begin… to work on fear. Maciej, you say, that you broke free from fear. In reality… this is not true, because… when… in your reach, will start to occur… events, that is… even at your sight, people will start to die. Then even you will be caught by fear. So [to everyone] start work to get rid of fear. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Is it true that West Nile virus (Małgorzata: it is a disease) reached Germany, and that there is no cure for it? (this question is from Halina)
EN-KI: And where did you read this, Halina?
Voice from the room: In Internet.
EN-KI: You read most likely in computer. How many garbages there are in computer, passed to people and how people should not fear… and how there should not be fear… There is no such a thing in Germany. No virus reached so far, and… secondly, this is not this climate, where West Nile virus could survive, especially now, when come those cool days, because… bacteria will die. That is why Halina, start selectively choose from computer, and only later, over this think. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Is flight of next asteroids nearby the Earth means that Nibiru is near? Thank you Halina.
EN-KI: They flown and will flight near. Protection from Planet Nibiru is huge, because… Sirius cares, that… Earth suffers as little as possible. Because they must evacuate, and they will evacuate in majority here, to the Earth. That is why… sleep calmly, because… Nibiru will not threaten the Earth. I’m listening.
Moment of some explanation. Bill: Sorry.
Małgorzata: You helped me to choose the picture which is on the ticket on today’s meeting. Could you comment on symbols, which are shown on it? Paweł from Łódź.
EN-KI: This image with Lucyna I will not comment. The second image, it is I who is visualised, I, En-Ki. Now, it is about this… tree, that is hands that holdPlanet and this tree. Those hands symbolise God Father, Who suffers because of what is currently happening on the Earth. This huge, spreading tree symbolises Life, which… will be brought boat to the Earth, when… it will be after this, let’s say the first phase of Cleansing. This exactly was answer for… Paweł, who designed this leaflet. And I advise everyone of you to take in remembrance such a symbol, because this is given… from God. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: All right, and now there left two very long questions from Katarzyna, but since they are already finishing, then maybe we can read them, yes? I also have here one thanks. Beloved Enki, with all my heart I thank You, that I can be here with You all. Sincere thanks also to whole Spiritual World.
Change of the recording tape.
Małgorzata: I thank very much for Lucyna and William, and I can’t wait for private meeting. Agnieszka.
EN-KI: Well Agnieszka. As I promised, we will meet in Wrocław on personal session. Calmly we will talk then. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Katarzyna describes her dream. Yes? Welcome Enki, our Friend and Teacher. We thank you, that still you are with us. I had a weird dream-vision, very realistic. It was afternoon. From sunny blue sky, it started to change its colour to intensive pink and read. It last for a few moments, and blue came back again. I noticed a black space ship, which probably emitted this strange light. It repeated itself in cycle every few minutes. Later I was in strange house, where there were also other people. I ask them of they also noticed what was outside, but they were silent. I noticed that from windows of this house this is also visible, and then, that those windows are screens, which emit not only this colour, but also piercing energy, vibration, which I felt in my body. I got scared, that this may be dangerous for me. What was that? Who was emitting this energy and for what purpose? Thank you. Katarzyna.
EN-KI: And that supposed to be shorter question?
Małgorzata whispering to Lucyna: No I said, that I have shorter ones. I’m sorry.
EN-KI: Then… I will give short answer. By the way I asked for… short question, but listen Katarzyna. Except that, there are those dreams, you also have visions. Fact, you saw a space ship, because there are already on the Earth a lot of them. They come and fly away, and when they come to the Earth, then they… protect themselves such invisible energy, because… human beings are so “welcoming”, that… for long… they would not stay on the Earth, in a moment they would be destroyed, so this is not creation of your imagination. That is a fact, you saw a space ship. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Then, one more question from me, if I can. From next year, that is 2020, it starts the Era of Aquarius. It is being said that this Era will bring so many changes, and that the next twenty years, they will be colossal jump in technology and jump, such in the future, technology in a good meaning of this word. Do you think that this is a real information?
EN-KI: Not fully, because nobody Małgorzata – to this has appeared so far, that jug was full and (!) water from this jug started to pour out, precise date he also have you: twenty years and there will be prosperity on the Earth. And did… you not read that first, so that it would start to be better on the Earth, must occur order, thorough order must be done, so people start to write, write a lot, stir in peoples’ heads, but there is … [unclear]. So Małgorzata, a bit of hard, hard work is ahead of you, but you will see, you will see this light in the tunel and the beginnings of prosperity, but it will not be during those twenty years, as you read somewhere. What else? I’m listening.
Małgorzata: There is also a question about work from Maciej, but it is also a bit long. No, no. So if someone from ladies and gentlemen has short, specific question, then I invite, because here we don’t have more questions.
Person from the room convinces, that question is not that long.
Małgorzata: It is long.
Person from the room: So it would be easier to read.
Lucyna: It is long.
Małgorzata: This is long, yes.
Woman voice from the room: Can we know, how long will it last the first stage of Cleansing?
EN-KI: We will see Małgorzata.
Małgorzata: It is Anna.
EN-KI: First stage, first words: if it will not collide, then I will try – to Maciej answer. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Good. Question is about work, yes? In Spring this year I received a proposition of good, in my opinion work in a character of translator. At the time I did not accept it, and later I regretted. They hired someone else. I regretted this very much, but reading sessions I learned that, person should send request to immediate realisation, so that I got that job. The situation was hopeless, but I believed, that it will happened. And it happened. I received this job and I work thanks to Your help, En-Ki, as well as Spiritual World, for this I thank you very much.My question is: are my employers satisfied with me? Will I still work there? Because the atmosphere is becoming less nice. Thank you for your answer and I ask for advices. Maciej.
EN-KI: You like to talk a lot and … [drwoned]
Małgorzata: Exactly.
EN-KI: … and especially you like, when you have listeners, but you don’t like much to listen. You like to edify, so – you want my advice? Here you are, change the way of your behaviour and (!) start to approach people, to supervisors with such indulgence. Do not be too smart [in a cocky way], because, as it is said, that humble calf sucks two mothers, and you don’t want to suck, you want to be smarter. Job you will not loose, job you will keep having, but follow my advice. A bit more humility, because you are a fresh employee and they treat you like new one and they observe. And when they will see your open energy, not instructive, then… believe Me, you will win sympathy among employees and supervisors, this is after all what you want. So, in this new job which you currently have… more humility, and then it will be good. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: Since the Earth is protected with the help of Sirius, then En-Ki, please tell us, for what it is necessary to place Chufu in tomb?
(Małgorzata: And this is from Częstochowa from … [unclear] we have question.)
EN-KI: Short question and qort answer. The Earth, especially… Egypt, that is Giza Plateau has central connection with Orion and to open the connection, it is necessary to put so called Key to prepared sarcophagus, because pyramid is not a tomb. It is special device, in which sarcophagus… is placed, and to sarcophagus it necessary to put the Key. Such connection with Orion will open a tunel, which connects Orion with the Earth, which is, by the way, veeery much needed, even for that so that Being from Orion could cooperate already with the Earth. I’m listening.
Małgorzata: And it was already last question for today session. There is no more questions and… There is still a question. Here… please.
Some male voice: Maybe here, nearer.
Person from the room: Welcome En-Ki, currently a big amount of women suffer from thyroid disease. How to protect this organ on a daily basis? Thank you. Monika.
EN-KI: Recently also Monika… a bit… departments were polished and… this, what will very much protect thyroid and (!) not only thyroid, is oil from cannabis. And this should be started to use. After… some time organism will start to regulate and thyroid disease [will start to] go away. Remember oil from cannabis. You must quit yourself with it, it is already legal to buy, and… it is necessary to buy it and drink in drops. This will also be helpful to others, who… listen, Once a day ten drops. No more. From New Year it will be also available to buy in Poland, so Monika, I suggest you to start this treatment. I’m listening.
Małgorzata to Lucyna: More? There is a question from Katarzyna and Radosław. En-Ki, our son Kacper chose electronic technical school, but there are many science subjects, mathematics and physics, which he handled averagely. Now we want to help him in learning this knowledge, he does not want to hear about it despite a few bad grades. How to reach him, how to motivate him to learning? And he himself would like to learn this profession, but he claims that most of this knowledge will be of no use in life. How to jump over this in our Earthly reality? Katarzyna i Radosław.
EN-KI: You will not jum over it. Each spirit has its so called character, and since your son is as stubborn as you are …
Smiles on of gathered people.
EN-KI: …so I suggest: do not fight agains your son, do not fight. He is a young man, so there is a life in from of him. Allow him to choose – whichever profession. When he understands, that this is not for him, then… for learning, believe Me, there is always time, but for now leave him alone and (!) Hang the ax of war [Polish saying] with son, because… you will be fighting and he will respond out of spite. This is how true looks like. With peaceful atmosphere at home you will gain much more, and tell him that he can even clean streets, this is also in the need, because … you decided… to let him decide about himself. This is my advice, and what you will do, this will depend on you. Are there any more questions?
Małgorzata: No, there are no questions. Maybe at the end I will say, that one hour has already passed, and that because of Lucyna we have to finish. Thank you.
EN-KI: Yes, because in front of Lucyna there are two important sessions, and here you received plenty of information, which will be written and will be to view, not only for you, but for… others too. I, En-Ki thank you for the meeting.
Małgorzata: Then we invite , invite for treat.
People from the room: Thank you very much.
Loud applause from many participants.

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