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Session 299

Public session of telepathic channelling number 299
Chicago, 5th January 2020 year

Spiritual Being – Earth Guardian EN-KI through medium Mrs Lucyna Lobos Brown answer asked questions.

ENKI: Welcome… this… present… day of new year 20th, so you wait for… New Year Message. It is difficult for Me… to tell lies, like those that… are being said now in churches, such as this year will be prosperous for people. It will not. Most of all… already in this year, it hasn’t begun yet, there will be increased mortality among people, because… Angel of Transition got a free hand to act.[Polish expression, it means: to be allowed to act in the way it is needed without restrictions that there were in place before]. Not mentioning Mother Nature, who… also, when she had tied hands, now she will act all the way. That is why, if I would now, here in this room would make compliments, how it will be good… I would turn out to be a liar, because good it will not be. For this you wait, and you should wait to sincerely… start to open your minds and hearts. And like… in short introduction from Lucyna, our medium: “to see another person, sincerely… with respect, devotion and love”. And since… that will not happen, I’m sorry, very sorry. Today… I am here by Myself, here in the room, because Spiritual Beings, My Brother, as well as Beings from Sirius are in Australia. There, in mass also, people die, not mentioning animals, birds, and others in …digestive system. Fire expands more and more. Also this is sad. Why, why this Cleansing from that region started? So that on further part of the Earth globe people started to wake up and notice that Spiritual World truly exists. Fo life, now for life everyone will pay the bill. That is why I will not give welcome speech… for this twentieth year, because it starts heavily, very heavily. And as days go by, it will be even heavier. If I will have something to add, then during answering questions I will add. And now, because of happy neighbourhood behind a wall, who will start in a moment, we will have to start, because… indeed Lucyna’s mind must be calm. That is why… we will start and I listen to the first question. I’m listening.

Ryszard: We welcome You, our Guardian, Lord of The Earth, En-Ki. We welcome also Spiritual World, who despite that is not now, but it is, we thank you, that we can again in this new year listen to You, have a conversation, learn very important things about the Earth and us. First question is from me. My question is connected with planetary system, that is with so called straight line in which currently Planets are aligning and in the next week Planets will align in one line. What impact will it have to our lives? What impact will it also have to our Planet? Thank you.

ENKI: Good [said with a sigh]… Ryszard, that… such question you asked, because in fact… this is a big problem, and alignment of Planets always is once for some time. You ask, what consequence will it have for… the Earth. It can be said, Ryszard, generally, that we will begin from people, because… this Energy, which, because of alignment of Planets, will reach the Earth, will not be so warm, loving as people are imagining. It will be very, but very negative. How people will react? Well, in short period of time there will be increased mortality. That is first. Two: human behaviour will intensify, that is negative behaviour. Aggression will get worse, hatred will occur between people as if without any reason. Without any apparent reason, will begin to appear, even in healthy people, diseases and they will very much decimate people. It will begin from exactly this time, when this Energy of this alignment of Planets will reach to the Earth, but it is important what will answer to that Mother Nature. And here the first example you already have, that is… this, what is happening in Australia, where even Spiritual Forces do not have influence to that. However [said with sigh] volcanos eruptions will become more intense, earthquakes, not mentioning about great aggression between countries. And what countries at the moment people talk about, you all know. They will be heading to so called war skirmishes, so… year has already began tragically, and it is not over yet, it is only the beginning of sorrow, for people and for the Mother Nature too. I’m sorry to say such words. I would prefer to say only encouraging, full of warm, love words, but I can’t be a liar, because you want to know the Truth, so slowly you learn it. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Next question is about energy of 5G, about which you spoke before. But I have a question from Mr. Kazimierz: how we can protect from this 5G?

ENKI: This, what… says, what does medium. So there is only one way of energetic protection – close such a person in this energetic shade and this will be enough. Even this, what will be happening around of such protected person, will not have negative influence to this protected person, so… there is only one way: such Energetic, Spiritual Protection. Umbrella was given, yes, was given, but for many people this Umbrella was taken away, because… they did not… fulfil the obligation, which was imposed on those, who had such an Umbrella. Not in this hardest moment, in this most difficult time there is one solution: receive such protection, so saying in simple words: close given person in such Energetic Cocoon and this is protection. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Next question from me, of course. And it is about of course, this what you’ve just said: Our group here, whom you see very well, does our group, in full, all have such protection? And if not… I’m sorry.

ENKI: Do you want honest… answer, Ryszard…

Ryszard: Only

ENKI: … because such answer you all expect, then I will say honestly: No, from this group even, who is here, only a few have such a closure in Energetic Cocoon. You wanted honest answer – now you have it. I’m listening.

Ryszard: I understand, that only a few have, and the rest does not. Is there such a possibility, so that the rest, who does not have – they receive such protection and what does it depend on?

ENKI: If you Ryszard want to pull My tongue… or pull into this discussion then I will say honestly: until Lucyna is here, then… We, as Spiritual World, and especially I will use her, Her hand and (!) I can only close such people who will ASK in such Energetic Cocoon. And I will add also: in family, if one person will be closed in such Energetic Protection, it will work for the rest of the family – closer, not those further ones. So… such a person can give protection to close ones. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Thank you very much for exhausting answer. I will not pull You by tongue more, I have more question in this subject, but thank you sincerely. Question from Elżbieta now. Beloved En-Ki, I send my regards to You and Enli, Your son Marduk and Guest from Sirius. Thank you for Energy, which I received from you, En-Ki and Spiritual World during healing time. I feel good and I’m grateful for help and care, and for that I can be here on this meeting. Thank you for everything once again. Elżbieta.

ENKI: Welcome Elżbieta, if [said with sigh] you would listen to Me more, and you couldn’t listen to Me, because you were tied, tied by medics – most of all to obedience, so Elżbieta, your healing hasn’t finished yet, but know about that… care you will still have. And good that you got yourself in such a bit different hands, because this doctor, who now will look after you is, let’s say soulful. And it is… very good, because it will help you in further healing. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Next three questions from Robert. Welcome again our Beloved Guardian En-Ki and Spiritual Beings that came, Kind Regards, Robert. I have a few questions, but firstly I would like to thank in name of everyone, for that in this new year we are still here, for life, health, support and spiritual protection. Thank You, God’s Sons and our Father Yahweh for Your unconditional love and hard work, and your dedication invested in our development and safety. Glory to You All for ages, Beloved God Energies.

First question: Can yellow gold be also consumed for health just like white one? Or only white one, which is mixed with other metals?

ENKI: And who mixed in your head, Robert? You like, oh you like to grab different things and later you think over this. Was… during My times, let say times, when I was on the Earth – was there white gold, or was there only yellow gold? I will tell for… curious ones. There was only yellow gold and it stayed like that. In your bodies there is not white gold, but yellow and such gold, if you already want to consume, then it should be consumed: Yellow one, and not white one, with some addition. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And second question from Robert. Is it possible, with higher computer technology, or other, to write data, information in crystals, and also read it or display it from those crystals, as it is shown in our movies, for example “Superman”? Thank you.

ENKI: Do you watch many such tales, Robert? So know one: the purest crystal is such… uncut. It can be mined from the ground, may be in mountains, from rocks mined, but it is natural and it the highest energy has. That is why, Robert, all that is natural, simple, has an Energy and has this power. Remember about it. I’m listening.

Ryszard: The third question I will not ask, because we have already received answer, because I asked this question. So we will omit this question. And now I have a question from Paweł. Welcome sincerely. Here on Earth a few races live, there is a white race, black, yellow, red. Is it the same at Orion and Sirius, that there are other races?

ENKI: Correct. It would be boring, if on… each Planet there was only one race, for example yellow or black. But Paweł, you did not add something important: on the Earth there are also Beings from Sirius, that wear human matter. So Aliens are among you. And they also prepare to this Cleansing, which has already started at quite high scale. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And second question from Paweł. It is written in Bible about a great earthquake, the biggest since human is on the Earth and about fall of Babylon. My question: will it happen in year two thousand twenty? Thank you.

ENKI: It may start Paweł, but it will not fulfil to the end. Babylon, it wasn’t only earthquake, Paweł. There was an earthquake, of course. Babylon – because of earthquake three quarters of Babylon was destroyed, and the rest was done by fire, as it is now happening in Australia, so fire burnt all and Babylon stopped existing. At this moment, here on the Earth, you have one huge Babylon, because… that time it was Babylon, but only locally. And now look closer: so called Big Babylon is around whole Earth’s globe. I’m listening.

Ryszard: With whole my heart I thank you God, You En-Ki, Your Brother Jesus and Your Son Marduk, my Guardian Angel and Guest from Sirius, whole Spiritual World for care – I thank you. My question: what is a significance, how do You see it, of human dignity? It was always important to me. Thank you. Jolanta.

ENKI: That is why, Jolanta you could glow as an example. Yes, good term: glow as an example of your heart, dignity and respect towards other person. Stay like that and keep on your way, because… the time in which you are now, it will be very necessary, so that to help some people, those who ask for help. And the rest will revile, curse Spiritual World, curse even God Himself. So be an example. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Welcome Lord Enki. (I write in name of Nina, who could not come to the meeting). The question is: her mother Janina is currently ill. The problem is that she has seriously injured spine. There is a proposition of operation, precisely speaking: welding those vertebrae in the spine. What do You think about this Enki? Can you give an advice or forbid operation? What do You think about this Enki? What can you help? Thank you for the answer in Nina’s name, Janina’s daughter.

ENKI: Welcome Nina. To forbid… operation – I can’t, because it was decided like that. Nina’s mother has ninety years and it is not a time for an operation, especially spine one. Yes, I heard about this subject and it is currently a hot discussion about connecting vertebrae in the spine, or welding. This threatens that, she could not get up on her own legs, but as you say, decision belongs to them. Advices… you as for advices, so – good, good, that I can tell here, because it can also be helpful for others, who and listen today and will read. So, everything has boundaries. When it comes to… Janina, then the ONLY solution according to Me is to use oil from cannabises, but… it should not be this the weakest oil, but it should be the strongest one – probably five thousand (5000) and (!) Oil from St. John’s wort – the real oil from St. John’s wort. So, it is necessary to do treatments. First put on the ill place oil from St. John’s wort – let it be absorbed, then, after that put layer from oil from cannabises. Next cover this with plaster – and such a treatment should be done every day. I give a warranty, that if daughters will… to My proposition agree, then spine will not regenerate, but it will be bringing her relief and primarily aches will decrease, but, as usually – decision does not belong to Me, but to you, Nina. I’m listening.

Ryszard: Lord En-Ki, is for me a good choice to get driving licence “CDL”, and drive on trucks with husband, or maybe I should get interested in some other job? Dispatcher, maybe blood collection, or maybe even something else? Thank you, Kasia.

ENKI: Welcome Katarzyna. So what can I… advise… This, what… you want to do with your husband, is actually work for men, strong males. You are getting weaker, Katarzyna and you could do what you… learned, but be on the spot, and not driving around the world. You will make decision yourself Katarzyna and… you will decide, if… to add effort and train for those big cars, or here on the spot find a job. And [unclear] you will be able to, because you have predisposition towards this. So Katarzyna, decision you will make yourself.

Barbara: Now questions that have been sent. And I want to warmly and sincerely bow, welcome You Lord, Guardian of the Earth and people – En-Ki, with an enormous gratitude, that you are in our life. The first question from Mrs Maria Dziedzic. Is it possible too, by accident (without loosing conscious or clinical death) to “fall into” from our reality to spiritual Umbral? I ask, because something happened to me twice. Suddenly I saw a different reality, very grey and black with characters that were black. Everything was like it is here, but grey and black. It lasted maybe a second, but I could remember many details. To be honest it was very sad there. Could it be Umbral?

ENKI: If Umbral was… happy, joyful, then… every being would like to be there, but Umbral exists to give people… time, possibility to change or to summarise life, which he lived being here on the Earth. Truth, that… Umbral is sad. There is no happiness for Spiritual Beings, which is for example in particular colonies, or in purgatory. The deeper Umbral, the more grey, sad, tiring Spiritual Beings. You were lucky that you did not see the third Umbral, you only got this vision, snapshot this first one. I’m listening.

Barbara: Second question from Maria. A two and a half meter tall person appeared once for me, in white-cream astronaut suit. Person was letting out silver, beautiful thread. Was this person from Sirius? Thank you and I send my Sincere Regards. Maria Dziedzic.

ENKI: No, it wasn’t person from Orion, because on the Orion there are such tall people, who… also already Work on the Earth and start to reach, save people, because… they what is happening. Sirius has a task of Cleansing and does not look like those beings from Orion. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now question from Marcel. Quote: “Be fruitful and multiply, to populate the Earth and make her subject; so that you could rule over sea life, over birds in the sky, and all animals that crawl on the Earth”. This is a fragment from the Bible. According to me, politicians, people of different religion, or lords of this world do not understand what is Mother Earth. Is Mother Earth a slave, who should serve to humankind? Can she be plundered, loot, destroy, explore deeper and deeper, do nuclear tests, kill, strip from dignity? No! Here already comes commandment from religion: “do not kill”. It is not written if it is about human or other being – do not kill! And what do we see: poaching, hunting, torments of animals in circuses. Where is the voice of objection? There is no alarm. Saint Francis himself was spokesman to our brothers smaller ones and to all creation. Somehow I can’t grasp and understand, that supposedly intelligent human being hurts her Mother. Make yourself the Earth a subject, it means manage her with love, that is look after, respect, gather yields. Not destroy, not kill all goods. Thank you. Marcel.

ENKI: Welcome Marcel. And here… to not… make such a long lecture as you did. And good, I reference to the Bible, to the First Book of Moses, Book of Creation. And so that God said: “human creation, populate Earth” – it is written nowhere: “overpopulate Earth”. Also nowhere is written to Destroy this Earth. Because of this destruction, now are… visible effects. Marcel, these effects will with each day, already from the beginning oh this year visible and… no one should curse… curse God. No one should curse Spiritual World, that it does not see what is happening, or words: “and where is God?”. Patience of God himself and Spiritual World also has limits and those limits, Marcel, have just finished. And EVERYONE, who wants a bit of this oil pour to head [Polish saying, which means: become wiser] should read very carefully The First Book of Moses, especially words, which were aimed to Adam and Eve. I’m listening.

Barbara: Welcome Friend and Teacher Enki. Recently bothers me case of pyramids and solids, in which many people stocked up and those who will decide to buy them. My question: why did I decide to purchase of the solid only after I found out that Wojtek from our group will be making those solids, even though earlier I wanted to purchase solid, but I wasn’t fully convinced? Question this I ask, because a few moths ago I had a dream in which my acquaintance with a good heart had in his truck a few solids purchased from Wojtek for sell, but he did not want to sell solid for any money to his ex-partner. Thank you that you care for us and teach us patiently answering to our questions. Grażyna from Karczewo.

ENKI: Good Grażyna, that you have this solid and good that… it was made by Wojciech. Through selection, Grażyna, he was selected to this work of creation those solids, just Wojciech. He puts in this heart and energy, and Spiritual World also called to this, Beings help. So your purchase was apt, very correctly apt. I’m listening.

Barbara: Now question from Anna. Welcome Dear Enki! I welcome also whole Spiritual Entourage, who accompanies You on this first meeting in the new year. According to what you told us, at Middle East erupted. Assassination of the most important Iranian general is compared to assassination of prince Ferdynand in Sarajevo, which was “an alarm signal” to start first world war. Does it mean that another world war awaits us? Thank you, Anna.

ENKI: [sigh] I don’t want to use this big word… world war. But of course, EVERYTHING is done towards this direction, so that to those war riots occur. And it will be like that, and it will be like that Anna, but since, since human beings, who are already selected to… live in the New System, will participate in those war riots, because they will survive – yes… this is signal: the death of this general to start those riots, let’s call them war riots. I’m listening.

Barbara: The second question from Anna is about human-clones. Are such people fully humans, or are they simply bio-robots? Do they have maybe some fragment of cloned person’s soul (“original person”)? Is their empathy preserved?

ENKI: It’s hard to tell. Spirit – can not be split. Such a person, physically cloned has the same body, but spirit completely different must have had to take this body. That is: there is no such a thing that one spirit split into two and act on two fronts, that is in those two bodies. There always will be… someone from Spiritual Beings, who will take over this cloned body, but such bulk cloning of human bodies – it will not happen. God will NOT ALLOW, remember that. I’m listening.

Barbara: There are two more questions from Damian. Welcome Dear Guardian of the Earth, Enki. I have such a question, because there is a child in my family, to whom a strange occurred. It is about my nephew, who after some time started to talk about a strange event in his house. Flat is new and no one had lived there before my sister and brother in law. And it was that nephew draw a drawing – strange one, there was someone buried in the ground and above that person there were people. It looked like some funeral and he called this character a “white human”. And later again he saw this character walking through the flat and that character walked and disappeared…

Change of the recording cassette. Ryszard whispers to Barbara to repeat the last sentence.

Barbara: And later again he saw this character walking through the flat and that character walked and disappeared. Dear Enki, what could that mean and who could be that character? Kind Regards, Damian.

ENKI: Welcome Damian. The fact that the house is new, it does not mean that, before there was nothing there, because… time is round and before many, many years on that part of land, where todays stands house, could be something completely different. Child had a vision, real vision and saw real Spiritual Being. No one should laugh from it, or scold. You should only… politely, calmly ask this young man, if that Being, who he saw said anything, or ask for anything? And only then you can make contact with this spirit, who introduced himself to this young man. Spiritual World is full of Spiritual Beings, who also here, on the Earth participate, because so many Spiritual Beings haven’t left the Earth… yet. They are not even in the first Umbral yet, but they are keep looking for someone, who will help them to become free from this Earthly chain. I’m listening.

Barbara: Second question from Damian. Dear Enki, it. Is visible how Cleansing is getting stronger and stronger. It is visible especially in nature and those horrible things that are happening in Australia, how animals die. In the news they shown how many koala bears die, heart hurts when you look at it. It is sad, that people destroyed the Earth. I send Kind Regards to Lucyna and all in the room. Damian.

ENKI: True… [said with sigh] Damian, true. [said with voice full of pain]. Since… some people with open heart already hurts, what is happening in Australia, when animals die, it is shown. And what it will be when Iraq and Iran will start to attack each other, then it will break loose this chain. You do not like word: war, because it can be very short, on short distance. What will you say then, when people will die in mass, there? Will heart not hurt then? Well, it will, and you – people, and Us also – Spiritual Beings, will hurt. But in such way Cleansing of the Earth has to look like. Good, that… Sirius looks at it with sober eye, because… it should be like that, so that he could save some and others will die. So you entered this deciding year… year: twentieth, year two thousand and twenty. Significant and tragic at the same time. So much I can tell, I – Enki. I’m listening.

Ryszard: And practically last one, maybe not a question, but statement, which I received literally a few minutes ago, which I received from Bogdan Kroczek, who came late and apologises, because he came straight from the airport. Dear Enki, my Lord, you were right on the last channelling, that I should be present, even though I wasn’t then in Chicago. I should have change the flight, to be on the meeting. My fault and I am very sorry. I understood very much, the bar for us is placed very high. Bogdan.

ENKI: Well… Bogdan, since… you stopped to consider Me as a Friend, then nothing has changed. I still am your Friend and there is no point in… sulking, sulking at many things, which… has already passed. Bogdan, for return to this home, My home – there is always time. Remember and take it to your heart – one, that you entered in two thousand and twentieth year, very hard year. And nothing will change, because those events will be mor and more hard. It is about that, so that you Bogdan had that positive, strong Energy for yourself and for family. So much I can tell. I’m listening.

Barbara: Beloved Enki, those are all questions. We hugely thank You for all Your words, for Your protection, care, wisdom and patience towards us. We thank You very much for today meeting, very, and You Lucyna as well. We thank You.

ENKI: Patience, patience and once again patience. This We really need towards human beings, so… let every single person think about oneself, let each person primarily see another person. And that is all. And give to another person this what oneself has in himself the best – it will be already a success. And I – Enki, for listening to those words of Mine – to you all, today, I thank you.

Barbara: We thank you beautifully.

Again applause of small group of people.

* *

In supplement to above channeling we add a letter, which were weren’t able to read during the session, but we put it here, because it points out very important matter.
Good Day, Can I ask you please to read my statement on tomorrow session. I know that it is long, but it seems to me that it is very important. Thank you and heartily regards. Joanna.

Welcome Enki, if you allow me for exceptionally long argument, then I wish to share with everyone with this, what occurred to me one night, when I thanked You and Your Associates for helping me. Then I heard in my mind a voice of a Being, who asked me: “And do you know how much Enki love you all? It is like you, when you love very much your children, you always try to help, teach, pass your experiences to them. When something in their lives does not work out – you come with help, when they don’t listen or somethings they turn their back on you – you forgive them and allow them to go their own way, so they could learn their own life experiences by themselves. And when they return to you, often agreeing your right – you accept them, always with the came huge love. Enki has towards you, as your Guardian, the same feelings as you have towards your children. And when you invite close ones to celebration into your house, you are happy when’ll invited come. When someone is sick, then the absence is obvious. But if someone would tell you: I don’t want to, I have my own affairs, I prefer to meet with acquaintances – then you would be sorry. The same it is with meetings with Enki. It is not Lucyna with Małgorzata, or with Barbara and Ryszard invite you. It is Enki, who invites You for this Spiritual Feast. And notice, He does not give you any speeches, but answers your questions. It is from respect to You, to allow you to develop yourself, each one of you, according to your level of consciousness and to help in your life problems”.
In brief I tried to pass you my reception of words of this Being. What hit me, is that those were simple examples, taken from our life, so “human”. So often appears to us that we know something, but do we also really feel it? This conversation cause in me tears of emotion. I thank to this Being for wonderful and simple channeling and for the truth in it. And I thank You Enki, because I feel that it is like that. Joanna.

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