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Session 4


Wroclaw, Poland, May 13, 2002
Session with Ms Lucyna Lobos
Session conductor: Andrzej Wojcikiewicz
Assistance: Iwona Stankiewicz

“Question” – Question from Andrzej Wojcikiewicz or Iwona Stankiewicz
“Lucyna” – Lucyna Lobos – answer to the question
“Samuel” – Lucyna Lobos – answer to question as “Samuel”

(….) after bringing the subject into an altered state of consciousness

Question: You have crossed the border of the desert…. And are regressing to the moment in time which will assist us in locating the Cheops tomb. Where are you?

Lucyna: I see a sphinx and I am getting closer to it… strange…I am rising up in the air and sitting down onto his paw….I am looking over people. They are working.

Question: Who are you?

Lucyna: I am a girl, a young girl.

Question: What is your name?

Lucyna: Ki. I have been named Ki.

Question: Who is near you, around you?

Lucyna: At this moment, no one. I am alone with the sphinx. The people are busy working and don’t pay attention to me.

Question: Do you know someone by the name of Oliver?

Lucyna: Oliver…Oliver… yes. Oliver is the pilot, or the one that steers the boat. I don’t know what the word for that is….

Question: That’s fine. Now as Ki move forward in time to today’s date. At this moment it is May 13, 2002. Is Oliver near you?

Lucyna: No.

Question: Who is near you?

Lucyna: Another shape that I see.

Question: What is his name?

Lucyna: Samuel. He is my guardian. What shall I ask him?

Question: My name is Andtzej and here with me is Iwona.

Lucyna: I know.

Question: Ask Samuel if he can speak to us directly?

Lucyna: Samuel says to go ahead and ask questions, he will try to enter my body.

Question: Very well. I am now addressing Samuel directly. Who are you?

Samuel: A spirit.

Question: What is your role?

Samuel: I was awarded land in a settlement, for the purposes assisting humanity in achieving self actualization. I received permission… if the human race will not come to understand the meaning of life, the race as a collective will be forced to leave the planet.

Question: Does your mission’s mandate play a part in assisting us in locating the tomb of Cheops?

Samuel: Locating the grave is very important and has serious repercussions for the cleansing the Earth in the gentle way it has been intended. This process has already commenced. The simple fact that Cheops is of the lineage of Orion, the Cheops will reveal the code necessary to open the gate to the Second Earth. An incredible world. Beings, originating from Orion, that have assisted in the construction of the pyramids will be here on Earth and will assist humans to understand the higher meaning of existence. Even if Cheops is not be awoken, and human beings continue to ignore our warnings, the cleansing and transformation will take place, however the process will be much more difficult and terrifying. Human beings will be disappearing and the cleansing will continue … either human beings must come to terms with the meaning of existence, or everyone will be forced to leave Earth.

Question: Samuel, does the reincarnation of Priest Juno live on Earth at this time?

Samuel: Many people originated from Orion where there are also entities and only these are capable of reincarnation. Not only Juno, the Priest of Cheops but you… Iwona. There are no accidents Andrzej. The medium Lucyna now draws to and selects for us those that can best serve us in our work Andrzej….

Question: Very well. I understand that very well. Tell me, at this time in which country can we locate the High Priest Juno?

Samuel: It has been said, Andrzej, that you must understand and start to work with the Divine Energy more. Open yourself to what will gravitate to you by means of encounters with others as you proceed on your path. Information will be transmitted to you. The Priest’s reincarnation is now residing in Peru.

Question: Does he go by the name Don Severiano?

Samuel: We don’t notice or pay attention to names and last names, but to energy. It is the same person Andrzej.

Question: Is he the guardian of the sacred mountain Marcahuasi?

Samuel: Yes. The sacred mountain that serves as a source of signs, signals and prophecies.

Question: Is the current reincarnation of the High Priest Juno aware of who he was?

Samuel: No. He feels as though he was someone important. He experiences much fear, like Lucyna our medium. His eyes need to be opened.

Question: How?

Samuel: By informing and communicating to him the mission that lies ahead of him.. … it is not by chance that you were chosen Andrzej. There were many beings placed on Lucyna’s path. She allowed herself to be guided and only now is she fully open and receptive.

Question: Samuel, according to you, what should Iwona, Lucyna and myself be doing at this time?

Samuel: An important task, most important being saving the Earth and those that have faith. This has been said by the Earth’s owner. I want to clarify that I am not the owner, but only an overseer. The owner is the one you call God. Relay this message, Andrzej. Everything has its time. Human beings also received this…time. Humans are the sole and final beings who will be subject to cleansing from contamination. This process does not need to be painful, but that of course is up to human beings collectively. It depends on how you approach your mission, which is the one that I received. I repeat Andrej, be aware of the difference between beings and divine entities. I am a divine entity and not subject to the law of reincarnation.

Question: Is Olivier also…..?

Samuel: Olivier is a being.

Question: Are you currently in Lucyna’s body?

Samuel: I am not in her body Andrzej… I don’t want to cause you problems nor confuse you. I only took over her consciousness. As human beings you maintain ownership over your bodies.

Question: Thank you. Samuel, does the name Bartek Stapor mean anything to you?

Samuel: I’ve already been made aware of his energy. If we are to talk, let us agree on the appropriate conventions and communicate directly. Your names and surnames mean nothing to us.

Question: So how should I apply and work with this?

Samuel: With energy. It turns out in fact, that this individual’s energy was transmitted to Lucyna. I told you Andrzej, I told you already that those on the path have been chosen carefully and purposefully, amongst other things, for their strength. Some don’t survive psychologically and walk away, others with perseverance will continue. You were also selected and should be aware of this. You are already moving on a one way course and can only go forward. We won’t allow you to regress.

Question: Thank you for having faith in me.

Samuel: It is not faith.

Question: What is it then?

Samuel: You are a being, who in your current body must fulfill an earthly mission.

Question: Samuel, does the energy of the man known as Roman Warszewski continue to be of assistance to us?

Samuel: This energy is known. Roman, as he is referred to on Earth, was given a chance, but because of a lack of faith he lost everything. He could still be useful, but he is no longer in the forefront, among the leaders who will be pushing forward to the pyramids… to Cheops.

Question: How should I relocate the energy of a person, who lives in Egypt and who could be of assistance to us?

Samuel: This is particularly difficult. If it was easier then we wouldn’t have to put so much work and effort into this Andrzej. All can be made right and arranged by means of energy…a lot also depends on us. It also happens to be true and important to note that you are easily fooled and misguided often. Fooling us, however, is much more difficult. We can read your hearts. We can also read your thoughts. Therefore, Iwona can equally well stand on one of the corners of the triangle. Her heart is pure. Those of you that don’t lust for acquisition of the unnecessary and trivial and those who truly care for and desire to see the Earth as a royal planet are all worthy of standing on one of the corners of the triangle. But I will warn you Andrzej, it is not that easy to acquire the key of the pharaoh. It was also been said that the pyramid, sphinx and tombstone all have safeguards in place. These safeguards originate from Orion and if humanity will make full use of the right information, in pursuing the wrong goals we will still allow you to reach the pharaoh. But at that point the safeguards will be set into effect and this will come to mean doom for humanity. Everyone will leave earth, both pure and hardened hearts. And I wish to add, Andrzej, and you should also tell others, that human beings should not be so presuming and ruthless in their behaviour, as we can easily populate the earth with other entities that will strive towards making the Earth a true gem. The owner, your God, will not allow for human beings to destroy his home. Andrzej, a lot of information has been given. Your goal today was to hear more. I am listening.

Question: Samuel, can you repeat your description of the location of the Cheops tomb using triangles.

Samuel: The place communicated previously in three sessions is already complete.

Question: Is it found on the intersection of the two sides of the triangle?

Samuel: As explained previously, the tomb is on the apex of the triangle. You need to make use of a symbol, a sign, that is both valid and stands for the Second Earth.

Question: What is this symbol?

Samuel: A triangle Andrzej. The base: the sphinx pyramid. The equal sides are where the tomb is. It is true, it is buried deeply, but when everything will be arranged and located, there will be no restrictions on excavating. We are the patrons- so to speak – of this plan, as it’s success is in our best interest also.

Question: Samuel, I have a personal question.

Samuel: I am Listening.

Question: Last year, in my imagination I envisioned a clear image of Christ. In my vision I was having a conversation with him.

Samuel: Andrzej, listen carefully. Before you were chosen as a channel for this work and encouraged onto your path, you were preparing for thousands of years. We could most easily reach you by means of your imagination and an image of Christ. Such an image is close to your heart; it is a figure you knew and accepted. It would have been useless to show you a reflection of God that you did not recognize, as you would have rejected it. I am listening.

Question: Iwona would like to pose a question.

Samuel: I am listening.

Question: Will locating the Holy Mountains guardian in Peru be of help to us in awakening the pharaoh?

Samuel: You’ve been directed to the guardian shaman for the purposes of confirmation. As beings, you constantly need signs of confirmation. That is why we’ve directed you to the shaman, whom you have to know……unless you have faith and move forward on your own without fear of all the safeguards, then the shaman is unnecessary. But if in your hearts there is even one iota of doubt or fear, then the shaman must accompany you. He will also have to be awoken, the same way that Lucyna was awoken. In fact he is also a medium, a tool that has to fulfill his Earthly mission.

Question: Will ayauasca assist him with his awakening?

Samuel: Andrzej, I have already told you that you have serious responsibilities which you are capable of fulfilling. You have received a gift. We will be guiding you. The shaman can be awakened by something that he believes in. He is an open minded and simple person, which is why this drug- although I am opposed to this- may in fact be helpful. What else would you like to ask Andrzej?

Question: What else do I need to know that would help me?

Samuel: You are making your way along a path to which you were directed by us, exactly as we have planned for you. So that our words may sink in, we ask you to read carefully the messages from the oracle. Pay careful attention to “ beware of the thunder, for it desires to attack you”. We will be guarding you to the extent that if necessary we will remove the thunder.

Question: Is the “thunder” a person?

Samuel: Yes, and you know full well whom we are referring to.

Question: At this time I can honestly don’t know.

Samuel: A person very close to you.

Question: Now I know.

Samuel: I am listening.

Question: What else should I know that will be of use in course of fulfilling the mission?

Samuel: As far as the search goes, everything is already written. The right individuals will be appearing for you as you proceed along your path.

Question: Samuel, I don’t have any more questions. Thank you for what you have told me.

Samuel: I am bringing Lucyna back to the pyramid.

Question: Thank you very much. Lucyna, I am addressing you now. Where are you?

Lucyna: By the pool.

Question: What are you doing?

Lucyna: I am bathing.

Question: Who do you see around you?

Lucyna: People, all bathing.

Question: Describe the appearance of the place.

Lucyna: The pool is in a community of tents. Not far from the Nile.

Question: Is the High Priest Juno anywhere near by?

Lucyna: No, I don’t see him.

Question: Can you go find him?

Lucyna: Yes, yes I am near him now.

Question: Is Juno with you now?

Lucyna: Yes, I am beside him.

Question: Ask him when he would like the Cheops tomb to be found?

Lucyna: That is decided by the lords, the White Brotherhood. It is all written.

Question: Ask Juno what is written by them on the tablets as far as what is to go into the grave?

Lucyna: Everything is written from the moment when the entities came to earth from the planet written about as Atlantis. Accounts are written detailing the relocation of people from Atlantis as well as clear directions relating to the construction of the pyramids. This history of the Sphinx, built many years prior to the pyramids, is also documented.

Question: How many years prior?

Lucyna: Juno says a thousand years, and that is was constructed with the help of the White Brotherhood….a direct lineage from Atlantis. The sphinx was apparently necessary to link the energies of Orion and Mars. That is his role. In the spot where there was a base of ships, there are specific spots and mechanisms which can link up to Mars, the Small Moon. The White Brothers stayed there while working, while the base was beyond the small moon. In a special tent there were counsel items, while the navigational tools were kept in the sphinx.

Question: What is in…..

Lucyna: What is in the Sphinx you want to know?

Question: Yes

Lucyna: Aside from – as I said – and you could enter these places- specific rooms and spots where the White Brotherhood could rest, I saw devices in these rooms, that I neither recognize nor understand. One could communicate with them and read their measurements. Further on, moving lower, we descend to rooms in between the paws of the Sphinx. Lower down we descend to a level below ground where there are also hallways and chambers that further link up and lead to the grave itself. Apparently after the construction everything was to be covered in sand. The road cut off, the catechomes sealed off and also covered in sand.

Question: Did Andrzej assist with or play a role in the building of the pyramid?

Lucyna: I did not know all the White Brothers. I know only what Juno said, that on Orion there are brothers that directly overlook and guide the construction by contact with those residing on Mars, the Small Moon. I don’t know…but he spoke of the brothers with the utmost respect.

Question: Thank you very much Ki. Are you now back in the pool?

Lucyna: No I am not in the pool, not in the pool.

Question: Where are you?

Lucyna: By the pyramid.

Question: In a moment you will return to our present time. Think of the word chestnut.

Lucyna: Wait, I am really enjoying here…

Question: Equally enjoyable is the place with the chestnut.

Lucyna: No, there are no chestnuts.

Question: True there are no chestnuts where you are now. But where you are going to in a moment there are beautiful chestnuts.

Lucyna: Let me stay here a moment more.

Question: I permit you to, but slowly make your way back towards the chestnuts.

Lucyna: Why?

Question: Because here were love you very much and here you are very much needed.

Lucyna: Promise that in the future when I am living in Aquarius I will be in the arms of the pharaoh…

Question: I promise

Lucyna: Promise that I will be able to place a kiss on the pharoah’s face

Question: I promise to do everything in my power for you to have this opportunity. Lucyna, I am now going to count very slowly from 1 to 10 and you are going to equally slowly move in the direction of the chestnuts.

Lucyna: Here there is corn, but no chestnuts.

Question: Three… you are moving very slowly in time to the future……

Lucyna is awaken from her hypnotic and altered state of consciousness and awoken.

Session time: 85 minutes

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