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Session 5


Session with Ms. Lucyna Lobos
Wroclaw, Poland, December 7, 2002

This session was a “conversation” between Andrew Wojcikiewicz and the Spiritual Being called Samuel through Lucyna Lobos through a process called “telepathic channeling”. This was the first non-hypnotic session. No relaxation procedure was applied.

AW – Question from Andrew Wójcikiewicz
Samuel – Answer through Lucyna Łobos

Samuel: Andrew, I am Samuel and I am glad that you have your questions written down, this will make our conversation easier. Without losing time let’s start our session. So, Andrew… what question would you like to ask me first? I am listening.

AW: Hello Samuel – thank you for this meeting. I would like to know if we could still go to Egypt in February or March next year in order to look for Cheops’ tomb. That means in about three months.

Samuel: Pharaoh’s tomb – a mission. Earth – a mission. Pharaoh – Orion’s mission. This is our common goal. We will do our best to make it as soon as possible because the time is really getting very short and – as you already know – everything depends if the Pharaoh will see the sun. And he will see it for sure because we put in your way more and more people…

AW: Through one of her friends Lucyna got in contact with a man from Egypt, whose name is Zahi Hawass. I know that Lucyna contacted you about him. Is this the person you mentioned during the first and second hypnotic sessions with Lucyna?

Samuel: He is the guardian now. He is responsible for the whole pyramid area, for the Pyramid. His word means a lot. And if we talk about getting in contact with him – it is true, we asked Lucyna to make such contact. He can be the final drop. Hawass is the person who was mentioned, I didn’t use his earthly name. He is the guardian now. I am listening.

AW: What should we concentrate on now in preparations for our trip?

Samuel: You have almost everything. You have all information. You might need some more details, because if you want to make a documentary film you might need some additional information. As for the Tomb and the Pyramid we gave you everything with great precision. All you need to do is go and form the triangle. I am listening.

AW: Samuel, what will we find when we start digging into the Pharaoh’s tomb?

Samuel: Andrew I will tell you what is waiting for you, surprises. First of all – selected people will be protected, because, as you know, the area and the tomb are secured. It is a sort of protection which is coming directly through energy waves from Orion. After digging through layers of stones and hard sand you will get to a cemetery. People accidentally made a cemetery there. You will find some unimportant skeletons. There will be some noble people too, but it is not what we are looking for. After passing through this layer you have to dig further. You might find a tunnel done by insects – it’s a sort of a trap. Therefore you will need some fire for security in order to burn it. It is possible that the insects will be killed by our energy as you dig. Then, all you need to do is to keep digging. There will be only sand until you will find the Pharaoh’s tomb.

AW: After opening the tomb what should we do?

Samuel: It is a very important question. Only those with pure intentions may enter the tomb. Please, let the priestess enter as first and then there will be no more any danger.

AW: When you say “priestess” you mean Ki?

Samuel: Yes, she is sacrificed to the Pharaoh. I am listening.

AW: After we take the Pharaoh out of the tomb, what’s next? What’s the procedure?

Samuel: Yes Andrew, there is a procedure. The mummy of the Pharaoh with the procession will walk to the Sphinx. They will bow and then go to the Pyramid and you have to put the body in the Cheops’ sarcophagus. I am listening.

AW: During the hypnotic session you were talking about some triangle and persons who have to stand on the corners of this triangle. When should this be done?

Samuel: At the moment of establishing the precise location of the digging.

AW: That means before we start digging these three persons should stand there?

Samuel: Before you start digging, yes.

AW: Are these people selected or can it be anybody?

Samuel: Anybody who has no fear and a pure heart can stand there.

AW: Why would anybody feel fear?

Samuel: Andrew, you all fear one thing – dying.

AW: Samuel, you told us yourself that the mission is safe for us.

Samuel: For chosen people there is no danger. But let’s say this information falls into the wrong hands and they will use it. They will find the tomb, we will allow it, but all of them will die.

AW: I understand. In that case could Lucyna, Iwona and I form this triangle?

Samuel: Yes, you can. But if we sense from you even a slight trace of fear, that person will be changed.

AW: How will you change the person?

Samuel: You will eliminate yourselves – by fear.

AW: Yes, I understand, we ourselves will leave. Samuel – as I understand it the whole procedure is in order to open the Pyramid, or to open the way for communication beyond Earth. What will happen then?

Samuel: You are right, but what will happen afterwards Andrew you will learn later. I also have some duties and orders and I am not allowed to disclose everything. What will happen after the Pharaoh is awakened will be the concern of everyone.

AW: You have in mind all people who live on Earth?

Samuel: Everybody on Earth, yes Andrew.

AW: After the Pharaoh’s tomb is discovered – will our role be finished?

Samuel: Your role will then just begin. You will stop being private persons and start belonging to people and to us.

AW: What shall we do, will we play the role of promoters, those who help to pass information?

Samuel: You will teach, Andrew. You were already told during previous sessions that teachers will arrive from the Second Earth but here too we will use you for teaching. You will have to teach people how to live new lives, because what is happening on Earth now – we can hardly call it life.

AW: I agree with what you say, Samuel. When you talk about “cleansing of Earth” aee you referring to all the tragedies that are taking place on Earth now?

Samuel: Andrew, this is just a prelude to a great symphony.

AW: Understood, that means the time is really short.

Samuel: Yes, it’s very short. And do you want to know who the conductor of this great symphony is?

AW: Yes.

Samuel: The Highest Energy Andrew, your earthly Father, God. He has to because the time has run out and he has to give account to other worlds.

AW: That means all this is directed by God’s energy.

Samuel: The highest Andrew, the Highest Energy of God. I am listening.

AW: Is there anything else that you would like me to communicate at this time?

Samuel: No, you received a lot of information Andrew. If a need arises, I will pass information to you, I will find a way to contact you.

AW: Thank you Samuel. I don’t have anymore questions.

Samuel: I thank you as well.

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