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Session 7


Session 7 (by method of telepathic channeling)
Wroclaw, February 2, 2003
Participants: Lucyna Lobos, Iwona Stankiewicz, Andrzej Wojcikiewicz

Iwona: Questions from Iwona Stankiewicz
Andrzej: Questions from Andrzej Wojcikiewicz
Samuel: An answer to the question through Lucyna Lobos

Samuel: Welcome my children. Hi , Iwona, hi, Andrzej. My name is Samuel and at our meeting I’ll be answering your questions. But, before we pass on to the official part of our talk , I’d like to explain why we met here today. So the reason is as follows: All the people taking part in the “Pharaoh mission” must feel equally important and responsible. That’s why we called Lucja again. Today, my friends, we’ll be talking about different matters, namely – earthly ones and those which directly concern the pharaoh and our mission. Well, my dears – I’m listening.

Andrzej: One of my students, called Malgorzata, writes to me about her dream in which it is said Hawass might be a threat to our expedition. Can that happen?

Samuel: If this expedition weren’t patronized by us , Hawass might be a great threat. But, it’s us who head the mission and any possible obstacles will be annihilated. So, do not fear the contact with Hawass. I’m listening.

Andrzej: Hawass doesn’t believe the Pyramid to have been built by extra terrestrial aliens. Can that be an obstacle?

Samuel: Hawass is not the only one not to believe that pyramids used to be built with the help of creatures from other dimension. Andrzej, it’s of little importance here whether he believes or not. The facts will corroborate the theory that pyramids were raised with the help of other beings. I’m listening.

Andrzej: Samuel, all the required actions, raising money, convincing Hawass may delay the mission. Do we still have time ?

Samuel: Andrzej, what I haven’t said at first I’ m saying now. Go back to that train and time we are able to stop. The fact that the purification will be in progress and has already been is a fact. Once we stop the train we will let all the mankind on earth feel the power we encompass. If this is the need , Andrzej ,Pharaoh will wait and you will be on that train. Listen carefully . Thankfully, it is all recorded. If human resistance is so strong and you didn’t find the gold, we’ll put you together with your families on the train. And purification will begin on a large scale. Anyway, we’ll do everything to start the expedition as soon as possible. And that’s why Barbara takes part in all this. I’m listening.

Andrzej: Mentioning the train, do you mean protection ?

Samuel: Yes Andrzej, I do mean protection. It’s a symbolic train. All the people on this train will be given life. It’s still time to go. The Council has established one more thing. Those who will be opening their hearts, will be given a sign. A sign on their body, visible only to us. These people will also have a chance to survive, but those on the train will come first. The train will arrive even if Pharaoh does not see the sunlight (but he will) – but then people all over the world will start dying! I’m listening.

Andrzej: Samuel, in this situation is the mission or expedition to Egypt possible this year?

Samuel: Yes it is, but do get in touch with Hawass?. He’s already got some spanking, so you can talk to him now. Don’t think that he doesn’t know anything about your project. He knows, the information has reached him.

Andrzej: A letter to Hawass is suppose to be written today by Janek, the son of Bartosz. We’ll try to send it as soon as possible.

Samuel: May Jan, or as you say Janek, ask Hawass why he was vilified in such a way. He – such a brilliant man, who has made so many achievement for science. I’m listening.

Andrzej: Samuel, I’ve got a personal question to you. What ‘s the color of your energy?

Samuel: The highest one. There are two colors. Bright, which is white reflecting yellow and light violet.

Andrzej: Thanks. Now Iwona has got some questions to you.

Iwona: Hallo Samuel. First I’d like to begin with questions from Barbara. May I?

Samuel: Iwona, what I reveal to Barbara might be a little bit shocking, but it’s true. There is no other truth. Of course they are trying – or else – another civilization is trying to man the Earth. To be exact, this is a civilization from Sirius Galaxy, Sirius B to be specific. These are the beings who are trying to man the Earth and colonize its citizens. Help comes only from Orion and from the planet which is called Second Earth. I’m listening. How shall I elaborate on that question?

Iwona: Is Sirius B and its civilization a threat to the Earth?

Samuel: It’s an enormous threat, Iwona, because the residents of Sirius do not care about the people from the Earth, but only care about the planet Earth itself. And the Earth is the closest and most ideal to man it. That’s why threat comes from Sirius. So, people should not think that visitors from Sirius B are friendly – oriented. They do care, however, to let some people survive and stay on Earth to make you their slaves. I’m listening.

Iwona : How can we recognize the civilization from Sirius? How can we protect ourselves?

Samuel: At this time on Earth – to call things your way – there are two types of beings. One are the beings from Sirius, the others are from Orion. They both are allowed to live and clear the Earth. But, it goes along the following lines. These from Sirius do everything to make problems. Those from Orion, however, are trying their best to save the what is possible to save. I’m listening.

Iwona: Can people attain spiritual consciousness without any help from Orion?

Samuel: No Iwona, they can’t. At present so much evil towards other human being is encoded in people’s minds that you can’t cope yourselves. Help from beyond must come. Otherwise, when the helping hand of those from Orion disappears you may all die. It may happen that it will be those on the train who decide whether to stay on Earth or move to Orion. I’m listening.

Iwona: How can we recognize in ourselves that help from Orion? How can we know it ‘s the right help?

Samuel: Iwona, energies, these are energies. The beings, coming from these two different worlds, who at that time incarnated into a human being are impossible to recognize. Furthermore – beings from Orion emanate with warmth, love, peace and the feeling of safety. Once a creature from Sirius is around you feel uneasy and fearful. There is one more way to differentiate who is who. So, when you are with a person and you feel peace on your plexus, you can be sure he/she is the chosen one or from Orion. As for today, for this 000 time there are many beings from Orion Iwona. Once you feel some negative energies when you are around some person, you’d better get out of his/her way. I’m listening.

Iwona: In that case, are we here on Earth endangered with the tyranny from a different civilization ?

Samuel: This is why those from Orion got Earth to prevent against that tyranny. That’s why they were given this job to save not only Earth, but also its residents, the people. I’m listening.

Iwona: Does Barbara have any other role in the mission to fulfill, apart from what she’s doing now?

Samuel: Barbara has begun to do much. Her mission is to reach as many people as she can. She has such a possibility through what she’s doing. And what I say here is also directed to Barbara. From your point of view, there’s nothing to envy her, cause there’ll be supporters and adversaries. Her adversaries will come from Sirius. But, Barbara, as well as you do, has some protection. As I’ve said before, those who’ve got work to do are protected. Although, you may feel abandoned, but the protection does exist. In case one spank or another, or still another doesn’t help, then some other thing does. Such a person is definitely taken away. I’m listening.

Iwona: In such a situation should Basia go to Egypt or act in that area?

Samuel: As for now she should stay where she is. Later on, when the expedition is formed and that “unfortunate” money raised Barbara will be indispensable. The listeners of her radio will demand more information, cause the interest in this case is growing day by day. So is your popularity. I’m listening.

Iwona: What do beings from Orion have in common with Angelic Triads ?

Samuel: This is not Barbara’s question, but someone’s who is in touch with White Brotherhood, to call it your way. So, I’m explaining it to the person who asked the question. On Orion human beings achieved the highest level of purification, so they are perfect. White Brotherhood, however lives on this planet as well. It’s the highest zone, almost heavenly, and they are already Spiritual Beings Iwona. I come from there too – send my regards to the person asking the question. I belong to White Brotherhood. What we, Orion and Heavenly Planet, have in common is regular contacts and regular cooperation. I’m listening.

Iwona: Samuel, do the thoughts I sometimes hear in my head come from you?

Samuel: Not necessarily, Iwona. Apart from me, you all possess the so called Guardian Angel and also your Special Protector. These chaperons pass on to me the news about your activities. No – it’s not necessarily me. I interfere or come only when I am called or asked. I’m listening.

Iwona: Is the way I’m following in my life the best for my spirit ?

Samuel: We put you on this way when you still were a small girl. It’s a good way that you ‘re following. It’s the proper one. I’m listening.

Iwona: I feel a huge need to help other people. Can I, apart from what I’m doing in my profession, realize it in any other way?

Samuel: When the Pharaoh mission or the mission you’re taking part in are expanding – people will get information about what to expect and they will be coming to you as if to doctors for a honeycomb. Among them there’ll be those who will look for shelter, but their deeds are dead. And at this stage we will be helping you to select. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be executors or harvesters. You’ll be just selecting those ‘good sheep’. We will lead you to these correct ones out of all the coming people Iwona, you will participate in this, helping people understand life and what you are here for. I’m listening.

Iwona: Jasiek has got one task to do now – getting in touch with Hawass. Can we be of any help to his energies?

Samuel: Of course. I keep saying this, once I can’t reach an adult person’s mind I use a child. A child’s mind is pure and clear , not interfered with anything. That’s why it is easy to pass some information. An adult person’s mind can create problems, he starts to think – not necessarily along our lines. He starts to evaluate – what’s wrong and what’s good. It doesn’t happen with a child. And that’s why in case any problems appear – actually they shouldn’t – we’ll use Jan. As for Hawass goes I can assure you that when a child writes to him he will write back. Then it’ll be the first contact. I’m listening.

Iwona: Right. Thank you very much. These are all the questions I’ve got.

Samuel: But I still want to talk. I’m listening.

Andrzej: May I ask a question ?

Samuel: Certainly

Andrzej: What’s my Guardian’s name?

Samuel: Andrzej, spiritual beings do not possess names. You need names to make you believe more and to make it more reliable. Andrzej, you yourself can name a Guardian who will speak to your heart. My task is to check whether such a name is registered and whether you can call your Guardian this name. What name is on your mind ?

Andrzej: Once, a long time ago, during one of my meditations the name Gabriel came across my mind.

Samuel: You aspire high, Andrzej. I’ll cite some of your earthly expressions. I know some. You say: “As well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb”. I do agree. If you aspire at all you should aspire the prince. So I’m both amazed and proud you’ve chosen the spiritual being at such a high rank. This particular being has got the name. So, I’m left with nothing else but to leave you in the hands of Gabriel. If you need any information directly from me – then call. If you need any help for someone sick – you’ve made me a healer – feel free to call me. In other aspects – call Gabriel. I’m listening.

Andrzej: Samuel, I sometimes have different dreams. Do they come from you or any other source?

Samuel: Listen, Andrzej. If you are programming, asking and taking for granted who that dream comes from – it will be so. But, it may happen somewhat differently. Beings from Sirius may interfere into your dreams. We can’t forbid that. Do you understand that?

Andrzej: Yes, but sometimes these dreams…

Samuel: …. scare you and you don’t understand them?

Andrzej: They don’t scare me, they don’t. I’d rather say – they misinform me.

Samuel: Let go this information that doesn’t come from us.

Andrzej: How shall I recognize such a dream ?

Samuel: It’ clear. It clearly presents or shows the matter. If chaos appears in your dream and you can’t understand that, you may be sure it comes from Sirius. Andrzej – neither we as spiritual beings nor Orion have the right to forbid spiritual beings from Sirius to interfere into people’s subconscious. A human being has a well developed mind… You have ability to use your reasoning and free will. Your mind can differentiate between good and evil. Do you understand me, Andrzej ? I’m listening.

Andrzej: Samuel, if you say “I’m listening” … there’s more you’d like us to ask you. What’s that ?

Samuel: I’d like to hear the questions about the Pyramid itself and its construction. And at this stage I’d like to answer Lucyna’s question she was to ask me. So, it was said in hypnosis: “The Pyramid was constructed at night”. Here Lucyna asked: “Why?”. Although I don’t like the “why?” word, I’ll answer it. Egyptian climate is hot. It would be impossible to build during the day, cause it was too hot. At night the temperature decreases. But, it’s not the point. The point is that the processed block has a high temperature and at day temperature and a heated block it would be impossible. At night, when the temperature drops extensively, the work is possible. And the water, water poured on a heated block acts as a binding agent that’s why until today the scientists have been wondering what material was used as a binding agent. That was water, my dears, just water. This is the reason why they did it at night not at day. You’re thinking yet of another question, aren’t you? I’m listening.

Andrzej: Yes, Samuel. Did the Egyptians help with constructing the pyramids?

Samuel: Not just them, Andrzej. People from almost all over the world came to help.. Yes, people of different colors of skin worked at the construction site of the Pyramid. The Egyptians were the smartest among the people, because, as it was said before, most people living in Atlantis had settled in Egypt. The greatest and the most intelligent minds. Those minds passed on their knowledge from generation to generation. But, as you already know, it’s not directly Egyptians that built the Pyramid. It was built by the beings coming from Orion who did the “heavy duty” staff and supervised the works. The Egyptians obediently did all the tasks asked from them.

Iwona: Mr Hawass is an Arab. Can this influence our relationship with him. It’s a different mentality, after all?

Samuel: He’s a scientist, Iwona and because of that his mentality is already different. I know that he is an Arab and therefore he should be given what he wants to get…

Iwona: Samuel, can you tell me anything about “The Emerald Tablets”?

Samuel: You’re asking if they exist, aren’t you?

Iwona: Yes. Do they exist? Where did they come from? What’s their history?

Samuel: All these mysteries come from the Atlantis. Still more unexplainable and mysterious like “The Crystal Skulls” are to come. They all come from the Atlantis. I’m listening.

Andrzej: Samuel, does the skeleton found in a sarcophagus by Hawass come from the times of the Pyramid construction or later?

Samuel: The Cheops Pyramid remained untouched until people tried get into it. If you came to the basement level, you would find more such skeletons. For 20 years people died and it was an honor to be buried in the Pyramid. The body wasn’t “just left like that”. The body that was found does come from the construction times, but it is just an ordinary worker, nobody important. Andrzej, nobody important.

Iwona: In our previous lives did we also tried to reach Cheops?

Samuel: No, Iwona. There was no such need. The time for this discovery was established and we were all waiting patiently until it came. And only then did we begin to choose, select, prepare the selected humans for the excavation, for the Pharaoh Mission. I’m listening.

Andrzej: Samuel, there are many prophets, fortunetellers in the world today. They foretell events that may be contrary to what we know here. Where all these prophecies come from?

Samuel: That differs. We selected humans, magicians, fortunetellers and other and these people have already said much. Much truth. But, there are also so called “false prophets”. They appear and we can’t forbid them to talk. Many of them want simply to shine, to be shown in the light, to feel important. It doesn’t matter if what he or she said will come true. It’s important to shine. I realize that what’s said has not been corroborated by what was said before. But, Andrzej – let me say it in a different way. From our perspective, from a perspective of our time, from what we see here, much of what was said has already come true. It’s slightly awkward for us to move in your time zone and some misunderstandings concerning the exact dates may appear. But there is no misunderstanding as for the years 03, 06, 09 and 12. Here, in this respect, all the fortunetellers agree. These are firm dates, and events will happen, For us the most important are 03, 06, 09 and 12. I’m listening.

Andrzej: I’m asking because back in Chicago there was a session with a psychic called Mary Watson. She claimed that Cheops will be found not earlier than in 2012. Were there any other prophecies in the past about discovering Cheops now?

Samuel: The date wasn’t fixed, but Nostradamus foretold it. This world famous prophet, whom you actually rejected. Nostradamus didn’t use dates, but he said, let me cite: “When Pisces will give its place to Acquarius and Acquarius rules, people will find the key to the gate and the gate shall open”. He didn’t mean anything else but the Pyramid and Cheops.

Andrzej: And as my question about the prophecy from Chicago?

Samuel: The year 012th you mean?

Andrzej: Yes.

Samuel: Let me provoke your imagination. As you know the cleansing started since the zero date. It is to last untill 12th year. Finding Cheops who is the key will soften the process but it will last anyway, but in a milder form. If Cheops stays peacefully in 12th year, it’s easy to imagine what will happen, what will become on Earth. Yes, the Pharaoh may see daylight in the 12th year, but there will be only few of you on Earth then…

Andrzej: It seems to me we’ll do our best to make it happen much earlier.

Samuel: Yes Andrzej, 03. We, the beings of White Brotherhood as I call myself, do care about it, cause we love you all for all your deeds, both right and wrong. To tell the truth, if it started to change on Earth, you could find a sparkle of good in a man who is considered bad. To cut it short, you all need one thing, you’ve lost somehow love. You can’t find it now. I’m listening.

Iwona: Samuel, I’d like to know how you choose the people you contact with. What’s the process?

Samuel: Iwona, these chosen people declare the cooperation with us, with the White Brotherhood, before they are born. Human beings, when they leave the Earth do not go to Heaven, as you’ve learnt, they just stay in the so called “transition world”, the “waiting room” before the further journey. To be with us you have to be absolutely pure. Now I continue with my answer. You are such a being without a flesh and you declare the will to go back to Earth. So, you “sign a job contract” with us to work together on Earth’s cleansing process. The contract is “signed”, you go to Earth and you live there. You’ve been prepared to this mission since you’re born. But, one more thing is important here. As you know the moment you’re born you get free will and reasoning. This is the Council’s decision. So, we let you live, develop. We look at you peacefully. Once the time of cooperation begins we put you to the test. You either make it or not. If you fail the test then, well, you’re eliminated. Next person comes. That’s simple, Iwona. You understand it, don’t you?

Iwona: Yes, I understand that I, Lucyna and Andrzej signed such a contract before coming to Earth ?

Samuel: You may call it that way. After coming to Earth, being already flesh and blood, you were taught a lesson, weren’t you ? It must be that way, because to help us and the beings from Orion you had to learn every single piece of life. I’m listening.

Andrzej: One more question Samuel. What’s the role of the highest energy, we call it God, in the Orion’s mission?

Samuel: God asked the creatures from Orion – the Second Earth – to take care of you. It made them help to understand and to clarify people’s minds as much as people can take it. I’m listening.

Andrzej: Thank you. I have no further questions.

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