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Session 8


Session 8 (by telepathic channeling method)
Wroclaw, February 8, 2003
Participants: Lucyna Lobos, Iwona Stankiewicz

Iwona: The questions from Iwona Stankiewicz
Samuel: An answer to the question via Lucyna Lobos

Samuel: Greetings to both of you, my little girls. It’s me – this enormously strong spirit as someone has defined me. I’m actually strong but not evil. If the letter had prevailed, dear Yvonne, as long ago as 500 years, there wouldn’t have been any humans on earth. Actually I was granted the earth under my rule, that is to say, it was placed in my care. The proprietor of earth and all of you is the highest essence, otherwise, your God. He is the creator of the earth and all the living beings. He assigns certain creatures, the function of taking care and this role was bestowed on me, caring for Earth and human beings. As long as I’m endowed with a heart, it was begged to be given to the human beings as long as 1000 years ago so that they would understand their conduct. So my dear Yvonne, in order to prevent your thought form being infected with the suspicion of my evil nature, I will repeat one more time: I’m possessed with strength which could have destroyed within a short time, everything which lives on Earth without moving the Earth itself at that. But I’m fond of the Humans and that’s what all this cleansing is about. That’s why together with Orion and celestial creatures, we endeavor to save as many human beings as possible. Now I’m ready for your questions.

Iwona: Hallo Samuel. I have no doubts about your being a good spirit. I would very much like to thank you for your willingness to talk to me and answer my questions: I’m wondering if at this very moment, when I live on Earth, if it is known whether I am supposed to return to Earth? Or will it be revealed only when my life is over?

Samuel: It goes as follows, dear Iwona. Today you are of the opinion that you want to return. But when you find yourself on the other side and enjoy being in the Transient world, so called ‘waiting room’ only then will you realize that you don’t really fancy going back to Earth. The spirit, which leaves the Earth’s ephemerid shape, says, “I got liberated form the cage of flesh…” And when he is to descend on Earth he says, “I’m accepting the prison of flesh.” So Yvonne, since I can say it transiently forestalling time if you would necessarily like to descend back to Earth, then it’s only for at least in a few hundred years, not shorter, because since people constitute the basis of life on Earth – let’s not charm ourselves – there will be wars in certain areas of the world and great destruction. And afterwards a great cleaning up is bound to take place. That’s why one had better come back after everything has been rearranged.

Iwona: Samuel, I’ve recently read in the Bible about the queen of Saab. I’ve understood that her wisdom or ‘cunningness’ concerned completion, appreciation and emphasizing the importance of another person. So when you refer to your words mentioning the cunningness of the queen of Saab, do you mean only these arguments or some others as well.

Samuel: The fact that she was very cunning is noted. Furthermore, she was a very wise woman, Yvonne. And she could convey her wisdom. It was a person of great, kind heart, sensitive to different misfortunes, which was what she used to let the king know about. It’s thanks to the queen that Solomon noticed poor people. Her merits were uncounted, Yvonne, that’s why I stress so often “do as the queen of Saab did”.

Iwona: Well, thank you. It has enlightened me on the image of this comparison.

Samuel: Keep talking.

Iwona: Do, in my consciousness, exist the memories of my spirit coming form Atlantis?

Samuel: Iwona, this is something that your God, the God of your Earth, commanded. To erase all the memories in the creatures which inhabited Atlantis. Everything which related to their lives. Those beings who used to live in those days and have never again descended on Earth have remained the spiritual beings and have retained the memories of Atlantis, however, the beings which used to live in Atlantis and left don’t’ have anything preserved in their memories with the exception of those who witnessed Atlantis, the true scholars and when the Pyramid of Cheops was being built, only they had open minds and were conveying this supreme knowledge during the construction.

Iwona: Samuel, could you please tell me if Crystal Skulls discovered now and again on earth are also some kind of message, a key to Atlantis for us, the ones who nowadays who inhabit the Earth?

Samuel: Certainly. Such signs from Atlantis are plentiful and they are located all over the Earth. The crystal skulls are just some of these signs. Many others haven’t been preserved up to nowadays. They have simply perished. The other examples of the signs testifying the examples of the ancient world to modern times are statues on Easter Islands, so called the Stone Statues, which are just wondering. It’s these statues, which were transported from Atlantis.

Iwona: Samuel, under which circumstances can I make use of your personality and ask you for help?

Samuel: Iwona, what shall I say? Under very important ones. The very important ones to you. When it’s about trifles, don’t do it because you won’t be rendered any help. For example, when cooking soup, don’t appeal to me when you over salt it. But all this is on the margins. Yvonne, if you regard a certain matter as essential or vital, then request my help. My energy can be simultaneously in thousands of places. 

Iwona: Do you think that after we have completed the mission in “Pharaoh”, there will be some other mission for us? Or is only the former mission, which is the destiny of our lives?

Samuel: I’d rather be secretive about this Iwona. Just wait. Patience and trust are essential here and you will just see what will happen later. Surely it won’t be your last mission. And don’t fear at all those warnings, which are revealed by the creatures consumed by jealousy. Or in other word from those ones which are devoured by envy. That’s something I can’t really comprehend. How come? I’m so devoted to God, so pious and here are some weird creatures that have got chosen, called on. But there is one little thing people tend to forget about. We shouldn’t be following such criteria as religious engagement. We ‘be got our own devices of choice. That’s why after the mission has been completed, and despite the thunders flung onto you, don’t succumb to fear. We have no intention of taking you away. Such skilled performers and those who have been skilled for so long at that aren’t taken away so easily. You will be of assistance to us still. I’m listening.

Iwona: Thank you Samuel. From what I have managed to notice, our way to get to know about our mission is quite a painful one. Lucy has experienced clinical death and I have been plagued by all sorts of misfortunes.

Samuel: Slow down Iwona, I’ll be finishing now because this question has come out of some other lips too. Now listen. If all of you, the chosen ones, have been preserved in the green house conditions, virtually as a bug in the rug, would you have ever been able to understand today everything which is occurring? Could you have ever been able to understand another person, a poor one, a hungry one, if you haven’t experienced the same? Could you have ever been able to understand somebody who says that he hurts and not have experienced a pain yourself? I’m listening

Iwona: You’re right. That’s about all the questions, which I wanted to ask you. I want to thank you for your patience to my person.

Samuel: I’m glad to have been of service, and because of the fact that I have been able to convey you my words. And if some of them, at times , haven’t been too placid, you must accept me the way I am. I do exist and that’s my way of being. I “m very grateful and will be grateful to all of you in turn for your being able to reach Lucyna’s mind something we haven’t been able to handle. I have to honestly admit that occasionally, in spite of the spanking she has got , we would get discouraged because of her stubbornness. That’s why I and all the following community of spiritual beings, thank you, Yvonne.

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